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GOP May Cancel August Recess To Inflict More Damage On The Working Class


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Republican politicians in Washington, D.C. may be cancelling their month-long August trip because they simply haven't accomplished sufficient of their agenda. Remember, that agenda entails eliminating safety and security policies, cutting tax obligations for millionaires, as well as taking healthcare away from countless American citizens. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this. Register for the Ring of Fire for extra:

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  1. Posted by Green Eyes, at Reply

    I like this dude .

  2. Posted by KvltLarp Warrior, at Reply


    • Posted by Angelo Lee, at Reply

      Its racist to judge people on their looks you fuckboy

    • Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

      You clearly have the hots for him, hence you haunting his channel.

  3. Posted by Axe Battler, at Reply

    Criticizes them for usually taking a vacation and now for not taking it……

    • Posted by Jeff Williams, at Reply

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    • Posted by Natasha Cook, at Reply

      Axe Battler um… that’s really not the point.

  4. Posted by Chris Tsuke, at Reply

    evil has won
    there is no hope
    1000 years of darkness is now

    • Posted by Ghenghy, at Reply

      LOL What a moron.

    • Posted by music fan3, at Reply

      No just a liberal. Its how they roll- retardation.

  5. Posted by I can't talk to white ppl about rap, at Reply

    The neanderthal supremacist trying to start a war…

    • Posted by I can't talk to white ppl about rap, at Reply

      Andrew Day oh u directed it to me

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      You don’t need to point out that you’re black. We can tell from the poor grammar and bad spelling that you’re a lower life form.

    • Posted by I can't talk to white ppl about rap, at Reply

      Andrew Wells lol oh so what men u be on here licking your lips at?

    • Posted by I can't talk to white ppl about rap, at Reply

      Andrew Wells how much money u spent on sun tan lotion so far this year ? 😂😂😂

  6. Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

    You cannot both pretend to speak on behalf of the working class while also advocating for hundreds of thousands of cheap, illegal laborors to come over and undercut the working classes paychecks.

    • Posted by Matthew Robert William Levy, at Reply

      Kuuribro you didn’t really give any sort of argument. They totally advocate for both

    • Posted by Kuuribro, at Reply

      Matthew – And Idarkphoenixl did? No, he also just asserted something that has been thoroughly debunked dozens of times. It isn’t my job to try to educate somebody in youtube comments with facts and statistics they’re just going to ignore anyways.

    • Posted by Gurfmanj, at Reply

      There are lots of farmers/ranchers that need help urgently because illegals are not coming anymore. They have dramatically increased the pay. Yet they still are not able to find workers. This idea that all we need are jobs! More shitty jobs! Our jobs define us. People should be working three full time jobs!! We are getting rid of all the illegals, now we need to turn or focus on banning all mechanical devices and computers that are far less expensive and far more effective than manual labor. Because people are going to need those three shitty jobs to afford the $30 salads.

    • Posted by Gurfmanj, at Reply

      Also can one logically condemn illegal immigrants for causing lower wages and condemn a minimum wage increase at the same time?

    • Posted by Humble Dovahkiin, at Reply

      IdarkphoenixI That’s because none of us lazy white fucks want to work those jobs, lmao “undercutting” jobs you say? those “jobs” aren’t much of a payout to begin with, you wouldn’t last a day.

  7. Posted by Tetra Hedron, at Reply

    The corporate masters are not having it this time. They’re coming for the incompetent Republican sell-outs.

  8. Posted by jrwhite21, at Reply

    Bernie for Prison!

    • Posted by Gaidex Viller, at Reply

      No not really

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      Bernie got bust.

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      Fake News.

  9. Posted by DILLIGAF, at Reply

    I hear the FEDS are dropping the Trump-Russian Investigation , time for the FBI to go back to work on real issues 🙂

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      Fake News, sorry Dill.

    • Posted by b 88, at Reply

      DILLIGAF omg that’s your important issue, emails are you serious?

      What is it going to achieve? Trump is already president

      You want Hillary to go to prison? she’s almost 70 she literally has a few of years left in her life left locking her up wouldn’t accomplish any thing.

    • Posted by DILLIGAF, at Reply

      @ b 88 , well to be honest going after Trump or Hillary is senseless , maybe time the Feds go after MS13 ,illegal immigrants and drug dealers , that is where the real crime is .

  10. Posted by Captain Phillips, at Reply

    Time to abolish ElectronicVoting and go back to Paper voting Ballots.

    • Posted by David Lazarus, at Reply

      RobertDiBernardo I doubt that there is such voter fraud. Here in the U.K. We have paper ballots and voter fraud is unheard of. It is sorted by voter address, nationality and the equivalent of your social security number. Even postal ballots have extra levels of security like dates of birth and signatures which are also kept on file. There is no need for ID. Only people registered to vote get a vote. Even if you are a foreigner here you can vote in local elections but not national elections. So we would not have any of the problems that America has with its election fraud by both parties. All ID laws are are a deliberate form of voter suppression. I personally would prefer mandatory voting with a none of the above option.

    • Posted by 537monster, at Reply

      +RobertDiBernardo great again? First of all, when exactly was America great? Second of all, everything you are complaining about is virtually non-existent.

    • Posted by Denys Lightbow, at Reply

      I actually agree with this. I want photo ID for all voters though.

    • Posted by Nic Johnson, at Reply

      +RobertDiBernardo u know people move from state to state right inside America .by law people can only vote one time any voting registered… so those great ideas would be bad for the whole country an u would be killing the next generation of America voters sounds like you hate America or maybe just want to be in power…

  11. Posted by Michael Li, at Reply

    how about the GOP just go hibernate for the next 3 years? Sounds like a plan.

    • Posted by yumri4, at Reply

      we still need them to pass a government budget though that is about all that we need them to do
      to this who makes and pays off the debt is the congress not the president …..

    • Posted by Denys Lightbow, at Reply

      Why would we? We finally have a President with a spine that fights back against your anti-American ideology. It has us enthusiastic and cheering!

  12. Posted by RONALD SCHNEIDER, at Reply

    You hit the nail on the head…………Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to get uglier, real fast.

    • Posted by Winston William Watkins Warlord V, at Reply


  13. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    lolz Bernie Sanders exposed as a criminal. and a fraud. hahahahaha

  14. Posted by Melissa H, at Reply

    Also, the Republicans don’t want to go home to their angry constituents.

    • Posted by Seth the Wicked, at Reply

      They know that they would get crucified.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Their constituents aren’t angry. Only fringe leftists and paid left wing Apparatchiks are. Woot Woot!

    • Posted by Melissa H, at Reply

      Really? Have you seen any GOP town halls? No, people are not paid to attend town halls that aren’t their own! Listen to the questions and comments and you can tell that they live there and are very concerned. So, are the town halls in Flint filled with paid “leftists”? If you believe that, you’ll believe anything FOX News tells you.

  15. Posted by Kong Kong, at Reply

    so this is progressive…? i can’t see how it’s different from alex jones…

    • Posted by Seth the Wicked, at Reply

      Well, Alex Jones took a hatchet to Trump while pretending to be Stephen Colbert pretending to be Alex Jones. So at least this guy is relatively sane.

    • Posted by TotalInsanity4, at Reply

      Kong Kong Yeah I’m not a fan of this video format. I like the usual “discussion” based TYT episodes

  16. Posted by pitster110, at Reply

    “At least we triggerd those SJW’s by getting Trump in office”…………………..Skeptic Community.

    • Posted by Denys Lightbow, at Reply

      Hahahahaha! Still butthurt huh?

  17. Posted by Vaughn Gainey, at Reply

    They can also take the next 4 years off as well.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      It would be a nice reprieve.

  18. Posted by Wendell Wright, at Reply

    Generally speaking, at this point in time any time you see a thumbs-down on a tyt video. it is because they do not like TYT, not because they care about the subject matter of the video, which can be verified. Say what you want about tyt, I have my disagreements with them from time to time. so, any time you see a thumbs down, for example, in this video. The people do not care about the status of the United States Healthcare System, only what damage they can do to TYT, which is minimum. I’m concerned about the Healthcare System of my country, not TYT.

    • Posted by Pied Piper, at Reply

      Don’t forget the “I hate TYT because of Armenian Genocide!!! Wait…whats an Armenian genocide?” people.