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GET PSYCHED: Bernie Town Hall LIVE TONIGHT Jan 23rd 7PM ET


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Stream Bernie's Medicare For All city center live January 23rd at 7PM ET at or.

NowThis Information Senior Contributor Versa Sharma on the most recent Bernie Sanders town hall. Ana Kasparian, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you believe in the comment area listed below.

Learn more below:

" Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced Thursday that he is partnering with 3 ditigal media electrical outlets "to do just what cable networks and also network information will not"– host the first-ever national "Medicare for All" city center to "participate in a comprehensive conversation about one of the issues that matter most to Americans, their health care."

" The USA is the only major country in the world not to assure medical care to all people, however surprisingly there has actually not been one network town hall to go over why our system lags until now behind every other developed nation," Sanders said. "We are going outside the typical media to alter that, to talk about the actual problems impacting the American individuals."

The occasion is open to the general public as well as will certainly be streamed live across Sanders' social media sites channels as well as the three online media outlets, NowThis, ATTN:, as well as The Young Turks." *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Ana Kasparian.


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Youthful Turk (n), 1. Young modern or anarchical member of an establishment, motion, or political event. 2. A young person that rebels against authority or societal expectations.( American Heritage Dictionary).

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  1. Posted by Yassin Oulad, at Reply


    • Posted by Leonard McGriddle, at Reply

      Cindy Sorrenson I don’t. Why would you say that?

    • Posted by Cindy Sorrenson, at Reply

      The orange BLOATUS in office could only destroy Ivanka’s bits seeing she has been moved into the
      White House for easy access now.

    • Posted by Mr Guy, at Reply

      It’s like 80 in LA today, why is Ana all covered up?

  2. Posted by Haseeb Gatsby, at Reply

    Awesome! Medicare for all it’s the way to go for a prosperous future! Mainstream media get triggered 😂😂😂

  3. Posted by some body, at Reply

    Meanwhile dying right wing/skeptic Youtube does 90 hour live streams with mine craft YouTubers about feminism! SAD!

    • Posted by Cindy Sorrenson, at Reply

      Reicht wing and especially new paid Putin trash cannot stop trolling with old debunked troll memes either.

    • Posted by Leonard McGriddle, at Reply

      Cindy Sorrenson a re e you adressing me?

    • Posted by Leonard McGriddle, at Reply

      Your Friendly Satanist that actually happened, though.

    • Posted by Cindy Sorrenson, at Reply

      ^ Go soak your head.

  4. Posted by leroy bobet, at Reply

    Where is cnn and msnbc and fox?

    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      Getting thrown out of the Oval Office by the orange orangutan.

    • Posted by Antonius17, at Reply

      In the pockets of their sponsors

  5. Posted by ytyehyeh, at Reply

    Please, please, please make sure Bernie’s mic works properly this time!!!

    • Posted by __Zenos__, at Reply

      Okay, honestly!

    • Posted by Mc_Laggin, at Reply

      Seriously. It’s getting ridiculous. Dan Rather’s audio was atrocious.

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      haha yaaaaas please

    • Posted by Apollo GJB, at Reply

      Lmao seems like such a basic thing to ask

    • Posted by Mr Guy, at Reply

      It’s like 80 in LA today, why is Ana all covered up?

  6. Posted by Leonard McGriddle, at Reply

    Watch Bernie convert to full-on DNC shill, as he forgets who screwed him over.
    The only “Bern” I feel is when I pee!👌🐸🍍🦍😎🍻😆

    • Posted by Leonard McGriddle, at Reply

      Austin Eggiman what? Was I wrong?

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Leonard McGriddle
      You’re a chump.

    • Posted by Cindy Sorrenson, at Reply

      Yes he is.

    • Posted by Thomas Sirman, at Reply

      Leonard McGriddle the clap

  7. Posted by Walter Mercier, at Reply

    We love you Bernie!!!! I hope this is a wake up call for you that you need to forget about going on Fox, MSNBC, and CNN and instead reach out to the Internet for your 2020 run

  8. Posted by sellery1803, at Reply

    I’d just like to point out the single payer healthcare model that sanders and the Young Turks advocate for is currently in a state of crisis in Britain, and will likely be that way permanently. Patients are literally dying in corridors because of a lack of proper bedding and shortages of medical supplies. That’s the kind of results you get listening to these idiots.

    • Posted by Double Pownage, at Reply

      sellery1803 lol never been to europe, we get care, u get death. Sure there can be wait, but i rather wait then be denied or cant afford stuff. Also if your life is in danger u get helped first.
      Truth be told 37 years old never had to worry or think about it, its there and it works.

    • Posted by Cindy Sorrenson, at Reply

      That is not true. You are going to speak for the whole U.K. NHS with this drivel on the video?
      Garbage garbage.

  9. Posted by Trip on THIS !, at Reply

    BERNIE the only politician that’s working for the people.

    • Posted by Cindy Sorrenson, at Reply

      ^ Nobody wants to open all borders, obsessive troll. Nice try.

    • Posted by Cindy Sorrenson, at Reply


    • Posted by Tom *, at Reply

      Bernie is the definition of true double standards. For the people yet owns multi-millionaire properties.

  10. Posted by LCarlTBM x, at Reply

    Down with big pharma! Down with Trump’s swamp! Down with corporatism!

    • Posted by Cindy Sorrenson, at Reply

      ^ ^ ^

  11. Posted by Susan Hepler, at Reply

    Cant wait

  12. Posted by Robert Johnson, at Reply

    Is Bernie’s wife in prison? Did she cut a deal? Just wondering… I haven’t heard how that whole loan fraud investigation turned out… anybody know what’s going on with that?

    • Posted by Robert Johnson, at Reply

      ThatDutchguy – the average TYT subscriber has narcolepsy, anxiety, and schizoaffective disorder, better take your meds before you kill yourself

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Robert Johnson
      Ended up being pure BS, which is why she and Bernie are both fine.

    • Posted by Robert Johnson, at Reply

      Just checked into it… according to CNBC “a local Vermont publication, which has been all over the story, suggests that the FBI’s probe of Jane Sanders for her role in alleged bank fraud is far from over. Witnesses are still being interviewed and a grand jury may soon be impaneled.”

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Robert Johnson
      I’d love the title for that source, Ivan.

  13. Posted by MagzieBagz08, at Reply

    Anna is so happy. Love it!

    • Posted by MagzieBagz08, at Reply

      I’m not really sure what you are getting at. Are you saying that she is not hairy? Her hairiness would be a weird thing for me to post about and also not what I said at all. Are you saying that she’s not like wet dog doodoo? I would agree to that statement, and it’s also a comparison that has never crossed my mind.

    • Posted by Ball Ripper, at Reply

      Well as long as your saying that she isn’t hairy than were in agreement, a lot of people like to think anna is very hairy and im sick of it. But reading your comment now I 110% believe you didn’t mean to frame your comment like that .

  14. Posted by Tony León, at Reply

    Isn’t his wife under investigation by the FBI for a land case at her college? Like misusing funds and stealing

    • Posted by Cindy Sorrenson, at Reply

      About a year ago, desperate new troll.

    • Posted by Tony León, at Reply

      Cindy Sorrenson why’s their an article from 3 weeks ago about it still ongoing?

    • Posted by Tony León, at Reply

      Cindy Sorrenson hey you got the same IP as the “Melania Trump” I’m reporting you again. I was the one that reporter and had your other one taken down

    • Posted by Cindy Sorrenson, at Reply

      Don’t know what you are talking about and it’s been about a year investigation. I’m from the members section.

  15. Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

    I’ve prepared a transcript for tonight:

    “Duh 1 pacent! Duh 1 Pacent! Duh millionairs and bhillionairs! Free everything for everyone evar!”

    *cue Curb your Enthusiasm theme*

    • Posted by Patternicity, at Reply

      free everything? you mean giving people the economic rights they are entitled to like a civilized country?

    • Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

      Entitled to? You’re entitled to health care? So you’re entitled to the labour of other people, whether they want to do it or not? That’s pretty tyrannical…

  16. Posted by Jojo Susu, at Reply

    Bernie 2020

    • Posted by Ball Ripper, at Reply

      Hillary 2020 I know what your going to say Jojo susu Yes she is a woman but at least shes not a communist like Bernie is.

  17. Posted by I only speak The Truth, at Reply

    I am so happy I live I America and left shithole Iraq, I will never go back there and if I was forced to somehow I am prepared for suicide rather than going back.

  18. Posted by Kathy Mickelson, at Reply

    Medicare for all is the only way to go as every nurse knows

  19. Posted by James Harris, at Reply

    Once people discover how great Medicare is they’ll never want to go back. You walk into a doctor or hospital, let them do their thing and walk out. Depending on your plan they may send you a bill for $20.00. The supplemental insurance pays the amount Medicare does not cover. At the pharmacy you refill your drugs and you usually save more than the drug plan costs. You get real comprehensive medical coverage for a fraction of what it would cost on the open market.