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Guilty Dog Found A Snack


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This adorably guilty dog couldn't help himself!


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  1. Posted by Chrisomatic Chaotix, at Reply


  2. Posted by IceFox205, at Reply

    NOOO!!! not baby jesus!!

  3. Posted by alexminecraft 55, at Reply

    she sounds like a damn witch cursing the poor dog!

  4. Posted by Mark D, at Reply

    This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.

    • Posted by fraziermay, at Reply

      Mark D
      Awesome comment❗😂

  5. Posted by stiimuli, at Reply

    Hmm, you’d think an interested god would prevent such a thing from happening…

    • Posted by BrendanTheGent, at Reply

      i’m sure if jesus was real or not he wouldn’t care of a false image being destroyed, especially by an animal that doesn’t know the existence of such things…

    • Posted by stiimuli, at Reply

      Or about millions of suffering people apparently
      and yet he somehow has enough interest to burn his image into a grilled cheese sandwich

  6. Posted by fraziermay, at Reply

    Poor doggie❣Bad owner❗Shouldn’t have been where he could get to it❗How bout that⁉️😛

    • Posted by BrendanTheGent, at Reply


  7. Posted by MCM, at Reply

    i once knew a guilty dog 😂

  8. Posted by Hope the Anthro Unicorn, at Reply

    Looks like that dog took that “bread is my body, wine is my blood” part way too seriously. XD

  9. Posted by Lethal Chicken, at Reply

    I hate it when my dog eats baby Jesus.