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GUILTY!!! Sheriff Joe Arpaio Convicted


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Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been convicted and also could face jail time. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you believe in the comment section below.

" A federal judge on Monday located Joe Arpaio– the 85-year-old former sheriff of Maricopa Area, Arizona– guilty of criminal ridicule for violating a federal court order to quit a controversial policing technique to capture undocumented immigrants.

" Not only did defendant abdicate obligation, he revealed to the globe as well as to his staffs that he was mosting likely to proceed organisation customarily regardless of that claimed or else," Judge Susan Bolton wrote in her decision.

She added that Arpaio's actions revealed "an ostentatious disregard" for a federal court's order avoiding the former constable from "restraining individuals for further investigation without reasonable uncertainty that a criminal offense has actually been or is being committed."

Arpaio "on purpose broke the order by cannot do anything to guarantee his subordinates' compliance as well as by routing them to continuously apprehend persons for whom no criminal costs could be submitted," Bolton composed.

Arpaio, who styled himself as "The U.S.A.'s toughest constable," lost a reelection bid in November after 23 years in workplace. He invested a lot of those years as a polarizing number for how he ran his division: He housed inmates in a "Outdoor tents City" and also made them put on pink underwear, as well as he advocated President Trump and also advertised the idea that Head of state Obama's birth certificate was a scams."

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  1. Posted by takfreak11, at Reply

    First bitches!!!

    • Posted by beatthisroot, at Reply

      Your prize, the poop emoji: πŸ’©

  2. Posted by CannedPenguins, at Reply

    Victory screech!!!!!!!

    • Posted by bob surman, at Reply

      all hail the magic conch

    • Posted by Quadir Mayo, at Reply

      bob surman Oh Magic Conch, what should we do now?

    • Posted by bob surman, at Reply


  3. Posted by QUEEN ANTIFA, at Reply


    • Posted by Alberto, at Reply

      Bo R its you not “u” and anything I mispelled was purposely done per accentuating the point. If you even understand what those words mean.

  4. Posted by Commander Shepard, at Reply

    How come right wingers isn’t accusing the sheriff of race baiting by going after only Latinos, or is it only when liberals talk about black people dying by cops

    • Posted by laylo, at Reply

      Lee Haralson jr I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I’m just giving an example. To call me racist and an a-hole shows you are based off of foolish opinion and not fact. You obviously can’t read or interpret correctly either. Please finish your GED and pray McDonald’s doesn’t automate the flipping of burgers. Anyways there are multiple times when cops kill someone unlawfully. This situation is wrong because they are being arrested and deported for absolutely no reason. At least the guy in South Carolina had a tail light not working and he also ran out of the car however it doesn’t justify death. Like a lack of an ID doesn’t justify being arrested

    • Posted by laylo, at Reply

      Lisa Ddd like the US preventing them from coming and people from Mexico from getting citizenships. It’s ironic that only Mexican immigrants are on a 20 year waiting list but no one else is.

    • Posted by Robert Gaudet, at Reply

      They’d be happy if he started having them ask ‘Muslim looking people’ for papers too, no doubt. Even though I doubt he’d have found more than one or two.

    • Posted by Tim Titus, at Reply

      Lee Haralson jr I would pick them up when they drew attention to themselves for other reasons (not for being Mexican/American). If it was not criminal I would order them to attempt to get a green card/ visa or face criminal charges if they do not voluntarily leave the country.( I don’t know how hard it is to get ones green card but I hope it would be fair)

  5. Posted by DonaldTrump Jr, at Reply

    Sheriff Joe got CUCKED BIGLY

    • Posted by kramcas2, at Reply

      Yeah by Trump. He’s showing Sheriff Joe how it’s done

    • Posted by kyle Downing, at Reply

      DonaldTrump Jr quit using that word for fucks sake. Yall didnt say that until trump started using it. Youre just blindly following stupidity.

  6. Posted by PK Lifeup a, at Reply

    Lol Trump supporters are cucks confirmed…

    • Posted by Scalpking47, at Reply

      Trump should pardon him just to piss off liberals.

    • Posted by George g, at Reply

      Scalpking47 lol plz don’t tell me you are a trump supporter

    • Posted by THE END C30, at Reply

      George g i think he is…

    • Posted by Ricky Spanish, at Reply

      Do they make tampons to fit your huge vagina?

  7. Posted by Rocket Scientist, at Reply

    Before the trolls come with their ignorance…. being an undocumented immigrant IS NOT A CRIME!

    You idiots claim to be patriotic and don’t even know what the law in your country is. Kill yourselves!

    • Posted by azapps, at Reply

      Undocumented immigrant is not a real term, it is an oxymoron. An immigrant by definition of the word is someone who has permission to be here. The proper term is illegal alien.

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      non sequitur, i didn’t ask for you to play with terms. I asked for where under federal law this is a crime.

    • Posted by Susanna Yang, at Reply

      Rocket Scientist It depends on how they got in the country. If they had a visa when coming in and overstayed after visa expiration, then they are not committing a crime, but rather a civil infraction due to their unlawful presence. If they sneaked in without proper checks from the immigration officers or “jumped over the wall”, then they have committed a crime because it is improper entry. However, undocumented/ illegal aliens cannot be criminally charged or incarcerated simply for being undocumented. So here the chief cannot check them because he has no warrant, according to the 5th amendment.

  8. Posted by Armando G, at Reply

    Hell get 6 months max and most likely be put in protective custody

    A bitter sweet victory to say the least

    • Posted by Robert Reynoso, at Reply

      Armando G true

    • Posted by Scalpking47, at Reply

      I would LMAO of Trump pardoned him.

  9. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Ana looks striking tonight! What a classical beauty she is. Like a golden era movie actress. Sophisticated and witty as well.Β  That said TYT destroy that scumbag Arpaio. Their fact based commentaries are making history.

    • Posted by Darkpool, at Reply

      Zurround100 Wtf? πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by PMURT DLANOD ETAH I, at Reply


    • Posted by codecaine, at Reply

      You look pretty good yourself!

  10. Posted by Max Zomboni, at Reply

    Too bad they got rid of the tent jail. The criminal thug should be locked up in a tent in 120 degree heat.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      the only thug is you Anti Semite illegals

    • Posted by Mike Barbarich, at Reply

      freedombase are the new meds helping at all?

    • Posted by Edgar Tapia, at Reply

      Max Zomboni We can build one just for him…

  11. Posted by National Embarrassment, at Reply

    Deport Trump supporter’s 2 Germany.

    • Posted by Zachary Ettlich, at Reply

      Germany doesnt deserve them. They learned from their mistakes.

    • Posted by The Secularist, at Reply

      Did you know that you can for every person on earth 5 feet away from eachother in a grid in the state of Oregon alone. I’m sure that all 2000 truptards that are left can die.. I mean fit in Germany.

  12. Posted by National Embarrassment, at Reply

    Mexican Cartel’s Will b Nice 2 Him in Prison. 😁😁😁😁

    • Posted by Lyon Nylton, at Reply

      ObeyYourMaster say it in plain English motherfucker!

    • Posted by breben scv, at Reply

      Delicious!!!! *lmfao*

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      He won’t be with Mexican Cartels in prison tho. Where does that leave you and your comment? Lolz

  13. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Put him in general population, with all of the colored people he tormented.

    • Posted by THE END C30, at Reply

      Hal Jordan dont think he last 5 minutesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Scott Anderson, at Reply

      We just keep winning

  14. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    Wow, just wow! Not only did Ben destroy Cenk, but there’s a video on pornhub of Cenk’s wife being teabagged by Ben, and in the background, Cenk is watching it. Lol. Cenk got Cucked.

  15. Posted by Wayne Sullivan, at Reply

    Hey dumbasses, being ILLEGAL is a crime. It’s a FEDERAL crime which trumps state law

    • Posted by Russ Jamison, at Reply

      +Ryan D Hmmmm. Maricopa county is all latino just about. Anyways, why is it no officials get prosecuted for blacks or whites profiling?

      Only illegals seem to get results when it comes to prosecuting law enforcement. … what a damn shame…sad.

      This is why Trump is President. Americans of all creed are tired if it!

    • Posted by G MinK, at Reply

      Being stopped and interrogated should require more than a passing suspicion. To me, the NYC stop and frisk is unconstitutional. Anything that isn’t preventing imminent bodily harm to others doesn’t rise to the level that requires bending the constitution.

    • Posted by Mr4theLulz1, at Reply

      He was also arresting fully documented Latinos legally residing within the US. You don’t seem to understand that Arpaio was indefinitely detaining people who couldn’t be charged with a crime.

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      Do you know anything about which officers are able to make arrests for which reasons? In other words, have you ever looked into who is able to make arrests for what? Do you know what authority an Arizona sheriff’s department has regarding immigration statutes?

  16. Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

    Sad day for America when judges convict American heroes like Joe Arpaio. These tyrannical courts seem to be extremely anti American, first they violate president Trumps travel ban and now they’re harassing an 85 year old American hero? Time to dismantle these libshit court systems and install actual judges.

    • Posted by diecar128, at Reply

      DefeatGlobalism sad say when assholes like arpaio can get away with breaking the law and constitution. this is a victory. there are 3 branches of gov for a reason. so trump and his goons cant just toss out the constitution to pursue his racist anti american agenda.

  17. Posted by Trump The Fraud, at Reply

    Deport this white illegal back to Europe! Ask Native Americans for permission. This racist illegal got what he deserve.

    • Posted by bigbaddawg101, at Reply

      Ironically, with this racial profiling, my Navajo friend’s brother was arrested for “refusing to show his papers”.

    • Posted by Jenny Lee, at Reply

      bigbadd, I wondered how often Natives get rounded up for being brown.

    • Posted by Ricky Spanish, at Reply

      To the victor go the spoils you huge vagina

  18. Posted by Natasha Nyxx, at Reply

    Arpaio should do 6 months in a tent, just like he used to do to inmates. He should be put in general population, just like everyone else. Unfortunately, they’ll let him off lightly due to his age, or a back room pay off.

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      In a just world he’d have landed in prison for human rights abuses years ago.