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Here’s Why Republicans Are Bringing Up Hillary Clinton Now


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Trump and the Republicans keep raising Hillary Clinton suddenly. Why? Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, has the solution. Inform us just what you assume in the comment area below. Sign up with TYT:

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  1. Posted by drake man, at Reply

    Look at all of the fragile little Trump supporters that can’t take the fact that their king is about to get exposed.

  2. Posted by Rich Gult, at Reply

    Citizens United’s discovery of Russia-related Clinton emails through its Freedom of Information Act litigation revealed in The Hill that Bill Clinton sought to meet with the director of a Russian nuclear energy firm and other top Russian businessmen while on a trip to Moscow for a $500,000 speech, just months before Hillary Clinton helped seal the Uranium One deal in October 2010. To make matters worse, The Hill reported that the FBI busted a Russian spy ring that had infiltrated the Clintons’ orbit the day before the former president’s lucrative speech.

  3. Posted by I BANG MEA FILIA, at Reply

    CENK you are the man ! Excellent analysis ! Thank you for the service.

  4. Posted by MrJJ6640, at Reply

    hillary is bring up hillary
    she is bitching about other ppl for losing despite cheating .

  5. Posted by Vaughn Gainey, at Reply

    Please, President Trump fire Robert Mueller it will make your impeachment process that more satisfying for us.

  6. Posted by AustinFan4Life, at Reply

    What Cenk isn’t tell you, an attempting to make it look like it’s a “vast right wing conspiracy”, is the simple fact, that Uranium One story, came out last week, long before the Mueller report. You could very well argue, that the Mueller report came out as a distraction from the Uranium One story (not saying it is, but one could argue that). I simple look at the facts, of when the Uranium One story was first reported, and when the Mueller report was first report, would very much tell you that, but there are things Cenk always keeps out his so called “journalism”.

  7. Posted by D L, at Reply

    This appears to suggest you think the same corruption Clinton was involved in is irrelevant because she didn’t become President. I hope that is not the case. As corrupt spade is a spade no matter if they lost an election.

  8. Posted by Bell Radio, at Reply

    Here’s the part that everyone seems to miss. Power creates ugly behavior, or at least advances it. Sometimes this ugly behavior is also illegal. Since the Clinton power structure was far older (mature) than the Trump power structure, the natural and organic course of events would suggest that she was the uglier player. Its not a matter of who started out uglier. It’s a matter of who earned their ‘stripes’ doing what along the way. In that regard, this story is still highly relevant.
    Hillary & Co. played every game in the book, invented some and perfected the rest. With it, she played the American public.
    She may say the words that you want to hear but that is because a consortium of lawyers and computers told her what to say.
    The uranium deal is also relevant to the extent that it can be shown that Hillary and/or her cohorts accepted cash in return for official cooperation. The lawyers who work for her have done a great job of whitewashing her actions to create an air of legality—even if only a technical distinction.

  9. Posted by Justin David, at Reply

    She was the secretary of state when this happened… that’s why she’s relevant now… if she had been elected president, she’d be much easier to impeach

  10. Posted by Ken Bugbee, at Reply

    Hillary has many crimes to answer for ,
    treason is always relevant !!!!

  11. Posted by Yuval Shrem, at Reply

    Thank you for this video, but please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, BUY A TRIPOD!

  12. Posted by papa. mozet, at Reply

    Hilary Clinton – is a scoundrel! Hilary Clinton – always lies. Hilary Clinton has hands in the blood of the children of Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine. Hilary Clinton is dangerous, she has paranoia. Hilary Clinton – you need to be arrested in Guantanamo – you are a criminal! Hilary Clinton – your way is Hell.

  13. Posted by C McG, at Reply

    “It’a not important when non conservatives do things wrong! It’s irrelevant! It’s only newsworthy when someone on the right does something wrong! That’s all I’m willing to talk about!”

  14. Posted by Peter Gobkoswki, at Reply

    Who doesn’t bring up when they hear Hillary Clinton?

  15. Posted by Dkdj11, at Reply

    Can someone ANYONE please just give me ONE law that Hillary Clinton allegedly broke?

  16. Posted by L B, at Reply

    You sound like a shill in this video Cenk

  17. Posted by bzkdml, at Reply

    Most annoying YouTube channel! Hillary’s a crook and should be prosecuted, end of story… also not a trump supporter.

  18. Posted by AnonRanGER01, at Reply

    When the video started, I thought Cenk was lying in a flowerbed there for a second.

  19. Posted by tribal que, at Reply

    You didnt see Obama go after Romneys curroption at Bane Capital a year after he defeated him in the 2012 election. Trump should act likewise.