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Girls Ordered To Say Yes To Boys At School Dance


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Parents are not pleased … Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you assume in the remark section listed below.

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" A Utah mom believed her sixth-grade daughter was perplexed when the woman informed her concerning the "simply do not state no" policy for her college's St. Valentine's Day dancing.

The girl claimed she was not enabled to state "no" if a child asked her to dance, KMVT reported.

KMVT estimated Natalie Richards as claiming, "Oh no, no, honey. You men are misunderstanding again. That's not exactly how it is."

In fact that is specifically how it is, as Richards quickly discovered.

Richards initially talked to an educator at the school, Kanesville Elementary in West Sanctuary, that validated that the policy restricts a woman from declining a young boy who intends to dance with her." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by C Wilson, at Reply

    Yeah let’s boost the feelings of the boys by shitting on the feelings of the girls. Go Utah.

    • Posted by 18Darkside, at Reply

      Girls AND boys at this school are requested to say yes

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      Clayton Brown why do you always post this when people just disagree with tyt? Do you really want an echo chamber?

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      C Wilson actually both girls and boys are told to say yes to dance requests. Doesnt feminism and the progressive view of gender roles advocate for more women to initiate first contact when it comes to dating hahahahahahahahaha yea right that wouldnt be beneficial to women so its the one gender role everyone including self proclaimed progressives and feminists want to stay the same, but is the absolute cause of almost all gendered issues when it comes to sex, dating, cat calling, sexual harassment, etc.

  2. Posted by Just Visiting, at Reply

    Ha! Say no to me now Jenny!

    • Posted by Sarge Scum, at Reply


    • Posted by Chris Byrd, at Reply

      Lol 😂😂😂!

    • Posted by Kwamina Dankwa, at Reply

      Just Visiting Fack off Tom! I’m going with Peter.

    • Posted by altrag, at Reply

      +Just Visiting So if she does what you ask, she’s literally saying “no”? Jenny’s in trouble either way!

  3. Posted by Fiona Corliss, at Reply

    Gotta soften them up early so they shut up about harassment later.

    Also they are too young to have a dance if they don’t get the concept yet.

    • Posted by Blank, at Reply

      The rule was gender neutral. Tyt are lying to push an agenda. Boys couldnt say no either.

      So your comment is invalid. And tyt are lying propagandists

    • Posted by Ad Tastic, at Reply

      Blank TYT hate Fox, but they are the worst click bait, fake news merchants on the internet.

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      M. Brennan its boys too. Boys arent allowed to say no either.

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      Petrazenka that is the case. Nothibg about this is a gendered issue except to the people that want to perpetuate the gender role that men should approach women.

  4. Posted by ZImpresive, at Reply

    Be my Valentine Ana <3

    Or risk jail time

    • Posted by Andrew Marrero, at Reply

      ZImpresive Troll

    • Posted by Amenti H, at Reply

      ZImpresive TrollZ
      (fixed it for you)

    • Posted by caca, at Reply


    • Posted by Rainbow Dash, at Reply

      ZImpresive what jail time?

    • Posted by ZImpresive, at Reply

      +Rainbow Dash Executive order #214 No Female shall infringe ZImpresive’s right to a date with Ana or risk 6 months in county and/or a $10,000 fine.
      I don’t make these laws fam.

  5. Posted by Sierra Rutherford, at Reply

    Of course this happened in Utah… so glad I got out of that place.

    • Posted by Kiondre Dorsey, at Reply

      Armando Gallegos The statistic shows the number of mass shootings in the United States between 1982 and 2017, by race and ethnicity of the shooter(s). Between 1982 and November 2017, 54 out of 95 mass shootings were initiated by White shooters. The Las Vegas strip massacre in 2017 had the highest number of victims between 1982 and 2017, with 58 people killed, and over 500 injured.

    • Posted by Purr Cat, at Reply

      +Kiondre Dorsey many Dorsey’s come out of Sunnyside Georgia. Do you? they owned the town. Now there is a graveyard full of them. the only reminder of the grand old days

  6. Posted by Darius Brule, at Reply

    So who thumbs down the video

    I hope all of you that did don’t have daughters

    • Posted by Lior Holtslag, at Reply

      Darius Brule i hope you trolls thumb your way out of town

    • Posted by Melanie Jecker, at Reply

      @bobjones So, do you think it’s okay to make the boys say yes if they don’t want to?

    • Posted by Rainbow Dash, at Reply

      bobjoneswof it was gender specific. It was girls have to say yes

    • Posted by Darius Brule, at Reply

      Tchort Six Six Six where did you get that from? Contextually in Utah I’ll assume that they teach roles..which does not bother me
      What bothers me is how do you teach a young man how to deal with a no
      (To make him stronger) and teach a girl to say no so she can teach others how to respect her space therefore she will exercise clarity.
      You might be right but i just want to make sure whose brain is more fully developed. I’ll wait.

  7. Posted by Tom Buck, at Reply

    I kind of understand this. It’s a little bit of a clash between trying to include everyone in middle school and the me too movement. If (with more info) we knew guys were also not allowed to say no, I think it would be (meh kind of) ok. I think it’s super silly, but I don’t understand being “outraged”.

    Solid commentary by Cenk and Ana, though. I had participation trophies in mind 30 seconds in. Props to them for calling it.

    • Posted by 1kparmar, at Reply

      Tom Buck That’s what they do here.. Alex Jones does that too. Outrage sells. There wouldn’t be much of a story here if they were not.

    • Posted by 1kparmar, at Reply

      NoNameTheFirst Finally someone in the comments section that speaks without the craziness 🙂

    • Posted by asmRTPOP, at Reply

      It’s a dance……you don’t have to include anyone. You can dance without a partner. Kids can go to dances to interact socially or be with friends but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re interested in dancing one on one with the opposite gender. Also if the girl is forced to say yes to any boy who asks and multiple boys ask her throughout the night could that not also cause feelings of jealousy? It’s so stupid. Also I just want to say the people who created participation trophies are the same generation complaining about our “participation trophies”.

    • Posted by callowaymotorcompany, at Reply

      TYT actually failed here bigtime. The request wasn’t gender specific. Boys were overridden by any girl asking them to dance. TYT chose not to mention it, or didn’t bother checking, because they saw a chance to confirm their own feelings on totally unrelated subjects. I mean honestly, even if it were one sided, who even thinks to bring up me too here? These are small children, nobody’s getting groped, nobody’s thinking about sex. The only hint of “gender issues” here is that the only reason girls would be forced to say yes is because boys are implicitly forced to do the asking. But either way in reality, the rule was gender neutral so its a non story 100%.

    • Posted by callowaymotorcompany, at Reply

      asmRTPOP This isn’t some new rule. As long as formal dances have existed in Europe, you haven’t been allowed to turn down a dance (within reason). Men were obligated to ask a woman with no partner, and an unpartnered woman was obligated to accept. Dancing with someone used to be social interaction until certain people ruined it by forcing it to be sexual 100% of the time. This line of thinking is why _dancing_ of all things is suddenly seen as sexual because two people of opposite gender are doing it, regardless of the fact that theyre prepubescent children.

  8. Posted by Jungmin Kim, at Reply

    The conservatives do NOT love freedom, period.

    • Posted by xiadevinna, at Reply

      Blank, it’s awfully unusual for progressives or liberal sjws to favor the feelings of males over females. This has much more of a conservative signature than a liberal one. Liberals are all about consent and tend to have a pro female bias. Conservatives believe women should be subservient to men.

    • Posted by Aaron Bower, at Reply

      Well christian conservatives have a problem with their theology getting in the way of their political idiology…go ask Rand Paul.

    • Posted by AirPlayRule, at Reply

      Most of the left AND right only believe in freedom when it suits them. otherwise they impose their beliefs on others and call it moral or constitutional or common sense etc. And call it freedom cause youre free to THINK/believe it’s wrong.

      As per TYT in this video:
      we’re not all equal, shouldn’t be treated all equally, we should discriminate based on our preferences/needs/whims etc. including preferences based on looks, race, gender, orientation, creed, religious beliefs (or lack of beliefs) income etc. Mandates from officials to even an equal opportunity is bad? Oh my bad, only when u feel like it’s bad cause u lack objective morality and your subjective “morality” rules only huh. In this case, it’s about freedom cause that suits the girls (even though the rules applied to BOTH genders, the dance was optional/supervised etc.). If girls at a public school can say no to some guy’s dance offers in a public school’s optional event, then great, let college schools say no to some girls sports programs especially if fans say no via little to no ticket purchases and let a baker say no to some gay cake order offers. You guys need to stop with the subject OPINIONS in all cases not just this, and learn karma and real Dharma. I can help you. It (along with all science/religion) stemmed from the ancient Vedas and society thrived back then, contrary to what u think u know.

  9. Posted by Ken Bob, at Reply

    The girls are forced to say “yes”? Sounds like Melania’s wedding night.

    • Posted by C Will, at Reply

      who’s defending Melania..not me.  I’m pointing out the stupidity of Kens post trying to make this about Melania. There is a more obvious comparison to muslim forced marriage… but hey lets side step that cos it doesn’t fit the narrative of this little echo chamber. Yawn

    • Posted by Ken Bob, at Reply

      C Will <---snowflake.

    • Posted by DucksDoctor, at Reply

      C Will You brought up muslim marriage which is unrelated to thread topic which was specifically Melania. Don’t flip that on its head. Now you can argue that you were discussing the video, but that wasn’t in the thread.

      But sure let’s talk about muslim marriage. I was muslim (now atheist), so I think I may know a thing or two about muslim weddings since I have 2 married sisters. It’s forbidden in Islam to force a marriage. It happens sometimes in certain countries, that supercede the religion with their own cultural values.

    • Posted by Ken Bob, at Reply

      +DucksDoctor Exactly. If anything, my post was more of a joke about Donald. Not only that but C Will’s non-joke comment saying “…Every Muslim wedding ever” is clearly a fault of logic (not to mention bigoted)…talk about stupidity.

    • Posted by DucksDoctor, at Reply

      Ken Bob Agreed.

  10. Posted by Eric Fartman, at Reply

    They’re doing this to prevent the next Elliot Rodgers or George Sodini from popping up. Hard to disagree with their intentions!

    • Posted by Liam Kane, at Reply

      Eric Fartman If that’s their goal, it’s gonna backfire tremendously. This policy will create a generation of entitled boys who won’t be able to deal with rejection when they become adults.

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      Liam Kane why wont it create entitled women??? The boys are also forced to say yes if a girl asks them to dance.

  11. Posted by mrsme1234, at Reply

    30 misogynistic trumpistas got their feelings hurt after hearing a segment against patriarchy and entitlement.

    • Posted by mrsme1234, at Reply

      M. Brennan
      Yeah, a lot more views in the past couple hours

    • Posted by advocatus diaboli, at Reply

      You seem very emotional. Are you ok?

    • Posted by Frankish Empire, at Reply

      Nope, just out of principle…

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      mrsme1234 patriarchy doesnt exist. I disliked because tyt isnt reporting the story correctly.

    • Posted by callowaymotorcompany, at Reply

      The rule was gender neutral. moot argument.

  12. Posted by #IAM KRATOM, at Reply

    I live in Utah and this sounds about right for this bass akwards state. Btw definitely a republican idea if it’s from Utah Mormons.

    • Posted by taxiuniversum, at Reply

      Aaron Norell True.

    • Posted by xXRockXLobsterXx, at Reply

      Utah is basically the Mormon version of Mississippi.

    • Posted by Lady V, at Reply

      Michael, I should also point out that Mormons in Utah are not the same as Mormons anywhere else, and that there are Mormons who are not politically conservative who will insist that their understanding of their faith and the scriptures leads them away from many of the ideas and opinions expressed by of their sisters and brothers in the faith.

  13. Posted by Comrade Trump, at Reply

    I’m sure it goes both ways, but let’s frame it for more female oppression.

    • Posted by fai365day, at Reply

      Eliza M. If you actually believe that you live in la-la land. The Young Turks has been known to leave out certain details
      So the story could fit their narrative.
      Once in a while they pretend to play ball to make it seem like they’re not bias.

    • Posted by Rainbow Dash, at Reply

      Comrade Trump its not, its girls have to say yes to boys its the policy at the school

    • Posted by A Cool Million, at Reply

      Comrade Trump You are close but not quite getting a grasp of it. Yes, teaching boys AND girls to devalue and negate the preferences, feelings, desires, choices and entitlement to CONSENT or not, IS rape culture training for BOTH boys and girls.

      Gotta remember the context here. Utah is known for pedophilia under “religious” propaganda. Exploitation of the vulnerable can only continue if they pit boys and girls against each other like this.

    • Posted by Barbara Eaton, at Reply

      Vomrade Trump Where did they say her that the policy “goes both ways.” No one here said the guys were also told they could not say no to a girl. Were the girls told they were free to ask boys to dance and the boys could not say no? Do you know that?

  14. Posted by landar486, at Reply

    I wouldn’t be happy about this either. Telling people they can’t say no sets a dangerous precedent for all parties involved when they grow up.

    • Posted by Jarnauga, at Reply

      When they grow up, this is actually standard etiquette on formal dances. At formal dances the etiquette only allows to refuse a dance if the other person is drunk or stuff like very bad hygiene. Otherwise its considered very bad manners.

    • Posted by Rainbow Dash, at Reply

      Jarnauga he was talking about some highschool party where they might not say no to a issue

    • Posted by Jarnauga, at Reply

      Yeah, that is, at least over here, standard etiquette that we learned in dancing school previous to our school dance for gratuation. So probably a bit older, don’t know what age this was about here. But its generally just about the dance, where, in fact, even for adults, its common courtesy to accept a dance unless there is a solid reason not to, like the guy/girl is drunk. Its not like they are telling the kids to never say no in other situations, this is strictly about the formal school dance, and at least over here, that is common in dancing schools that they teach that at the crash courses prior to the schools formal dance. I really don’t understand what the problem is here.

  15. Posted by Mark Lapworth, at Reply

    What happened to, “Just say no!”?

    • Posted by J Popa, at Reply

      Regressive shill. I’m like a elephant, motherfucker.

    • Posted by Mark Lapworth, at Reply

      Is that like being “like a really smart person”? Or are you really just a Russian bot?

    • Posted by The Majestic Spider, at Reply

      Mark Lapworth Definitely a bot. Nothing it said made any sense. That, or it’s a real person intentionally not making sense to make it seem like he/she’s a bot.

    • Posted by BLACK BULL, at Reply

      Mark Lapworth That slogan was only meant for black American citizens after President Ronald Regan and the CIA sabotaged black communites with crack cocaine It’s all well documented (plenty of information on the issue from credible sources)

  16. Posted by Bernard Gilbert, at Reply

    You could do it like a secret Santa kind of thing, pick the names (numbers) out of a hat or something and pair them up that way.

    • Posted by Taintus Maximus, at Reply

      Bernard Gilbert or, you could just let 12-13 year olds figure who they like and who they don’t like all on their own.

  17. Posted by Tru metalhead on Maui ey, at Reply

    Really Beehive State, really?

    • Posted by AirPlayRule, at Reply


  18. Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

    The Harvey Weinstein Elementary School Dance. Perhaps they should have some girls say no but make sure at least one says yes. It is still the boys job to ask and if there is a boy who gets 5 no’s in a row then it may affect him for the rest of his life. They should also teach the girls how to say no without traumatizing the asker.

    • Posted by Petrazenka, at Reply

      It is the only way sissy pale faced republican cuck boys can get a girl to dance with them.

    • Posted by Kongo Bongo, at Reply

      Its not the boys “job”. You just treat it that way. If the media is going to constantly perpetuate this “women can do anything a man can do” narrative, than ot has to extend to dating, dancing, and sex, otherwise yoire all just hypocrits.

    • Posted by callowaymotorcompany, at Reply

      The rule was gender neutral, everyone is forced to dance with anyone who asks.

    • Posted by MalcolmRandall, at Reply

      More like the Elliot Rodger Elementary School Dance _”Girls, when a boy ask you to the dance, you BETTER NOT say No (if you want to see Tomorrow)”_