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Germany Wants To Ban Muslim Attire


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Germany is calling for a widespread ban on the full veil, the islamic covering that some Muslim women wear. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who last year opened the door to nearly 1 million mostly Muslim migrants, staked out a tough new stance on conservative Islam on Tuesday by making her first direct call for a widespread ban on “full veil” religious coverings.

Her backing could add Germany to the growing list of European nations imposing restrictions on Islamic coverings as debates sharpen across the continent over religious tolerance, perceived threats to European identity and possible attacks by Islamists.

It also could signal a pragmatic shift to the right for Merkel, who is seeking a fourth term as Germany’s leader. In the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and the U.S. election of Donald Trump, the tolerant Merkel became seen as among the last guardians of liberal democracy in the West."*

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  1. Posted by That Ducking Banana, at Reply

    yes! Germany needs to stay German!

    • Posted by Dan Hernandez, at Reply

      No it needs to be more ”brown” if not black

    • Posted by That Ducking Banana, at Reply

      Dan Hernandez no, the middle east and Africa should be brown and black.
      Europe needs to be white.

    • Posted by Adel, at Reply

      That Ducking Banana what about Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa
      and America what they need to be 🤔

    • Posted by That Ducking Banana, at Reply

      Adel they need to be the same as the people who founded the countries.
      European. the only one I would consider to be different is South Africa.
      South Africa is and always has been a majority black. the English was never
      able to fully conquer the land or the people so South Africa could swing
      either way

    • Posted by Adel, at Reply

      That Ducking Banana – so you are for people taking over other people’s land
      so why are you upset if other then white people are living in a European

  2. Posted by Brandon Mcgu1re, at Reply

    TYT are u guys serious? As a British man i hope it gets banned here too for
    my families safety. Would you be cool if i walked about with a balaclava
    on? Of course you wouldn’t.

    • Posted by Brandon Mcgu1re, at Reply

      Skeletonz exactly we are obviously talking from different backgrounds here.
      If you asked everyone here if they would ban the burka i would guarantee
      that the majority would say yes

    • Posted by Jakob Schulze, at Reply

      The Issue I (German) have with a ban is, that banning a woman to wear
      something, is like forcing her to wear something!
      Both violates personal freedom and the only thing that will happen is, that
      those woman won’t leave their house anymore and get even more isolated from
      the german society. It is a form of anti integration and will just promote
      a Muslim subculture (hidden away) instead an open integration and
      assimilation (which needs time).
      Also the German police and police unions say that this is a silly non issue
      and they don’t see a need. The laws in place already give them enough

    • Posted by Boldy Moner, at Reply

      +Skeletonz not that many. But men can use it quite easily to diguise
      themselves. I thought there was already a ban on scarves which german
      protesters wore to disguise their faces when they planned to riot.

    • Posted by GloopyBlob, at Reply

      “I have the right to feel weary of people walking around fully concealed
      around my family”

      Of course you do. You have the right to imagine they are putting you at as
      much risk as you want to believe. That does not mean they ARE a security
      risk. You don’t just get to say whatever you feel is reality and ban things
      to make you happy. What EVIDENCE do you have that a burka ban will improve
      your family’s safety?

      And yes, it’s cool if you want to wear a balaclava.

    • Posted by Jakob Schulze, at Reply

      +Boldy Moner
      “Banned scarves”
      Yes and no. When there is a bigger group of ppl (like a demonstration or a
      soccer game) you are not allowed to carry or wear anything that could
      “disguise your identity” (Vermumungsverbot) or could protect you from the
      police (tear gas masks, riot gear, etc)!

      The reasoning is, that if a demonstration turns into a riot, that the
      police would need more force to break up the riot and with more force it is
      more likely that demonstrators get hurt.
      And of course you want to identify ppl who riot!

      A scarve is a gray area actually and those laws are handled pretty
      liberally by the police so most of the time it only gets an issue when it
      is clear that you are there to riot! (Nazis/antifa/hooligans)

      In those situations a burka is already banned and in general a woman also
      has to lift her face cover if the police wants to identify her!

  3. Posted by Preem, at Reply

    Its too fucking late. Thanks to Merkel Germany let in nearly 1 million
    third world savages in 2015 alone. She’s only changing her positions
    because of the upcoming election, but its already too late. The right wing
    populist anti-globalist/fascist wave is heading straight to them. Germany
    is one more white girl getting raped and murdered by a migrant Muslim away
    from having a fucking insurrection, and I for one would like to see a
    change in government over there.

    • Posted by Preem, at Reply

      +Cenk Ooogyr lool you liberals get triggered by a few opposing opinions.

    • Posted by Cenk Ooogyr, at Reply

      +Fem Chick You white people seem obsessed with underaged kids. You might be
      a pedophile yourself.

    • Posted by Eric Anderson, at Reply

      +Greg Torrez that’s right, for no reason. Saudi Arabia government is a
      criminal regime too, their war in Yemen is no better than Syrian government
      war against opposition, but we have no problem with that. We put sanctions
      on Assad because Assad is allied with Russia and Iran, oh well Russia and
      Iran are under sanctions too.

  4. Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

    I’m donating $100 to TYT because, even with all of this hate, they still
    manage to report news without bias. TYT is saving us from racism

    • Posted by Rob The Fandom Menace, at Reply

      >says donating $100 to TYT.
      >has a pepe picture.


    • Posted by Black Alt-Right supporter, at Reply

      lolfeg They don’t report without bias dumbass😂😂they even admit it they a
      biased. Donate to them but don’t LIE and say that they are religious

    • Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

      Black Alt-Right supporter

      🍼have some milk🍼

      TYT is the closest thing to unbiased news there is

    • Posted by Salvador Espinoza, at Reply

      lolfeg nope secular talk is better

  5. Posted by mhamadac, at Reply

    Im a Muslim and the Niqab/Burqah is not obligatory in Islam in fact if you
    wear a Burkah you are NOT allowed to pray in it.

    So its interesting theyd ban it because very few Muslims wear it.
    Personally I dont care if they ban it but if its a f you to muslims then Im
    against it.

    • Posted by ? ?, at Reply

      And that’s just your own damn opinion about your stupid religion. Many
      other imams teach different things. There’s no one right doctrine in that
      medieval crap called islam. One imam told me that allah is actually a dog
      and mohammad licks its balls for blessings.

    • Posted by i am not hedwig, at Reply

      ? ? Tip: never listen to imams or sheikhs. They’re very cultish and
      politically motivated. If you wanna learn Islam or follow it, stick to the
      Quran and authentic hadiths. That’s what I’m doing after years of listening
      to every word of cultish imams and following their way.

    • Posted by i am not hedwig, at Reply

      +? ? Um ok… Your life I guess?? Keep burning them “habiths” lol

    • Posted by dontworry boutit, at Reply

      f you muslims

  6. Posted by Vollkorn Vampir, at Reply

    Alright here’s an idea. If you are going to allow the burka, then allow
    public nudity. Why would you give women the right to hide their face and
    hair because they’re ultra conservative and prudish, but not give people
    the right to reveal everything because they’re super chill and liberal. The
    burka makes me way more uncomfortable than nudity, so what argument is left
    ? This is conservative bias, the more you think about it.

    • Posted by Eric Thomas, at Reply

      Vollkorn Vampir Because we live in a country that allows for freedom of
      religion and not being able to be nude doesn’t infringe on anyone’s religion

    • Posted by Vollkorn Vampir, at Reply

      Eric Thomas
      You can’t give special privileges to religion though. The burka isn’t legal
      just because it’s religion- but it also can’t be made illegal just because
      it’s religion. Freedom of religion is this; The government can’t crack down
      on legal behavior just because they dislike a religion. Special privileges
      is this; someone is allowed to do something that makes people uncomfortable
      just because have supernatural belief tied to it, but secular people aren’t
      allowed to do something similarly socially unacceptable, because they don’t
      have a magic belief surrounding it.

    • Posted by Jakob Schulze, at Reply

      Public nudity is more or less totally legal in Germany so your point,
      regarding a burka ban IN GERMANY isn’t valid!
      You can show a nude female breast on TV all day and in public where ever
      you want. I know there is an issue with penises, but there you just need a
      sock and you are covered. So if the police catches you walking around
      naked, they won’t fine and they will NEVER arrest you for nudity in Germany.
      Also most parks and beaches have dedicated nude areas!

      Oh and the German police says that the burka is a non issue and they never
      had a security issue due to it!

    • Posted by Vollkorn Vampir, at Reply

      This is why religion and tradition is so damn irritating to deal with.
      Because people have such terrible, backwards ideologies, that in order to
      help the children, you have to make authoritarian laws to micromanage
      people’s lives. In this Situation you would have to ban harmless Halloween
      masks, maybe face paint, etc. and the whole system breaks down. We claim to
      have “freedom of thought” in western society, but clearly it has a limit.
      Would we let white supremacists adopt black children and raise them to
      believe they are inferior ? Doubt it. Because that’s what fundamentalist
      Muslim parents to to their daughters, but the government isn’t supposed to
      define it as such. The bill of rights is clearly a contextual document- it
      works within a practical range of situations, but it’s not newton’s laws of
      motion. A society with clown outfits, carnivals, Halloween, and other dress
      up festivities, which believes in having fun and showing skin, cannot
      coexist with a society that fears the skin and hair of women. A society
      (Germany) with beer gardens and pork sausage as its traditional cuisine
      icons cannot coexist with those who sometimes refuse to even hold alcohol
      or look at pork. Multiculturalism isn’t technically illegal, but it isn’t
      actually possible in real life. Some forms really do strain the concept of
      freedom of thought. This is the problem with an islamified Germany; You
      can’t ban face coverings when they have such a harmless use among the
      native culture, but you can’t allow them when they have such a sinister use
      amount the incoming culture.

  7. Posted by Creepy Uncle, at Reply

    I’m a German, I’m 100% pro letting refugees in. That being said, there are
    parts of the Muslim culture that just have no place in a liberal society
    and should therefore be banned, the Burka being one of these things. Even
    the Muslims that are born here (remember, Germany already has a much larger
    Muslim population than the US) see it that way for the most part.

    • Posted by Box of Islam, at Reply

      Better late than never

    • Posted by Black Alt-Right supporter, at Reply

      Creepy Uncle shut the hell in 50 years your country will be majority
      Muslim. Muslims will out breed you and they will breed with your race out
      of extinction. Have nice time😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Creepy Uncle, at Reply

      +Black Alt-Right supporter thx. I will.

    • Posted by Fem Chick, at Reply

      I’ve never met you and I have no idea what you look like, but I can say
      with 100% certainty that you’ve never pulled anyone who remotely looked
      like Kim Kardashian.

    • Posted by Creepy Uncle, at Reply

      +Fem Chick that is actually true. she looked more like a young Salma Hayek.

  8. Posted by Daniel, at Reply

    The full veil is a security risk. Anywhere you can’t wear a motorcycle
    helmet, you shouldn’t be able to wear a full veil.

    • Posted by Daniel, at Reply

      +Jakob Schulze
      Islam violates core German values

    • Posted by Eric Anderson, at Reply

      That’s leftist BS. Progressives in Europe are insane with bans, censorship
      and total control of everything. I don’t get why so many people are against
      personal freedom?

    • Posted by Eithan Smith, at Reply

      You should be able to wear both we need to stop being so scared of others
      that we wish to limit their rights.

    • Posted by Eric Anderson, at Reply

      +Nick Polymer I mean not only burkas.They don’t want to ban burkas, they
      want to ban face cover, so it applies to everyone.

  9. Posted by Royalone, at Reply

    Funny, you’re all for religious freedom’s, but only for Muslims. Other
    religions are stupid and should be removed from society.

    • Posted by Daway Legit, at Reply

      +Dan Hernandez So when you make fun of muslims its freedom of speech but
      when its the other way it becomes a bad thing ?

    • Posted by Royalone, at Reply

      Well, if everything was in fact open and equal, you could make fun of any
      religion or ideology. That would be an open tolerant society. Freedom of
      speech should not have a “BUT”, added to it in any shape or form, it
      includes some really terrible ideas, but out in the open, you can deal with
      it. If you start banning words, then you will ban ideas, then people,
      sounds like something we’ve had before.

    • Posted by wiseass 5000, at Reply

      +Daway Legit Make fun of? There’s nothing fun about living in fear of this
      religion. I sure dont see many if any people making fun of muslims. More
      like fear and hatred

    • Posted by Drug Addicted Pornstar, at Reply

      TYT regularly bash Christian (anti)-gay conversion ”therapies”. BTW
      another true liberal leftist here (not regressive).

  10. Posted by A1Cvenom, at Reply

    Many suicide bombers utilize the full veil to conceal explosive vests.

    • Posted by Jaison Abraham, at Reply

      +? ? But you just said all terrorists are Muslims. Which is not the case.
      Basically there is evil in any idealology. From Christian to even Buddhist
      terrorist. The issue I found and don’t like the media called them
      extremist. Which is not right. Their Christian terrorist, Buddhist
      terrorist but the media would only called Muslim terrorists because they
      want to paint them in that picture.

    • Posted by Gandhi, at Reply

      Jaison Abraham Muslms commit 90% of world wide terror attacks….. But it’s
      wrong to call them terrorists. Christianity and Buddhism don’t even come
      close. Stop comparing things that aren’t even in the same league.

    • Posted by Razy Ahmed, at Reply

      +Gandhi Depends on your definition of terrorism. And if you follow the
      dictionary defintion, US is the biggest terrorist. Also, don’t you think
      it’s weird that all these Muslim terrorists come from war torn counties
      that the US fucked up in some way? Why don’t you see Pakistani, Indonesian,
      Albanian, Moroccan, Nigerian, Emirati, Qatari terrorists? Why are they
      always Egyptian, Afghani, Syrian, Iraqi or Syrian or Palestinian. Because
      US has destroyed their countries and they are retaliating over lost land
      and families. The scriptures of Quran are a cover up. It’s all geopolitical.

  11. Posted by Michael Dob, at Reply

    She’s been losing to the more right wing politicians so she’s trying to get
    some of those voters back by pandering to the right.

    • Posted by WOOF !, at Reply

      Far right politicians in Europe make me sick especially here in the uk,
      nigel farage does not give a toss about ordinary people getting out of the
      eu was a vanity project for himself and he loves being centre of attention,
      he was hobknobing with the likes of Rupert Murdoch at a party after the eu
      vote, does that sound like the man of the people I think not.

    • Posted by Jason Van Kemseke, at Reply

      +WOOF ! I don’t think 17 years of consistent effort can be called a vanity

    • Posted by Harry Stoddard, at Reply

      Where have we seen that strategy before….

    • Posted by Jason Van Kemseke, at Reply

      +Harry Stoddard What strategy?

    • Posted by WOOF !, at Reply

      Jason Van Kemseke I agree that is what he wanted, but his pretence that he
      is doing for the working class is a con, he’s doing it for himself and his

  12. Posted by JM, at Reply

    @00:08 Anna: *Islamic covering that **very very few people** in Germany
    actually wear.*
    @@05:43 Anna: *I have to think of myself as a person who lives in a society
    where you are **confronted** with women wearing this, **constantly** , and
    I wanna be honest about it.*
    Can you see the *dishonesty* Anna?
    I am disgusted that you in TYT are helping this *storm in a cup where
    sensationalism & demagoguery is the way to distract from the real problems*
    & echo the typical scapegoat hate spewed to keep people busy knitpicking on
    a tiny minority (that wear Burka) while those demagogues continue their

    • Posted by Rabolisk, at Reply

      No dishonesty there. Only a fraction of Muslim women wear the Burqa,
      especially in Germany. That is a statistical fact.

    • Posted by JM, at Reply

      +Rabolisk Please read carefully before making a faulty assumption. The
      dishonsty is in the “confronted constantly” making the problem larger than
      it actually is.

    • Posted by Nico Foxhound, at Reply

      She just said it woud make her feel uncorfortable if she had to live in a
      society. wher she would be confronted constantly with women in burqa.

    • Posted by JM, at Reply

      +Nico Foxhound Totally irrelevant cause she stated the fact that they are
      “very very few”. Do you understand the expression “storm in a cup”?

    • Posted by Nico Foxhound, at Reply

      I agree it is a storm in a cup. However they didn’t brought it up, angela
      Merkel did.
      Anna stated that they are “very very few”, but that it “would” make her
      feel unconfortable if she “would” be confronted “constantly” ( if they
      aren’t very very few) with women in burqua.
      I think those two statement aren’t contradicting each other.

  13. Posted by Ulrna, at Reply

    very very few people actually wear !?
    You can’t go ANYWHERE in one of the big cities in Europe without seing a
    burka or niqab constantly.

    • Posted by Kyp Durron, at Reply

      i live in Germany and i probably have seen a Niqab only once in my life

    • Posted by Ulrna, at Reply

      +Kyp Durron Then mutti should take on more and more somali refugees and
      force more of you germans to pay for them, problem solved.

    • Posted by sdrawkcabgnipytmi, at Reply

      I don’t think you’re entirely wrong. Racism is partially on the rise
      because of excessive liberal tolerance. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m a
      pretty liberal guy, but I find it absolutely ridiculous how fast other
      liberals will label you a “racist” if you criticize Islam or speak against
      opening the floodgates to immigration. They will allow Muslims to get away
      with crimes like rape just because they are terrified being called
      Islamophobes and losing their jobs.

    • Posted by Ulrna, at Reply

      +sdrawkcabgnipytmi exactly, those are the people I really hate, muslims I
      can at least stand, but the liars and the hypocrites in government, those
      are the people who deserve to be forcefully sent to Syria.
      It’s gone way to far.

  14. Posted by Amber Rose, at Reply

    If I go to their country, I would HAVE to wear a scarf our a veil. Why not
    respect our culture if you decide to come here? I’m not against Muslims at
    all, but if you’re going to come here then you need to respect that we are
    not comfortable with women walking around dressed like beekeepers.

    • Posted by Razy Ahmed, at Reply

      And this is the thing. Your media creates this image that the Middle East
      is the worst place for women. No. It isn’t. Only the war torn counties are
      (war because of the best country ever, Murica) I’ve been to Saudi and yes
      they force, but not in pak, UAE, Qatar or Turkey (I’ve been to UAE and pak)
      and if you google videos or documentaries filmed in these countries about
      their sports, politics, concerts etc, you WILL see white AND Muslim women
      without head scarfs. Or if you’re super curious, look up Pakistani
      universities and go into their galleries. You will see women without veils
      headscarfs etc.

    • Posted by Fem Chick, at Reply

      Agreed, Western countries are tangibly superior to Islamic countries.

    • Posted by Mahmoud El-Masry, at Reply

      if you people want to ban the niqab or the hijab or muslims entirely, fine,
      go right ahead, but just know who and what it is you are banning

      saying things like “their country” forces veils on women or “most of them
      support terrorism” shows just how many of you know so little about
      something that scares you so much

    • Posted by Lester Brunt, at Reply

      +Mahmoud El-Masry The theocracies that force women to wear burka;s. Who
      else wears those burka;s?

  15. Posted by Cheydinal, at Reply

    The Döner Kebab (or just Döner) made Germany great again

    • Posted by Cheydinal, at Reply

      Woody Grill (Arabic, not Islamic, the Quran didn’t include a recipe for
      Döner). Not Arabic, but invented by Turks who came to Berlin. Also Arabic
      bread is pretty great, too, especially with Nutella

    • Posted by Woody Grill, at Reply

      Sure. That’s exactly the point I was making when I said that kebabs are not
      Islamic. Nor would I attribute kebabs to Arabs either, but that’s a side
      order. Basically, Chunk’s statement is as fatuous as saying ‘Americans have
      made a great contribution to German society: the hamburger’ – but he’d
      never say that, would he?

    • Posted by Woody Grill, at Reply

      +Beastly Hax ::: Go back to sleep.

    • Posted by Cheydinal, at Reply

      Woody Grill ok, i get your point now

    • Posted by Barry Shitpeas, at Reply

      “Islamic food” lol

  16. Posted by Jasminewynja, at Reply

    Cenk says: “I wouldn’t have any racial profiling laws in Germany” Islam is
    not a bloody race!! It’s an ideology, much like the Nazism! How bloody hard
    is it to understand that!?? Germany has bans against wearing Nazi symbols
    publicly in Germany. Do you think that’s equally bad? Hypocrites…

    • Posted by Paulie Walnuts, at Reply

      Then say bigotry.

    • Posted by MrLorbu, at Reply

      @Jasmin But you do realize the the same holds true for Christianity (or
      have you forgotten the millions of people killed in central, eastern and
      northern europe alone, five hundred years before the crusades, almost a
      thousand years before the Inquisition and Witch Hunts even started?),
      Hinduism, Judaism and pretty much every other religion in the world? so
      singling out one religion is just not constructive.
      Also would you please give me an excerpt of the Koran where it uses a term
      comparable to Untermenschen? Or says every none muslim needs to be killed
      or enslaved? Have you ever heard of Al Andalus? Or were all the muslim
      realms from 700 to 1200 bad muslims. because they certainly did not behave
      that way?
      The point is assholes exist within every community and every ideology, if
      you claim that it is inherent to that ideology you need to give examples of
      within their fundamental ideological text ie in this case the Koran and
      than explain why it is an inherent part there but not in other religious
      I am a Goj but I never once took this to even consider that Jews think of
      me as an Untermnensch.

    • Posted by Jasminewynja, at Reply

      +MrLorbu Why do you comapre Christianity 500 years ago with Islam today?
      Are you saying that Islam is 500 years behind when it comes to moral

      You wrote: “The point is assholes exist within every community and every

      Point taken and I agree to it too. But again. I am not talking about the
      followers. I am talking about the ideology. We can begin with the Quran 4:34
      as example…

    • Posted by Jack Landonso, at Reply

      Jasminewynja are you honestly comparing nazis to innocent Muslims?

    • Posted by MrLorbu, at Reply

      Old Testament: New Testament:
      No I am not comparing past christianity to modern islam. I am saying that
      you will find evidence of totalitarian and inhuman thinking in every
      ideology especially religions, that I can point to many instances
      throughout history when islam was the beacon of tolerance. Why should some
      fanatcis today be the example of their ideology bit those examples not be?
      We cannpt just take a small snapshot of something and attribute it to the
      whole thing.

  17. Posted by Skaarphy, at Reply

    Great idea. The consumption of certain plants has been a criminal offense
    for about 100 years now, now let’s ban the wearing of certain clothes.

    • Posted by Der, at Reply

      Or do western sociieties have to leave their principles of equality between
      man and woman?

    • Posted by Sepywishes, at Reply

      Unless you are living in Germany this shouldn’t affect you.

    • Posted by Skaarphy, at Reply

      Fight the disease, not the symptoms, is what I’m saying.

    • Posted by Skaarphy, at Reply

      I do live in Germany,and this an obvious Merkel-like move to pander to
      voters she’s afraid to lose.
      It’s no coincidence that it came in the wake of Trump winning the election.

  18. Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

    if you’ve lived in or been to Germany, you’d understand why this is an

  19. Posted by AK47 LCOB, at Reply

    I’m Muslim and I think the full veil is abhorrent.

    • Posted by Tripp, at Reply

      you’re actually a wise muslim – what a rarity. Islam doesn’t even mention
      the burqa

    • Posted by AK47 LCOB, at Reply

      +Tripp​ I wasn’t born into Islam so maybe that’s why my perspective is
      different. The Quran says only to dress modest. While that may be open to
      interpretation, I feel full blown sand people cosplay is wrong.
      If Germany wanted to ban the Hijab, I would object.
      But the veil can go in my oppinion.

    • Posted by Tripp, at Reply

      +AK47 LCOB Exactly, the hijab is mild. the burqa is an affront to human

    • Posted by AK47 LCOB, at Reply

      +Tripp Agreed! If two random people on YouTube comments can find a
      agreement and middle ground, why cant the rest of the world? Lol.

  20. Posted by berkin incekara, at Reply

    It is even banned in turkey

    • Posted by longliveBDS pak35, at Reply

      because occupied turkey is a puppet of NATO DOGS fuckers simple.

    • Posted by Sarah Connor, at Reply

      yea so was wearing veil in schools and in public places, but erdogan
      reversed that!