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Here is the Evidence That Russia Helped Donald Trump


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Donald Trump: Stop appointing campaign donors to your administration, sign the petition here:

State and federal officials should give access to outside experts to verify the vote and make sure that there is no hacking into our voting system. Sign the petition here:

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  1. Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

    cenk you better put Jimmy in his place. Hes making videos saying the exact
    opposite. so either you’re wrong or he’s wrong. which is it?

    • Posted by Parul Kinra, at Reply

      José Guzman i personally believe jimmy is a republican agent and his only
      agenda in life is to go after Hillary and obama.His monologues get so
      nauseating and boring and I really don’t see how he calls himself a stand
      up comic.Yuck!

    • Posted by Jasminewynja, at Reply

      +Parul Kinra He is politically left of Hillary, she’s the “republican

    • Posted by wleao13, at Reply

      jimmy are right.he are question more

    • Posted by Brian C, at Reply

      If Russia was helping Trump, how was Hillary able to win the popular vote?

    • Posted by ThE DuCk, at Reply

      I doubt he voted for Hillary .. Cenk hates the Clinton’s .. it seems
      to be personal .

  2. Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

    This is not evidence. Just misleading *fake news*.

    • Posted by magiclion, at Reply

      scotaloo7 7g7 Donald Trump’s picks for his administration are fake and
      their prior work history is fake ?

    • Posted by magiclion, at Reply

      Putin’s BFF picked as SOS is fake ?

    • Posted by Knekten, at Reply

      scotaloo7 7g7 two words alt right people get wrong all the time: Fake and

  3. Posted by Daniel Bostock, at Reply

    This is fake news.
    This is not evidence.

    • Posted by Daniel Bostock, at Reply

      Ja Ja yes, and that sez more about you if even I can see he has no evidence
      for the claim in the title.

    • Posted by pepe thefrog, at Reply

      wait, so there’s nothing wrong with our secretary of state, having the
      highest russian honor he can have.

    • Posted by David Kordesh, at Reply

      There’s a difference between evidence and proof. This is evidence.

    • Posted by Luke R, at Reply

      You seem to be mistaking evidence for proof. He was not offering proof he
      was offering evidence. Does it not seem extremely suspect to you what is
      going on here with this secretary of state appointment given what we know
      about rex tillerson, the russians and this half trillion dollar deal?

  4. Posted by Matthew Hubbs, at Reply

    Very misleading. Just to remind you guys there’s NOOOOO evidence Trumps
    related to Russia.

    • Posted by Aron Willington, at Reply

      Unencrypted server set up to avoid transparency and ‘they found no major
      security breaches’. Do Russian hackers leave a thank you message?

    • Posted by pepe thefrog, at Reply

      wait, so there’s nothing wrong with our secretary of state, having the
      highest russian honor he can have.

    • Posted by David Kordesh, at Reply

      Other than, you know, the CIA and FBI finding mountains of evidence saying
      that there is.

  5. Posted by Cuck, at Reply

    TYT in October: “Donald Trump is a joke, he believes the conspiracy theory
    that ‘the system is rigged’ and he won’t accept the result”
    TYT in December: “The election is RIGGED we have PROOF that the Russians
    did this. I refuse to accept the result #NotMyPresident”

    • Posted by Noobs Gaming, at Reply

      Micky Mouth o yes Hillary its a saint and Donald its a russian pupet.
      hahaha you are living in a bubble of lies, go back and crawl to your safe
      space SJW

    • Posted by Micky Mouth, at Reply

      +Noobs Gaming LOL I think you are the one inside the “safe space”, aka post
      truth bubble, where all you hear and see is what you want to hear and see.
      Not only did I not say it but I never even suggested Hilary was “a saint”.
      I simply said that Russia hacked both the DNC and the RNC, but choose to
      release only the DNC emails. This has nothing to do with if Hilary is nicer
      than Trump, it has to do with the intricate connection between Trump’s
      administration and a country that is hostile to America (Russia).

    • Posted by rdizzy1, at Reply

      They need trigger warnings and safe spaces when anyone criticizes fuhrer

    • Posted by Noobs Gaming, at Reply

      Micky Mouth im happy in Uruguay and we dont have safe spaces here, dont try
      to pass the ball over here, if you want to support the corrupt, sexist and
      murders of the Clinton Mafia its your problem. Go and gag yourself in their
      Koolaid and enjoy your fucked up left country. Ill be allright in the south
      where we belive in true Democracy and ppl can exprese different opinions +
      Disney is a evil Co. you should have chossed better avatar name it doesnt
      help your case.

    • Posted by MegaSeaMonkey, at Reply

      Zombie Inc typical liberal who thinks all trump supporters are racist, whos
      the bad one here’

  6. Posted by Arkansas Nathan, at Reply

    #1 – James Comey
    #2 – Fake News
    #3 – Need a recount in 3 states
    #4 – White Supremacy
    #5 – The Scary Russians

    • Posted by LordMalice6d9, at Reply

      What “white supremacists”? The Far-Left literally haven’t the foggiest idea
      how pathologically insane and delusional they sound. If no one knew any
      better, you’d think that there was a “Wite Supremezzist” guerrilla force
      finding under ever rock and in every nook and cranny in the US just waiting
      to pounce on the poor non-violent hapless (insert alleged preferred victim
      group here) political minority.
      The KKK are a Jewish supremacist organization masquerading as a supposed
      “White” supremacist group despite being founded a by mass murdering Jew
      named Nathaniel Bedford Forrest responsible for the Fort Pillow massacre.

      Once again nutjob Far-Left are moralist agitators with the same neurotic
      out of touch outlook as the evangelo-con Right-wingers they hate so much.

    • Posted by Carson B Wagner, at Reply

      LordMalice6d9 Would you like that in the form of dozens of links to
      endorsements and celebrations by white supremacist groups, like the KKK, or
      would you just continue to ignore those?

    • Posted by Carson B Wagner, at Reply

      Oh, right. “Don’t feed the trolls.” I keep forgetting that, particularly
      with the delusional ones.

    • Posted by rdizzy1, at Reply

      What about the american nazi party, the national alliance, the knights
      party, the traditionalist workers party, league of the south, the american
      freedom party, the national policy institute,the aryan nation, all of these
      are openly white nationalist/supremacist groups that supported Trump and
      these don’t even include the 10-15 different white nationalist websites
      that openly supported him as well.

    • Posted by cnn8420, at Reply

      Arkansas Nathan and that is why the Democrats are in big trouble

  7. Posted by Capt Panda, at Reply

    Why do you trump supporters view this page if you think its fake news? view
    news that you believe then. Keep up the great work Cenk!

    • Posted by Luke R, at Reply

      Cenk was not offering proof he was giving evidence. Do you not understand
      the difference?

    • Posted by TheWaterdog6, at Reply

      He gave no evidence. Merely CNN brand speculation.

    • Posted by Luke R, at Reply

      So you think there is absolutely nothing untoward about trumps appointment
      for secretary of state given rex tillersons links to russia and the half
      trillion dollar deal?

  8. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    People need to read Machiavelli’s The Prince, so they’ll understand Cenk’s
    perspective on this matter.

    Oh, right. Trolls don’t read :

    • Posted by the op kingdom, at Reply

      Did ‘The Prince’ include a report with actual evidence of a Russian hack?
      We know Trump is a corrupt liar, but that is not EVIDENCE of a Russian hack.

    • Posted by TaeSungPark, at Reply

      Alex da Vinci if Russia did hack the USA then it was to expose the
      corruption in the Democrat party. They essentially did a bit of
      investigatory journalism and gave the American people a peek behind the
      political veil. If having the truth revealed hurt Hillary’s campaign then
      it’s her own fault.

    • Posted by Sourrags, at Reply

      tAlex da Vinci he prince is satire, so is Ragnar Redbeard’s Might is Right.

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply


      You think TYT is pro-establishment? That’s hilarious!

  9. Posted by Iconoclasm_, at Reply

    If one of Trump’s political goals is to improve relations with Russia,
    helping them do a business deal is certainly helpful. However, this doesn’t
    actually prove that anyone affiliated with the Russian government actually
    hacked the DNC or interfered with the election in any capacity. We need
    hard evidence. The CIA refuses to come forward with a report, and I can’t
    help getting the feeling we’ve got a “Saddam Hussein with WMDs” situation

    • Posted by lendallpitts, at Reply

      ? Huh? I agree with you. The WMD babble was fabricated solely for purposes
      of selling the war to the public.

    • Posted by Rondrikas Wilson, at Reply

      lendallpitts okay just wondering cause it also sounded like you agreed that
      the intelligence community is making stuff up. Which they aren’t. They
      can’t just release classified information out to the public me being in the
      military I understand why this is. If you just release all the evidence
      then all our adversaries know what we are doing and how we are doing it and
      will then put up counter measures and prevent us from gaining more
      intelligence in the future. They might however release the forensic
      evidence of which that won’t damage our cyber warfare capabilities.

    • Posted by The Legendary Super Saiyan Troly, at Reply

      fascist trump supporters were calling people “unamerican” for disagreeing
      with that babble.

    • Posted by The Legendary Super Saiyan Troly, at Reply

      +Iconoclasm_ be like “until you can give me evidence that my fascist
      daddies dont tell me to ignore, i will believe the fascists”.. people like
      you are the whole reason we are in iraq

    • Posted by don brennan, at Reply

      apparently your confusing the liberal dumb fucks with Trump supporters

  10. Posted by Matthew Sarson, at Reply

    Apparently TYT has a different standard of ‘Evidence’ than i am used too.

    • Posted by Matthew Sarson, at Reply

      +Knekten Because the people who listen to Alex Jones are morons so yeah go
      figure that they will believe anything. I ask for better from the left

    • Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply

      Matthew Sarson

      They do. The misleading video titles are such a juvenile stunt but hey it
      probably works on their audience.

      We know that politics is wrapped in money and if you wanted to you could
      tie any politician on earth or probably even your average crack pot
      celebrity to any world leader or organization. So of coarse a guy in the
      oil business is going to have ties to Russia. Maybe if we would have had
      him sooner Obama’s and Hillary’s reset with Russia might have went

      I want the money out of politics as bad as anybody else but there’s more at
      play here. Conservatives aren’t stupid. They understand that their pick is
      gonna play ball like everybody else.

      Trump is simple. He stood for America in a broad sense. The little things
      like “we’re gonna say Merry Christmas again”, those things actually mean
      something to people with culture and tradition. Things like freedom,
      opportunity, family, patriotism, tradition, community, fellowship, and
      respect. People are done being treated like they live in Cuba.

      And there is no proof because Russia could have not leaked a single email.
      It wouldn’t have mattered. There wasn’t some million people hanging out on
      the fence. The only reason Hillary even got close in popular vote which
      really means nothing is because Trump is so abrasive. If there would have
      been any other conservative candidate in his place, Democrats wouldn’t have
      even existed at the end.

    • Posted by Matthew Sarson, at Reply

      +Jason Bequette yeah i totally agree, the democrats totally shot themselves
      in the foot the moment they chose Hillery as their candidate. Someone who
      represents everything her party has been doing wrong.

      Trump’s message like you said was simple while her’s meant nothing.
      Meaningless platitudes like “break down the barriers’ or ‘first women
      president’ which no one cared about or understood.

      If they had gone with a populist of their own instead like Bernie…well i
      can’t help but feel like Trump would have lost. Instead they were so
      arrogant that they were certain people would vote for her because of their
      stupid statistics and because people hate Trump. All the while convincing
      themselves that people didn’t hate Hillery. Which they certainly did.

    • Posted by HooKares?, at Reply

      Our corruption is a lot better than the Democrats corruption. It makes
      America great again!

    • Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply

      Matthew Sarson

      I think Hillary was their best option. Unless there’s enough pure Bernie
      fans out there, so pure they even wrote him in, that’s the only votes
      Democrats would have gained. But without Hillary they would have lost
      numerous women and traditional Democrats.

  11. Posted by doodelay, at Reply

    Cenk I love you buddy and I think you’re wicked smart when it comes to
    politics but this is not really “the” evidence.

    • Posted by projeckt2501, at Reply

      It is evidence. It is circumstantial evidence. Probably the weakest kind of
      evidence, but evidence none the less.

    • Posted by Jorin Ryms, at Reply

      it’s not, just an exaggeration

    • Posted by projeckt2501, at Reply

      +Jorin Ryms
      Bullshit, it is evidence of motive. Means, motive, and opportunity is a
      common summation of the three aspects of a crime that must be established
      before guilt can be determined.

  12. Posted by Mr.Fluffybutt Gaming, at Reply

    When will these libtards accept that they simply lost the election?

    • Posted by Ginger Jaguar, at Reply

      you are delusional.

    • Posted by Cleve 145, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump Do you have a email or Facebook account? ,,,, somewhere,
      where I can private message you

    • Posted by pepe thefrog, at Reply
    • Posted by pepe thefrog, at Reply

      You realize Trump’s “Board of advisors” are Clinton donors, right?

    • Posted by David Kordesh, at Reply

      Liberals didn’t prove it. The FBI and CIA did.

  13. Posted by facefister69, at Reply

    Does TYT know what evidence is?

    • Posted by AIek 1O, at Reply

      yeah, he’s just offering a plate of bs to the democrats

    • Posted by Jorin Ryms, at Reply

      ever heard of click bate

    • Posted by Konstantin Krastev, at Reply

      And when the deal goes in, is that going to be pure happenstance?

  14. Posted by fearlessarchangel, at Reply

    I don’t care if Trump had the Russians, Chinese, and North Koreans helping
    him. Losing against Trump even when you have the majority of US media in
    your pocket is pathetic.

    • Posted by mydogatemyhomework., at Reply

      … also Hillary Clinton’s US $ 1.2 billion dollars compare to Trump’s US $
      600 million expenditure.

  15. Posted by Stonar Logic, at Reply

    this is not evidence, it’s lefty conspiracy theory

    • Posted by John Miller, at Reply

      Mainstream media is all lies! I bet Rex Tillerson doesn’t even exist.

    • Posted by LAJS Mith, at Reply

      +John Miller Nice one! haha

    • Posted by Marco Wassmer, at Reply

      So Clinton is a lefty? Can you tell me, what a lefty is for you?

    • Posted by Bongwyre2112, at Reply

      This isn’t fake news, this isn’t news this is an opinion. Never once did he
      say this was news. You do know the difference between fake news and an
      opinion piece? TYT isn’t fake news. You are just following along the right
      wing propoganda intended to stop people from watching anything but the
      major news outlets. This is because the “real news” outlets use propaganda,
      while the independent news organizations tell it as it is. Which is causing
      for people to stop watching CNN, FOX, MSNBC etc… and instead going to
      places like youtube to watch independent news. The government controls the
      news and they don’t like it when people get their news from uncontrolled
      independent news.

    • Posted by Stonar Logic, at Reply

      Marco Wassmer Cenk’s last name is Clinton?

  16. Posted by HO waterbrd, at Reply

    Why are the Turks engaging in the same anti-Russian hysteria as the
    neo-liberalists, and the neo-conservatives? This was Hillary’s thing,
    Bernie never got into the Russophobia, so why is Cenk? Remembering of
    course that Cenk also advocated for a US military intervention in Syria.
    TYT–Wolves in sheep’s clothing .

    • Posted by don brennan, at Reply

      that was decades ago. wake up zombie

    • Posted by Douchenbag 6969, at Reply

      magiclion You know, Putin has been asked about russian oppression several
      times. And he replied: “We have apologized for the crimes of the USSR. And
      we have moved on since. Or would you like us to apologize every single
      year?” In other words, what’s done is done, and we have to move on.

    • Posted by Douchenbag 6969, at Reply

      don brennan Thank you for saying that. Yes, Cenk Uygur is basically the
      leftist Bill O’Reilly. ’nuff said! xD

    • Posted by Angel Light, at Reply

      Our country always seems to feed us convenient propaganda about other
      countries.. That being said, the US hates any country that does not conform
      to their ideas and their control, and therefore labels them as anti
      democratic, etc.. Get out into the world and see for yourself, talk to
      people in other countries and listen to their views.

  17. Posted by John Smith, at Reply

    I voted for trump and let me tell you something you can blame the Russians
    all you want for trump winning but libtards and sjws and pc cocksuckers got
    him elected he hate you guys this is our way of showing it

    • Posted by Nick Bean #WifiWifey #FuckKeem, at Reply

      Comma – use it please. Also, please edit “he” with “we”.

    • Posted by markmaxy125, at Reply

      John Smith …yeah, you’re an idiot. Look how you speak. It such a shame
      people as stupid as you have a say in the world. Get an education.

  18. Posted by Saleem Says, at Reply

    Screw you Cenk you have turned into the MSM you like to call out so much

    • Posted by u235u235u235, at Reply

      Cenk has an assistant read and tabulate the comments into one of dozen or
      so categories and he gets a report on comment trends.

    • Posted by Mateo Landazuri, at Reply

      and you are watching them 🙂