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Guess Who Trump’s Tax Plan Benefits The Most…


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If you thought Donald Trump and his pack of ruined rotten psychos, you're correct! Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us just what you assume in the comment section below.

" President Donald Trump's tax proposition would likely total up to a fat tax obligation cut for Trump himself.

The proposition, revealed on Wednesday afternoon by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn– both graduates of Goldman Sachs– uses greater than a couple of breaks for the nation's millionaires.

At the very least 3 of these changes would certainly almost certainly profit the head of state or his family– the elimination of the different minimal tax or AMT, the abolition of the estate tax, as well as a decrease on the tax obligation rate for small company owners.

We understand almost absolutely nothing about the present state of Trump's individual taxes or that of his family members company. The head of state might make it clear exactly how he and also his family would take advantage of his tax obligation plan by launching his tax returns, yet he has actually regularly chosen not to do so, claiming it's impossible since he is under audit. (The head of the Internal Revenue Service said last year that being examined did not prevent an individual from launching returns.)" *.

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  1. Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

    Finally, a president who keeps his promises. Stellar!

    • Posted by Sweederland Johnson, at Reply

      Trollop 7 gross

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Sweederland Johnson
      The first seven inches alone would change your mind.

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      Trollop – liar like Donald Duck.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Sounds like you need some attention, only you’d have to clean yours first, with a razor.

    • Posted by Sued Bubbles, at Reply

      Trollop 7

      A troll saying SOMEONE ELSE needs attention


  2. Posted by Emilio Aguirre, at Reply

    Fuxk Donald Trump and his family of assholes.

    • Posted by Juris Bauska, at Reply

      Sultan of America

    • Posted by Zurround100, at Reply

      I am saddened that you would call Trump and his family assholes. Assholes are sometimes beautiful to me. I love staring at the assholes of beautiful women. I think you just COMPLIMENTED them by calling them beautiful. It makes me sad that you would compliment Trump and his family they do not deserve it.

    • Posted by eloteh, at Reply

      I pay more in taxes in 3 years than you, your broke husband (if he is still around that is) and your illiterate children will make in the next 20 years.

    • Posted by eloteh, at Reply

      Why is he supposed to “give” anything to any class? Typical Gender Studies major who is upset they are too unintelligent to understand how to make a decent wage. LMFAO let me know if one of the bills I paid in my taxes made it to you through welfare here’s the serial number: F40316889P.

  3. Posted by Sonoma Calling!, at Reply

    Has Trump done a single thing that hasn’t benefited him financially since he became president? He’s running the country into the ground like one of his shitty failed businesses.

    • Posted by STORMY NATERO, at Reply


    • Posted by dreindenver, at Reply

      @Joe Scirrotto – You do know that the amount was $78 thousand dollars, but he also cut the budget of the department of the interior by 1.3 BILLION dollars?! What you read was a photo-op and nothing more. Ohhhh look, I am donating my salary to the NPS, never once saying ohhhh look, I cut the DOI’s budget by over a billion dollars.
      Trump will never and would never do anything to benefit this country. It is all about him, his family, and his cronies. Only the rich will benefit.

    • Posted by MrBiggieRock, at Reply

      Joe Scirrotto wrote………………………….”Sonoma Calling! I read an article about him donating his presidential salary to national parks”………….
      How is this important man, Trump has already spent 3x our money on himself, Obama spent $13 million his last year, Trump has already spent $30 million plus and he’s only there 3 months. The president’s salary is $1 million, so why are you telling us about this??

    • Posted by MrBiggieRock, at Reply

      888strummer wrote …………….. “Cenk and John are very bothered that Trump’s tax plan will help almost everyone”…………..

      You are either a troll or an idiot, I vote for idiot.

  4. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    Wow. This is total dogshit. Bush tax cuts look like child’s play compared to this monstrosity.

    • Posted by Henbot, at Reply

      John Black no , you are a silly cuckold who thinks you’re a philosopher with
      “wealth is infinite” garbage. *Wealth does give you power and smaller government benefits the wealthy*. The world is driven by *capital*. So smaller the government better it is for wealthy and wealthy are more powerful because the small government gave little resistance and small gov *even more enslaved to capital and wealthy* .The civilisation is driven by capital and capital forms wealth. Wealth is the ingredient of power unless a body can resist it. A body that can is a union or government, taxes . Bigger the government the stronger it can resist oligarchies but sure big governments and wealthy can unite but smaller government the stronger the wealthy are.

    • Posted by John Black, at Reply

      Henbot thinks all millennial liberals are “cuckolds”. FailTroll
      Smaller government means no power to sell, which means no corporations, no monopolies, no oligarchies, no pollution without consequence, etcetera.
      Wealthy people aren’t powerful without governments selling power.
      You dumbass fascists are pathetic. You’re obviously a rich corrupt shill.

    • Posted by Inner Machinations, at Reply

      trump is the best [unintelligible].

    • Posted by John Hillman, at Reply

      plan proposed by investment bankers, not economists

  5. Posted by Bryan O, at Reply

    what about us broke people. how do we benefit?

    • Posted by MrDecember91, at Reply

      Bryan O We’ve seen his taxes. MSNBC did an entire show dedicated to it which you can see on YouTube and they were embarrassed because it showed he paid more in taxes than Hillary Clinton and Obama, which is very sad that a job creator like Trump still paid more in taxes than people like Clinton that have created no jobs and added nothing to the economy

    • Posted by Bryan O, at Reply

      +MrDecember91 please tell me your not talking about his *2005* tax return … Tax return from 12 years ago is valid to you??? Man…. Trump supporters have taken stupidity to another level. I gotta say that might take the cake lol

    • Posted by balduran7, at Reply

      MrDecember91 That was 2 pages of a tax return that should of been at least 16 pages long, from 12 years ago, and those pages were cherry picked, in all those years those are the only pages we have seen, doesn’t it makes you think what did he actually paid that year and all the other years that we have yet to see? No of course it doesn’t you are a sheep who blindly follows strength no matter of it takes you to the slaughter.

  6. Posted by Kendra Patton, at Reply

    I’ll be at the Climate March in D.C. this weekend along with some other students from my college and I would LOVE it if you would interview some of us! We are all so excited to come to D.C. and protest in the best way we know how – peacefully by our first amendment right!

    • Posted by iMiXmUsIc, at Reply

      Kendra Patton hey kendra lemme get some bomb head at the march this weekend.

  7. Posted by Mending Wall, at Reply

    Thats Trump. Always fighting for the average joe.

    • Posted by SehZ The Cynic, at Reply

      He has created more jobs for Average joes than any other president in history.

    • Posted by Mending Wall, at Reply

      +SehZ The Cynic​ where do you purchase the drugs you’re on?

    • Posted by SehZ The Cynic, at Reply

      The Red Pill Depot.

  8. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    “Hur dur, he cares about his voters not his rich friends” – Brainwashed sheep.

  9. Posted by Daniel Bazalar, at Reply

    Trump’s tax plan will be a complete disaster since he wants to lower the corporate tax rate to 15%. This Fake President is going to benefit his family over the American working people. #Terrible.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Corporations are people.

    • Posted by Daniel Bazalar, at Reply

      That’s a bunch of crap. Trying to use Mitt Romney’s campaign words from 2012?

    • Posted by James Mansfield, at Reply

      Define fair share.

  10. Posted by Sevander Jokeracic, at Reply

    This Trump plan is Amazingly, Bigly, Tremendous and Incredible for all rich people. To be Poor is Sad!

    • Posted by Mike K, at Reply

      I know I should of been born in a rich family……damn me I’m so stupid.

    • Posted by Ethan Ethan, at Reply

      Mike K yea:(

  11. Posted by Angel Torres, at Reply


    • Posted by Sylvia Havens, at Reply

      Berserk9868. Speak for yourself. We are from VIRGINIA, if you don’t WORK, YOU DON’T EAT.

    • Posted by Angel Torres, at Reply

      Bogie,Rebel Bogie & BOGIE BOGIE… I’m Puerto Rican I’m not mexican and I was born here.

    • Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

      They don’t know that Puerto Rico is part of the US.

  12. Posted by Fleck Smugbrother, at Reply

    Also, driving thru poor parts of America last year, I was stunned to see so many Trump banners in the yards of dirt poor folks. So sad…..

    • Posted by John Black, at Reply

      Hydraulic fracturing doesn’t pollute. It’s pure water that’s used to fracture slate under pressure. On its own, it physically can’t pollute.
      Oil pipelines breaking is extremely rare, and causes less damage than if trains have an issue, which happens more often. Oil pipelines free up rail traffic, which is better for the environment.
      You polluters need locked up for life.
      You polluting fucks are the enemies of liberals like myself.

    • Posted by Trey Corteź, at Reply

      Playfulpanthress well you can place blame on trump and his supporters all you want but if the dnc just got out the way and let bernie win then we wouldn’t be in this mess. I rejoice everyday that I’m not living in a Hillary America!

  13. Posted by Cathy Harvey, at Reply

    We need a revolution. My children are hàrd workers, and being screwed by taxes for rich people and wars.

    • Posted by SehZ The Cynic, at Reply

      Which is why Trump was elected because Obama used your tax dollars as a personal globalist charity fund.

    • Posted by Heath Fletcher, at Reply

      Revolt by getting more and more people to the polls. Voter apathy is the problem in the US.

    • Posted by Candy and Violence, at Reply

      SehZ the Edgelord Trump was elected because there are a lot of stupid people in this country easily manipulated by fear, which also happens to be one of the fundamentals of right wing ideology. make people afraid and you can get to do whatever you want.

  14. Posted by Ms. Woodard, at Reply

    trump cares about trump

    • Posted by SehZ The Cynic, at Reply

      Name a single innovation that has came from a Communist Country in your lifetime, yes you are right they will do something, that something is moving to a Country with better economic prospects.

    • Posted by Sam Taylor, at Reply

      SehZ The Cynic You’re the only one talking about Communism.

    • Posted by Marcus Woodard, at Reply

      Yup… Impeachment time!

  15. Posted by Tru metalhead on Maui ey, at Reply

    The cost of hate.If you voted for Trump guess what?Here,s your receipt.

    • Posted by rocker4577, at Reply

      More like invoice!

    • Posted by eloteh, at Reply

      Now I get to pay 25% less on taxes. Sorry if you don’t end up with my money in welfare.

  16. Posted by Frannard Acklin, at Reply

    The greatest trick that politicians pull is to get people to vote against their own interest.

    • Posted by Fluxquark, at Reply

      Frannard Acklin It’s surprisingly easy in the USA. All you have to do is call your opponent a communist/socialist and say you’re in favour of smaller government and more war (which contradicts each other of course).

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Trump has achieved a lot more than all all previous presidents! Within his FIRST 100 DAYS he has exploded total nationwide hate crimes! Ushered in by inauguration crowd of record size! Charged $25 million for scamming youths! Dragged into office 400 pending lawsuits! Violated multiple emolument clauses! Raped nepotism rules killed protocols! Daughter-wife self-ordained as first Fake Lady! Porn-wife self-enriched as First Landlady! Filled cabinet with billionaire vampires! Turned The Oval into Trump Global Headquarters! Hired Wall Street to Occupy White House! Proved Republican Congress TOTAL SELL-OUTS! Botched Yemen blamed his generals! Capitalized on war widow tears! Bloated up overfed military! Escalated collateral casualties! Cranked up violent fascism! Brutalized illegals and innocents! Banned Muslims sans Trump biz nations! Split US citizens across oceans! Injured world systems and The Constitution! Sucked Big Pharma Big Oil dicks! Gutted the State and basic benefits! Disemboweled public schools! Debased women deified fetal tissue! Miscarried major legislation! Failed Obamacare assassination! Threw comrades under the Trump bus! Blamed fxxk-ups on Democrats! Played AWOL played excess golf! Burned excess Air Force One fuel! Collected millions on Trump properties! Bragged and berated at endless rallies! Ignored cries for tax reports! Shoved expenses down taxpayers throats! Set loose air water coal pollution! Mocked scientists killed environment! Glorified autocrats and Le Pen! Scorned Sanders Warren and Merkel! Unleashed apex subprime banksters! Robbed the weak to feed clan members! Divided Americans alienated allies! Sowed chaos with barefaced lies! Demonized the whole Fourth Estate! Pushed to monopolize The Internet! Attacked net neutrality and privacy! Hijacked Twitter to twist Reality! Accused Obama of Wiretap! Smeared Hillary with alternative facts! Desecrated D.C. with filth and trash! Diminished morale destroyed FAITH! Defiled Lady Liberty and DECENCY! Dishonored 250 years DEMOCRACY! Consorted with foreign agents! Shunned domestic intelligence! Launched unilateral ILLEGAL WAR! Bombed tarmac with 59 tomahawks! Praised mega flop spinned NATO flip-flop! Undermined security US to Europe! Dropped MOAB while chocolate cake with China! Tweeted provocations to bait North Korea! Dehumanized hapless foreign civilians! Brought nuclear nightmares upon all Koreans! Assaulted the world with SHEER HUBRIS and IGNORANCE! Holding HUMANITY ransom with RECKLESS INCOMPETENCE!

      And still his supporters call themselves Americans? Forget about human decency or caring about millions people overseas getting nuked – but have they no common sense to at least not wreck the system they live in? That ignorant? Seriously?

    • Posted by PK Saenz, at Reply

      Diva Artist. Correct… We should have built that Wall around Trump…

  17. Posted by Freedom Fighter57, at Reply

    Trickle down will not work, Trickle down has never worked, the rich just stuff more money in their pockets. They are not going to let a nickel trickle out of their pockets. The rich get richer and the poor die.

    • Posted by thescopedogable, at Reply

      Freedom Fighter57 when trump gives his daughter a golden shower he calls it trickle down economics

  18. Posted by RadioLaPrincess, at Reply

    This is why I support IQ tests before voting. Morons voted for this scum and the rest paid the price.

    • Posted by Tony Stark, at Reply

      +SehZ The Cynic Also in World Ranking of Countries by Their Average IQ, your “totalitarian” China is top 3 with average IQ of 105, while US is nowhere near the top.

    • Posted by Smaakjeks K, at Reply

      Simpler solution: IQ test for sitting in office.

    • Posted by RadioLaPrincess, at Reply

      I’d support that too.

    • Posted by SehZ The Cynic, at Reply

      English must not be your first language eh ?

    • Posted by SehZ The Cynic, at Reply

      I never said the word lazy, more projection.

  19. Posted by John Wick, at Reply

    I wonder how long its going to take for the trump supporters to be aware that they just got robbed today. He robbed them blind. Anyone who still supports Trump after this is past an idiot. They just plain hate themselves. The guy literally just took food off your plate, your kids plate and laughed about it.

    By 2020 it will be too late. Trump would have robbed the country and become one of the richest people in the world next to gates at the expense of the American worker. Talk about a robbery.

  20. Posted by Andrew, at Reply

    If this passes say goodbye to just about everything that ever made America great because even after eliminating all of our social programs that won’t be enough. Maybe in Trump’s tiny clump of cells he calls his brain, his idea of when America was great was in the 19th century when we didn’t have paved roads, electricity, indoor pluming, labor laws and of course we had slavery. In Trumps new great America it won’t just be African Americans that are the slaves, it will be the 99% and the 1% will be the masters. I am truly scared of my Childrens future if this tax plan passes because the majority of us are going to be screwed.

    • Posted by SehZ The Cynic, at Reply

      Social programs are the reason your economy was tanking and low income workers can barely afford to eat.

    • Posted by Fredrik Herre, at Reply

      SehZ The Cynic There are many reason why the economy tanked and people can’t afford to eat. Social programs ain’t one of them.

    • Posted by SehZ The Cynic, at Reply

      Social programs are not only a major contributor to the state of the economy but they also led to the poor education you were forced to endure.

    • Posted by Fredrik Herre, at Reply

      SehZ The Cynic No. They are not. And I was not forced to endure American education. I got my education elsewhere. You on the other hand seem oblivious.