Go Faster, Or Fail!: Throwback Fails (January 2018) | FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Go Faster, Or Fail!: Throwback Fails (January 2018) | FailArmy


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It's the first Throwback Thursday of 2018! Let's enjoy it with some skateboarding fails, a lion aiming to chew an auto up, as well as some amusing driving falls short! Which is your favorite? Let us recognize in the remarks below!


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Woman Continuously Scares Good Friend
Pet Dog Spreads Craft Items Around House
Deer Burglarize Residence
Child Diminish Pull-Up Bar
Person Eliminates on Mtb
Friend Efforts Feats in Toy Car
Weight Flies off Bar Throughout Workout
Woman Falls into River Attempting to Changeover Log
Airborne Dancer Falls Tough at Practice
DUI Driver Collapsed into Light Post
Woman Displays Adaptability Skills and Tip Over
Individual Falls off Pull-Up Bar
Vehicle Obtains Stuck in Mud as well as Flips Over
Individual Falls into Water after Flip Attempt
Stone Bounces into Teens Face
Male Falls offf Homemade Chair Swing
Guy on Motorbike Collapsed right into Bushed

This is Just how you Accumulate a Combo
Guy Attempts to Leap over Barbed Cable Fencing
Sweetheart Hits Girlfriend's Head with Basketball
Bicycle rider's Front Wheels Falls off upon Touchdown Trick
Truck Sideswipes Motorist that Swiftly Tried to Combine into Land
Male Backflips Off Statue Faceplants
Person Accidentally Kicks Lady in Head
Man Has Close Experience with Giraffe
Youngster Mistakenly Obtains Hit in Face with Container
Man Attempts to Turn from Branch as well as Falls right into Water
Woman Strikes Hands on Ceiling Throughout Workout
Man Makes Female Accident on her Luge Sled
Dust Cyclist Attempts to Ride up Steep Hill
Lady Flies over Trees
Little Woman Spins Steel Pole Around extremely Fast
Dog Slips on Wooden Sidewalk
Guy Falls into Water Attempting to Save Fishing Pole
Guy Attempts Several Flips off Wall Surface
Child Accidentally Kicks Ball right into Lightbulb
Man Ruins Girl's Make-up while Driving
Sphere Strikes Kid in Nuts after Dunking right into Basket
Child Elephant Chases Birds
Girl Trips Over Baggage
Cheerleader Faceplants After Backflip
Woman Falls after Striking Pal with Pillow
Guy Fails to Bounce off Trampoline Correctly
Kid Faceplants on Blow Up Alligator
Man Falls Off Roof Covering Trying to Enter Swimming pool
Guy Crashes After Turning off Trampoline
Truck Inadvertently Damages Gate
Little Lady Putting On a Tutu Falls off Bed
Diva Trips Off Phase
Derby Racer Turns Over
Drunk Guy Faceplants into Clothes Hamper
Guy Attempts to Backflip From Trampoline Into Swimming pool
Couple's Picture Ruined by Wave
Teen on Rope Swing Crashes right into Tree
Man Crashes Motorbike Attempting to Wheelie
Man Gets Hit by Golf Round While Taking a Selfie
Rob Adelberg Crashes on the Other Side of Ramp Throughout Ruler Backflip Attempt
Quad Vehicle Driver Accidents right into Lake
Male Aims To Flight A Snow Sled in the River

Go Quicker, Or Fail!: Throwback Falls Short (January 2018)|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by Andreas Kötter, at Reply


  2. Posted by Blob 101, at Reply

    Video made my day already, it’s 9am👌👌👌👌

    • Posted by Robbie S, at Reply

      Would it have been worse if it was 9 pm already?

    • Posted by Sebastian Wiśniewski, at Reply

      Aleksandar Anddrejevic Kosovo je Srbija. Support from Poland!

  3. Posted by Parvez Sheikh, at Reply

    Belated Happy New year Everyone !!!!

  4. Posted by Jesus Christ, at Reply

    Throw back to when FailArmy was good and didn’t do endless throwbacks.

    • Posted by Jesus 214, at Reply

      I was looking for a great comment like this

    • Posted by kakkiOne, at Reply


  5. Posted by Aca yt 310, at Reply


  6. Posted by Hinds33, at Reply

    In every video I’m like : lets see how people are stupids. My life is better.

    • Posted by ClearedTomCat360, at Reply

      Fail stop

  7. Posted by CollectionFreak, at Reply

    What song is it at 4:17?

    • Posted by Jayden Hussey, at Reply

      Fail hey there faker

    • Posted by Jäger the Toxic, at Reply

      CollectionFreak garbage

    • Posted by Uzumaki Sasuke, at Reply

      It’s everyday bro – jake paul

  8. Posted by Sven Mustermann, at Reply

    4:40 kurva mace 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Andrzej, at Reply

      Lubie masło

    • Posted by Miłosz Trawnik, at Reply

      Kurwa mać

    • Posted by TANKISTY, at Reply

      Ahhhh Poland 😂(*^o^*)

  9. Posted by ผู้บ่าว มอซอ, at Reply


  10. Posted by Demény Norbert, at Reply


    • Posted by Bnd K, at Reply

      Demény Norbert Szerintem a Failarmy nézők 40%a magyar vagy nem tom

    • Posted by Ricso5, at Reply

      Demény Norbert ja

    • Posted by Négyökrű Tibor, at Reply

      csak én vettem észre hogy egyre több magyar fail van benne?

    • Posted by Tóth Ede, at Reply

      Bazmeg az idiota magyar anyatokat aztat

  11. Posted by Sunny Burrito, at Reply

    The girl on the thumbnail looks like Miranda Crosgrove.

    • Posted by Tony Bombardo, at Reply

      Ground2Sky Productions it was actually in their last video (or maybe the one before it) but I’m not sure why they’d use it as the thumbnail for this one!

    • Posted by Tony Bombardo, at Reply

      Fail reported.

    • Posted by Andrzej, at Reply

      LOL no.

  12. Posted by Morin, at Reply

    no nie wiem co.

    • Posted by Janusz XD, at Reply

      Morin kurwa

  13. Posted by Sunny Burrito, at Reply

    Fail Army show us that people are stupid anywhere in the world.

  14. Posted by Junglook, at Reply

    1:32 that laugh sounded like a broken dog toy lol

    • Posted by rama mahay, at Reply

      Junglook it was

  15. Posted by CyclopsMonkee, at Reply

    5:28 lights out its bedtime

  16. Posted by ReYMan 4k, at Reply

    Ммм, видосы из рашки

    • Posted by Fahd Touzani, at Reply

      Cyka blyat

    • Posted by Dmitry Sholokhov, at Reply

      По-русски говорят не только в России. Вылезай иногда из подвала-то 😉

    • Posted by alireal alirea, at Reply

      Минск столица России, так что в он прав

    • Posted by tyler black, at Reply

      Ni🅱️🅱️a I don’t speak communism

    • Posted by KiddMayhem, at Reply

      Если то была лишь репетиция , каков был результат? Lmao

  17. Posted by SharksFINatic, at Reply

    5:51 “What the fricking heck?!” 😄😄😄

  18. Posted by Mr.Individual, at Reply

    0:46 как я люблю Беларусь!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Mr.Individual, at Reply

      Игнат Игнатов к чему вопрос?

    • Posted by Игнат Игнатов, at Reply

      просто интересно)

    • Posted by Mr.Individual, at Reply

      Игнат Игнатов ну даже не знаю

    • Posted by Mr.Individual, at Reply

      Игнат Игнатов сложно ответить

    • Posted by Ez/ Jake, at Reply


  19. Posted by Smull GT, at Reply

    0:16 isint that from the iron man Meme,LMAO!!!

    • Posted by PUSSYHUNTER420 XDDD, at Reply


    • Posted by Vevxo, at Reply

      No but it sounds more like it than the original

    • Posted by 100 SUBS WITHOU VIDEO challenge, at Reply

      Vevxo please sub me Thanks

  20. Posted by DiRT Rally, at Reply

    I hate it when people beg for likes

    Like if you agree

    • Posted by jim bo, at Reply


    • Posted by DiRT Rally, at Reply


    • Posted by Vanilla Cream, at Reply

      DiRT Rally son, we need to talk

    • Posted by One Inch Nick69, at Reply

      DiRT Rally kill yourself

    • Posted by Hecho En México, at Reply

      I get you’re trying to make a funny but un-funny joke but you arent really begging for likes just by asking for them.