//Harvey Weinstein CAUGHT Using Tabloids To Smear Accusers

Harvey Weinstein CAUGHT Using Tabloids To Smear Accusers

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New evidence has been launched on how Harvey Weinstein made use of papers to smear sexual offense accusers. Ana Kasparian as well as Cenk Uygur review on The Young Turks. Tell us exactly what you assume in the remark area listed below.

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" In the meeting, a records which was obtained by HuffPost, Andy coaxed Avellan right into talking in detail– regarding her former hubby, about McGowan, concerning exactly what she had actually heard had actually happened that night in 1997 in between McGowan and also Weinstein at the Sundance Film Festival. Today, about a year after the phone call, we understand Andy was really working with behalf of Weinstein, whether he understood it or not, and that his interview with Avellan would certainly wind up in the hands of the film mogul, part of Weinstein's campaign to threaten his eventual accusers. The transcript is a study in how Weinstein made use of a corrupted kind of journalism in salarying that project, until the real point finally brought him down.

Earlier this month, Ronan Farrow published an exhaustive account in The New Yorker of Weinstein's "army of spies," which he released in his eventually unsuccessful attempt to reduce tales regarding his decades-long history of supposed sexual offense and harassment. Weinstein employed exclusive security firms– including one called Black Dice, run by former Israeli intelligence officers, and also an additional called PSOPS, in Los Angeles– to maintain tabs on starlets and also journalists. He likewise enlisted reporters in his project to investigate and also discredit not simply accusers however various other journalists.

As Farrow first reported, one of Weinstein's foot soldiers was Dylan Howard, the primary web content police officer of American Media Inc. (AMI), which releases papers including the National Enquirer, where Howard likewise acts as editor-in-chief. Howard's spy deal with part of Weinstein obviously centered on McGowan." *.

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Cast: Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur.


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