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Hannity: Tax Cuts Will Create Helicopter Building Jobs


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Sean Hannity maintains pressing the misconception that tax obligation cuts will create even more works since abundant people will certainly get helicopters. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Jimmy Dore the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you believe in the remark section below.

" Sean Hannity took up the respectable task of promoting for tax obligation cuts for the well-off on his radio show Thursday mid-day, discussing that exactly what the American economic climate really requires is the rich to get even more boats– even claiming that the Reagan tax obligation cuts enabled Geraldo Rivera to acquire a helicopter.

In audio flagged by MediaMatters, Hannity reacts to Head of state Donald Trump's statements on Wednesday that his tax reform strategy would maintain prices for the wealthy "virtually where they are," however left open the possibility that they might go "a little greater."

That did not please Hannity, who called for Trump to honor his project assurance of tax obligation cuts across the board, because, as he somehow described, the "strategy to get the failed to remember males and females to work below is essentially subject to an expanding, growing economic situation."

Hannity proceeded by admiring former Head of state Ronald Reagan's tax cuts for the rich in the 1980s, which he claimed led rich people to acquire more watercrafts– and even noted they enabled his Fox Information coworker Geraldo Rivera to purchase a trendy helicopter:

" It's simple business economics, due to the fact that those multinationals, those companies, quote 'rich people' just what they're going to do is they're mosting likely to wind up spending loan as well as buying watercrafts, as Geraldo stated the other day he acquired a helicopter after the Reagan tax obligation cuts yet that keeps people functioning."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore


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  1. Posted by bigvirgotube, at Reply

    This was the same argument that was presented to Kansas…how’d that work out for them?

    • Posted by turntableone, at Reply

      Sean Hannity mentions Reagan and his tax cuts but fails to mention in the same argument George W. Bush and his tax cuts and the impact that Bush’s had.

    • Posted by bigvirgotube, at Reply

      Plus, if Hannity or anyone bothered to do any research, the cuts didn’t do as much to stimulate the economy as the double-down defense spending initiative Reagan started, in order for the US to surpass the military might of the Soviet Union–it bothered Reagan that both countries’ had similar size armies, and he wanted to be ‘#1’ in that regard.

    • Posted by Banana Republic USA, at Reply

      Exactly – the massive spending was what purchased Reagan’s economic boom – the tax cuts just sent it all to the rich. Hannity also forgot about the slowdown when GHWB took office and had to pay the piper for Reagan’s wild deficit spending.

  2. Posted by writerconsidered, at Reply

    So we give tax cuts to the 1% so than can create jobs for 1% of the workforce… makes sense.

  3. Posted by Cyberspine, at Reply

    So you cut public spending to have fewer teachers, social workers, road builders etc, and you cut taxes so you can have more yacht and helicopter builders instead. Sounds perfect for the middle class.

  4. Posted by Insert Redletter Media Meme Here, at Reply

    To think republican voters still fall for this trickle down Reagan Bullshit. I think they all secretly but pretty obviously want Trump to trickle his rotten splooge down their throats.

  5. Posted by Kevin Hill, at Reply

    Jimmy dore went ham in this video

  6. Posted by pliny, at Reply

    The only way Voodoo economics work – they BUY PRESIDENTS! The GOP are greedy selfish Ghouls!

  7. Posted by Bobby Girl, at Reply

    If I were a millionaire or billionaire I would buy everyone drinks and food and cars and clothes. I’d pay random people’s bills. If I had all this money, I wouldn’t need or use it when I’m dead. I’ll have a few million put away as a rainy day fund but spend the rest.

    • Posted by Brad Meyers, at Reply

      OkamnsRazer Pleeze enlighten us & provide an answer to Jimmy’s inference that if trickle down worked “the US would have the richest middle class in the world”. In the 50’s – 80’s, when the effective tax rate was in the 70-91% range, the US middle class was the wealthiest the world had ever seen, also the envy of the world. Ever since Ronald-McDonald Reagan slashed it from 70% to 25%, the US middle class has all but disappeared. 50% of the US workforce now earns $30,000/yr or less, 70% live paycheck to paycheck, gooooo trickle down !! hahahaha

    • Posted by Bobby Girl, at Reply

      Brad Meyers I think you miss understood me. I completely agree with you. I’d pay higher taxes as a rich person. But if I still had billions or millions left I’d spend it just because I already do that. I share all that I have. The rich should pay more in taxes

    • Posted by klondike444, at Reply

      +OkamsRazer Fish farms come with a lot of environmental problems. The real solution is fewer people.

    • Posted by OkamsRazer, at Reply

      Bobby, he was replying to me not you 🙂

      I think he is assuming I believe in that nonsense “Trickle Down Economics” model. So clearly he didnt read my post astutely enough because in every example I used I was describing ways in which you , Bobby, could mazimize your “charitable” work by having others improve the lives of themselves and others rather than having it just be you doing it for them. By only giving aid to those who are willing to “pay it forward” you would hold true to the maxim “A rising tide lifts all boats”…most certainly the exact opposite of “Trickle Down…”.

      And before anyone suggests “What about those who CANT do that?”….EVERYONE can do something helpful for their community because we all have skills, talents, ideas or abilities that can help someone else if only we were willing to do so. No matter the situation, no matter the life in which you may find yourself there is always something that you can do to better those around you.

      He clearly misunderstands that I was in no way suggesting that you would be helping them as an employer (and thus are their Provider), you would be a source of supplemental aid to those who could benefit from your help (and by my suggestion to make them contribute equally to the Society around them in return…which is only fair).

    • Posted by Banana Republic USA, at Reply

      Brad: The missing piece of the puzzle is that the tax cuts effectively transferred trillions of wealth to the uber class, taking it from the middle class (The poor have none to take). Five percent now have 95% of the wealth, and 1% has most of that. But that’s not enough for them – they want more.

  8. Posted by gradostax, at Reply

    Reagan’s and Bush’s tax cuts did not create jobs. Trumps will not either

  9. Posted by Colonel 100, at Reply

    theres plenty of jobs in the farm fields
    trump supporters should go back to their “heritage” and pick some crops

  10. Posted by Tyal Prince, at Reply

    Hannity said US revenues doubled during Reagan in 1982…

    1980 : $517b
    1981 : $599b
    1982 : $618b
    1983 : $601b

    Fake News Fox

    • Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

      Tyal Prince That’s great. Obama was also the greatest government spender in recorded human history. Anyway,……

    • Posted by Tyal Prince, at Reply

      Uranius Johnson US spending :

      1981 : $542 billion
      1989 : $932 billion

      2009 : $3 trillion
      2016 : $3 trillion

    • Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

      Tyal Prince You might want to look a little closer at that. There’s a lot of information missing.

  11. Posted by NickTheGreatAndPowerful, at Reply

    And what would we do when all the rich people had helicopters? How did people EVER buy into this bullshit?

  12. Posted by Twisted Operator, at Reply

    Nothing is more symbolic of American’s greed than a super yacht with a helipad on it. Unsustainable.

  13. Posted by ralphinator2, at Reply

    Republicans always conveniently forget that the electronic revolution began during the 80s.

  14. Posted by Guindo, The, at Reply

    If trickle-down economics worked, then it would’ve by now.

    • Posted by Dead Purple, at Reply

      Guindo, The The Rights mentality: ‘It will work! We just gotta keep doing it till it does!’

    • Posted by Mat S, at Reply

      and if it doesnt we still pretend it does and call you a cuck, libtard antifa snowflake..

    • Posted by Casey - The Original Conspiracy Realist, at Reply

      Dead Purple Until when? Until we’re all Dead and Purple?

    • Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

      Global poverty has halved in 30 years.

    • Posted by Van Gogo, at Reply

      funny how ‘trickle down’ only makes the people on top richer

  15. Posted by Antti Peltola, at Reply

    Let them eat helicopters.

  16. Posted by JEFF9K, at Reply

    As famed economist Joseph Stiglitz points out, Republican tax policies are a major cause of wealth inequality, which HURTS the economy!

  17. Posted by John Dossey, at Reply

    Hannity and his rich people problems. Smh!!!

  18. Posted by Mr. Magnificent, at Reply

    Fox News: Rich people telling middle class people to blame poor people.

    • Posted by Armon Williams, at Reply

      Mr. Magnificent
      Well put…it’s a socially engineered tactic that’s worked for hundreds of years. And if you watch enough Fox News you know it goes beyond merely class, because they also love to inject race into the equation. It’s creating the narrative of ‘Us vs Them’. It’s divide and conquer.

  19. Posted by Donna McDonald, at Reply

    Your first clue Trump was sh*t Sean Hannity and Fox News support him dead give away to run the other way.

  20. Posted by Dan Forrister, at Reply

    Trickle down economics has never worked, i’m a massive believer in Keynesian economics myself. Remember the future is ours, we don’t have to live this way.