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Here… Comes… CORBYN!


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Jeremy Corbyn has reduced his challenger's lead in fifty percent in regarding a week. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment section listed below.

" It's conventional for surveys to swing to the government throughout a general election project, however Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Event has absolutely no respect for historic fads. Work is up 7 factors in three weeks, halving the Conventional lead, with the fall-out from the recommended "mental deterioration tax obligation" still to be totally factored in, U-turns consisted of.

There are two factors for this. To start with, the public has the tendency to just engage with national politics during a general political election campaign. Few people comply with all the weave of Westminster in their day to day lives. They could get the odd little bit of information, usually with the prism of a right wing tabloid press which typically sets the agenda, but as we near 8 June and individuals have to make their minds up about that to choose, a great deal even more attention will be paid to just what the events are claiming. This is why a link to Work's preferred policy went viral on Facebook last week." *.

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  1. Posted by kurdsh Empire, at Reply

    I’m Kurdish soldier fighting against Isis and am very happy there is some smart people like you guys have my support

    • Posted by kurdsh Empire, at Reply

      I now I have some information nobody else have it but I am just a soldier what can I do there is a big attack on my people and My Religion all I can do is protection of

    • Posted by Teflon KC ಌ Sood81, at Reply

      +kurdsh Empire I hear you. You’re doing a great job of defending your people. Keep it up young warrior.

    • Posted by kurdsh Empire, at Reply

      Teflon KC ಌ Sood81 thanks

    • Posted by fourdeck33, at Reply

      +kurdsh Empire I support you and your people. Thanks for your sacrifices.

    • Posted by kurdsh Empire, at Reply

      fourdeck33 thanks

  2. Posted by soccerguy325, at Reply

    If you’re in the UK get out and VOTE! Preferably Labour or Liberal Democrat.

    • Posted by HeresyTalk, at Reply

      May is herpes but Corbyn is cancer.

    • Posted by soccerguy325, at Reply

      +HeresyTalk Why?

    • Posted by BetweenTwo Lungs, at Reply

      Sorry I’ll be voting for my Queen.
      Yass Nicola Sturgeon slay kween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Sandernista, at Reply

      Lib Dems are pathetic, last time they were in Government with the conservatives, they were so spineless that they lost all their seats in the next election. It’ll happen again, SNP, Labour and Greens are the way to go.

      Lib Dems can’t move beyond Brexit, they want to hold another referendum. It’s time to move on, Brexit is happening…

  3. Posted by Alec Elsden, at Reply

    Before all of the Tory bum brigade come on and start going on about how great the Conservative party is, perhaps you should watch a video of GPs, nurses and other hospital staff stating that the NHS won’t survive another 5 years of Tory rule.

    • Posted by TheByzantineBeserker, at Reply

      It won’t survive Labour rule either.

    • Posted by Alec Elsden, at Reply

      It was created by Labour, and I’m sure would be in much better hands with Labour, especially under Corbyn, who strives to maintain public ownership, rather than May and the Tories who make social cuts like butchers. I don’t think that under a Labour government, you’d get people waiting in A&E on trolleys and makeshift-beds, unlike last winter.

    • Posted by TheByzantineBeserker, at Reply

      +Alec ElsdenThe problem with the NHS is the NHS. Get it?

    • Posted by Alec Elsden, at Reply

      The problems with the NHS are under-funding, and the scapegoat of blaming this on efficiency.

    • Posted by TheByzantineBeserker, at Reply

      +Alec ElsdenSocialist systems don’t last forever.

  4. Posted by Evirthewarrior, at Reply

    Of course TYT supports an actual, admitted communist.

  5. Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

    The most unfavourable politician currently working. Yeah, I’m suuuuure he’ll win

    • Posted by wesley ogilvie, at Reply

      How is he unpopular? He would surpass Bernie Sanders if he was an American politician.

    • Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

      In case you haven’t noticed, not every country in the world is America

    • Posted by wesley ogilvie, at Reply

      I know. I’m saying if he were a politician in the U.S, he would surpass Bernie Sanders as the most favored politicians. Bernie Sanders has a 61% approval rating among Americans.

    • Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

      And if Bernie Sanders was a UK politician he would sink

  6. Posted by william scheufler, at Reply

    I hope Corbyn wins.

    • Posted by Paulie Walnuts, at Reply

      So you’re a commie.

    • Posted by TerryMacka McKenzie, at Reply

      Theresa May is a communist for the rich: same old story, privatize the gains, socialize the losses. Come on Jezza!!

    • Posted by Paulie Walnuts, at Reply

      No that makes her a corporatist not a communist. Corbyn’s the communist and you’re clearly supporting him.

  7. Posted by Gavin James, at Reply

    Sometimes the young turks should just leave British stories alone. Corbyn is deeply unpopular.

    • Posted by High Energy Jeb, at Reply

      Paulie Walnuts hahahahahah! Still going strong? We have one the worst wealth gaps by class in the world!! Not to mention if it weren’t for Obama “the socialist” bailing out wall street during the 08 recession, you’d be picking leftovers out the garbage. Sometimes I wish that the capitalist system would collapse yet again but this time the big old bad government wont come to the rescue. Let us see if you any gullible sheep would still have the same opinion.

    • Posted by Paulie Walnuts, at Reply

      *We have one the worst wealth gaps by class in the world!*
      And? Who cares about income inequality? Let me ask you this. What does income equality look like to you?

      *Not to mention if it weren’t for Obama “the socialist” bailing out wall street during the 08 recession, you’d be picking leftovers out the garbage.*
      I’m not American nor do I live in America and he should’ve let them fail. Doing that shows they are too big to fail and that they have too much power.

      *Sometimes I wish that the capitalist collapse would happen again but this time the big old bad government wont come to the rescue.*
      Well it was government regulation that caused the housing market crash which is not free market capitalism but bullshit government interference which the socialists love of course.

      *Let us see if you any gullible sheep would still have the same opinion.*
      Yes there are still some intelligent people like me. Unfortunately there are morons like you who should be legally insane since you’re a socialist and expect a different result from something that happens again and again.

    • Posted by High Energy Jeb, at Reply

      Who cares about income inequality? Majority of Americans which include me. I want to be able to have a decent job with a livable income so I can be able to own a car, have a roof over my head, pay bills, and eat three meals a day. You know.. basic human necessities that our species needs in order to have a healthy life. Kinda difficult to do that earning 15 thousand a year and having to go to college at the same time. This is especially hard when wages in this country have been stagnat over the past decade. Of course, you wouldn’t know that since you aren’t American and have no idea how fucked our politics is here in the U.S. You stating that the “over regulation” was the cause of the 08 recession just proves my point.

    • Posted by The S3, at Reply

      Gavin James This story convinced me Cenk lives in a progressive bubble.

  8. Posted by PF, at Reply

    VOTE LABOURRR, so hope you’re right Cenk

    • Posted by PF, at Reply

      +Kevin H why not? I know Corbyn is a bit cray but their policies are decenttt

    • Posted by Aspartame69, at Reply

      His policies are unbelievable. Emphasis on the unbelievable.

      No one will be in more of a panic than corbyn if corbyn is elected. After promising the world to everyone its going to be tough to deliver.

    • Posted by PF, at Reply

      Yeah i get that, just want to give him a chance to prove himself! May’s had her time and nothing changed, except for the worst… :/

    • Posted by Kevin H, at Reply

      With Brexit we are at such a crucial time, now is not the time to elect a protest politician just to “see what will happen”

  9. Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

    This coming from a guy who knows so little about European politics that he calls Macron a political outsider fighting against the establishment

    • Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

      Macron was formerly the Mister of the Economy and Finance under President Hollande, one of the most senior cabinet positions in France. In what alternate reality is he a political outsider?

    • Posted by Anthony Interiano, at Reply

      Donaldthustra That’s an appointed position

    • Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

      So what? You can still be an important government minister if you hold an appointed office.

    • Posted by Anthony Interiano, at Reply

      Donaldthustra Elected is not appointed and appointed is not elected. Besides, he made a third party after leaving.

    • Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply

      So he holds an appointed ministerial position for 2 years and all of a sudden he’s an insider? For reference, Montebourg held the position before him, and I haven’t heard _anybody_ call him an insider (although it may be because there are a lot of people like you who think insider and establishment are synonyms).

  10. Posted by Alexandre Cloutier, at Reply

    I don’t think UK is ready for smart choices

    • Posted by Alexandre Cloutier, at Reply

      I don’t know i mean he is left leaning but this is quite far from communism still

    • Posted by Thomas Milburn, at Reply

      Alexandre Cloutier simple test people before they can vote. Brexit test, Name the four freedoms of the EU.

    • Posted by Reuben SJ, at Reply

      He is. Self-identified and literally. Now you know.

    • Posted by dog guy, at Reply

      +Alexandre Cloutier so when he stated he was a Marxist he is still not a communist, or when he said he wants to ban building companies from public contracts if the CEO makes more than 6x then the lowest paid worker isn’t communist?

  11. Posted by SamanthaVimes, at Reply

    Bernie Sanders has a brother who lives in the UK who is on Corbyn’s team.

    • Posted by David B, at Reply

      +greendaytomd96 it is true, you just think otherwise… I’ve looked at their policies I can’t imagine Bernie Sanders ever describing himself as a Marxist…

    • Posted by greendaytomd96, at Reply

      yes but firstly that was not corbyn that was john McDonell and he has since clarified that what he meant was that das capital is very useful in diagnosing the problems of capitalism …. this is not a controversial thought most economists would agree. He is not a communist he is a reformist

    • Posted by David B, at Reply

      Oh so you let them “clarify” sorry but it doest change what they still believe just because they pretend to be something the electorate might tolerate. I can’t imagine Bernie Sanders ever saying that he was friends with Hamas and hezbollah!

    • Posted by greendaytomd96, at Reply

      He was using the collective “Friends” to address a conference that had, among many others, representatives from hamas …. He never said that Hamas were his friends … again your taking the news spin as gospel.

  12. Posted by Marco Pastor Mayo, at Reply

    Dude, he’s still 15 points behind in the polling average… -.-

    • Posted by michael emonds, at Reply

      Welsh Westminster voting intention:

      LAB: 44% (+9)
      CON: 34% (-7)
      PC: 9% (-2)
      LDEM: 6% (-1)
      UKIP: 5% (+1)

      (via @YouGov / 18 – 21 May)

    • Posted by michael emonds, at Reply

      Such a dramatic swing is unprecedented.

    • Posted by Marco Pastor Mayo, at Reply

      OMG!! Really?? Congrats then, go vote there 🙂
      But there are quite a few more constituencies, I think…

    • Posted by michael emonds, at Reply

      You think it’s only Wales that he has gathered momentum ? Did you see May’s disastrous U turn performance yesterday as well ? Never mind Tory boy 😉

    • Posted by Marco Pastor Mayo, at Reply

      LOL I’m even sadder than a Tory boy, I’m for the Lib Dems, so obviously nihilism FTW!!!

  13. Posted by Pano 360, at Reply

    I want Labour to win so badly. So sick of the Tories. I’m not sure this is a prediction I’d double down on though.

    Brexit was touted as an Anti-Elite, anti-establishment move to deflect from the obvious racism, but watch us elect the party of millionaires AGAIN!

    • Posted by Andrew Shaw, at Reply

      Labour was the part of millionaires throughout the Blair years. They arent as rich as the tories but much of the labour party which still exists throughout corbyns time on top is made up of middle class metropolitan elites.

      You have a party that aims to help the poor but hates half of their opinions, thats part of the problem.

      And there were racists on both sides of the brexit debate, some are idiots who somehow believed stoping eu immigration would lower the number of black people about, some were people who despise white people and cant wait to see them become an ethnic minority thinking that thats how to end racism, by putting whites, the only racist race apparently, in a position where they are the ones that need protections against racism.

      And yes it was anti elite and anti establishment. the elites and the establishment happened to almost entirely vote remain. Theres tonnes of bullshit from both sides but there is from every election and every referendum.

    • Posted by smeechdog, at Reply

      Andrew Shaw – you seem to have a handle on things – the PLP has an elitist “new labour” flavour…however, we’re more likely to get left-wing policies if Corbyn can make some serious ground. If Labour lose this election (that is, if they don’t make gains) we’ll have AT LEAST another decade of elitists representing the elites in both leading political parties…This is a historic election because it’s a fight for the soul of the labour party as well as the form of Brexit and the type of country Britain will be going forward.

    • Posted by Andrew Shaw, at Reply

      Agreed. The other option however, as its viewed here in scotland is if labour get annihilated, the party will fragment, we’ll be guaranteed the tories for 5 years but whether labour is replaced by one of the 3rd parties or a new labour party forms, we may get the party we want 5 years down the line. being another blairite party will not allow labour to wrestle scotland back from the snp.

      Unfortunately, up here, our vote is practically irrelavent in terms of the who will be in government. the tories have a strong majority already with only 1 seat in scotland, so if the tories are removed, its gonna be if labour can take the south of england. here we can only look tactically for the future, do we vote labour in the hopes that if labour cant wrestle enough from the tories, we can push it over like hasnt happened in decades. do we vote lib dem or green? let labour collapse and push one of those into the place labour used to be or do we vot snp even if not pro independance for the sake of saying if we are going out of the EU, with 50 odd mps all in a single block, scotland cant be ignored when it is so dependent on negotiation with eu countries or countries that have signed up to eu treaties.

  14. Posted by keevee09, at Reply

    New Zealand is wanting you to vote for your selves: Vote socialism!

    • Posted by andrewkiwi100, at Reply

      keevee09 What?

    • Posted by keevee09, at Reply

      andrew: John A Lee is our greatest politician, by shear (sp?) force of numbers. To this day, not a single politician in New Zealand has attracted such crowds. He brought in State Housing on his own. We, in the 20th Century had Swedish officials coming all the way out by boat to investigate first hand how socialism works practically. Our heritage has socialism (not communism, not capitalism) to thank for our head-start as a young nation. Give up on the populace and you’ll rue the day. What was you what?

    • Posted by andrewkiwi100, at Reply

      keevee09 I completely agree. The Savage government’s commitment to social housing and workers’ rights was a milestone in our country’s history – one which hasn’t been outdone tbh. My “what?” was in confusion to your original comment haha

  15. Posted by knight099159, at Reply

    GO JEREMY !! We need more progressive Governments to reverse the damage Conservative Governments have done

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      knight099159 ….you do understand our current conservative government is just getting the UK economy back on track after labour left us with more Debt than any country in Europe right? also corbyn is widely despised by working class British people such as me. the man is a total fuckwit. and has absolutely no chance of winning.

    • Posted by Alexander Howarth, at Reply

      Sam Vimes I pity you for not knowing what’s best for you. I’m voting against my own interests for the likes of you

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      +Alexander Howarth​​​ lol sunshine the likes of me come from working class council estates and saw and lived with the consequences of 10 years of new labour. Uncontrolled immigration keeping wages so low working people were constantly pushed towards pay day loans. Despite working 50+ hours a week. Schools and housing at breaking point due to overcrowding . Zero contacts at an all time high. Minimum wage kept ridiculously low to the point many got nothing more than a £40 pay rise over 10 years! At the same time families who wouldn’t work just had benefits thrown at them! More kids=more money so we ended up with families with both parents in work struggling to pay the bills whilst the neighbours who hadn’t worked since leaving school got 50k a year because they just pumped out kids. Corbyn epitomises these policies so you can yap all you want and waste your vote mate. Because labour lost the working class vote and corbyn will get destroyed! The man is totally gutless his IRA apologist connections are sickening enough then you have his home secretary Diana abbot LOL

  16. Posted by JOEY SANT, at Reply

    The terrorist attack happened on the  tories watch. They have been in power for 7+ years already. Their economic policies have been a disaster and in place since the 80’s. What do they have to offer?

    • Posted by Jaime Fernandez, at Reply

      the UK already has open borders you moron,just like the rest of the EU.

    • Posted by Curry Munch, at Reply

      Jaime Fernandez That’s why Brexit happened.

    • Posted by Jaime Fernandez, at Reply

      Brexit didnt happen,the only thing that happened so far is the voting,the actual exiting didnt happen.

    • Posted by Curry Munch, at Reply

      Anees Niazi You know you are not saying anything, right?

    • Posted by Curry Munch, at Reply

      Jaime Fernandez You call me a moron, yet you go and make a unnecessary stupid comment like that.

  17. Posted by Matthew Keal, at Reply

    Could The Young Turks cover more UK news? It is really helpful!

    • Posted by csc501csc501, at Reply

      Aren’t you chastising me for doing exactly what Cenk is doing? If it’s fine for him to say ‘Corbyn will win’, why is it not for me to say he won’t? Don’t see you calling Cenk crass – presumably becuase you like his prediction more than mine.
      Personally I’d like to see a UK TYT, not TYT does UK. However I think the whole show hinges on Cenk, so you’ve got to find that character in the UK to do it.

    • Posted by Matthew Keal, at Reply

      The difference between what Cenk said and what you said I that Cenk said his statement was a prediction, not a fact and was therefore an opinion, whereas you tried to state it as a fact. If this was not your intention thats okay, either way I admit calling the comment crass was a tad harsh and no offence was intended. I agree a UK TYT would be preferable however that doesn’t exist yet and to my knowledge neither is there any consumer funded media, and to be honest I think TYT could become a global news site, they already have reps like Francis from other countries why not try to gain more consumers from across the world.

    • Posted by csc501csc501, at Reply

      Yeah – if TYT were to start a UK franchise, fine. I just think the current team who have no immersion or real knowledge of the UK can’t credibly start predicting political events in the UK. And this is a prime example of taking a few facts from the UK, adding the American narrative and logic, and consequently getting the wrong answer.

    • Posted by Matthew Keal, at Reply

      Cheers bud

  18. Posted by David B, at Reply

    Cenk you seam to miss the fact that the UK centre ground is must more left then America. Our conservative party is pritty liberal. It supports universal healthcare ‘free at the point of use’, increases in the minimum wage, under May it even supports interference in the Utility market to cap customer bills etc. To try and make Corbyn out as the UK Bernie Sanders is totally wrong and to try and make our Conservatives out to be as right wing as the Republicans is totally wrong as well…

    • Posted by David B, at Reply

      Player One May is what is called Centre-right, she is a liberal-Conservative. The believe in things like minimum wage and they have raised it higher than even Labour had talked about… If you think May is hard line right wing you have no idea. Corbyn has taken Labour far left and the conservatives have taken the centre ground.

    • Posted by Drachos, at Reply

      ….Thats not how the Establishment works. The Establishment is the politicians who have business, political and media (specifically the powerful Murdoch Media) support.

      Compare Corbyn’s media portrayal to Ed Miliband’s portrayal. Better yet, compare how the rest of Labour spoke about Miliband to how they blatantly attack Corbyn.

      Miliband was establishment Left. Corbyn is outside what the establishment is comfortable with.

    • Posted by David B, at Reply

      +Drachos that is how it works, how can he not be the establishment once he has been established and has power… lol Once he’s nationalised everything under his authoritarian control, brought in price controls and salary restrictions, implemented high taxes on success and stope the free markets. He will be the establishment to pretend anything else is just political lies…

    • Posted by scragnog1, at Reply

      conservatives liberal and support universal health? Not in this universe.

    • Posted by David B, at Reply

      +scragnog1​ In the UK they do, since the NHS was created in 1946 the Conservatives have been in power for about 74% of all the years. Universal healthcare is still here and they support it. Both Labour and Conservative governments tinker with the way it is budgeted, organised and managed but neither of them wants to abolish it or stop the fundamental principle of “free at the point of use”.

  19. Posted by mitchmomlc, at Reply

    at this very moment the Tories are wilting under pressure, everything is moving left, May is looking tired and beaten. yes we can. for our childrens, childrens, children.

    • Posted by mitchmomlc, at Reply

      we are change, we must change, stability is same old crap to keep you down, Jeremy Corbyn was fighting for the poor, before it became fashionable. forward TOGETHER.

    • Posted by mitchmomlc, at Reply

      Trump is the catalyst for change, this is the moment we have waited for CARPE DIEM, from a true friend in Scotland.

    • Posted by JustComments123, at Reply

      Yep, borrowing loads of money to get a few years of improved services ultimately ending in a recession is definitely thinking of our children’s children’s children

  20. Posted by Jonathan Carless, at Reply

    His manifesto is brilliant and the Tories manifesto literally wants to take money off all the working class.

    • Posted by 2112, at Reply

      yet millions of working class will still vote tory

    • Posted by GameBros Ⓡ, at Reply

      I get that but Corbyn will never protect the country in terms of war and terrorism. That is just as if not more important that anything else.

    • Posted by 2112, at Reply

      the odds of being killed by a terrorist are as low as winning the lottery, the policies labour will implement will effect every one of us

    • Posted by jigsaw kloud, at Reply

      Corbyn will protect the UK by refusing to keep involving us in illegal wars and bombing campaigns against countries in the Middle East. The reason for the latest terrorist attack is because Tony Blair (New Labour), David Cameron and Theresa May (both Conservative) have consistently pushed for violent solutions to solve terrorism. Instead, it just exacerbates the situation and creates more terrorists.

    • Posted by GameBros Ⓡ, at Reply

      Well the thing about history is people don’t forget or forgive.