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Help Change Democrats’ Strategy


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The Democrats have actually seemed to discover ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from the Obama years. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, tell you how you could alter that. Tell us what you assume in the remark section below. Indicator petition below:

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" 60% of Americans sustain net nonpartisanship, yet the FCC is hell-bent on taking down the complimentary and open net. 84% of Democrats and also 60% of Republicans sustain the DESIRE Act, however Republicans are choosing not to pass the DESIRE Act. Over 90% of Democrats and about 80% of Republicans want to preserve or raise financing for Medicaid, Medicare as well as Social Security, yet Bernie's change to the Republican tax costs to ensure no cuts to these programs was voted down.

Democrats have a special opportunity to force Congress to pass these extremely prominent plans since Republicans cannot get adequate votes from their own celebration to pass their investing expense.

So we together with Rep. Ro Khanna are informing Democrats: do not release the Republicans."

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  1. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    *Justice Democrats 2018!!!*

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Y2K If you think that’s a “big word” you really ARE a ‘tard. 😜

    • Posted by Y2K, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 Actually I was picturing you as the type to think “simpleton” was a big word. And you still need to come up with more imaginative insults — “tard” isn’t exactly original. So, in functionality, you are exactly the same as every other Drumpf supporter and, quite frankly, serve no unique purpose.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Y2K = dumb

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Y2K translation: “derp”

      and I bet you sat waiting here for a response. 😜

  2. Posted by Foil Grim Timmy, at Reply

    The Repedophile Party

    • Posted by night hawk, at Reply

      You’re forgetting about Hollywood.

  3. Posted by Patty Frisk, at Reply

    Pedophile strategy

    • Posted by Patty Frisk, at Reply

      Henry Albrecht I think you have your parties mixed up. Isn’t it the Clintons who are suspected of child sex trafficking. Haiti children? Whatever happened to them?
      Isn’t Hilary’s side kick, HiMa’s husband Anthony Weiner in prison as we speak? For???? What was that island called that the Clintons are known to frequent? Who owns that island? What was the owner of that island convicted of? Too much?
      I think so
      It’s not all. I just got done typing. I feel sorry for those poor little children.
      Democrats won’t fight for them

    • Posted by Patty Frisk, at Reply

      Henry Albrecht that’s all you have is something from 30
      Years ago? We have more i the last 24 hours! Piss off. Moron

    • Posted by Henry Albrecht, at Reply

      Patty Frisk *_CONFIRMED FAKE NEWS!_* you are a disinfo warrior. Dennis Hastert, Wes Goodman, Donald Trump, Roy Moore, etc. all confirmed sexual predators and pedophiles. Face it, you are a pedophile supporter. Conservative scum. Conservative Family values = pedophilia

    • Posted by Patty Frisk, at Reply

      Henry Albrecht hahahahahaha we will see
      You are going off crumbs and stretching. You are a fool and you know it. Sorry loser and you are a cry baby. Snow flake and can’t handle losing and being wrong. Donald trump is not a proven pedophole and neither is Moore. But you prove every time you respond that you are a moron and in denial.

  4. Posted by Patty Frisk, at Reply

    Can you mention how Obama cut social security and Veterans benefits? And ignored the health care for military his whole 8 years

    • Posted by Bob Sagert, at Reply

      He did many times. You’d know if you ever actually watched and didn’t troll like a coward… You partisan hack pos, get dead lol;)

  5. Posted by Donna Avila, at Reply

    We need a viable 3rd political party for the progressives. I am fed up with politics as usual and nothing productive being accomplished. I wonder how successful Bernie Sanders would have been if he had not run under the Democratic banner.

    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      A viable party for progressives is an oxymoron.
      You are never going to a viable option by insisting everyone is a racist, sexist, homophobe, transphobe.
      Telling the electorate they are all disgusting people isn’t a big vote winner.

    • Posted by pathocrat, at Reply

      Viable is the key word. Keeping sitting on your hands and wondering about stuff, I guess, while other people do the work.

    • Posted by Donna Avila, at Reply

      You just described the conservative Republicans perfectly.

  6. Posted by Joes Corner, at Reply

    Dems so sad, little rocket man, lock her up folks.

    • Posted by You Can't Escape The Blob, at Reply

      Unbelievable, folks. Un-believable.

  7. Posted by 伊藤博文, at Reply

    Maybe you should start thinking how to protect US from the illegal immigrants. Americans want to make America better for Americans.

    • Posted by AshGod, at Reply

      Everyone should have the opportunity to become an American regardless where they are from, they deserve a chance.

    • Posted by 伊藤博文, at Reply

      To give a green card or to give the limited working VISA is up to Americans. Immigrants don’t have any right to claim. In my opinion, only the US citizens have the right to vote in the election. Look at those Chinese community and Mexican community! They work for the benefit for their countrymen, not for the American. I do understand some value of the quality immigrants, however, they should not participate in the politics. To differentiate Americans and immigrants in social right is not the racism. It is the proper treatment.

    • Posted by Emeril Lagassi, at Reply

      Coming Fourth MUH WHITE INSECURITY

  8. Posted by Twostones00, at Reply

    We want Medicare for all, cheap prescription drugs, our environment protected, climate changes addressed and increased taxes on the rich. We want affordable education and the rights of women protected. We want guns out of the hands of crazy people and an end to wars of aggression and for profit. We want banks regulated and the rights of consumers protected. We want immigration reform that protects the dreamers and their families. We want Planned Parent hood funded including free education, testing and free contraception. We want money out of politics. We want indictments for all in government the collude with Russia and who lie to congress. We want an end to Gerrymandering. We want a fast move to clean solar and wind energy and away from fossil fuels and fracking. We want pure water to drink and pure food to eat. We want peace and a reduction to the military budget. We want social justice. We want a nation wide investment in electric powered passenger rail service like other countries have. We want Trump and his crime gang impeached and removed from office. Most of all we want democrats to represent the people, not the corporations. Blue dog democrats are really just republicans with a (D) behind their name. Trump, the GOP and blue dog democrats are against these things. Vote them out in 2018 and 2020.

    • Posted by Harmony Alexandria, at Reply

      I want a dragon to heat my pool, that’s not happening either. Democrats made a choice, out of that laundry list of desires, they choose to protect Dreamers – OTHER, they choose to protect other instead of Medicare for all, environmental protections, affordable education, the rights of women, and the end to wars.

      Choices have consequences, why should the average voter vote Democrat, or even Progressive when what really matters to Democrats is OTHER? What does other do for them?

    • Posted by Jae Lynn, at Reply

      They only chose DACA to gain their votes next time

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      You’re from California, right?

  9. Posted by Precious Snowflake, at Reply

    The Democrats have an unfortunate yeah it’s called pretending to give a fk about people by virtue signalling to every minority group, while selling out to corporations and flooding the country with immigrants to keep wages low.

    • Posted by PurushaDesa, at Reply

      Precious Snowflake
      The corporations are keeping wages low. Whether you’re immigrant or indigenous, it doesn’t matter. They have enough money for everyone who works for them and instead of paying that workforce a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, they keep buying back their own stock to drive up its price, paying out insane dividends and bonuses and *crucially* buying politicians to deregulate the laws in their favour.

    • Posted by Precious Snowflake, at Reply

      The corporations own the political parties, they want globalisation and open boarders for one reason. You can pay less, if there are 1000 people (not just 100) applying for each job. Just ask anyone in Europe how wages have stagnated, since the advent of the EU.

    • Posted by PurushaDesa, at Reply

      Precious Snowflake
      As a Remain voter, I can assure you most of the problems in our economy now blamed on the EU were caused domestically. Bear with me as I take you through some of the travesties :

      – _The death of industrial towns was caused by Thatcher closing the mines without a proper job retraining or compensation programme._

      – _The housing crisis was caused when the Right to Buy scheme that allowed people to purchase their government housing was not accompanied by a programme to build more social housing at affordable rents. They essentially sold off the stock and neither Thatcher nor Blair bothered to replace it._

      – _The causes of the funding and resource crisis in our once exemplary National Health Service are charted in a fantastic book called NHSplc. It follows the New Labour government as it allowed easy money to flow into the National Health Service, by taking money from massive overseas private healthcare firms and construction companies lending at exorbitant rates of interest that we are still paying off to this day, and effectively making local government’s fight with each other for funding and contracts (called the ‘Internal Market’). To add insult to injury many private healthcare firms are allowed to leech off NHS resources like hospital space and beds when we don’t have any to spare. Indeed Brexit’s exacerbated the situation because those who come to fill the staff shortages now have their citizenship at risk._

      One of the legitimately bad things about the EU is making everyone adopt the same currency, the Euro. The European Central Bank having a fixed interest rate for many varying sizes of economy is obviously a ticking timebomb. *We already rejected that.* We still have our own currency, the Pound. It is therefore interesting to note that post-Brexit, our exchange rate has fallen dramatically.

      Very last point to bring it back to corporations paying their dues – it won’t have escaped your attention that some of the leading members of the Leave campaign are massively wealthy business elites who know fine well that the EU is finally clamping down on corporation tax avoidance and stand to gain a lot of profit when we leave – profit that they have no intention of transferring into higher wages.

      If your read to the end, thanks.

    • Posted by Precious Snowflake, at Reply

      The interesting thing about what you’ve said is this. Judging by your assessment, it’s government interference that has caused the problems you’ve listed. However, those who voted to remain in the EU must realize that (eventually) all political powers for each EU member state will be held by the EU parliament. The NHS would be completely privatised, and the ability to cast a protest vote to force changes would all but dissappear. At least if you leave the EU, the individual votes of UK citizens will still matter in the future.

  10. Posted by ptrinch, at Reply

    You are arguing based on the assumption that establishment democrats actually want any of those things. All the want is the appearance of support so they can convince their constituents to keep sending them back for the fight while giving their sponsors exactly what they want.

    • Posted by Arcexey, at Reply

      ptrinch all of us completely agree with you.
      But we think the corporate democrats will see a net gain in us.

  11. Posted by Patricia Patton, at Reply

    LOVE TYT!!

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      Super  *

  12. Posted by billy the dead, at Reply

    Please work for we the people get Bernie Sanders out in front of the DNC so we can have a common sense president instead of the moron and chief

  13. Posted by Christina Ferguson, at Reply

    I also want chip to be reinstated

  14. Posted by ActosMagus, at Reply

    A fourth thing, can that damn joke of a tax bill until it’s done by a proper bipartisan process!

  15. Posted by Jae Lynn, at Reply

    DACA only helps 800k people, we NEED to ask for something that help a LOT more people. Cost of living adjustments would help. Rents are TOO high for most to afford, people can’t save at all and these old people don’t seem to understand how different things are now compared to the 1950’s ,or even the 70’s, in terms of cost of living.

    • Posted by jalquezada70, at Reply

      Jae Lynn hey conserative get put of this video..

  16. Posted by CryinFester, at Reply

    The Dream Act may be a worthy policy, but it does not deserve such prominence. Medicare For All deserves this prominence.

    • Posted by jalquezada70, at Reply

      CryinFester Yes medicare for all is very important, but the lives of almost 1,000,000 daca recipients isnt?

    • Posted by CryinFester, at Reply

      Healthcare affects 300,000,000 people, so it’s about 300 times more important.

  17. Posted by Chris Mancakes, at Reply

    The DNC are just screwing their self more and more. They will never change until they get rid of the corrupt old timers that have held office for so long and move that party forward. If they start moving towards a Bernie Sanders way of thinking they might finally get a candidate in the White house.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Bernie is old too. Why do you think the Sanders crime family would be any different?

    • Posted by Chris Mancakes, at Reply

      I didn’t say to elect him, but he’s right about what direction we should be heading

  18. Posted by Fusionx916, at Reply

    Here is the problem. “Americans”, and even “Republicans” may agree, but they won’t vote that way. You could do a poll showing 65% of republicans want to increase funding for Medicare but come election time 90% of them will vote for their republican congressman no matter what his actual position is on Medicare.

    • Posted by racewiththefalcons1, at Reply

      Same goes for Democratic voters. Most of them favor marijuana legalization, but won’t think twice about shaming voters for not supporting a candidate who opposes it “in every sense of the word”.

  19. Posted by TheBig Phenom, at Reply

    If you want crumbs, ask for a slice, if you want a sandwich ask for the loaf.
    – some smart person