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Girl Fails 2016: Best of the Year || FailArmy


Enjoyed the video ladies check these swimsuits out

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Girl Fails 2016: Best of the Year || FailArmy

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  1. Posted by 10k without a video?, at Reply

    Hello person scrolling trough the comments

    Have a wonderful day/night🙂

    • Posted by SonicLamb, at Reply

      Are we best friends now?

    • Posted by Daniel, at Reply

      You don’t want me to have a good day/night, you just want likes 🙁 This is
      why I have trust issues

    • Posted by 10k without a video?, at Reply

      Daniel …. I wish you a good day. Likes are useless u know.

    • Posted by Peter J - Food Reviews!, at Reply

      Likes are not useless

  2. Posted by lamborghini pewdiepoo, at Reply

    My mom said I can kill myself if I get 20 subs

    • Posted by Holger Baumann, at Reply

      lamborghini pewdiepoo thats great you have a very nice mum 1 like more ^^

    • Posted by Vebjørn Nordahl, at Reply

      lamborghini pewdiepoo subbed

    • Posted by Joshua Ortega, at Reply

      #16 Racing ohhhhhh

  3. Posted by gay retard, at Reply

    Hi. (Please excuse my bad english)

    • Posted by Sada Twinkletoes, at Reply

      what are you fucking gay?

    • Posted by Vault-Tec Rep, at Reply

      FIRST ! YOU has even sold that wrongeley its h0i!!

  4. Posted by Rebasepoiss, at Reply

    Why was the last girl upset? Whales love water.

    • Posted by FinPS - Cod Videos, at Reply

      Rebasepoiss Lmao this better be top comment after I come back

    • Posted by david vincent, at Reply

      because whales are marine fishes

    • Posted by peridot, at Reply

      Rebasepoiss im lost. what about her makes her a whale.

    • Posted by BeatJumper 👽, at Reply


    • Posted by gabe, at Reply

      peridot her weight

  5. Posted by LJ, at Reply

    0:24 That reminds of when my GF dumped me… 😢

    • Posted by ItsZenk, at Reply

      LJ Well, who cares

    • Posted by Nekel, at Reply

      I would need a girlfriend for that 😭

    • Posted by Balles McGee, at Reply

      What are you, fucking gay?

    • Posted by ItsZenk, at Reply

      VIII Chill dude. No need to cuss

  6. Posted by Charbladex, at Reply

    6:32 – ‘friend’ falls into a frozen lake; other girl turns and walks away,
    then stops to watch and laugh without helping as the 2 guys pull the
    freezing girl out. I think a friendship was broken that day.

    • Posted by Sebastian Pusch, at Reply

      Charbladex I hope so… the other girl deserved to fall in the water

    • Posted by MultiGuitar31, at Reply

      but she said “im so bad” so its all okay.

    • Posted by Kesva, at Reply

      I dont think 3 people are needed to pull someone out of water

    • Posted by Kesva, at Reply

      +Kesva Also if the ice is breaking it makes sense to go away from it.

  7. Posted by Milan Milivojevic, at Reply

    5:26 I though this was about girls…

    • Posted by Bobbicorn, at Reply

      Milan Milivojevic That is one… or are you being sarcastic… WHAT IS REAL

    • Posted by FightBiscuit, at Reply

      Milan Milivojevic
      Yoz can clearly see that its a girl because:
      1. She’s in the kitchen
      2. She cleans the floor

    • Posted by Milan Milivojevic, at Reply

      +Bobbicorn Yes, I was sarcastic.

    • Posted by Milan Milivojevic, at Reply

      +FightBiscuit Good point.

    • Posted by Bobbicorn, at Reply

      Milan Milivojevic Oh thank God

  8. Posted by Jacob Wheaton, at Reply

    If you’re about to scroll down, don’t bother – the comments are fucked.

    • Posted by Bobbicorn, at Reply

      Jacob Wheaton I second that

  9. Posted by Mary Phantømhive, at Reply

    Hello person scrolling through the comments!
    Just a quick reminder:

    You’re ugly

    • Posted by Mr. Tickles, at Reply

      Mary Phantømhive thanks for the daily reminder.

    • Posted by Markus Pro, at Reply

      Mary Phantømhive I know i am

  10. Posted by Demox, at Reply

    Biggest girl fail of 2016: Feminism.

    • Posted by Mr. Tickles, at Reply

      Demox ayyyyyy lmao

    • Posted by Crowley, at Reply

      Demox says who? A privileged white, cis, straight man?
      Or someone who just lost all his brain cells before writing this comment?

    • Posted by Itss me3, at Reply

      > classic

    • Posted by K Wright, at Reply

      Biggest fail of the Internet:

      Being uneducated enough to think that feminism is a fail

  11. Posted by Viktor - Agario, at Reply

    Why is there no “Guy fails” you sexists #TRIGGERED

    • Posted by AlleAlexandra, at Reply

      Viktor – Agario although i do agree with you and i feel triggered too when
      i see “girl fails”, i have to say that there are more guys failing in the
      normal ones anyway, so i guess it’s not so bad

    • Posted by DOGE GOING DOWN, at Reply

      AlleAlexandra *EXACTLY*

    • Posted by Daniela Indama, at Reply

      Because of the #TRIGGERED# hashtag, I’m assuming you’re joking.
      ° v°)

    • Posted by toasty bunz, at Reply

      Viktor – Agario guys fail all the time idiot. so the guys fail and no girls
      fail? your sexist!!

  12. Posted by LooneLuxxe, at Reply

    6:39 “It’s freezing” *all wearing T-shirts*.

    • Posted by EnderMan1997, at Reply

      Yeah, who cares it’s winter already? Let’s wear summer clothes, everyone!

    • Posted by Queen Weirdo, at Reply

      LooneLuxxe i think they meant the water

    • Posted by EnderMan1997, at Reply

      Queen Weirdo it’s stupid anyway.

    • Posted by KIRITO, at Reply

      +Queen Weirdo If it wasn’t cold, how could the water be frozen?

    • Posted by LooneLuxxe, at Reply

      I know that they meant the water, but like what KIRITO said, the water
      wouldn’t be freezing if it weren’t cold enough around it for it to be

  13. Posted by Daysiane Da Silva, at Reply

    Failarmy do you get fails that are from 2016 or just get them from whatever
    year because I have already seen some of these videos

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Speciality compilations are a mix of new and old. Fails of the Week/Month
      are newly submitted videos 🙂

    • Posted by 2stefan2000, at Reply

      FailArmy you are so kind ❤️

  14. Posted by Daniel Rodrigues, at Reply

    0:02 – Minions saying: oooooooohhhhhhhh!

    • Posted by Squadela 恐怖, at Reply

      Daniel Rodrigues Oh my god x), Why you’re not in top comments ? x)

    • Posted by It's the Super Galaxy One, at Reply

      Because everyone hate those fucking yellow tictacs

  15. Posted by Kaya van den Bosch, at Reply

    Beautiful new intro FAILARMY! 😀
    Have a great Christmas everyone!

    • Posted by 33stevelinda, at Reply

      What was so good about it ? you arse kissing little cum stain

    • Posted by le duo de choc, at Reply

      The machop Killer

    • Posted by Markus Kurg, at Reply

      Kaya van den Bosch
      >new intro
      >just a video clip of someone falling and a sound effect added
      ya really are a door nob arent ya?

    • Posted by oleknol, at Reply

      THank you and you too

    • Posted by Sakthi Nagalingam, at Reply

      Kaya van den Bosch d

  16. Posted by Michael Sedgley, at Reply

    If you made a “guys fail” video… would it get a single view?

    • Posted by Tayler Eastern, at Reply

      Michael Sedgley Girls Triggered at 3… 2… 1…

    • Posted by nimrodery, at Reply

      Most fail videos are guy fails. We just fail so often it isn’t worth adding
      the word to the title.

  17. Posted by makifei, at Reply

    And they say girls are physically 2 years ahead of boys…

    • Posted by Sam Cosner, at Reply

      makifei I thought that was mentally but ether way they are wrong!

    • Posted by Hoi, at Reply

      makifei I think you didn’t rlly pay attention during biology class. They
      start puberty two years earlier. None of these girls were at that age and
      besides, puberty makes you clumsy

  18. Posted by starfish wonder, at Reply

    Did you just assume their gender?

    • Posted by Panzer shreck, at Reply

      They all look like women, so they are women…..

    • Posted by toasty bunz, at Reply

      starfish wonder wadaya mean?

    • Posted by rekt (Get hacked noob), at Reply

      starfish wonder fellow 9gager

  19. Posted by ibuprofanity, at Reply

    Are we just gonna ignore the guy at 2:38 who grabbed the rope on fire to
    prevent the girl from burning?

    • Posted by Chicken Child TV, at Reply


  20. Posted by Eric Peterson, at Reply

    girl at 6:15 is hot until she opens her mouth

    • Posted by Clorox Bleach, at Reply

      Eric Peterson hi brother