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Government Punishes Disabled Woman For Free Baseball Tickets


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A disabled woman is having her social security garnished after accepting free tickets to a baseball game. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“The Social Security administration said that it will take money from a disabled Missouri woman after she accepted free tickets to a baseball game.

Joyce Jeter told WDAF that she has an incurable disease called neurofibromatosis. The disease causes tumors to appear on her body. Her leg had to be amputated after one tumor tested positive for cancer.

“I’m in constant pain all the time,” Jeter noted. “It prevents me from doing some things.”

She said that people have mocked and bullied her because of her appearance. So Jeter was delighted when people got together and raised $3,700 on a GoFundMe page so that they could send her to a Kansas City Royals game.

“It was just awesome being there. I mean, it was just a feeling like, ‘God, this is like, maybe heaven,'” Jeter recalled.

But her happiness turned to fear after she was notified that the money would be taken out of her Social Security check.

“I’m troubled and stuff, because I can’t afford to lose that $176 a month,” she explained. “Actually, it’s like taking food out of my mouth.”

Jeter said that she planned to contact legal aid in hopes of fighting the government’s decision.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola
Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Are you serious? Of all the things wrong in america the government goes
    after a grandma for baseball tickets?

  2. Posted by Carol McKee, at Reply

    jeezus, the whole point was she couldn’t afford baseball tix, so now she’s
    being forced to pay for baseball tix she never bought bc she can’t afford

  3. Posted by Inferno361, at Reply

    Government officials don’t have a soul.

    • Posted by occupynewparadigm, at Reply

      This is why we don’t need more government. They only care about their jobs
      and procedure if that. Most of the time they don’t care about procedure

  4. Posted by namt0rb, at Reply

    take money from sick elders to buy more jets… we need more jets and less
    old people, the government knows what the average american truly cares

  5. Posted by LeCrazyCanuckEh, at Reply

    It’s not complicated, Income tax is not only theft but it is
    UNCONSTIUTIONAL in America! Why does a channel with “for the people by the
    people” logo ignore this fact? Ignorance or indoctrination?

    • Posted by John Jones, at Reply

      LeCrazyCanuckEh Oh right. Income tax, which is PART OF THE CONSTITUTION, is

  6. Posted by Jeremy Lin's Hair #AsianMamba #Linsanity #GOAT, at Reply

    I thought that was Casey neistat in the thumbnail

  7. Posted by Donna Maertz, at Reply

    This happens all the time!

  8. Posted by Mel Dempsey, at Reply

    I hate to say it, but stuff like this happens here in Canada.

  9. Posted by Bushidobull, at Reply

    Conservatives? Did you follow that list that Cenk laid out? Pay Attention
    there .

  10. Posted by Jean Falco, at Reply


  11. Posted by XxScArEcRoWxX1, at Reply

    they are not supposed to do this but they do because you let them..

  12. Posted by imiss toronto, at Reply

    Why could they not let her have a little joy?

    • Posted by meow, at Reply

      imiss toronto If your on SS you can only sit around and die. /sarcastic/

  13. Posted by Novem, at Reply

    That’s one way to get into the Christmas spirit.

  14. Posted by Cthulhu Christ, at Reply

    Americans hate disabled people.

  15. Posted by Lee Gilliam, at Reply

    The Pentagon lost 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS! That’s a lot of baseball games.
    Give her a break.

  16. Posted by Budhag Rizzo, at Reply

    Shouldn’t that be classified more as a gift rather than income? By this
    standard, I should include my grandma’s $5 checks she sent me for Christmas
    every year as income!

  17. Posted by Larry Iyiola, at Reply

    176 a month wtf, that’s like my Chinese food budget alone.

  18. Posted by Serg Chaidez, at Reply

    bring back the troops make defense spending about DEFENSE. imagine that
    surplus of leftover $. ending the FED is not a bad idea either. these would
    corporatize medicine and even allow proper funding for gov’t healthcare.