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Harvard Scientists REVERSE Aging In Mice. People Next…


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Harvard may have just discovered the real life fountain of youth. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker, and also Aida Rodriguez, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us what you think in the comment area below.

" Scientists have located a means to shield a computer mouse's DNA from the damage that comes with aging, as well as they're ready to test it in people.

Dr. David Sinclair, from Harvard Medical School, and also his coworkers reveal their brand-new findings in the most recent concern of Science. They concentrated on a fascinating compound with anti-aging residential or commercial properties called NAD+, short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It's been known that younger mice had more of it compared to older mice as well as back in 2013, the scientists found that when they boosted the NAD+ levels in older computer mice, they looked, biologically, like much more youthful pets.

In the most recent paper, the researchers disclosed new information on just how NAD+ functions to keep cells young. Sinclair put decreases of NAD+ right into the water of a team of mice, and also within a couple of hrs, their NAD+ degrees started to rise. Within the initial week, the researchers saw apparent age reversal in muscle mass as well as enhancements in DNA fixing. "We can not discriminate in between the cells from an old mouse that is two years old versus a young computer mouse that is three to four months old," Sinclair states." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker, Aida Rodriguez.
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker, Aida Rodriguez.


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  1. Posted by commentor2013, at Reply

    can they reverse the reverse?

    • Posted by hgddd tfdcbkooih, at Reply

      commentor2013 its called crack

    • Posted by The Modern Investor, at Reply

      commentor2013 it sounds like more of a , if you have a cup, you’ll go back 10 years, not…. If you drink a cup you’ll continuously become younger. It’s probably in a dosage that needs to be taken every few months

  2. Posted by Lord Caelvanir, at Reply

    Now wait for it to only be accessible to the richest of the rich.

    • Posted by Stellar Sea, at Reply

      The price would naturally come down after mass production and abundnt use, same thing happened with treatments for diabetes and various other diseases.

    • Posted by BitVictim, at Reply

      And people on the NHS

    • Posted by jchico2012ja, at Reply

      It’s currently available as a supplement called niagen. I checked my local Walmart but couldn’t find it.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @divanihsta – So clearly only Democrats will be getting it.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Don’t give it to anyone who has ever criticized Harvard or upper education, educations, educational institutions, and the educated.

      _That means no Republicans or Trump supporters will ever get it._

  3. Posted by TurtleBurger, at Reply

    Don’t get excited people, if this even works like a miracle it will be reserved for the mega rich.

    • Posted by Jandzi Lorber, at Reply

      For another Rockerfeller no doubt.

    • Posted by Paco Morales, at Reply

      Nope, you can find it on Amazon with the name of Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator Nicotinamide Riboside Capsules for 30 USD.

    • Posted by Eric Antone, at Reply

      they’ve been taking it since 1975

    • Posted by Sean Roy, at Reply

      TurtleBurger What technology can you think of that has remained indefinitely expensive?

    • Posted by Sean Roy, at Reply

      MrBlack1968 Look up transhumanism and Zoltan Istvan 🙂

  4. Posted by Norway Challenge, at Reply

    Cool, but if this can work on humans, we’ll have even more of an issue with overpopulation.

    • Posted by cobraglatiator, at Reply

      well,we could just fund NASA more!!
      elites: “nasa? no no no you silly stupid little peasant,more WARS!! we ALWAYS need MORE *wars*!! and now is and even better time for them!!! OOooh!!! i know!! we could even start using NUKES again!!! ooh how giddy!!!”
      maybe i’m being over-dramatic…but still…

    • Posted by antred11, at Reply

      “Overpopulation? I cant believe people are still believing this.”

      That’s because it IS a massive problem. That Earth could definitely NOT maintain an additional 2-3 billion people, and certainly not _comfortably_. It can’t even sustain the current population of 7 billion, not in long term. We are burning through resources (and that includes the capacity of Earth’s biosphere) at a ridiculous rate, and we’re doing that even though just a few hundred million out of those 7 billion people have 1st world life styles. If all the remaining 6 billion had the same gigantic ecological footprint, that would rapidly accelerate the destruction of our environment.

    • Posted by TangoAlphaDelta, at Reply

      XIPHIASCDXX Things aren’t only getting more expensive. Gas is cheaper than it was a few years ago. Solar is getting cheaper. Computing power is getting cheaper. Also, there are far more people alive today in the United States than there was during slavery, jim crow etc. I would argue the law places far more value on human life than it did at the nation’s conception where some were accorded 3/5 human being status. Also violence is decreasing. There is a well documented general reduction across many nations in violent criminal offending since a peak about the late 80s early 90s. I have a child and it is not about religious brainwashing that makes me thing I “need” one. I want one and having one is something you cannot appreciate it until you have your own (which I also thought was BS before I had one).

    • Posted by talezshin, at Reply

      Then populate Mars. Negative approach never helps.

    • Posted by Hustle Simmons, at Reply

      if people aren’t aging there’s no need to reproduce at the rate we have . we reproduce because of our mortality.

  5. Posted by Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!, at Reply

    please don’t reverse Trump

    • Posted by DrakeMagnum, at Reply

      He’s already a giant baby. He would become a fetus.

    • Posted by Dumdumdumdum Dum, at Reply


    • Posted by Mr President, at Reply

      Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you! What.

    • Posted by Angela Calip, at Reply

      +Dumdumdumdum Dum uuuuuuuuu

  6. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Don’t tell Trump. We don’t need him trying to become immortal.

    • Posted by Adam Chester, at Reply

      @Denveroutlaw06 you are a DISGUSTING PERSON, what happened to “don’t go after their familes” I thought u libtards were thinking u are consestant?

    • Posted by Steakfries, at Reply

      Adam Chester That wouldn’t be “going after their family”. Keeping this kind of thing from them wouldn’t hurt them; it just wouldn’t help them. -_-

    • Posted by Steakfries, at Reply

      Adam Chester Also, you spelled “consistent” wrong. The “i” doesn’t even sound like an “e”. Wtf.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Travis: Maybe we can watch him melt like the the rest of the Nazi’s did in _Raiders_ .

  7. Posted by jamesbriggstown, at Reply

    Looks like George Soros will be here for another 300 years.

    • Posted by mark best, at Reply

      jamesbriggstown Im more bothered that horrendous dictators like Kim Jong Un are going to be very, very long lived. Christ, who’d be a North Korean?

  8. Posted by Gogeta68, at Reply

    They’re trying to make us Benjamin Button

    • Posted by Perrie Mira, at Reply

      lmao I was about to comment that

  9. Posted by Angel, at Reply

    Ha! Fantastic news for billionaires perhaps.

    • Posted by Connor, at Reply

      Angel if NAD+ is common in humans and many other animals and plants to begin with, then it should be easy to produce in a garage laboratory table and ingest.

    • Posted by eueu219134, at Reply

      ya this doesn’t apply to us for sure

    • Posted by ollehkacb, at Reply

      Connor diamonds are pretty common to, but look how much they cost.

  10. Posted by L.P Moonstone, at Reply

    Hassan is ugly, inside and out.

    • Posted by joerapo, at Reply

      How have you seen his insides?

    • Posted by Gay Bottom Pride, at Reply

      I hate it when they have Hassan. He usually just makes dumb jokes like he did here, and doesn’t contribute anything of vale to the conversation. He always just looks really awkward and out of place. I think Ana secretly also hates him. For a moment you could see how Ana really feels when she made the joke about him.

    • Posted by Gay Bottom Pride, at Reply

      Markus Muller LMAO I have only seen 3 Casey Neistat videos in my life but all I gotta say is damn that is one ugly looking dude. He looks like he fell off a 1000 foot high ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

    • Posted by L.P Moonstone, at Reply

      +Joe Reyes 18 now 🙂

  11. Posted by magister343, at Reply

    Ummm….wouldn’t DNA repair almost by definition be a cure for cancer?

    • Posted by TheAurian, at Reply

      Yeah, the replication rate of [most?] cancers is the big problem. The cells themselves need to go.

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      if only Anna took that cure. Anna will be way too old at that point.
      real tragedy.

    • Posted by Don Quixote, at Reply

      well, we probably don’t want the DNA of cancerous cells being able to repair themselves because not all mutations are deleterious. Because of this, not all mutations are going to get repaired by DNA repair mechanisms . We want to *lower* their ability to repair so that cellular suicide can occur naturally. Cancerous cells aren’t that dangerous by themselves, but they become dangerous when they mutate the signals that allow them to induce cell death. If cancer cells gain an even greater ability to repair themselves, that would actually make them worse.

    • Posted by mark best, at Reply

      magister343 Apparently NASA is interested in it for that very reason. They’re hoping this can repair deep space radition damage to DNA when astronauts travel to Mars.

    • Posted by hotdog12345654, at Reply

      The Woman was like Why aren’t we focusing on cancer instead of looking younger =’] I was just sitting their like age is the one thing guaranteed to kill everyone, if they survive everything else and then Ana says an they’re looking at using it to help people with cancer anyway. ahahaha

  12. Posted by evilmancer, at Reply

    I can barely afford my bills and even if I do get, I can’t wait to live longer alone and filled with pain and self loathing.

    • Posted by WORSHIPJESUS ALL DAY, at Reply

      kamrin miller lol!!!!!

    • Posted by Dr Scalpers, at Reply

      evilmancer nobody would force you to take the supplement, those that would like to die of old age can opt out of it. Or you could look at it like you have multiple lifetimes to get your life in a better spot.

    • Posted by Ian Baker, at Reply

      evilmancer legal suicide dude

  13. Posted by Alexis Lopez, at Reply

    imagine if we switched or science and military budget. we’d lead the world in technology. a futuristic city in a modern world.

    • Posted by cobraglatiator, at Reply

      because conservatives(the politicians at least) don’t believe in science.

    • Posted by Gay Bottom Pride, at Reply

      Great point! Imagine all the illnesses we would cure and how much more advanced our society would be.

    • Posted by 1955RodHot, at Reply

      +cobraglatiator Yeah, and those fuckers who don’t believe in science will be the first in line to buy this stuff when it hits the market.

    • Posted by Hit-marka, at Reply

      Gay Bottom Pride George bush single handedly put stem cell research back ten years when he cockblocked research back in 2003… bastard!

  14. Posted by zarkoff45, at Reply

    I am getting wary of all these “we can stop aging” stories. They keep cropping up and then disappearing. What ever happened to the vampire story where a young mouse and old mouse shared the same blood system and the old mouse grew younger? Have these people not noticed they’ve done similar stories before?

    • Posted by Rowan McMullan, at Reply

      zarkoff45 possibly not. Cenk and Ana are very clearly terrified of the aging process. I wouldn’t be surprised if the concept of death horrifies them

    • Posted by mark best, at Reply

      Rowan McMullan Well, are there many of us enthusiastic about it? Even the holy rollers are hoping for life eternal. Even if we do have to die, not falling to bits beforehand would be an improvement.

    • Posted by zarkoff45, at Reply

      I think such a drug would be a great thing if they ever developed it, but we are likely to see a lot of false starts based on over simplistic theories about aging and over use of mouse models.

      I suspect that SENS Research Foundation is the place that will give you the most accurate theories and hopes. Google 
      Aubrey de Grey for his talks on the subject.

  15. Posted by IAmFrankenstein Forever, at Reply

    Sounds like something that’ll cause you to grow a foot out of your head in 10 years.

    • Posted by the op kingdom, at Reply

      IAmFrankenstein Forever… LOL!! That legit made me laugh.

    • Posted by j marine, at Reply

      IAmFrankenstein Forever I take the chance.

  16. Posted by meek miLL, at Reply

    Give it to Bernie quick!

    • Posted by Paul Smith, at Reply

      NO, Trump.

    • Posted by Ameri Wryter, at Reply

      meek miLL yes hurry

    • Posted by terry fuckwitt, at Reply

      And fast forward Trump.

    • Posted by Bill Pii, at Reply

      Keep it away from Trump

    • Posted by Adam Chester, at Reply

      @toad Jaing YOU IDIOT that’s what Trump would be more likely to say. Bernie is a communist/socialist. Maozedong killed about 30 million people and USSR killed 30 million. Those who will give you longer life will be America patriots HATE LEFTISTS

  17. Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

    This is how Resident Evil started lol

    • Posted by The Modern Investor, at Reply

      edward hickey I thought the same thing, it’s actually how most zombie movies start. There’s a miracle cure, everyone gets it, and within a few years the mutations begin

    • Posted by Ian Baker, at Reply

      The Modern Investor and that’s when the fire nation attacked

    • Posted by mark best, at Reply

      edward hickey LOL. Well, better hope it was just a movie then …

  18. Posted by Sam Smith, at Reply

    lmfao more atheists grasping at straws to delay the inevitable- stupid story

    • Posted by Rowan McMullan, at Reply

      Sam Smith precisely. I can’t think of a single atheist I’ve ever heard from who isn’t terrified of death

  19. Posted by soccerguy325, at Reply

    This scares me, people are supposed to die. People not dying is probably going to have a horrible effect on climate change, overpopulation, lack of resources, probably an economic collapse, just to name a few.
    Edit: I get that people are still going to die, but if this becomes common than death will happen far less frequently overall.

    • Posted by III R E D A C T E D III, at Reply

      die if you want, BUT GALACTIC CONQUEST, HERE I COME

    • Posted by Peter Tremblay, at Reply

      Stop being afraid this will only be available to the top 1% that will control the world until the sun consumed them!

    • Posted by IngetKant, at Reply

      You could make the same argument about every medical advancement over the last two centuries. As people live longer, those problems have to be dealt with. That’s why we had the most recent population explosion in the first place.

      It is important to point out that with those previous advancements, humans slowly but surely adjusted. Most modernized societies have low birth rates (2.1 for the US) compared to what was common 100 or 200 years ago. Most likely birth rates in an “post-aging” world would also see a substantial decline and people would probably wait longer to have children.

      Edit: Final point, the most common causes of death are Heart Disease, Cancer, and Chronic Respiratory Disease. Reverting age would help these problems but not eliminate them. People would still die.

    • Posted by Eliza Miller, at Reply

      soccerguy325 that’s why we need to colonize Mars. Problem solved. At least for another million years until Mars becomes over populated. Then we hopped to another planet.

    • Posted by Whitesnake, at Reply

      Yeah but wrinkles are worse, right?

  20. Posted by Randomstuffs261, at Reply

    Imagine if it just turns you into a mouse

    • Posted by JackgarPrime, at Reply

      But what if it turns you into Mighty Mouse?