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Get Out Of The Way!!: FailArmy After Dark (Ep. 12)


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We're going 0-100 genuine quick with this week's FailArmy After Dark. We've got some close phone calls, a couple of building stops working and also a couple of hysterical closet breakdowns !! Leave us a remark listed below and allow us recognize your fave. Have a video clip of your own? Submit it at


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Get Out Of The Way!!: FailArmy After Dark (Ep. 12).

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  1. Posted by Jughead jones, at Reply

    8:35 wtf is she stupid 🙄😑

  2. Posted by ǂƟƔȜɌǂ ǂĐƟϨΣǂ, at Reply

    3:15 was scaring me really bad. (its gross i guess this is your warning if you need it )About a year ago on liveleak i saw the same thing but instead of safely climbing over the kid slipped and the metal stake went through his chin and out where his tongue was.

  3. Posted by Marcus Haouliy, at Reply


  4. Posted by Bailey Green, at Reply

    @0:15 seconds in and already some @ss-hat is almost killing half a dozen people… if that ATV veered to the left, they’d be dead.

  5. Posted by Tori Crutchley, at Reply

    I love these videos

  6. Posted by FansonicGaming, at Reply

    i liked it when yall would play the audio for the videos instead of some crappy royalty free music

  7. Posted by Guedes, at Reply

    frame of the cat

  8. Posted by Mikhail Molotov, at Reply

    5:07 It is ukrainian army

  9. Posted by James Macdonald, at Reply

    Pals Damn hypothesis really like the material hhautimy medical

  10. Posted by Anshul ve, at Reply

    How many times can “she” get scared?

  11. Posted by Сергей Панфилов, at Reply

    1:19 respect those people who helped

  12. Posted by Adrian Mikey, at Reply

    4:30 is not Russian, it is from romania 🙁

  13. Posted by SantaHunter, at Reply

    for your own good skip everything after 13:00

  14. Posted by furyIIIplate .Plymouth Fury 3, at Reply

    12:54 isn’t so much Roomate Scare as it is Scardy Faeirie. Although got to admit I like the guy, he is a real trooper.

  15. Posted by Roberto T, at Reply

    2:58 idk why but they all looked the same to me.

  16. Posted by Caaros, The King of Chaos, at Reply

    4:56 What the hell even is that?

  17. Posted by Lane Gilbertson, at Reply

    I’m pretty sure that last guy getting screaming was gay

  18. Posted by Mister Bagel, at Reply

    Is no one gonna talk about how smooth the guy is at 8:10