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Get Ready For Trump’s Expensive Internet Tiers


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Republicans would enjoy absolutely nothing more than to hand every penny you own to corporations. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you believe in the comment section below.

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" We wrote previously today regarding exactly how Comcast has altered its promises to support web nonpartisanship by drawing back from previous statements that it won't charge sites or various other online applications for fast lanes.

Comcast representative Sena Fitzmaurice has actually been declaring that we obtained the story incorrect. However a more examination of just how Comcast's net nonpartisanship assurances have altered gradually discloses an additional intriguing bit– Comcast deleted a "no paid prioritization" pledge from its internet nonpartisanship page on the very same day that the Federal Communications Commission announced its preliminary strategy to repeal internet nonpartisanship policies.

Beginning in 2014, the web page,, contained this statement: "Comcast does not prioritize Net website traffic or create paid fast tracks."" *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by CROM, at Reply

    Protesting won’t work this time. It will take more extreme measures to stop this.

    • Posted by Narwhocalypse, at Reply

      Maxi Miceli Brandenburg vs. Ohio says that imminent action (like calling for violence in order to keep net neutrality, which has a specific date) is not covered by freedom of speech.

    • Posted by Maxi Miceli, at Reply

      The problem is that for most people there aren’t alternatives, decades of unregulated capitalism lead to having an oligopolic market, and in for 20% of the people a monopolic market.
      The only way to really solve the problem is by making internet a true public utility, take all the infrastructure away from the private sector, if possible incorporating the employees into the public sector as not to punish them, but making sure to punish the owners of the corporations, but for that you need a government that works for the people and not for the corporations, with the addition of making it impossible by law for the state to censor pages that don’t violate the law (which really is just the first amendment, but the government already openly violates it, so the very capacity of doing so has to be revoked).

    • Posted by Maxi Miceli, at Reply

      Narwhocalypse And again, you don’t understand the law (you are very bad at this, you should stop trying) the required test for the illegality of the speech is “where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action” a non public figure in a YouTube comment saying that to prevent x you have to kill y doesn’t even come close to “likely to incite or produce such action”.
      The very case you cite says this very thing, the overruled case was about Brandenburg, a KKK leader who made a speech calling for terrorists actions, which the supreme court ruled didn’t have the three necessary elements for a legal conviction under the protection of free speech, intent, imminence, and likelihood.

      And thanks for giving me the ruling that proved that what I was saying is right (I know it was under Civil law, but I don’t know much about Common law, and I know that the criminal law in common law is messed up)

      For it to actually be illegal you would have to be a very public figure, for example a senator or a famous actor, telling people to go kill someone right now, in a way that is understood by everyone that you are serious, and to have such an impact in people so that they will do as you said. the legal protection of freedom of speech in the US is very wide, it’s one of the few countries without hate speech laws

    • Posted by Marcus Pruy, at Reply

      Like bombs

  2. Posted by Hip Movement, at Reply

    Don’t bite the knowledge that informs you. The internet is the unifying force of the universe. It was meant to unify our species to form a civilized society. Without net neutrality, we will lose our global connection with each other. The internet and equal access to all knowledge is a human right.

    • Posted by Jamie Willett, at Reply

      Calvin Scott the original internet was not built with the intent to be run by profit seeking corporations. Intact it began as a government service, with little to no intent to be a profitable service. Do some research the internet was built by colleges to share information, under government sponsorship.

    • Posted by Technicolor YaYa, at Reply

      6chhelipilot… Agreed. He contradicted himself in his last post.

    • Posted by mountaingoat1003, at Reply

      What was Ana calling hate speech?

    • Posted by kourii, at Reply

      +Technicolor YaYa killing net neutrality is a corporate-approved move, and both parties are profoundly in the clutches of the corporations

  3. Posted by Gore Magala 2000, at Reply

    Luckily Youtubers are releasing videos about the Internet Freedom, so that we can stop the new FCC chairman stupid plot.

    • Posted by Inevercheckmyreplies, at Reply

      Righty Whitey Cracker PewDiePie has always, and will always, only care for himself. Anyone who believes otherwise is simply not observant. Look at how his actions have made other YouTubers suffer financially and watch how he keeps making the same “mistakes” again while alternating between thinking it’s all a big joke and unironically whining about how the media is out to get him. He knows he’s changing YouTube for the worst for new and growing content creators, but he doesn’t care since he’s at the point where he’s too huge to fail.

    • Posted by Dab Dabinkov, at Reply

      Righty Whitey Cracker pewdiepie isn’t in America, why would he care?

    • Posted by Sofir Uddin, at Reply

      Righty Whitey Cracker lol YouTubers who don’t live in the US aren’t really going to make a video on this.

    • Posted by GR. Hollman, at Reply

      I agree with you Hazzycakes.
      You requested an elaborate – I’m trying to find the comment.

  4. Posted by AegisEpoch, at Reply

    tell rachel maddow that net neutrality is a city in russia

    • Posted by Left Is Best, at Reply

      Lol, that’s funny. However, you’ll shortly see just how far Trump’s collusion and treason with Russia runs.. ✌

    • Posted by Bryna L., at Reply

      AegisEpoch. Intimidated by smart women that want nothing to do with you? Sad manbaby.

    • Posted by freedom1234573, at Reply

      AegisEpoch touche!!!

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      NotGiving so is Tomi Lahren for the right but she’s actually stupid.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      AegisEpoch – Genius, that could work too since Rachael never fact checks her bullshit. She’s a smart lady, but bloody awful source for accurate reporting.

  5. Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

    Trump voters better not complain about this cause this is what they voted for and wanted. They want corporate welfare and destruction.

    • Posted by Joshua Valentine, at Reply

      TheRoss10001 You’re not even an American? Your opinion doesn’t matter at all in that case. You’re completely insulated from your own foolish opinion.

    • Posted by Joshua Valentine, at Reply

      Eric Gonzalez You were right mate. The Ross isn’t even an American. From his own admission he’s a South African.

    • Posted by North Orbital., at Reply

      The Ross,you forgot the Bestiality,Paedoplilia,Genocide,theft,extortion,racketeering, oh and jaywalking.

    • Posted by window wax, at Reply

      I didn’t vote for trump nor do i support him. However if you want to be taken serious you could treat someone with respect and offer evidence to change their opinions, not say their opinions are terrible. I see these comments hating not on trump, but his supporters and the people who spit this stuff look just as idiotic as the claims they make.

  6. Posted by CuuchCRUSHER, at Reply

    Until John said something I totally forgot that porn will be hardest hit. That really sucks.

    • Posted by justmemadison, at Reply

      Cord-cutters – it’s pay back time. The cable companies are coming for all the money they lost when people started cancelling their ridiculously priced, horrendous viewing options and moving to online viewing. Live streaming….hahah. You’re going to pay. Porn is going to be like Netflix and Hulu…way expensive if available at all. Those Trump voters sure did help us become winners, hu?

    • Posted by ブロンディブラック, at Reply

      Once it interrupts the alt-right’s Nazi and interracial porn, they’ll care.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      CuuchCRUSHER – To be fair there’ll be less sucking and more buffering, it’ll be impossible to maintain an erection for long enough without doing serious harm. 😱

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Robert Miller – Pornmeister extraordinaire. 😄

  7. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    Losing net neutrality is unacceptable. This will be a common ground issue for everyone since 96% of people agree with the idea of having unfettered and fair internet

    • Posted by Andres Brizuela, at Reply

      Christopher Balsom probably some russian troll

    • Posted by Jim Phoneykins, at Reply

      +ブロンディブラック(東京外人) yep. the main reason is so no one can make fun his hair anymore

    • Posted by Marco, at Reply

      Enjoy fascism

  8. Posted by NB7281, at Reply

    Time for impeachment

    • Posted by Iron Horse, at Reply

      DONALD TRUMP IS A DOMESTIC TERRORIST. The People need to do their job and remove him kicking and screaming from office and give him the Mussolini treatment.

    • Posted by Average Joe, at Reply

      You won’t be able to get nationwide cooperation as your internet ineffective, and he will control the media’s narrative.

    • Posted by GURU ZINI, at Reply

      no lube needed!

  9. Posted by Babylonthegreat, at Reply

    “We don’t believe in physical actions against human beings”? Cenk, come on, man. I’m on the left too, but comments like that are going to make me introduce you to my famous right hook!!! I’m generally against violence, fam. Don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, sometimes… motherfuckers need to get stretched.

    I’m just saying.

    • Posted by Inevercheckmyreplies, at Reply

      Hazzycakes Nah, people are super impressionable and reactionary these days. Kill him and you’d only create a martyr for the FCC to hide behind. “Look at these radicals that killed this poor innocent man! You allow yourself to be lead astray by fear-mongering propaganda and this is the end result!!!! When you spout CONSPIRACY THEORIES about our honest efforts to FREE the internet, this is what you become: Unamerican radicalized murderers who think their internet and unsubstantiated fears are worth more than one man’s life!”

      It’ll take just one emotionally accusatory speech and then watch how fast people will jump ship and be anti-net neutrality just so they can disassociate themselves with radicals and murderers.

    • Posted by William Slaughter, at Reply

      because we have a right to bear arms, not a right to browse pr0ns?
      I mean, we’ve had emotional speech after emotional speech since before Columbine…and we still don’t have any ability to reach conclusions as a whole on “gun control”

      but you’re right, to an extent… people would at least try to use Pai’s death for political gain… it’s what people in the government do, POSTURE AND MANIPULATE…

    • Posted by ChrisJ Fox, at Reply

      Littos Alive


    • Posted by Shadow_AquilaX, at Reply

      Nah man. That’ll just get you tossed in corporate jail. The only thing these greedy goblins understand is money. When we stop giving them ours they will learn.

  10. Posted by L. Spiro, at Reply

    Restoring net neutrality, undoing all of the damage done by Trump and his administration, and getting money out of politics are my highest priorities. All of it can be achieved if your vote helps gets me into office in 2020.

    • Posted by Shadow Might, at Reply

      L. Spiro Final Fantasy XV was great. On topic even Ardyn Izunia would be a better president than Trump 😛
      Even he had a conscious.

    • Posted by L. Spiro, at Reply

      Glad you enjoyed the game. While that claim might be debatable, it’s problematic that it is debatable. It shouldn’t be debatable was to whether or a not a video-game villain may make a better president than the one we have.

    • Posted by Jake Stone, at Reply

      The choice is more complex than you are letting on. I will grant your point that Trump is doing immense damage to our country at every level, and that there is no way Hillary would have been nearly as bad. The problem is that things have slowly been getting worse for anyone outside of the elite for decades now.Hillary wouldn’t have been as bad, but she would have still made things worse, but at a rate slow enough, and through a palatable enough delivery that people would have remained asleep. With Trump, we have a monster that has no way of disguising who and what he is. He is exactly the villain we need to activate and engage people to build a resistance strong enough to finally bypass this dead and rotting two party system.

      On the other hand, I’m still not convinced that Trump becoming president is not a world ending event.

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      You have my vote and political donation.

    • Posted by cattigereyes1, at Reply

      Silly be realistic! The oligarchy will do as it pleases! It has and will continue to do so!

  11. Posted by Fabiola Charles, at Reply

    where are the hackers?

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      Russia. Also China.

    • Posted by elijah mikle, at Reply

      Fabiola Charles You will know when the hackers decide to act. You will NOT like what they do.

    • Posted by Iron Horse, at Reply

      in russia

  12. Posted by Tyler Pratt, at Reply

    Well I guess our government won’t be happy till they force Americans to create their own terrorists organization bent on attacking corporations by destroying their buildings and devices where ever they can be found (looking at you Verizon)

    • Posted by jfsfrnd, at Reply

      Tyler Pratt Hey if theres no Internet they will have all that free time.

    • Posted by Incognito, at Reply

      Hopefully they’ll call themselves “Avalanche”.

    • Posted by William Slaughter, at Reply

      or Blizzard? or Quake?
      Are all freedom fighter groups named after natural disasters?

    • Posted by Incognito, at Reply

      William Slaughter Not Quake, they’re a bunch of assholes.

    • Posted by livingstonem10, at Reply

      The organization should be called ‘Torrent’.

  13. Posted by SilkSatin Paradise, at Reply

    If we all stop using the internet, the big tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google will have to step in to provide us with free internet or else they will no longer be able to make money.

    • Posted by Sh P, at Reply

      or we could just vote out of office every idiot that is selling consumers up the river. Republican or otherwise.

    • Posted by KoroProductions, at Reply

      Nick Burris whats a VPN?

    • Posted by Satyam Patel, at Reply

      Google already is

    • Posted by Daark, at Reply

      KoroProductions it’s a means to is the internet in a private way. Tunnel bear has a super great service, and is what I’m going to be using if that all happens

    • Posted by Agnarr Salventius, at Reply

      SilkSatin Paradise

  14. Posted by LouistheHedgehog, at Reply

    Unrestricted access to the internet is no different than freedom of the press.

    • Posted by Robert Miller, at Reply

      In fact it’s the only free press we still have, other media having been bought out long ago.

  15. Posted by Never go full retard, at Reply

    When all the left wing places slow downs where are all you trolls going to go to have your circle jerks?

    • Posted by Never go full retard, at Reply

      E Clouston If engaging in a youtube comment war is that important to you to go through all that then fine, you win. You have the best words, you have huge hands, you are like a smart person, tremendous!

    • Posted by Marcus Figueroa, at Reply

      As far as I know Pai is a Republicunt

    • Posted by Rebekah, at Reply

      theyre gonna come for right wing circles first

  16. Posted by billy the dead, at Reply

    Just another freedom the republican party wants to take away from us to in rich themselves

    • Posted by Angel Symmetrika, at Reply

      billy the dead You can really only blame Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

    • Posted by William Slaughter, at Reply

      Really, Angel…so if a rapist is paroled based on illicit contributions to the board, and he immediately rapes me in a bathroom… I AM NOT ALLOWED TO BLAME THE RAPIST, ONLY THE PAROLE BOARD?

      …nice indirect victim shaming… well hidden until you start applying equivalencies…then the PRINCIPLE of your suggestion becomes horribly clear.

    • Posted by Phantasy Star, at Reply


    • Posted by x2f01mick, at Reply

      billy the dead enrich is one word. “in rich” is gibberish.

  17. Posted by luvmaika, at Reply

    Nice work trumpanzees.

  18. Posted by jmms429, at Reply

    You know…Ill be a MF !!! F!!! Where does it end??? Let me guess, some how, some way, this is benefiting the trump admini.!

    • Posted by ValirAmaril, at Reply

      Well what CAN we do

    • Posted by sharper68, at Reply

      Watch the segment, they give you some options. Going forward vote for leaders that work for you.

    • Posted by PumpkinsnBlackcats, at Reply

      jmms429 it benefits them by keeping people stupid and without access to the biggest knowledge source we have. Keeping people poor and ignorant is their only prayer. He wants to stop us from being informed about the truth on him and his friends

    • Posted by PumpkinsnBlackcats, at Reply

      justmemadison exactly

    • Posted by Roland Peña, at Reply

      Chump is against the 1st amendment, the freedom of speech and against free press.

  19. Posted by Maureen Miettinen, at Reply

    People won’t care until it affects them…
    I’d say let’s boycott, but I need me some TYT 😉

    • Posted by Marco, at Reply

      That’s always how it works. Everybody can be poor. Everybody can starve to death and be homeles. As long as these rich mother fuckers have everything they want. As long it doesn’t effect them nothing is a problem in this world.