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Getting Away From Me Fails (November 2017 | FailArmy


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"If you like something set it free. If it comes back it's yours. Otherwise, it was never ever meant to be." We have a big ol' collection to please your ape minds. This week's style: people shedding things. You rate. Have a favored? Allow us understand below!!


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Video clips:
Girl Tosses Hoop Over Cliff
Ring Falls Into Waterfall
Motorcyclist Vanishes Over Wall Surface
People Obtain Shaken Off Jet Ski
Women Own Behind Auto with Trunk Open Up
Guy Falls Through Ceiling in Attempt to Deal With AC
Mower Flees From Male as well as Crosses Road
Man Mistakenly Decrease Fishing Rods right into Water
Golf Cart Blown Down a Hillside
Individual Sheds Phone While Recording Bobsled Ride
Boy Tries to Trip Throughout Hurrying River
Uncontrollable Mail Vehicle Rolls over Mailbox
Man Falls Off Bike While Trying Christ Stand Method
Squirrel Takes Tissue From Toilet
Individual Drops Phone while Riding Roller Rollercoaster
Trampoline Flies Out of Yard
Bike Rides Off By Itself at Race
Youngster Runs after Gotten Away Sled
Celiing Collapses and Nearly Crushes Male
Snake Steals Child's Fish
Motorcyclists Crash During Race
Individual Cannot do Hammer Throw
Train Clashes into Semi Vehicle Stuck on Tracks
Individual Attempts To Display Automatic Trunk Opener and also Falls Short
Guy Presses Boy on Tricycle with Leaf Blower
Kid Releases Papa's Kite
Guy Tries to Do Wheelie on Dirt Bike
Female Falls Face First into Water after Catching Fish
Individual Loses Skies While Attempting Feat
Big Wheel Takes Man's Pole
Fish Slips Out of Man's Hand
Person Has Difficulty Doing Backflip on BMX
Individuals Obtain Shaken Off Jet Ski

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  1. Posted by Alice Bonnet, at Reply

    I am first and WTC 7 wont go away.

  2. Posted by Excor, at Reply


  3. Posted by Haider, at Reply

    I m too early lemme think of a joke

    Donald Trump is the president of USA

    • Posted by Halpen the great, at Reply

      Haider litterally a fact

    • Posted by candy cane, at Reply


    • Posted by Micah Turner, at Reply

      And will be for another 3 years!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Chillie Playz, at Reply

      I want to die cuz I hate him,u too xD

  4. Posted by Gabriel2089, at Reply


    • Posted by Franklin Yves, at Reply

      Gabriel2089 kkkkkk

    • Posted by KONO DIEGO DA, at Reply


  5. Posted by EinfachFalti, at Reply

    Oh damn

  6. Posted by MunichGG, at Reply

    1:05 Stupid bitches

    • Posted by Julian1810, at Reply


    • Posted by PSJish, at Reply

      And they didn’t stop their fucking car, they just ran over other people stuff purposely. Hope someone know who they are and teach them some lesson or maybe just smack them upside their heads

    • Posted by bentstrider, at Reply

      You would’ve thought they realized the value of a massive brick of TP. Have fun wiping with your hands!!!

    • Posted by Ben Beetle Juice, at Reply

      MunichGG eghh

  7. Posted by Darius Draghiciu, at Reply


    • Posted by Adrian Patzner, at Reply

      Darius Draghiciu eh no

    • Posted by Dark Jedi, at Reply

      No you’re not. Loser.

  8. Posted by Anthony, at Reply

    You guys damn, your videos has become so cringy and way less funny than before.

    • Posted by Opica Sunka, at Reply

      These are fails , nobody says it’s supposed to be funny , think before you type ,idiot

    • Posted by Bastian Nordskog Magnussen, at Reply

      Anthony Its because humanity has learned to not do as horrible fails.

    • Posted by Ichigo the Hedgehog, at Reply

      My IQ dropped a little from reading that comment.

    • Posted by Ichigo the Hedgehog, at Reply

      ModeStepGaming Why do people use being adopted as an insult? It just means someone was actually willing to spend time and money to bring you into the family.

  9. Posted by Jesus Christ, at Reply

    I dearly want to smack that hipster at the start.

    • Posted by Chase Searle, at Reply

      Your name is probably a reason for at least around half of the likes you currently have.

    • Posted by Amanda Moghimi, at Reply

      I’ve seen u before somewhere

    • Posted by Oy Boyo, at Reply

      When u change ur name for likes

    • Posted by Ichigo the Hedgehog, at Reply

      Nook And an eclipse has nothing to do with a ‘rapture.’ That’s called science, it actually exists.

  10. Posted by JDM12983, at Reply

    The people at 1:11 are assholes. Instead of honking their horn or something to try and warn the person; they’d rather film it and laugh at them.

    • Posted by raphmaster23, at Reply

      And then running it over 😡

    • Posted by Cameron Hagon, at Reply

      JDM12983 ikr.. its so mean.

    • Posted by SPaoline4302, at Reply

      Luis Gabriel Negron oh Bc they don’t post every little damn thing about their life? Right on snow flake.

    • Posted by Hunter Houghton, at Reply

      And they drove over it

  11. Posted by Cee Jay, at Reply

    ski vs snowboard compilition

    • Posted by Smokey McJoint, at Reply

      Pretty sure they have done that at this point.

  12. Posted by bixbyyy, at Reply

    3:45 da real ufo

    • Posted by jdiaz092009, at Reply

      bixbyyy Neighbor down the road just got a new trampoline.

    • Posted by TaurusChan15, at Reply

      bixbyyy I love how it just takes off like that.

    • Posted by Lusca, at Reply


  13. Posted by Paulthefonz, at Reply

    What did he throw at 4:12?

    • Posted by Marcone Avelino, at Reply

      It was a kite. The kid simply released the string.

    • Posted by Vinícius Pereira M, at Reply

      Yeah, The video is here in Brazil, it’s a kite kkkkkkk

    • Posted by Matheus Rodrigues, at Reply

      kkkkkk vários videos BR no fail army

    • Posted by Lusca, at Reply

      Matheus Rodrigues esse teve muito video Brasileiro, legal

    • Posted by Brian Kaique, at Reply

      Hahaha In Brazil this is called: RELOOOOOOOO😂

  14. Posted by Rik B, at Reply

    1:05 It is really stupid to leave your trunk open but seriously those women… they just drive over it? bitches

    • Posted by BestVines, at Reply

      Rik B exactly, they could’ve at least beeped to let them know.

  15. Posted by ALEXANDERSSON L., at Reply

    The neighbor just got a free trampoline

    • Posted by Smokey McJoint, at Reply

      And thousands of dollars in house repairs.

    • Posted by Logan N, at Reply

      ALEXANDERSSON L. When you’re a bad kid, so trampoline jesus takes your trampoline away and gives it to a good kid.

  16. Posted by GorriCrack, at Reply

    3:20 karma

    • Posted by GorriCrack, at Reply

      weirdsideofyoutube 1 por favor, no llores. Seguro que me llamas retrasado y demás cuando ni siquiera sabrás hablar un puto idioma que no sea el tuyo, bocachanclas xD

    • Posted by Kayky Bauer, at Reply

      That was in Brazil XD

    • Posted by weirdsideofyoutube 1, at Reply

      GorriCrack of you wanna play that game ? Άντε και γαμηδου ρε μπασταρδο γαμω το Χριστό σου και γαμω το μουνι της μάνα σου

  17. Posted by Justo, at Reply

    1:46 😐

    • Posted by Diego Simón, at Reply

      Loved it. LoL!

    • Posted by Justo, at Reply

      FranZyzz C C yea that 😂😐

    • Posted by FireN2k9, at Reply

      😀 Failception

    • Posted by Ulysses' Old world, at Reply

      Justo Ghost Rider

    • Posted by Nasim Javed, at Reply


  18. Posted by MaximuM DuTube, at Reply

    0:06 Lucky Man;)))))) 👍

    • Posted by Jonathan Campbell, at Reply

      MaximuM DuTube he deserved to lose the phone. You’re not allowed to have them out on rides. They can fall and hit someone or land in the tracks and mess up the cart

  19. Posted by SpartaGames, at Reply

    3:47 Hey neighbor, want s trampoline? Neighbor: not really 3:53 TOO FUCKING BAD HERES A TRAMPOLINE

    • Posted by Fausto'sGeneration, at Reply


    • Posted by Megalodawn, at Reply

      Wow. That was some quick delivery! No advanced technology needed!

    • Posted by *Dylan Gorman*, at Reply

      3:47 *TO SPACE*

  20. Posted by Marcel der Motovlogger, at Reply

    Haha 😀