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Heart Surgery Patients Face Creepy New Strain Of Bacteria


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America's Lawyer Mike Papantonio goes over a company called LivaNova that has actually triggered an unnecessary increase in threats for heart surgery patients by supplying American medical facilities with a clinical device that's packed with germs. To get more information, go to The U.S.A.'s Legal representative at

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  1. Posted by Luna vampire, at Reply

    If the FDA doesn’t to help people then they should be fired and in jail for knowing this problem and not doing anything about it. What more important people’s lives or money?

    • Posted by Anthony Cavailles, at Reply

      <----- sée pic thheree iis an suurprisee f0r you !!

    • Posted by mick stot, at Reply

      He said the FDA are investigating. Shouldn’t we wait for the result before being outraged and give a dodgy lawyer our money?

  2. Posted by James Salvatore, at Reply

    Follow a plant based diet, people. Lowers your chance of needing heart surgery the most.
    No excess saturated fats, LDL cholestorol = nice healthy blood flow.

    • Posted by Ghostdini Stark, at Reply

      James Salvatore Tell the fat genocide denying King Turd that

    • Posted by Phish N' Chimps, at Reply

      He eats where black people eat. he said so, in the Redlobster video they made.

    • Posted by Anonymous, at Reply

      James Salvatore Please stop. we don’t need to follow just a plant -based diet for this.

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      Plants have less protein, less calories, less cholesterol, less amino acids, and less fat.

    • Posted by Phish N' Chimps, at Reply

      Humans can’t break down cellulose as well. plants are great as fiber to keep the digested meat flowing

  3. Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

    TYT = ISIS

  4. Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

    A guide to solve health and social issues in the USA:

    1) Ban sugar. Use artificial sweeteners instead. Obesity will drop like a stone. Obesity is America’s #1 killer. End the “Fat Pride” movement.
    2) Understand the fact that cancer is NOT the most dangerous thing in the world right now. So don’t ban artificial sweeteners just because of the 1% increase in the chance of getting cancer.
    3) Ban all opioids. They kill WAY more than they cure. They also lead to heroin use, which also kills. Ban opioids.
    4) Ban all ADHD pills, and antidepressants. They, too, kill more than they cure. And while we’re on the topic, end the practice of using “depression” as an excuse for mass shooters to slaughter people in schools.
    5) Wage a war on ALL drugs, not just weed and crack. Target all the white people drugs too. Give drug dealers life in solitary confinement, which makes prison costs cheaper.
    6) Increase the number of executions from 35 a year to about 3000 a year. Make sure that it is used to target white people and black people EQUALLY. Murder is a huge issue in America. Over 10000 people are killed in the US every year. So the number of executions needs to be more.
    7) Allow all drinks with low alcohol content, like beer and wine, but do away with all drinks with high alcohol content, like vodka, whisky, liquor, etc.
    8) Understand the fact that ending crime is key to solving health issues, given that most of the illnesses in America are caused by rampant drug use. The US has turned into a place where kids/teens are either out on the streets, forming gangs, doing drive-by’s, and killing each other, or are huddled at home, afraid of going out out of fear of getting raped/killed, and self destructing with porn, drugs, ADHD meds, booze, and video games. This plague needs to end.

    Share your thoughts.

    • Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

      + Synerrox

      Again, no argument. Just meaningless buzzwords.

    • Posted by ES Zebulun, at Reply

      1.) Like with most foods we consume, sugar in moderation is okay. I think that people should still have the freedom to choose to eat sugar or artificial sweetener as they wish. Obesity is absolutely a problem and a major risk factor to the actual #1 killer in America which is Heart disease. However, high fat, high sodium and calorie rich processed foods also contribute to the issue. Banning everything unhealthy is great and all, but is it cost wise? Many people of a lower socioeconomic class can live in food deserts where access to healthy foods is minimal or very expensive. This isn’t as straightforward or simple as you might think it is.
      2.) Cancer is not the number one killer, but it is #2. Whether or not artificial sweeteners cause cancer is still being researched, which is why I think that people should have the choice about whether or not they want to solely consume artificial sweeteners.
      3.) I agree that opioids have been over-prescribed. They have their uses particularly in patients with chronic pain with end-stage illnesses, but they should be much more difficult to obtain. I’m a medical student so I’m not a doctor yet, but I do get an opportunity to volunteer in clinics in a major city. Doctors are aware of the issue, and as medical students we are taught to recognize potential opioid addicts that show up in the ER.
      4.) ADHD and antidepressants are also overprescribed. They don’t work for everyone, but they absolutely help many. Blanket banning them would hurt those whom the medications could have helped. I am particularly interested in neurology and psychiatry, and I can tell you that the mental health fields as a whole also advocate other social and psychological treatments besides prescribing pills. A combination of biological, social and psychological treatments can often produce the best results.
      5.) The war on drugs was started in the 70’s. It clearly hasn’t worked and has only served to bloat the US prison populations. I do agree that there should not be a racial bias when it comes to enforcing drug laws. Your proposal for life in solitary confinement for all drug deals is absurd. Psychological torture aspects of life in solitary aside, solitary confinement is much more expensive than regular population imprisonment.
      6.) This is more of an ethical debate about whether or not you think that capital punishment is a helpful deterrent. Just keep in mind that our justice system is imperfect (As you mentioned there is currently a racial bias in justice and that’s not going away any time soon) and increasing the number of executions almost a hundred fold like you suggest would increase the likelihood of the wrongfully convicted getting executed particularly.
      7.) Why? You can still die from alcohol poisoning from low alcohol drinks. Again moderation and choice should be available for those who are responsible.
      8.) I think that addressing poverty and socioeconomic disparity is the key to solving health issues. Most illnesses in America, like diabetes, are the result of poor access to healthy foods. Crime is also a side-effect of poverty and economic disparity. Providing opportunity through education and employment rather than simply cracking down on crime and creating a school to prison pipeline is a better solution in my opinion.

    • Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

      ES Zebulun

      Yes but those pills kill more people than they help. Its a lesser of 2 evils to ban them.

      China’s model for dealing with drugs is successful , in that it has removed drugs completely.

  5. Posted by Gasman, at Reply

    tyt is disgusting. everything negative. no wonder all their followers are miserable little assholes. they should probably kill themselves

    • Posted by TurdFurgeson571, at Reply

      Gasman, Why do you disapprove of negative stories?

    • Posted by Gasman, at Reply

      TurdFurgeson571 I don’t listen to them. I just love reading how miserable all you assholes are.

    • Posted by TurdFurgeson571, at Reply

      Gasman, are you ok?

    • Posted by Gasman, at Reply

      TurdFurgeson571 me I’m grand. you libtards are sick

  6. Posted by barbourgirl78, at Reply

    Fortunately, my mother had her OHS, something like 25 years ago, and she had a miraculous recovery.

    • Posted by trellbfieldarts _, at Reply

      barbourgirl78 called BBC right?

  7. Posted by messmaker2298, at Reply

    what the heck is the symptoms ? is there a way to treat it? talk about an incomplete video driving people into a panic wtf

  8. Posted by Rainbow Dash, at Reply

    why are they using a screenshots of the guy in bio inc?

  9. Posted by Lennie Godber, at Reply

    The American healthcare system is a joke the world over
    I’d be more worried about that

  10. Posted by gsmoshi, at Reply

    I love how trolls who “hate” TYT are always the first ones here to comment and watch videos. It’s like me waking up really early to watch Fox News.

  11. Posted by MPORTtheGOD, at Reply

    But keep on taking those anti-biotics whenever the slightest thing is wrong with you

  12. Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

    Oh great, another paid advertisement from an ambulance chasing lawyer

    • Posted by BringBacktheHitch, at Reply

      “WAHHH WAHH WAHH WAHH WAHHH WAWHHH WAHHHHH!” — Donald Trump supporters.

  13. Posted by Gothic TDK, at Reply

    Healthcare system is completely corrupted and contaminated 🏥🛢🗑🤢

  14. Posted by Robert Lembo, at Reply

    Well what are you going to do about it!? Why did the video end so abruptly!? Where is the lawsuit, how is this getting fixed, what are the reparations that will be given to the victims!?!?!???!?!? TELL ME!!!!!

  15. Posted by Bramble451, at Reply

    I don’t understand these segments. While some are interesting, there’s no call to action. They’re just saying, “well this sucks”. What’s the purpose? Are you participating in litigation concerning these issues? I’m not going to be able to personally address or remember all the myriad issues that can be uncovered, so where are these going?

    • Posted by King Kaiden, at Reply

      TYT is a news channel, he is simply telling us the news…

    • Posted by goddessmelanisia, at Reply

      No, He’s a lawyer. He’s not reporting news, he’s recruiting clients. Hence the link to his website, “America’s Lawyer”. The man is an ambulance chaser.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      this is a paid advertisement. are u really this dumb?