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Georgia Rep: Be A Shame If You “Go Missing” For Statue Talk


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The extreme right prefers violence over debates since they have no arguments. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us just what you think in the remark area listed below.

" A Georgia Republican politician lawmaker advised an Autonomous previous colleague that criticized his support for Civil Battle monoliths on Facebook that she won't be "met torches but something a whole lot more definitive" if she continuouslies require the removal of sculptures in south Georgia.

State Rep. Jason Spencer, a Woodbine Republican politician, also composed former state Rep. LaDawn Jones that "people in South Georgia are individuals of action, not dramatization" as well as suggested some that don't comprehend that "will certainly go missing in the Okefenokee."

" A lot of necks they are red around below," he created. "Don't state I really did not advise you concerning 'em."

Jones, who stood for an Atlanta-based district from 2012 to 2016, responded that she saw his comments as a "hazard of physical violence" however claimed she was positive that future generations will desert a "we are far better than them" mentality." *.

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  1. Posted by Desmond Akkari, at Reply

    Just like that crying Nazi from vice news, these dudes are scared white boy chumps! They only talk crap when they can stay safe from a response.

  2. Posted by waxandwane, at Reply

    White nationalist tell black people to “get over it” when it comes to slavery….. why can’t they get over losing the civil war????

  3. Posted by raindrizzle14, at Reply

    I see Ana is rocking those dumbass glasses quite nicely

  4. Posted by Rhythmicons, at Reply

    bottom rail on the top

  5. Posted by Glenn Redwine, at Reply

    I think the person making these threats, a Georgia legislator by the name of Jason Spencer (is he any relation to the white supremacist Robert Spencer?) should be arrested, this is ridiculous. These monuments celebrate TRAITORS TO THE UNITED STATES. Jefferson Davis and the Confederate vice president should have been hung for Treason. And very possibly all the Confederate Generals. And yup, folks I have relatives on my mothers side who were slave owners. My grandmothers maiden name was Calloway, from Columbus Georgia  and she was related to the owners of Calloway Gardens and the Calloway towel mills. Slavery was wrong and these monuments should be in museums as a relic of the past, but NOT DISPLAYED OPENLY  ON PUBLIC PROPERTY.  ***IF ANY OF YOU WANTTO SEE WHY AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE SO UPSET ABOUT THESE MONUMENTS I WOULD STRONGLY URGE YOU TO SEE THE 2013 FILM “12 YEARS A SLAVE”. IT IS THE STORY, A TRUE STORY OF SOLOMON NORTHRUP, A FREE BLACK MAN, A MUSICIAN, FROM NEW YORK WHO WAS CAPTURED BY FUGITIVE SLAVE BOUNTY HUNTERS IN WASHINGTON D.C. AFTER A NIGHT OUT WITH FRIENDS AND  PERHAPS A BIT TOO MUCH TOO DRINK. IT CHRONICLES HIS 12 YEARS AS A SLAVE BEFORE BEING RESCUED BY HIS FRIENDS. GO SEE IT!!!

  6. Posted by Dave Gallagher, at Reply

    RThat is the text book definition of a death threat! Come on, how gutless can he be? People who love to hate usually hate themselves.

  7. Posted by doeboyelsancho, at Reply

    This lady DESTRØYED him!! This is the best *Mic Drop* ever

  8. Posted by A Wild Sea Pig, at Reply

    Your video description is extremely lacking in self-awareness considering what happened in Berkeley earlier this week.

  9. Posted by z delany, at Reply

    actually …you can yell fire in a crowded theater…….but do agree that freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence

  10. Posted by Jack Rodriguez, at Reply

    Black privilege is using a spray can for a make shift flamethrower against people who haven’t attacked you and not be arrested by cops while the hick that shots a warning shot near him is arrested. Oh and the privilege of having tyt paint you as a defenseless black man while not mentioning the oh trying to scorch people alive part of the story.

    Ps this is my second time writing this cause tyt deletes comments that expose their heavily screwed information

  11. Posted by RJJacob101, at Reply

    Confederates are traitors. Some people hate the confederacy because of slavery, but they forget that traitors are the worse kind of scum. Confederacy hated our country so much they wanted to destroy it. Now as far a statues go, I couldn’t care less. Robert E Lee said that all traces of the civil war should be destroyed. I don’t agree, but at the same time at least that traitor had a sense of morality and understanding that constant reminders of rebellion insight said rebellion in the minds of the weak.

  12. Posted by Sterling, at Reply

    This is covered by the first amendment. It could be distasteful and wrong, but the context it was in that of a warning. You may be an intellectual, but you are ignorant to how the first amendment. If you want to talk about how distasteful it is then that’s a different discussion.

  13. Posted by mike Languein, at Reply

    What is the difference between the “bloody head” and hanging in effigy?
    BTW, how about moving the confounded statues to rebel graveyards?

  14. Posted by ChickenRamen, at Reply

    was that a terrorist threat? that should be investigated.

  15. Posted by lizamaj, at Reply

    Ana you pull off the hot librarian look. MMMM, if only I could switch places with your husband for one night.

  16. Posted by Tiniest Violin, at Reply

    Another case of Right-wingers advocating violence and making threats.

  17. Posted by Mallow King, at Reply

    So… right wing politicians confirmed as mob bosses?

  18. Posted by 0redbishop0, at Reply

    Once Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal is arrested we will arrest this guy. Deal Cenk?

  19. Posted by Farty McGee, at Reply

    LaDawn. Wtf, it would be one things to give your kids names that harkened back to your African Ancestry, in fact, it would almost make complete sense! However, do these people not realize that naming your kid things like “LaDawn,” or similar non-names, only serves the kid badly throughout life. The more ridiculous and absurd your name is, the more likely you are going to be perceived as ridiculous and as a person to be taken not quite so seriously. This isn’t a race thing BTW. Having your kid called Bubba or Hoss doesn’t help their status and future one cotton picking bit either!