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Hey Democrats STOP Running Corporatist Candidates!


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On the latest episode of Aggressive Progressives Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh discuss why the Democratic Party sucks. The Democrats have forgot the reason they exist, and they will continue losing until they wake up and stop running corporatists. Watch the full Aggressive Progressives episode here:

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Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh discuss DAPL and starting a third party.

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  1. Posted by Jay Minhas, at Reply

    Democratic party will never change.

    • Posted by Demetrius Johnson, at Reply

      Jay Minhas Then it’s time to start a new political party for the Progressive

    • Posted by Hogz Tcp, at Reply

      HA HA HA… Like America is smart enough to change

  2. Posted by Jose Martinez, at Reply

    Don’t hold your breath because the Democrats are not going to take control
    of the midterms and the next presidential election. Prepare for 8 years of
    Trump liberals lol.

    • Posted by Vernon Greene, at Reply

      There will be a progressive candidate. Counting on that so suck it.

    • Posted by The Zero Zero, at Reply

      Vernon, I’m hoping maybe Alan Grayson. He endorsed Bernie but has the sass
      needed to shut down corporate hacks.

    • Posted by David Hernandez, at Reply

      Im sure there will be another progressive next election, maybe this time
      the democrats will vote for the progressive this time tho and not realize
      they made a mistake until to late.

  3. Posted by David dupree, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore is going to get hit with espionage charges if he keeps saying
    the truth……. You’re bad for business Jimmy

    • Posted by Stride Tide, at Reply

      He can add that charge to his Assault charge.

    • Posted by willroyful, at Reply

      +Stride Tide lol. smells like a troll.

    • Posted by Austin Zappas, at Reply

      business is bad for US

  4. Posted by George Carlin, at Reply

    The dumb cunts giving this video thumbs down are basically corporate

    • Posted by ascetic43, at Reply

      +The Zero Zero See, there’s your mistake, the US is not “the center of
      capitalism”. And on every chart the US rates lower and lower for econ
      freedom every year. This is why companies are running and Trump is crony
      bribing them not to.

      You can call it “corporatism” but don’t call it “capitalism”. It’s very
      clear you lack an understanding of it. It’s just economic freedom.

    • Posted by The Zero Zero, at Reply

      I understand economic freedom left unchecked ruins the working class.

    • Posted by ascetic43, at Reply

      +The Zero Zero You’re more comfortable with the power “unchecked” of the
      state? They claim the right to kidnap, murder, torture and rape your face
      without due process or even formal charges. They’re droning children and
      spying on the entire world.

      You’re more scared of corporations? And don’t get me wrong, like I said,
      without the state you love, they’d just be “businesses”.

      Do you feel more comfortable slamming the door on the Shamwow salesman?

      Or black clad masked federal agents with assault rifles?

      Your cure is the disease, my man. One day you’ll realize it.

  5. Posted by RancidWraith, at Reply

    I loved it when Jimmy killed Newman in Jurassic Park.

    • Posted by mshara1, at Reply

      Jimmy helps anyone who is dehydrated.

  6. Posted by Brick Tamland, at Reply

    An uneducated voter is the best voter for corporatist politicians.

    • Posted by Hogz Tcp, at Reply

      No wonder they love ‘Murika

  7. Posted by ILovemyPinkElephant, at Reply

    The Democratic party is dying — it doesn’t matter who’s put in.

    • Posted by Sophie Costopoulos, at Reply

      Rusty Shackleford The whites are the majority. But the base that is voting
      for Trump isn’t the manority. Older whites are dying, and the new
      generation is less and less whites. The only reason why you won this time
      was because of Hillary. You should be worried because as soon as we find a
      decent candidate that isn’t corrupt and is inspiring, the angry white trash
      is out of Washington

    • Posted by Rusty Shackleford, at Reply

      Sophie Costopoulos whatever u say

    • Posted by ILovemyPinkElephant, at Reply

      +Sophie Costopoulos Race has hardly anything to do with it, that’s just
      what CNN and MSNBC are feeding you — you’re missing the point. And at this
      rate, the left would be lucky to find a candidate with half a brain to run
      in 2020.

    • Posted by Sophie Costopoulos, at Reply

      Rusty Shackleford it’s what the Census bureau says 😛

    • Posted by Rusty Shackleford, at Reply

      Sophie Costopoulos it says that whites aren’t a majority in America? u
      might want to check yourself.

  8. Posted by AkJonny1965, at Reply

    They lost because they fucked over Bernie Sanders in favor of a Wall Street
    owned liar.

    • Posted by Credo-Ape-Thor, at Reply

      AkJonny1965 Bernie fucked himself. His weakness was clear when BLM stole
      his stage.

    • Posted by AkJonny1965, at Reply

      So he allows people to have a voice, that’s terrible….

    • Posted by orlock20, at Reply

      They lost because of Obamacare and government bailouts. When Obama was
      elected into office, he had a filibuster proof congress and the only thing
      it got done was Obamacare. Two years later, the Democrats lost both the
      House and Senate. Since Obama has been in office, the Democrats have lost
      about 600 state seats.

  9. Posted by D Fisher, at Reply

    TRUMP Train 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃

    • Posted by liedata011, at Reply


    • Posted by Tom M. Henry, at Reply

      D Fisher OK, they said Trump is more liberal than Clinton

    • Posted by Darksider, at Reply

      Hell yeah! Trump 2020! They are making it easy for us.

    • Posted by liedata011, at Reply

      +Darksider rofl

  10. Posted by Seth N, at Reply

    I used to hate Jimmy but now I like him

    • Posted by DIMITRI, at Reply

      Nick Balis Cry me a river.

    • Posted by Nick Balis, at Reply

      +DIMITRI Well, at least Jimmy didn’t fat shame Alex Jones after
      establishing himself as being strongly opposed to fat shaming. And at least
      he didn’t say he’s better than people who post “offensive” jokes online.
      And at least he didn’t claim to have no respect for women who have a
      different political preference than he does and didn’t call the majority of
      the country stupid.
      I guess by comparison to one other Young Turk in particular, he’s not so

    • Posted by stewart0312, at Reply

      Jimmy is a”DORE”able : P

  11. Posted by Daniel Weimer, at Reply

    And 9% of DEMOCRATS voted for Trump..

    • Posted by DJ Granny, at Reply

      that’s cray-cray because Trump is a republican and not a democrat and the
      two parties are not twins!

    • Posted by Witch born son with a pitch-forked tongue, at Reply

      Prob more than that

    • Posted by orderoutofchaos621, at Reply

      Ah, the ‘elephant in the room’ nobody wants to discuss.

  12. Posted by Chaud Poivron, at Reply

    I am angry at anyone that claims they were progressive and wanted us to
    vote for Hillary. Are they insane. I use to like Cenk, now I can’t stand
    him. or the rest of TYT that started defending her as the smart vote.
    Frigging enablers.

    • Posted by Chaud Poivron, at Reply

      +Ryan Moore That’s the way people think that believed the lying media. Why
      did so many Hispanics and blacks and women vote for Trump. You just don’t
      get it. The left is the party of division and hate and racism. They promote

    • Posted by Ryan Moore, at Reply

      not really. The right wing has always promoted it in greater regards

    • Posted by Chaud Poivron, at Reply

      +Ryan Moore Sorry the left makes it an issue when anyone doesn’t agree with
      them. They have pushed for a racism division more than the Rupugnants. I
      use to just despise Republicans, now I despise Demoncrats too. Flip side of
      the same coin.

    • Posted by KingParisBuckingham, at Reply

      the young morons are cuckoo..trump trumped their asses…trump clowned the

    • Posted by HucklePeel, at Reply

      They just thought that it would be safer to have a establishment president
      where you get more of the same than Trump who has no experience and has
      shown to be incompetent..its there a opinion there is no need to angry
      about it if you just disagree

  13. Posted by sherrie Moon, at Reply

    Pedro for president 2020.

    • Posted by Salt Miners Matter, at Reply

      Praise PEPE!

  14. Posted by Enriquillo, at Reply

    And the main reason Howard Dean backed Pelosi is because she’s a phenomenal
    fundraiser. Literally said that on Morning Joe yet can’t figure out why HRC
    lost. It’s like they want to reelect Trump in ’20.

    • Posted by kris brooks, at Reply

      oh we gonna get 4 more years of trump screen cap this.

  15. Posted by ETericET, at Reply

    Yes Jimmy .. We are still mad at you.

    • Posted by Jolly Cocks, at Reply

      ETericET for what?

  16. Posted by David Murphy, at Reply

    They lost because they worried more about the correct gender terms for
    transsexuals then white workers in Wisconsin

    • Posted by David Murphy, at Reply

      +Jai Why? I’m having too much fun tearing strips outta you! I’m just
      warming up😂

    • Posted by David Murphy, at Reply

      +Jai That’s the upside of being an unemployed mongo I suppose😂

    • Posted by David Murphy, at Reply

      +Jai Mate you’re shockingly bad at this 😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by David Murphy, at Reply

      +Jai 😂😂😂 I can hear the little hamster wheel where your brain should be
      going 90! You couldn’t even get all that into one post, seething with rage
      you’re just firing off whatever comes into that pea shaped head of yours😂
      I’ll go easy on you, it’s clear I’m dealing with someone who’s not all
      there…and has an unhealthy fascination with cocks😂 I can only imagine
      your browser history Gay porn and Urban dictionary😂

  17. Posted by Alpha Zero, at Reply

    The Democratic party has become like one of those big corporations, that
    dismantle themselves from within. A few corporate officers making decisions
    out of self interest. The middle men, willing to do anything just to keep
    their jobs. The people on the bottom seeing the writing on the wall, but
    can’t do a damn thing about it.

    • Posted by Django Marine, at Reply

      Alpha Zero Yep.

  18. Posted by Jah Malik Bey, at Reply

    I never understood how Clinton supporters blame sexism.. If the problem was
    Jill Stein, how am I sexist for voting for her instead of Hilary?

    • Posted by KingParisBuckingham, at Reply

      Please do not accept any of the goodies that trump will deliver? Eg.return
      your bigger tax refund.dont take any new tax benefits..cause trump will
      bring your mother back to life if u dont like him u wont be satisfied.well
      we smart blks love trump..lmao

    • Posted by Jah Malik Bey, at Reply

      KingParisBuckingham oh ok I see now…lol you’re just trolling. I was
      attempting to have an intelligent discussion.. my fault.

    • Posted by Jah Malik Bey, at Reply

      KingParisBuckingham wth did that have to do with any of this

    • Posted by KingParisBuckingham, at Reply

      U make noo sense.cant u see the true colors of your candidate doing a
      recount? Recount for who? She is as corrupt as crooked clingtongue..only
      doing recount to profit financially.these are the people u shuld fear