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Governor Andrew Cuomo Called Out


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Cynthia Nixon called out Andrew Cuomo to his face. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us just what you think in the remark section listed below.

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" Star as well as protestor Cynthia Nixon prompted Democrats on Saturday to take an identity besides simply opposition to the president and run "bluer Democrats" in 2018, as she herself weighes a key challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

" We need to be greater than the anti-Trump celebration," she stated at the yearly Civil rights Project Greater New york city gala, where she was offered the Presence Honor. "In 2018, we do not simply have to choose even more Democrats, we likewise need better Democrats."

Cuomo himself as well as other New York chose authorities likewise spoke at the prominent LGBTQ team's event, which was strewn with talk of the Trump administration's record on LGBTQ problems and also the demand for Democrats to mobilize in the midterm political elections this year.

The HRC supporteded Cuomo's reelection proposal last week, calling him a "national champ" for the LGBTQ area. Nixon, that has not validated whether she plans to run versus him, has been vocal on gay rights issues along with education and learning financing, upbraiding the guv in 2014 for public institution spending inequality in New york city state.

In her speech Saturday, she contacted the Democratic Party country wide to pay more focus on revenue inequality and abandon "the huge cash interests that fund its campaigns," prior to bringing the emphasis back to New York."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Gilgamesh, at Reply

    No more establishment clowns. Time for the progressive era.

  2. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    Corporate Dems need to go along with the Republican Party.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Optimus Fine Yes! But let’s make Trump go first. He’s the worst of the lot.

  3. Posted by Joe frea, at Reply

    I wonder if Cenk pays Ana the same as him

    • Posted by TheEvolver311, at Reply

      He owns the company so no. She should make more than any other employee

    • Posted by Joe frea, at Reply

      So she should make more then sayy John ? that’s not equal though

    • Posted by Righty Whitey Cracker, at Reply

      Joe frea She makes the same as John. Are you going to keep at this for long now?

    • Posted by Joe frea, at Reply

      and how do you know that?

    • Posted by grandpoopy1, at Reply

      to Joe: If she doesn’t get at much as he, then it’s because he is more of a draw than she is. It has to do with the popularity of the individual, not the gender. In show business, it all depends on your ability to draw a lot of people. Personally, when I visit the tyt website,I immediately turn the volume down all the way, and then proceed to verbally attack anyone who disagrees with me. It’s phun.

  4. Posted by John Marino, at Reply

    Once again TYT tearing down Andrew Cuomo without mentioning the numerous accomplishments during his tenure as Governor. They are just as fair and balanced as Fox news when dealing with democrats that they find unfit.

    • Posted by Caitie Regan, at Reply

      Hi Governor, how are you today?

  5. Posted by William Olsen, at Reply

    The income inequality issue is ultimately a social issue I think.

    • Posted by Shada, at Reply

      You haven’t been paying attention at all to the last 100 years haven’t you…

    • Posted by christopher rembert, at Reply

      Shada ????????

  6. Posted by Lindsay Rae, at Reply

    Corporate Democrats need drip feeding. They are gutless.

  7. Posted by waterandafter, at Reply

    Better democrats 2018.

  8. Posted by Eric Anderson, at Reply

    How many times does Anna say uh a video… grow up girl

    • Posted by Jazwinskull, at Reply

      Eric Anderson It’s live and not scripted. Where are your perfect videos, child?

  9. Posted by spacecalander, at Reply

    They will never go against the people that fill there pockets, if they try… they will never win.

  10. Posted by Ben Sama, at Reply

    Cuomo sucks

  11. Posted by Hadley Prevette, at Reply

    women are not a minority we are what is known as a marginalized group.

  12. Posted by silvano novalis, at Reply

    Corporate Democrats are by definition moderate Republicans. They are members of a system of institutionalized corruption. Proof: Nunes and Sessions are still in office!

  13. Posted by jujulovebean65, at Reply

    As a New Yorker, I can tell you Cuomo is truly on of the worst. He’s an opportunist of the highest caliber and goes where ever the wind (I.e money) blows. One thing I’d like to point out is we actually did have a chance to get rid of him at the last election. But it was our “progressive” Mayor who desperately wants to play with the corporates that made another Cuomo term possible. Mayor De Blasio has been a huge disappointment as progressive. What we really need is for those run as a Progressive are actually representing Progressive values.

  14. Posted by Ginger Weatherbee, at Reply

    the problem that she is going to run into isn’t necessarily Cuomo.. it’s that the rest of the state is red. if not for NYC.. New York would be a red state which is why every time there’s a gubernatorial race.. doofuses where i live talk about cutting the rest of the state off from NYC. what New York needs are more democrats in the rural areas like mine

    • Posted by Eric Johnson, at Reply

      Ginger Weatherbee New York is far from a red state. Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, Binghamton, all the upstate cities are blue, and those regions hold the majority of upstate population. It’s just that there are more rural counties than not, so NY appears red. Yet population numbers do not line up that way.

  15. Posted by Ric Schmeelk, at Reply

    Cuomo has been so much more vocal recently than usual, I’ve been saying for months that I’m betting he’s setting up for a run for the White House in 2020. Also, yes, the voting laws here suck. I remember I was just learning about who Bernie Sanders was and deciding that he sounded like someone I wanted to support. At the time, living in a very red town, I was registered as a Republican only so that I could participate in my local primaries, as NY is one of the states with closed primaries. After mulling it over for a while, I decided some 2 months in advance that I would change parties just so I could vote for Bernie, even though I knew Hillary would likely easily take this state. Filled out my forms and then a few weeks later I got the letter stating that I would not be able to vote in the Democratic primary but that my affiliation would be changed in time for the General Election. Well, big deal! It doesn’t matter about the General! Then the Dems pissed me off and I switched to Working Families. Shortly after _that_ paperwork went in, Justice Democrats launched and I realized I’d need to go back in case we got a candidate here that I could support. I hope Ms. Nixon stays with it. I’ll vote for her!

  16. Posted by Luu Sapphire, at Reply

    Cynthia Nixon is awesome. I’d vote for her.

  17. Posted by Edward Maxwell, at Reply

    Cuomo needs to go. Weak democrat whose hands are already tied by his donors.

  18. Posted by Nikola Demitri, at Reply

    LGBT issues are important, so are race related issues, BUT income inequality issues must become THE issue. Addressing the income inequality/economic issues of our country means the most vulnerable minorities are lifted up, and protected, not to mention everyone else who is vulnerable and downtrodden. ✌🏼

  19. Posted by I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS, at Reply

    “Were gonna Steal all the money off the whites and give it to the blacks”-Bernie sanders

    • Posted by Robert Browning, at Reply

      I have the documents—-Then the Jews are going to steal it from the blacks and then the Jews will have everybodys money.

    • Posted by I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS, at Reply

      Robert Browning True

    • Posted by Patrick McCarron, at Reply

      When has he ever said anything close to that? lol he gets attacked by the Clintonites for being too “pro-white”, whatever the hell that means lmao

    • Posted by Mal'akhi Ben Yahsharahla, at Reply

      First of all everything so called white people have they either stole or inherited from the suffering of so called blacks. Second, we don’t want your worthless paper we just want to be left alone so we can live in peace. Finally, I pray the bible is real and Yah puts every single one of you Edomites/Caucasians to death like He promised.