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Google Covering Up Scandal?


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Google states they're paying everybody just as. The Division of Labor states confirm it. Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, and also Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you why Google might be concealing a pay rumor. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment section listed below.

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" Google has aimed to restrict reporting on a high-stakes gender discrimination case brought by the United States federal government and fought to have the case tossed out of court as a result of a government attorney's comments to a press reporter.

Court documents disclose that Google unsuccessfully argued that a court must disregard a lawsuit filed by the US Department of Labor (DoL), asserting that a government lawyer could have breached values rules by doing a meeting with the Guardian on 7 April.

The DoL has actually charged Google of methodically underpaying women, and also the court fight centers on the business's rejection to hand over income information the government has requested.

The motion for a dismissal– which a court denied, in part pointing out the initial amendment– clarifies Google's hostile initiatives to finish the situation at a time when the technology sector is encountering boosting objections over sexist office societies, sex discrimination and also widespread pay variations. Movie critics stated it appeared that Google was trying to restrict media examination with uncommon methods that raise totally free press concerns and also seem to contradict the firm's public claims that it is devoted to transparency and also liability in its initiatives to advertise equivalent pay."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by Chris G, at Reply

    I’ll never understand why there’s a pay disparity between men and women. If you can do the job pay them their worth. If someone does the same job as me i’d expect them to be paid the same as me.

    • Posted by Matthew P., at Reply

      You can’t understand it because it’s nonsense. It doesn’t exist. The laws ensuring everyone is paid equally have been in effect for several decades now.

    • Posted by Wyatt Loethen, at Reply

      misognystic society

  2. Posted by Lisa Lowery, at Reply

    If they are equally qualified and work equally they should get paid equally, however often this is not the case. I mean how often are two people completely equal?

    • Posted by Mark, at Reply

      well….add equal experience and equal time with company because those impact pay as well

    • Posted by Lisa Lowery, at Reply

      Right, I mean if I have been at a company 3 months and I am a Quality Control Manager and a man has been there 15 years in that position why would I make the same as him? Visa Versa

  3. Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

    Cenk just give Hannah a raise already so she’ll stop doing these stories. Also buy Ana a house so she’ll stop complaining about all the foreigners buying the houses in LA.

    • Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

      Ana lives in LA and is worth 2million dollars she could buy a house in Compton for 300k but she doesn’t want to live among minorities.

  4. Posted by RedX165, at Reply

    The world would be a better place without Islam

    • Posted by RedX165, at Reply

      +Your Daddy Easy to get rid of white racists. Just move out of their country.

    • Posted by Your Daddy, at Reply

      +RedX165 I don’t live in Europe. America belongs to the native americans. So who is the unwelcomed guest?

    • Posted by RedX165, at Reply

      +Your Daddy The United States was created by white people there for its a white country.

      Don’t act like Native Americans were all one tribe. Makes you look stupid.

    • Posted by RedX165, at Reply

      +Your Daddy Country and Land is too different things. Keep reaching. America was created by white people. Look at our founding fathers…

  5. Posted by Kaname Tōsen, at Reply

    can someone link me to sources that both prove or disprove the gender pay gap issue? I’ve been hearing both sides of people either yelling, “the gender pay gap is a myth…” or “the gender pay gap is real…”. I am on the fence on this as I haven’t looked into the stats or research myself. a link to a few videos and or articles would be nice. thank you.

    • Posted by Kyle Richard, at Reply

      This question is likely to get more of the yelling that you would like to avoid. If you want to do an unbiased search, go do that search on google scholar. I suggest looking up research on a few specific fields of employment as well. I know the medical industry in the USA has been subject to a few studies that have gone on to be published.

      Edit: I should say that the reason to look at specific fields, is because it makes it easier to look at studies that are looking at the same jobs, and not skewing anything by which jobs people are picking.

    • Posted by John Flannigan, at Reply

      Female economic Harvard proffesor obliterates it. Just look at her research.

  6. Posted by John Ralsten, at Reply

    You’ve got to give this woman credit for never giving up. It doesn’t matter how wrong she is. She’s never gonna stop beating this dead horse of a going nowhere topic.

    • Posted by Saffron Blaze, at Reply

      It is clear the gender Wage gap does not exist. It has been debunked many times in many ways. However, this doesn’t mean Google doesn’t have an issue. It is in their interest to clear the air.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      It’s even funnier because she’s an attractive blonde chick in a first world country. Basically the most privileged type of person on the planet using her gender to pretend she’s a victim.

    • Posted by Toby M, at Reply

      90% of prison inmates are men. Hannah let’s talk about *that* gender-gap 😉

  7. Posted by Don, at Reply

    The Trumptard trolls are out in full force. They can’t defend the idiot incompetent wannabe Fuhrer, so they go after every progressive website.

    • Posted by rivinish, at Reply

      it’s called widening your horizon by looking up different opinions. You should try that

    • Posted by Nomenclarify, at Reply

      lol if only that were true rivinish obviously you haven’t read enough of this comment section

  8. Posted by Gar_ee, at Reply

    I love the way Hannah agrees with Cenk, then proceeds to follow up with her own continuation of what he said and prove she had no idea what Cenk said or meant.
    You really need to try and tone things down for her.

  9. Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

    They should just fire all the women, pay-gap solved.

    • Posted by Julie Ake, at Reply

      liedetector101 But how would your mother keep taking care of you?

    • Posted by John Taylor, at Reply

      +Julie Ake …. Lol

    • Posted by Nomenclarify, at Reply


    • Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

      My mother is a homemaker and a mother and so is my wife.

  10. Posted by Jay Steele, at Reply


    • Posted by Devvie Downer, at Reply

      #FireJaySteele from Carl’s Jr

  11. Posted by Master Joe Kerr, at Reply

    I bet Hannah makes as much as Cenk because he’s such a feminist.

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      Hopefully she makes more then Shaun King at least. That guy has barely been seen since his hire. Not that I want to see him, just saying.

    • Posted by DG, at Reply

      There’s a difference between equal pay and different salaries. A junior doesn’t get the same amount as a senior in any business :p

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      If there’s a man making more money than her at TYT that’s sexism no matter what.

  12. Posted by Davy Crockett, at Reply

    The only time this twat shows up to TYT is when she wants bombard us with so-called “feminists” issues

    • Posted by Michael Garry, at Reply

      And you have “issues” with women fighting for equal rights and raising the stories do you?

    • Posted by Davy Crockett, at Reply

      not at all, they dont have a leg to stand on when it comes to the wage gap argument however.

    • Posted by Davy Crockett, at Reply


    • Posted by Michael Garry, at Reply

      Why don’t they have a leg to stand on? We literally don’t know the details yet as Google won’t release the information….

    • Posted by Davy Crockett, at Reply

      as it pertain to the wage gap in general.

  13. Posted by Black Fang, at Reply

    Male/female pay disparity found in a tech company!?!? Shocking! It must be sexism. Definitely couldn’t be disparity between positions, level of experience, quality of work, etc.

    • Posted by König Abdul von Saudi Arabien, at Reply

      you are one triggered snowflake aren’t you? hahaha liberal snowflake

    • Posted by MaoTseFunkadelic, at Reply

      Joshua Spencer You didnt rebut anything I said, simply pivoted to various studies of earnings gaps of different scales. Not ‘explained’ in that context means that there movement between variables, often proxies for the phenomenon that you hypothesize to be causally related, are not perfectly correlated. That can be a problem with the proxies, the model, or that there are other variables that could do the work (if they were captured in massive datatsets).

      You cannot assume that ‘unexplained’ means sexism. That is an act of faith, and an ideologically rather than theoretically informed one.

      And you contradict yourself by noting “They’re forced out because they cannot afford child care, or find a full-time job that affords them any kind of flexibility.”

      That doesn’t mean employers are sexist, that means that women carry additional burdens that impact their choices, and their productivity. In other words, the problem isnt finding out why women get paid less for the same work. its about understanding what barriers they face to doing the same work.

      The burden of child-rearing is the most obvious. But you don’t advance causes to mitigate it by claiming the gap between male and female earnings is because of wage discrimination.

    • Posted by Black Fang, at Reply

      The irony of a member of the cult of feminism calling somebody whose view of reality is grounded in statistics and facts ‘conservative’ is over 9000.

    • Posted by Ploopy678, at Reply

      I agree with all your points, but the fact that 2c and d are issues in the first place is a problem. Its funny how mothers who choose to work instead of take care of their kids are frowned upon, while dads seem to totally get away with it.

    • Posted by Joshua Spencer, at Reply

      What you are saying is that, because they are forced to do something, that it is their fault? If a system forces them into a role because of inadequate support, that is by definition repression. You pretend to know anything about human rights yet are highly uneducated on societal models and what roles they play in patriarchy and the existence of repression AKA sexism.

  14. Posted by MrBlaq, at Reply

    I’m in the tech field and it’s easy to misinterpret pay grades as pay discrimination. Case and point, women coders today tend to heavily favor CSS and HTML (which are not programming languages). A front end CSS/HTML developer WILL NOT AND SHOULD NOT make as much money as a C or JAVA developer, both languages that are mostly male dominated.

    • Posted by BioCapsule, at Reply

      +ytttytta Yes, it is highly competitive! But competitive industries doesn’t stop a career from being also one of very personal interest & ambition… since when do they need to be exclusive? If anything, interest tended to benefit. If you make a lot of money out of your hobby, it’s a freaking career. In what way does it make no sense? And even when it turns out to be a detriment to productivity… it has never really stop people from such behavior, and always makes tons of rational as to why it isn’t what it is. Not just in this industry but in almost every industry, social or work.

      And frankly, with the gradual diminishing of more menial, traditional labor, interest and career may overlaps more and more.

      +MrBlaq I am not suggesting ‘reigning in’ male competitiveness. And why ‘male competitiveness’? Is it a reflexive bias? Or do you really see female as less competitive? I am not trying to accuse you of anything… I am trying to point out precisely that it is a complex situation with factors you might not even be consciously aware of, or admit to.

      And yes, it’s not a problem easily fix, may never be fixed… but to not even be aware of it? Come on…

    • Posted by Shannon Jacobs, at Reply

      I’m vaguely curious why so many people are making such ignorant comments. Is it possible that the google has failed to make the world’s information accessible and useful to everyone? You mean the advertisers aren’t paying for that now?

      Anyway, if you read some of the books about the google you will discover that the compensation disparities are HUGE but the google says they are purely based on financial results, not other factors such as gender. If you’re lucky and your project makes a lot of money for the google, then you get LOTS of money compared to other people whose projects didn’t produce. The google is claiming that it is purely accidental and bad luck and not at all related to gender that women are not earning those huge incentives.

      If the data actually supported the google’s interpretation, then they would be willing to share that data. In this case, the secrecy becomes evidence of the growing EVIL of the google.

      The google’s motto has changed. “Don’t be evil” is dead. Now it’s “All your attention are belong to us [the google].”

    • Posted by ytttytta, at Reply

      +Biocapsule it make sense there are successful companies with male dominated IT department, but you are missing the point. It makes not sense there are NO major successful IT companies with female dominated IT department.

    • Posted by MrBlaq, at Reply

      +BioCapsule Not only am I saying that females as an aggregate are less competitive, I’m also saying they aren’t built to compete with men. Look, let’s not pretend that millions of years of evolution didn’t take place and that women are simply men without penises. There are distinct differenced between genders. Testosterone being one of them. We men can get pretty ruthless when it comes to competition. As a matter of fact, many of us ENJOY competing. There’s a reason you don’t see co-ed sports.

      However, unlike many boys, I do view women as my equal, just asymmetrical. Keep in mind, 99% of male female interaction is in a NON COMPETITIVE environment.

    • Posted by Ploopy678, at Reply

      I would agree that women and men arent built to compete with each other in some aspects, such as sports for example. But i do think women can very well compete with men intellectually if given equal opportunity. For example, now that women in developed countries go to school, they are generally getting better grades than men, and are graduating uni at higher rates than men. Women have only just started getting the same opportunities as men, but have already managed to accomplish so much, so I think its just a matter of time before women will be able to fully compete with men in the workforce

  15. Posted by Lotoreo, at Reply

    All these triggered meninist snowflakes rushing in to dislike the video =P hilarious. Sorry to break it to you, but disliking a video doesn’t change the facts, but hey, keep trying!

    • Posted by König Abdul von Saudi Arabien, at Reply

      are you triggered by people disliking a video?

    • Posted by Lotoreo, at Reply

      not in the slightest, I always think it’s funny

  16. Posted by Gary Berger, at Reply

    What if it’s entirely merit based, but men still come out making more money? What do we do if most tech nerds are men, and that’s just the way it is, even when there’s no discrimination? Do we really need to put Google’s salaries and other information on display in a public trial for a judge to make that determination?

    • Posted by Mabasei, at Reply

      Thank you userasdf

    • Posted by Andrew Rowden, at Reply

      I absolutely think women and men of the same position/intelligence/experience, and everything else should be paid the same. I just think, Google is very generous in terms of pay. They pay on average over 200k per employee. It’s nearly impossible to break someones pay down based on experience or anything else in this field. A lot of things go into it that you can’t always quantify. All I’m saying is that it looks like the DOJ is taking a blind approach to this not taking that into account. Only 18% of CS majors are women, so it makes sense that there are a lot more men to do these jobs. There are a lot of factors at play here. Look into Simpsons Paradox, things aren’t always as they seem…

    • Posted by Mabasei, at Reply

      THen just release the numbers and hear googles rationale for it.

    • Posted by userasdf, at Reply

      Andrew Rowden+ Not sure if you’re talking to me but I never implied otherwise for your views of equal candidates being paid the same.

      Yes, the DOJ is taking a blind approach because google won’t release their data… that’s the issue… If you want to get rid of issues with the details of the data as you suggest, I would assume you’d want more data as well.

      Thanks for the link btw, I always assumed that was just correct statistics… Not exactly a paradox in my mind, it’s just understanding what numbers mean. 😛 (which i understand is hard for many people) Even their first example seemed incredibly obvious to me that women were favoured… You had twice as many male applicants than females… yet males were selected only 9% more of the time.. obvious bias to women even without the more detailed data.

    • Posted by Andrew Rowden, at Reply

      Yeah, I agree. Maybe they don’t want it all to be public? I’m sure they have some reason and I don’t want to jump to the conclusion that it’s evil. A lot of times salary at tech companies comes down to almost an X factor. Maybe this more often than not goes in favor of men and when you actually look at the numbers, looks really bad even though there’s some reason to it besides the persons sex. They could be afraid of that. It would be nice if they just said “Ok, where do you see discrimination, lets fix this.”

  17. Posted by MrEiniweini, at Reply

    8.4% pay discrepancy for women and men in an industry that employs people under 40 years of age… OK, so women on average have two children in those years of life and while I understand the downtime from the industry they are employed in is biological, there is still a drop in productivity during those years of between 5-10%. right on the mark to account for a pay discrepancy of 8.4%. So the argument here is that even though the man doing the same job has worked consistently over 10 years and the woman has biologically been forced to take a year off in that time… they should be paid at exactly the same level. That makes no economic sense. We are talking averages here. A mother who is excellent at her job might well be paid more than her male counterparts, but on average, experience on the job will account for wages. so 10 serving years should likely receive more recompense than 9 serving years.

    • Posted by evrobins, at Reply

      MrEiniweini You made a huge assumption assuming women at google all ran off and had kids, and also assumed that zero men took time off to take care of kids. Your explanation is commonly used to negate claims of a pay gap, but the whole point is that the people investigating this issue specifically at Google have found that the discrepancy is so extremely profound, it totally goes beyond any excuses, including pregnancy and paid leave. Do your research on Google. They have always had a significant problem with underpaying women and some minorities and always have tried to hide it.

    • Posted by Robert M, at Reply

      if what you said is truly the case, they would say so without the need for secrecy

    • Posted by lnsflare1, at Reply

      MrEiniweini You do realize that people are paid on a schedule according to their hours worked, right? They don’t just give you a wheelbarrow full of money for all the years you will ever work for them on day one, so the issue is that they are not being paid at the same rate for the hours that they are actually working.

      Furthermore, many women don’t have children, or adopt, or only go out on childcare leave for a short period of time and men are generally allowed to take an equivalent level of paternity leave as well for whenever they become fathers (though they probably would have to take an FMLA for the people before the child is actually born, provided that they can provide proof that they are the legal spouse or domestic partner of their baby’s mother).

      Source: My experience working in human resources.

    • Posted by MrEiniweini, at Reply

      Do you people deliberately not understand averages or were you dropped on your heads? You understand averages when it comes to African American incarceration and climate change. So on “average” an American woman will have 2 children before the age of 40. On average the “Tech industry” employs people under the age of 40. Calling my summation an “assumption” is actually pretty rude given that it is backed up statistically. You might not like the statistics but if you accept that statistically you are more likely to die by right wing extremism in the USA than by Muslim extreamism, then you might like to statistically accept that in their working prime, women will take time off “on average” for child birth/rearing purposes.

    • Posted by MaoTseFunkadelic, at Reply

      Guys, just do the math Consider this:

      You have a company that, to make a profit, needs its employees to make $1000 of output every year. To do this, they must be trained upfront at a cost of $500, and a wage each year of $100. Each employee on average works for five years. That means that you make a net $4000 of output per employee, per $1000 of investment ($5000-$500-$100 x 5).

      But say there is one type of employee that drops out of the job every four years. For them, the you only get $3100 for $900 of investment ($4000-$500-$100 x 4).

      The first type of employee generates $5 for every 1$ invested ($5000/$1000). The second generates $3.44 ($3100/$900).

      That second type of employee are women, because the burden of childcare forces them out.

      Employers know this, and will pay them less upfront to account for the risk.

  18. Posted by Eliè Laurent, at Reply

    Hot take: Hannah is TYTs version of Tomi

    • Posted by Dolan Turmp, at Reply

      Eliè Laurent

      Tomi > Hannah

  19. Posted by day dazed, at Reply

    it would not surprise me if this isn’t made up bullshit

    • Posted by day dazed, at Reply

      the government fabricates evidence yet can’t produce the evidence so they demand google to give them the evidence suspected of a crime and told to prove your yourself otherwise guilty till proven innocent