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Here’s Why We Resist Your Father Ivanka


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Ivanka is puzzled by the "viciousness" against Donald Trump + courts given up manufacturing facility employees and mamas who lost kids to the opioid epidemic regardless of her dad's regulation that will injure those individuals.

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  1. Posted by Camille Lake, at Reply

    Dude, just looking in the comments. You don’t have to go far to hear a triggered “Trump Supporter” a screeching for attention.

    • Posted by Curtis Smale, at Reply

      Camille: You made a gigantic mistake there – I’m not a Trump supporter. I just get a kick out of all you polar opposites that think you’re better than them. You’re both the same, utter morons.

    • Posted by Curtis Smale, at Reply

      Camille: Go on with your trolling. Just don’t assume you’re in any way better than the folks you’re trolling. I find it truly ironic how many dozens of people do exactly as you do – troll TYT’s hate watchers. You have little of a life as they do.

    • Posted by Camille Lake, at Reply

      Well, it’s kinda hard not to think that…. *when I have tons of you people (constantly) trolling me FIRST.* Come on now, I’m I honestly supposed to take you, or any of you seriously?

      – Stop letting people use you.
      – Think about things and the consequences of things before doing them.
      – Why do you always have to flip out and overreact to every little thing, all the time? (When most of the time, it doesn’t affect your life at all?) Live your life and let others live theirs.

      *These are not “my” rules. These are THE RULES.* (And you know this. I’m not telling you anything that’s new. I’m merely presenting it to you, on a forum, you don’t like.)

  2. Posted by mangaas, at Reply

    Trump is the first president of the United States, who supported gay marriage before he was president.

    Thats how pathetic America really is.

    • Posted by Damon'sMakeupLife, at Reply

      mikelon6343 ok you literally don’t have any proof for these claims, but we literally gave you direct homophobic and transphobic quotes from you lord and savior Donald Trump.

    • Posted by Damon'sMakeupLife, at Reply

      Jess G. THANK YOU

  3. Posted by Antonio Rivera, at Reply

    I think Trump supporters are mad Hasan has big hands unlike their daddy trump

    • Posted by JAG SOUL, at Reply

      lol I agree

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      His head is way too small for his body. He must have a squirrel brain.

  4. Posted by Dy2k .a, at Reply

    They’re all cowards, every single member of the trump family. They only give interviews to the networks that kisses their asses. And that’s because trump considers himself the president only of the people who watch faux & foe, the people who support him, he’s not everyones president. And that speaks to his ability to lead and manage. A ‘true’ president of the people tries to do what is best for all. He’s not even trying to do what is best for the people who voted for him.

    • Posted by mikelon6343, at Reply

      Trump never gave interviews to CNN? want me to provide a dozen interviews for you?

    • Posted by Dy2k .a, at Reply

      I said the trumpS, plural…why doesn’t ivanka interview on CNN, TYT, etc? Eric and jr seem to only talk to faux or hannity…but speaking of your prez, when was the last time he interviewed on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, TYT…when he talked to Lester (and screwed himself)…they’re cowards 

    • Posted by mikelon6343, at Reply

      because shes a free citizen? are you obliged to give interviews to CNN,ABC,NBC,PBS, and TYT if they ask for it? hell Trump doesnt even have to. He could legally tommorow announce that hes ending press briefings and there isnt a damn thing anyone could do about it.

    • Posted by Dy2k .a, at Reply

      Yes…but that doesn’t change the fact that the ONLY reason that they don’t give those networks interviews is because she, and her brothers, are afraid of tough questions. Cowards.

  5. Posted by Golgotha_Mythos69, at Reply

    Trump chumps are the dumbest mother fuckers on the planet.

    • Posted by WHERE R EWE, at Reply


    • Posted by Nobody Goody, at Reply

      WHERE R EWE , You know that is right, you said it all, great job

    • Posted by Golgotha_Mythos69, at Reply


  6. Posted by harry, at Reply

    Have any of you libtards read trumps tax plan ? Or seen that he has added 12 trillion to the stock market ?. Instead of being butt hurt little children crying about mean words when ISIS are blowing up little girls at concerts.

    • Posted by IAN m, at Reply

      Oh you mean the stock market that almost crashed the American economy in 08. The same stock market both Liberals and Conservatives were bashing at the time. Now with Dodd Frank gone Wall street can rape America dry again. The only people getting rich are the international corporation’s and Billionaires. All the time these same company’s have off shore headquarters in places like Ireland where they pay no American tax. So not only will they get richer off the backs of other Americans but they don’t even have to pay taxes. You remind me of that cartoon where the Trump supporter is sitting in a burning building as he says “This is fine” . Hey how about you stop sucking off Trump and focus on reality.

    • Posted by IAN m, at Reply

      Wall ? You mean the 30Billion dollar wall well Illegal immigration has been down to the lowest it has been since the 60’s. You actually think a wall will stop drugs flowing into America. Awww your naivety is cute. How about America start treating addicts medically instead of creating an economy for the Mexican Cartels.

    • Posted by Wardemonxi, at Reply

      Sounds like now is not the time for huge tax cuts for the rich, trying to waste billions on a wall, increased military spending, and actually SPENDING money to dismantle the aca then?

    • Posted by Mad Hatman, at Reply

      +Wardemonxi You are right about mental health cuts. I find it the height of stupidity for an adminstration to both make it way easier for a mentally ill person to get a gun while at the same time slashing money that would keep them stable enough to not want to use them. The whole administration is staffed by morons. That’s my opinion.

  7. Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

    I’m drowning in liberal tears. 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

      James Moore He’d have to do something genuinely terrible. So far he’s done nothing terrible, so I still support some of his policies.

    • Posted by Joshua Marx, at Reply

      Rock Johnson So you admitted to James that you’re just north of a mindless idealouge all the while lambasting idealouges? Well played sir, the hypocrisy is strong in you..

  8. Posted by Juan Carlos Alanis Perez, at Reply

    This fucker trump now is under personal investigation😁

  9. Posted by michael cook, at Reply

    Hasan killing it

    • Posted by michael cook, at Reply

      +What’sIt2yuh huh? Yeah it was silly

    • Posted by What'sIt2yuh huh?, at Reply

      michael cook then I don’t think you understand how serious the times we are living in then

    • Posted by michael cook, at Reply

      +What’sIt2yuh huh?
      Fake news, not real, a *PERFORMANCE*

    • Posted by What'sIt2yuh huh?, at Reply

      michael cook they’ve retracted their word three times they’ve been running. what about WikiLeaks? are they Russian?

    • Posted by michael cook, at Reply

      +What’sIt2yuh huh? What about the demons that possessed Hillary and Obama? Where are they now? Why are the frogs gay? You’re right these are important issues. Also buy some of my male vitality beta juice.

  10. Posted by zackery zackery, at Reply

    Young Turds are pathetic. Democrats lost. Stop crying like little bitches.

    • Posted by zackery zackery, at Reply

      You moron…that’s not how the electoral college works

    • Posted by zackery zackery, at Reply

      You mean like Obama leaving Iraq, leading to the creation of ISIS and the refusal to work with Putin to stabilize Syria leading to millions of refugees. Trump and Tillerson have already started the stabilization process in the middle east and fixed the relationship with the Saudis.

    • Posted by James Russell, at Reply


  11. Posted by TheSchmuckLook, at Reply

    If Ivanka Trump Kushner TRULY cared about ‘…the factory worker who’s been laid off…’ she’d move her apparel lines production jobs to the US instead of having them made in child-labor sweatshops in Bangladesh, India, the Filipines and China. But, then her PROFIT wouldn’t be as much so we can forget that. She’s a chippie off the old blockhead.

    • Posted by Digital MD, at Reply

      You unhappy souls do nothing but complain and spread hate and violence. You can’t make anyone’s life better so all you try to do is drag everyone down to your level of suffering and pain and hate.
      I think we are done with that. Your constant election losses show you are a dying breed.
      Make my life better and go away to one of those blissful socialist countries you have wet dreams about like Venezuela or Cuba. You’ll fit in so well and life will be great for you.

    • Posted by 1965kdb, at Reply

      Digital MD, is it even possible for you to make a valid point and not be a dumbfuck?

  12. Posted by Big BlackCock, at Reply

    She needs a BBC to loosen her up a little bit.

    • Posted by Big BlackCock, at Reply

      TCt83067695 I have one she could try.

    • Posted by Alex Turlais, at Reply

      lmao I read the comment and for a second I thought you meant the channel

    • Posted by Aaron Griffin, at Reply

      it’d be better than the OCC she has been getting her whole life

    • Posted by Big BlackCock, at Reply

      Anita Ericksonhak With no lube.

  13. Posted by Anne Woodborne, at Reply

    Ivanka pays her chinEse workers 62$ a week, 6 days off a year – she is a hypocrite

    • Posted by Digital MD, at Reply

      yes yes, we know,…., you poor poor sad sad Trump haters.
      You lost the white house, the senate, the congress and 33 state houses and your minds and THE PEN and now the SCOTUS.
      All you have left is your dreams, hate and bigotry to keep you alive through the torture.
      Oh my my…… 8 long years. I think you are too weak to make it.
      You’ve become a 2nd tier, regional activist party using the same old democrat KKK tactics. That’s why you lose and Trump wins.
      THE RESISTANCE circa 2008-2016

    • Posted by Nek Minit, at Reply

      this fuckers on the payroll

  14. Posted by DavidMillsSeven, at Reply

    The most frightening about Trump is that he’s a homo sapiens. Something along the way went terribly wrong. Same for the ones who still believe in him.

    • Posted by DavidMillsSeven, at Reply

      Digital MD ~ smile ~ You just unwillingly proved my point. I am very, very happy btw and lead a joyful life full of love.

    • Posted by Ryan Busby, at Reply

      Digital MD were you here for the past 8 years? Trying to decide whether Republicans are just trolling Dems after the 8 years of hatred that was spread during the previous administration.

  15. Posted by Marcantoni M, at Reply

    Why does he have so many rings on

    • Posted by mongus mongusovic, at Reply

      he likes it that way.

  16. Posted by Heath Fletcher, at Reply

    Becuase the republican party is the only conservative party in the western world that is actually bad at economics.

    • Posted by konarider443, at Reply

      The Conservatives in the UK are giving them a run for their money…

    • Posted by GTVS, at Reply

      Heath Fletcher the UK wants a word with you as do all the other so called centre right parties

  17. Posted by JQ LLC, at Reply

    Is Ivanka concerned about the factory worker who stitches her name brand shoes in China when they complain about wage theft and brutal treatment. And the subsequent disappearance of these workers.

    • Posted by Thecuriousincident1, at Reply

      Also the disappearance of someone investigating these places for a documentary.

  18. Posted by hippocampus243, at Reply

    will never understand why the right would rather walk around with mentally unstable people than just pay their damn taxes like every citizen of every other first world nation so that we can all thrive in a healthy, hopeful society.

    • Posted by Django Marine, at Reply

      hippocampus243 Because they don’t care about the country or other people? If it won’t affect them personally, they’re more than happy to screw it up.

    • Posted by San Diego, at Reply

      Django nailed it here, exactly correct !!

  19. Posted by Drediggy, at Reply

    this is what the problem is it’s too much of the left or right argument. like there’s rhetoric and there’s facts. the facts say that Trump and his administration are undermining ALL Americans. the things he’s doing hurt all of us unless you are a white rich man like Trump. we should be working together to stop the bullshit.

    • Posted by Mern Iez, at Reply

      Drediggy agreed. I keep trying to say they want us divided because we are weaker that way but Americans keep playing right into it.. we are all supposed to be on the same side fighting for the same rights!! United States..
      United we Stand
      Divided we Fall

    • Posted by alsoulmusic, at Reply

      Drediggy so true. This back an forth does nothing. The real question is whether anything the Trump administration done helps anyone who is not rich. I haven’t seen on thing that has. If you can prove me wrong I am willing to listen. We are losing our rights people.