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Has Kathy Griffin Gone Too Far?


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Comic Kathy Griffin did a photoshoot that is getting a great deal of people mad. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you why they believe she is holding Trump's head. Tell us what you believe in the remark area listed below.

"( CNN) Kathy Lion is safeguarding herself after attracting tough objection for taking part in an image shoot that featured her holding up a bloody head resembling Head of state Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, understood for his provocative pictures, released pictures he performed with Lion that quickly came under attack from people on Twitter, including the president's boy, Donald Trump Jr, that called the images "revolting but not surprising."

Griffin was accused of encouraging violence against the Head of state.

" UNDOUBTEDLY, I do not condone ANY violence by my followers or others to any person, ever!" Lion composed on Twitter. "I'm simply mocking the Mocker in Principal."

2/ OBVIOUSLY, I do not condone ANY violence by my followers or others to anyone, ever! I'm merely buffooning the Mocker in Chief.

— Kathy Lion (@kathygriffin) May 30, 2017
Inquiries were likewise increased about whether the pictures would certainly affect Lion's partnership with CNN. The comic is the longtime co-host of the network's annual New Year's Eve insurance coverage.

CNN has not yet responded to request for comment.

By all indications, Lion, a forthright movie critic of Trump, knew the photos would certainly be controversial.

In a behind the curtain video clip posted by Shields, Griffin asserted to the camera that she and also Shields were "not scared to do pictures that make noise."

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  1. Posted by Bizarro Grandpa, at Reply

    This is the reason why Republicans have an excuse to make fun of the left. Free speech is free speech. Stand up for it and be consistent.

    • Posted by grinnin2, at Reply

      Bizarro Grandpa idgaf what she does. Just think it’s an ugly graphic. But it doesn’t phase me one way or the other.

    • Posted by grinnin2, at Reply

      ktktktktktktkt Right you are ✌

    • Posted by grinnin2, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad Who TF advocates pedophilia? Get a grip. Besides Pizzagate is not true. Keep it real.

    • Posted by Roxe Karegow, at Reply

      Bizarro Grandpa Now you claim free speech, but you’d gone to the Trump’s rallies, Milo speeches, yelling hate speech? What a ironic situation.

    • Posted by Bizarro Grandpa, at Reply

      Roxe Karegow no. Why make that assumption? Milo has every right to say what he wants. Everyone does. That’s my whole point, dumbass.

  2. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    Is this why Leftists love Muslims?

    • Posted by hazel eyes, at Reply

      If the US is such a bad place, why does everybody want to go and live there?

    • Posted by Enkidu1701, at Reply

      Leftists should point out how Griffin was culturally appropriating ISIS and Islam in general with the beheading video. LOL

    • Posted by Astrobrant2, at Reply

      +Gouky “Is this why Leftists love Muslims?”
      To you and the 60+ people who liked your comment: No,… one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. You might as well have asked, “Is this why egg yokes are yellow?”

  3. Posted by Frank Suarez, at Reply

    The problem is you get this quite a bit from the right. They’ll say, “What? Are you triggered? You can’t stop freedom of speech.”

    Though it is allowed under Freedom of Speech, “speech” like this (from the left AND right) is meant to irk and troll people.

    • Posted by Roxe Karegow, at Reply

      Seljuk Cuck that is hate speech. When you threat the life of a specific target. Like “kill all white people” or something like that.
      I remember some buthurt had claimed “deport’em all” was hate speech cos it hurt his feeling and it made him feel threatened.

    • Posted by Stephen Skinner, at Reply

      Excuse you, but threatening a President is not covered by free speech, and you should have known that.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Presidents die in media all of the time, Stephen. This is art. It’s protected by the First.

  4. Posted by Robert House, at Reply

    Donald Trump slaughtered an 8-year-old American girl in Yemen, so this is an appropriate piece by Griffin.

    • Posted by Robert Parker, at Reply

      @Robert House Her father was part of terrorist group. Didn’t Trump say during the election he going to go after the family’s?

    • Posted by KELLSONIC, at Reply

      Really? In that case can you do me a favor? Can you make a photo of the you holding a head of Obama? Because the last I checked Obama killed many innocent children under his term of President.

    • Posted by Robert House, at Reply

      Robert Parker Their entire family, including her father, were US citizens and killing them via drone was unconstitutional. Yes he did, and that is a war crime.

    • Posted by Robert House, at Reply

      Before you start bringing up Obama, why don’t you read the 2nd reply to this comment.

    • Posted by Tria Maxwell, at Reply

      We didn’t accept “I was just following orders” when it was the Nazis

  5. Posted by Mythic, at Reply

    Love Kathy, hate Trump, this was a terrible idea. Very tacky, dramatic and paints the left in a bad light.

    • Posted by The Super Psycho Killer, at Reply

      Kathy Griffin has no talent.

    • Posted by ? ?, at Reply

      You love Kathy? For what? She is not funny

    • Posted by taragnor, at Reply

      The most shocking part of this whole thing is that Kathy Griffin is still considered relevant. Seriously how is she still around? One of the worst comedians ever. I guess I’m not surprised she’s pulling stupid publicity stunts, it’s not like her talent is drawing any attention.

  6. Posted by Sasuke Uchiha, at Reply

    Imagine if a celebrity did this with Obama’s head . Racist/sexist would had been used so much . She only apologize because she know this is going to ruin her career more then lip syncing did to Ashley Simpson .

    • Posted by Jon Smith, at Reply

      Sasuke Uchiha think a senator doing it even worst

    • Posted by COVERSbyTORI, at Reply

      Sasuke Uchiha ok but they did…

    • Posted by vgames89, at Reply

      I’m not bringing up “what about” crap. The original commenter on this thread brought up Obama. I’m just responding.

  7. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    Ana is right. I hate Trump too but that is going over the top. That is like advocating for his assassination.

    • Posted by Anthony, at Reply

      She is wrong, but lets face it a lot of us have thought about.

    • Posted by george maly, at Reply

      well spoken representative for the cause. Obama brought the great clean politics from Illinois to DC. Trump did the same crap……really what month is this and how many years have you had to endure under this oppression mae. Please keep up the great vision no matter how blurry it may be.

  8. Posted by SomeGuy, at Reply

    Free Speech.

    • Posted by MetalDetroit, at Reply

      Apparently the Secret Service views it as a threat and not free speech since they just opened an investigation. Threats to the President are a felony.

    • Posted by Robert Forrester, at Reply

      It is no threat whatsoever. The SS routinely investigate these matters. It will go nowhere.

    • Posted by al 41057, at Reply

      Just like impeachment.

  9. Posted by Mxtroll, at Reply

    “Don’t do that, it makes you look like that bad guys.”

    Exactly. This does absolutely nothing to help the anti-Trump cause, it only hurts us.

    • Posted by Achille12345, at Reply

      Wasn’t the left the one who tells his supporters it’s alright to punch nazi? Result hundred of innocent people even teens and kids were assaulted and injured for no reasons?

    • Posted by TheHigherVoltage, at Reply

      Achille, “Wasn’t the left the one who tells his supporters it’s alright to punch nazi? ”

      Interesting question. Let me know if you find any evidence to back up your question.

  10. Posted by Curiosity, at Reply

    I don’t like Trump but it is also not the right thing to do. No it’s just not right.

    • Posted by Landrew0, at Reply

      “Art” is so often an excuse for bad behavior.

    • Posted by Samsara Bardos, at Reply

      Art is art, I like horror art, I would like to see more beheading art!!!

  11. Posted by bdawggification, at Reply

    I think people are being too sensitive. Poor taste, maybe but is it really deserving of this much attention its getting??

    • Posted by Sentinal, at Reply

      That was a foolish comment…

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      haha Griffin can say goodbye to what she laughably calls her career that filthy vile putrid leftist SCUM

    • Posted by bdawggification, at Reply

      Wow, look at some of the knuckle-draggers with their made in china trump branded panties all in a bunch. Don’t cry, its not really your Führer, its only a picture. 🤣🤣

    • Posted by JohnnyForehead, at Reply

      Say’s the side that brought us micro-aggression’s.

  12. Posted by Karen Santiago`, at Reply

    The Shoe was on the other foot, are we forgetting the “Obama” targets that were sold for people to shoot at?

    • Posted by Sam Lucky, at Reply

      Karen Santiago` Oh please! 🙄 If someone had done this depicting OBAMA’s head, she’d be on trial two seconds after it went live.

    • Posted by Karen Santiago`, at Reply

      from the Atlantic, Ted Nugent saying if Obama won the 2012 election he (Nugent) would be “dead or in jail”, 1 down, a ton others to go. In 2007 in a concert he said Obama could “suck on his machine gun”, He also said of democrats, “we need to ride into battle and CHOP THEIR HEADS OFF in November”. From the Daily Beast : “Ted Nugent wants to elect Trump and Kill Obama and Hillary”, is that enough of an example of a celebrity threatening a democrat? So spare me your bullshit.

    • Posted by ELI MARS, at Reply

      Not trying to move the goal post, fine, Ted is ONE. Let’s just keep in mind you’re not going to see or hear much from him on ABC, VH1, CNN, CC, HBO, NBC, MSNBC…heck, not even Fox News. Any of his future projects/recordings will have funds from independent label or straight out of his own butt.

    • Posted by Jon Smith, at Reply

      wasnt he invited to the correspondents dinner or something.

  13. Posted by Beaste Meauxde, at Reply

    *Where are the trump supporters congratulating TYT for going against this picture?????*

    • Posted by DutchKing72, at Reply

      Why would we?

  14. Posted by Greg Camp, at Reply

    In the context, I can’t bring myself to be upset with what she did–at least until she wussed out. Trump is a horror. He deserves to be portrayed as such.

    • Posted by Beamers Beamer, at Reply

      Whatplantscrave 25 did you condemn the killing on the train or applaud it?

  15. Posted by crazed blimp, at Reply

    TYT has been inciting violence against Conservatives and White people for years. Kill yourselves.

    • Posted by Derek Halder, at Reply

      + Nyquillus Dillwad
      No they have done it a few times, they have also chanted wanting dead cops hundreds of times, attacked people for being white. there are hundreds of videos of them doing this. You are in denial. BLM is a terrorist group.

    • Posted by Derek Halder, at Reply

      +Nyquillus Dillwad Also TYT is partnered with and funded AJ+, A “news” network owned and controlled by the Qatar royal family. The same royal family which owns most its nation as slaves and has been repeatably sanctioned for supporting ISIS by directly funding them. Cenk joined this partnership of his own free will…. he choose to earn money for slavery and isis…. why do you support that?

    • Posted by Wildfire Gaming, at Reply

      You’re obviously not a legal scholar.

    • Posted by grinnin2, at Reply

      Wildfire Gaming 😂😂😂

    • Posted by grinnin2, at Reply

      crazed blimp That’s not true.

  16. Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

    This is your brain on Islam.

    • Posted by Beamers Beamer, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad yeah is that what the white on the train was trying to do, berating woman because their wore a hijab and killing those who came to their defense? You have the audacity to condemn KG, how different are you. One was satire and the other real life.

    • Posted by It's Me, at Reply

      “…of our President.” Let that sink in 😉

    • Posted by mike k, at Reply

      Beamer: Fun fact; that psycho in Portland is actually a Bernie supporter according to his FB.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      +Beamers Beamer Isolated lone wolf incident. Try again.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      +Áine White Supremacists don’t behead.

  17. Posted by mehmet rasim inceoglu, at Reply

    What is the difference between her image and an ISIS propaganda video?

    • Posted by MattSchneider44, at Reply

      Apparently ISIS is using the image in their propaganda videos.

    • Posted by joe BONES, at Reply

      Whats the difference between ISIS flim and a horror movie?

    • Posted by TheD2JBug, at Reply

      same as the isis girl with the Koran , flag and gun and the Christian and the bible and flag and gun. None.

    • Posted by DARK MATTER, at Reply

      mehmet rasim inceoglu what’s the difference in isis and the cops/ the racist American government

  18. Posted by Amal Mohamed, at Reply

    That picture is so gross, kathy is just gross. She ain’t funny, we can fight this creepy old racist without violent imagery.

    • Posted by Kooky Spooks, at Reply

      M2brSaA liberals don’t actually give a shite About Native Americans.
      They just bring up Native Americans as an excuse to invite more illegal Invaders and ballot box stuffing

    • Posted by Kooky Spooks, at Reply

      Beamers Beamer Go home

    • Posted by kevin cosgrave, at Reply

      racist? please explain how

    • Posted by kevin cosgrave, at Reply

      you all call him a racist yet when questioned how you all hide

  19. Posted by Grinder, at Reply

    Cultural appropriation of Islam

    • Posted by coogrfan, at Reply

      When ISIS displays a severed head, it ain’t a prop.

    • Posted by Gardner De Aguiar, at Reply

      Exactly, coogrfan.

    • Posted by Phantom, at Reply

      Kathy Griffin has nothing to do with Kathy Griffin. Kathy Griffin is a religion of peace.

  20. Posted by Trey Corteź, at Reply

    I’m a huge trump supporter (as you can tell) and I had no problem at all with it. Kathy Griffen is fine af too so that makes it even better. Free speech is free speech. We will not silence the left like how they want to silence conservatives!!!

    • Posted by Zucchina, at Reply

      Trey Corteź tell your buddies to get in the same page then

    • Posted by joe BONES, at Reply

      Who’s going to choose the within reason? Trump?

    • Posted by reedcampbell9, at Reply

      Trey Corteź free speech can still be disgusting (and no I’m not a crazy censorship person I think all speech is protected) for example someone has a right to yell the n word but doesn’t make it morally ok