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Hey White Christians, Your Time Is Almost Up!!!


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A current study on religious beliefs in America and white Christians are NOT going to like the results. Cenk Uygur, Mark Thompson and also Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us just what you believe in the comment section below.

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" The share of Americans who determine as white as well as Christian has gone down below 50 percent, a change sustained by immigration and by growing varieties of people that decline organized faith entirely, according to a new survey released recently.

Christians total continue to be a big majority in the United States, at almost 70 percent of Americans. However, white Christians, when primary in the nation's spiritual life, currently consist of only 43 percent of the populace, inning accordance with the general public Religion Study Institute, or PRRI, a polling organization based in Washington. 4 years back, regarding eight in 10 Americans were white Christians.

The adjustment has actually occurred across the range of Christian practices in the United States, including sharp drops in subscription in mostly white mainline Protestant denominations such as Presbyterians and Lutherans; a boosting Latino visibility in the Roman Catholic Church as some non-Hispanic white Catholics leave; and also shrinking rankings of white evangelicals, who until just recently had actually been deemed immune to decline." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Mark Thompson.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Mark Thompson.


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Youthful Turk (n), 1. Youthful progressive or anarchical participant of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young adult who rebels versus authority or societal assumptions.( American Heritage Dictionary).

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  1. Posted by Patrick Milewski, at Reply

    I’m an atheist, and I find this disturbing…and not just immoral!

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      lol right now its against white Christians..next the Christian will be taken out and its laughing at white people in general including libtards like you who were useful idiots this whole time helping people who hate you and wish for your demise

    • Posted by Patrick Milewski, at Reply

      Michael Robertson I’m not a liberal now, i used to be liberal when I was younger…if i had a time machine i’d go back in time to see my 15-year-old self and punch myself in face.

    • Posted by bloodsoldierZ, at Reply

      As a porch atheist, I can understand why you feel that way.

  2. Posted by hammypie, at Reply

    You’re singling out a group based on the color of their skin. Racist much, TYT?

    • Posted by Bart Alder, at Reply

      Children gonna whine.

    • Posted by Troy Goldberg, at Reply

      Bart Alder they are being racist

  3. Posted by H3X4535, at Reply

    Do they not see the irony in calling themselves the Young Turks and happily announcing the death and genocide of Christians?

    • Posted by MUHAMMAD PORKENSHTIEN, at Reply

      Do you not understand the connection between the actual young Turks, what they actually did, and the show the young turks and constantly attacking white Christians?

    • Posted by xX Xx, at Reply

      I understand that TYT thinks all religion is stupid. Which it is.

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      Yet they harbor Muslim love as much as possible.

    • Posted by xX Xx, at Reply

      Don’t u know that jsut because they have the same name, its not the same beliefs? Or do u think cause someone elso in the world maybe has the same name as Donald Trump is is also an orange idiot? They are stating facts. But hey. U probably watch Fox News so what do u know about facts? šŸ˜€

    • Posted by xX Xx, at Reply

      no they don’t. They think all religion is stupid. Which it is. They don’t prefer one over the over. But unlike you they don’t say that a whole religion is full of bad people. They know that all terrorists, christians or muslim, are extremists that are using the religion but are not the true beliefers

  4. Posted by Teufelsnachbar667, at Reply

    Keep it up TYT your channel is one stepstone for 8 years of trump.

    • Posted by Sean Monguso, at Reply

      Teufelsnachbar667 how do you figure?

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      BOI! I’ve never seen you right wingers this upset.

  5. Posted by Ian, at Reply

    The Democrats new marketing campaign is going splendidly well.

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      They are thinking past Trump. Trump won because of old, baby boomers in the mid west. Minorities and young people will *inevitably* destroy Reagan’s America. Trump was their last scream as a force in American society.

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      Jason V Whatever

    • Posted by Dave Miller, at Reply

      No body with a working brain. Keep dreaming assfuck. Your delusions might just get you into a locked ward.

    • Posted by Jason V, at Reply

      some body- I like how you think all young people and minorities think the same (group think/Marxist). I’m going to pop your ideological bubble and inform you that we don’t all think the same.

    • Posted by soldout4jesus37, at Reply

      some body wrong dumbass Baby Boomers are more liberal and they specifically said HE CAN’T WIN. They are morons

  6. Posted by anon, at Reply

    white atheists like me are rising in the west tho. And we hate your guts as well.
    Also i would rather live in a christian country than muslim country because majority of islamic countries are totalitarian regimes that abuse human rights. And society in these countries support sharia law, laws against homosexuality, leaving islam, adultery, blasphemy etc. These societies are very, very backwards. you are welcoming a culture that supports putting women in black hijabs in niqabs against their will and culture that supports beating your wife if she disobeys her man. Actual sexism and bigotry. You are bunch of hypocrites

    • Posted by Trexnetwork S, at Reply

      anon i wouldt call that “rising”. White Christians are disappearing because white women are getting impregnated by blacks on a daily basis. Jungle Fever is at the highest point right now. You cant deny the fact that ur women love black men. Atheist or not, theres a big chance your gf or wife has Jungle Fever. Im not talking about marriages

    • Posted by Joseph Fichtner, at Reply

      Based on your post I assume you have a learning disability. Try to get someone to explain these things to you with small words and you might be able to understand what it means to be a decent person. Pro tip the answer isnt “Do what the bible says” If you did what the bible says youd end up in jail.

    • Posted by anon, at Reply

      @Trexnetwork S I am not talking about race. I dislike white muslims as much as brown muslims i dont care. For an example, chechens are very regressive. They are the top ranks among ISIS recruits and they have death camps for gays. I don’t like them.

  7. Posted by Alex Jones, at Reply


    • Posted by TheFableGamer, at Reply

      some body My comment’s gone. I simply asked them why they had to include race in a story about religion.

    • Posted by Joshua Banks, at Reply

      Alexander Jones
      If comments get reported as spam enough, they get removed. TYT couldn’t care less about your tears.

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      1. It isn’t ‘gone’ it mas moved down because so many people are commenting. I can’t see my comment and i was praising them.

    • Posted by Paradox, at Reply

      I’ve seen top comments on different videos get buried. If you scroll all the way down they’re under comments with 1 upvote. Probably some new form of censorship.

  8. Posted by some body, at Reply


  9. Posted by RORAMVS3, at Reply

    White Christians = White Supremacists

    • Posted by Alex Bryant, at Reply

      that seems like a slight generalisation…

    • Posted by Jason V, at Reply

      RORAMVS3- Any raced Muslim = pedophile terrorist.

    • Posted by numerocro, at Reply

      Any Leftist = Communist dog….and when the dog is out of control, you simply euthanize him.

    • Posted by podycheck, at Reply

      This is why liberals lost so much in the last election and the democrat party is collapsing. You slander huge groups of people and then act shocked when they’re alienated by your accusations.

  10. Posted by Bert Stir, at Reply

    As a non-denominational apostate of the Christian religion who believes in the right for abortion and legalized drugs and prostitution, I can honestly say that this is race baiting trash.

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      They really care….

    • Posted by thebillis1, at Reply

      Bert Stir if your a Christian no matter what denomination, you still are a bad person. 1 if you don’t obey the Bible your a bad Christian. 2 if you believe in the Bible your a bad human.

    • Posted by Samuel115s, at Reply

      Bert Stir a Christian should not be racist, even racial pride is a sin. The 10 commandments say love your neighbour as you love your self also pride is 1 of the 7 deadly sins. The bible also encourages humanitarian acts and helping the less fortunate.

      There is a good reason why the bible says “the path to hell is BROAD but the path to heaven is narrow”

      Most people (christian or not) will end up in HELL.

    • Posted by Bert Stir, at Reply

      thebills1 I’m an apostate of the Christian religion who doesn’t ascribe to any denomination, Christian or otherwise. That means I was raised Christian and left the religion. Since it was just Christianity that I left I have no fear of murder or an acid attack like some apostates of another religion, which I hate even more.

  11. Posted by keylimedie, at Reply

    These fucks have lost it. Wow.

  12. Posted by British Nationalist Conservative, at Reply

    The Young Turks are sick reverse-racists and militant secularist to celebrate this demographic fall. The left will never drop identity politics. Its very sad.

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      LOL! A pro-Churchill nationalists talking about someone being pro-identity politics.

    • Posted by Nutrollio Nutz, at Reply

      It’s because it’s true. You people on the Left have not learned anything this election. it’s why the Left has been damaged, the American people have tried it your way, now America is moving back Right. Get a grip.

    • Posted by Bert Stir, at Reply

      Like the Hispanic Catholics are going to support a woman’s right to choose because they’re Hispanic Christians rather than white Christians. TYT is so idiotic, it’s actually entertaining to watch.

    • Posted by Jason Jackson, at Reply

      Its not reverse-racism, its just plain racism. There is no need to create a new category for it, singling out a group of people based on the color of their skin is simply racism. Also, not everyone on the left thinks exactly the same. I am left winged, i have no religion, yet i find this video and its topic to be offensive, and unfortunate. TYT does NOT represent every person on the left. This is just more of the same irony – assuming about whole groups of people based on a few.

  13. Posted by CitizenofDystopia, at Reply

    And these fucks pretend that they aren’t racists?

  14. Posted by hallnoats4ever, at Reply

    Tyt are racist towards whites

    • Posted by Scott William, at Reply

      hallnoats4ever so whats your point.

  15. Posted by Begus, at Reply

    we see through your bs tyt
    -a fellow atheist

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      Statistics aren’t BS…

    • Posted by Begus, at Reply

      hillary clinton will win 95%

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      Religion is dying so stop shilling for them trumptard.

  16. Posted by jon, at Reply

    Hey racist TYT, your time is almost up!

    • Posted by Lisa Newchange, at Reply

      Jon Jon triggered much?

    • Posted by MrBadApple999, at Reply

      A leftist using “triggered”. Cringe.

    • Posted by Lisa Newchange, at Reply

      Okay I guess snowflake is better then. LOL

    • Posted by jon, at Reply

      Yes actually. I am most definitely triggered by the reverse racism. TYT is no longer liberal, they are LEFTISTS.

  17. Posted by Matt Abshier, at Reply

    As an Atheist myself, I can say that you guys are intellectually bankrupt, hypocritical, race baiting trash.

    • Posted by Muhammad Abdul Qaadir, at Reply

      You are obviously racist yourself

    • Posted by Jason V, at Reply

      Matt Abshier- I agree, I’m also a non believer and I find this video and entire channel to be race baiting garbage.

    • Posted by Jason V, at Reply

      Muhammad Abdul Qaadir- Coming from a guy who’s name comes from a Jew hating pedophile.

  18. Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

    Considering almost no conservatives know about you, that 3k down vote is pretty strong.

    • Posted by Yes, at Reply

      Alexander Jones lmao conservatives definitely know who tyt is

    • Posted by Kris Handsome, at Reply

      Alexander Jones Lol all conservatives know about tyt. They’re like the most well known independent progressive news outlet. They just get different levels of dislikes based on the topic, and considering how butthurt the far right gets when you talk about this sort of thing it’s not unexpected that they get tons of dislikes

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      almost none of them do

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      How? You mean a few channels on youtube? TYT has only 3 million subs.
      You can find playdough channels before you can find TYT.
      Howtobasic is over double TYT’s base lmao.

  19. Posted by Jason Jackson, at Reply

    I am left winged, i have no religion, and i find this topic to be offensive. Singling out any group of people based on the color of their skin or their religion is simply a form of discrimination. Not all white people that are christians are worthy of the ridicule this video implies. Judge people individually on their own merits and the nature of their own behavior and decisions. Judging and ridiculing a whole race of people based on the actions of a few is irrational, and wrong, no matter what group, what race or what religion.

    • Posted by Jason V, at Reply

      Jason Jackson- If only more people judged other people based on character rather than identity we wouldn’t have as many problems as we do in this country. Unfortunately we have TYT hating on white Christians/conservatives and on the other side there is the alt right who hates everyone.

    • Posted by Christopher Freitag, at Reply

      Jason Jackson I agree 100%. I agree with a lot Cenk says, but my criticism is along the same lines as your post. Great minds think alike

  20. Posted by Gosha Frau, at Reply

    I have no respect for women like Ana Cumsparian. I think so poorly of them… Oh and btw. I’m fcking better than you!