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HHS Medicaid Work Requirements Could Enrich Secretary’s Old Company


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Jonathan Larsen of TYT Explores has an unique tale on Trump's most current overload thing. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Read more below:

" On Friday, four days after the swearing in of new Health and Person Services Assistant Alex Azar, the firm validated Medicaid work requirements in a state where Azar's old firm is a subcontractor paid to help the state keep its Medicaid costs down.

The company, Health Management Solution (HMS), works with both the general public and economic sector to reduced wellness expenses, usually by moving them to 3rd parties such as insurance provider, and sometimes, individuals themselves. Azar, the former head of Eli Lilly's U.S. subsidiary, sat on the HMS board of supervisors from October 2016 through November 2017, when President Trump nominated him to run HHS.

In May 2017, Indiana asked the agency to let the state impose job requirements on its Medicaid recipients. Azar took a trip on Friday to Indiana as well as announced the approval for the waiver.

Indiana's Medicaid site names HMS as a subcontractor that audits Medicaid repayments. The agreement worked last summertime as well as lasts with June 2021. It does not call HMS but says that the audit subcontractor will receive 13 percent of recouped funds as payment." *.

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  1. Posted by My name is Jeff, at Reply


    • Posted by m k, at Reply

      My name is Jeff 💩💩💩💩

    • Posted by My name is Jeff, at Reply

      m k Troll 🖕😁

  2. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    So much for the pro-life party.

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 abortion has killed 50 million babies since 1973 but plz continue to call out Republicans for wanting healthy adults with no job to perform community service for their welfare

  3. Posted by andre brewer, at Reply

    The Republicans are to corrupted this is why they will always be cockroaches in politicians & especially conservative

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      andre brewer modest work requirements only for able bodied adults=corruption?

  4. Posted by MIKE TYSON, at Reply

    Robin Hood: Rob from the rich & give to the poor.
    Evil Emperor Trump: Rob from the poor & kill newborn baby kittens to make evil Queen Melania’s fur coats.

    • Posted by coolmodelguy, at Reply

      Better make them without sleeves so Big Daddy can see the Queen’s hand next time he tries to grab it.

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      MIKE TYSON even tho the definition of Medicaid is taking wealth from rich and giving it too the poor so cutting Medicaid isn’t taking away poor peoples money since it’s not theirs to begin with

  5. Posted by Lord Beerus, at Reply

    We need universal healthcare.

    • Posted by johnnybgoodeish, at Reply

      We, in the UK have universal healthcare and no government would ever be elected if they wanted to take it away!
      I love so many aspects about America, but it is really backward about some things -one being universal healthcare.

    • Posted by slothkingn1, at Reply

      (Strokes the NHS) Oh hey didn’t see you there. Johnny I mean Jeremy Hunt evidently doesn’t like it, but at least the Tories are two faced about it, they say we’ll protect the NHS it’s the best while slashing it’s funding because remember the reason the NHS is dying is because poor people use it to much. I literally hear this argument from Tories every other day, so the voters are just unintelligent when it comes to this issue of just greedy cunts.

    • Posted by Vile Crocodile, at Reply

      I am more afraid of taxes than flu.
      If I get the flu I’m in bed for a week tops.

      If I don’t pay my taxes my only two options are prison or death.

    • Posted by AwesomeBlackDude, at Reply

      Lord Beerus But Trump is winning everyday just hours ago he’s responsible of losing 2 trillion dollars from Wallstreet in one day. 😀😀😁

  6. Posted by Sandy lt, at Reply

    Lots of idiots believe a trump nominee.

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      Sandy lt lots of idiots watch young Turks

  7. Posted by Jack Independent, at Reply

    Open your eyes Republicans. Your playing into the hand to destroy America and Putin is laughing it up.

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      Jack Independent yes cuz putin’s biggest concern is whether Americans have to do community service for one particular welfare program

  8. Posted by AwesomeBlackDude, at Reply

    But Trump is winning everyday just hours ago he’s responsible of losing 2 trillion dollars from Wallstreet in one day. 😀😀😁

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      AwesomeBlackDude ur an idiot. The cause of the market crash was fears over the Feds raising interest rates which is completely independent of trump

  9. Posted by njintau, at Reply

    These people are’t human. What kind of human being would even think about benefitting from the poor, sick and the dying?

    • Posted by storm, at Reply


    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      njintau same firebrand lecture we hard over TANF in the 90s. How many people died from republican welfare reform in 1997? NONE

  10. Posted by Chris A., at Reply

    The U.S. Government is asking for a Civil War , I’m telling you.

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      Chris A. Well TANF has work requirements already so where’s this civil war at boi?

  11. Posted by Chris A., at Reply

    And they say Black people are problem. I don’t see Black People passing Tax laws or trying to take my Medicare away.

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      Chris A. Injecting race into a welfare debate? Gimme a break ur no better then the republicans who do the same

  12. Posted by clari271, at Reply

    Did anyone ever confirm Trump’s donation to Harvey victims?

    • Posted by MithraMusic, at Reply

      clari271 I believe so , I can’t remember the details anymore though

    • Posted by Richard warren, at Reply

      This is all lies about Trump, fake news! but did anyone ever tell the young turks and Liberals about how much money Hillary stolen from Haiti? it’s sickening, disgusting how she took BILLIONS from a country that has Millions of babies kids, and mothers starving and they live in dirt, yeah the poorest country in the world….:(… Hillary sold them out to big oil fat cats and in return they gave the Clinton crime family Millions, all the proof is out but again the democrats are above the laws you see she rigged the system and fake news covered up everything !!!

  13. Posted by Brijan B, at Reply

    Great title, is it a conicidence that today marks the 15th anniversary of the greatest hiphop album ever releases Get Rich or Die Tryin’. This album sold 15 million copies worldwide GGGGG-unit

  14. Posted by Karlin Arnet, at Reply

    We need a solution! Democrats and replubicans are both corrupt. Cenk it is your duty to guide us to a solution.

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      Karlin Arnet requiring modest work requirements=corruption?

  15. Posted by James Oxford, at Reply

    This is outrageous and should be grounds for his removal. Corruption and deception this blatant should not be alright with Americans.

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      James Oxford Clinton did the same with TANF something tells me u weren’t screaming for his impeachment cuz of it

    • Posted by James Oxford, at Reply

      I wasn’t a democrat then, but I grew up. Besides, I’m tired of conservatives justifying the current administration’s bad behavior with the bad behavior of past administrations. Additionally, I’m talking about Alex Azar, not the dotard in chief. Corruption and nepotism shouldn’t even be partisan issues… What are you defending? The revolving door in DC?

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      James Oxford peep Shane’s comment

  16. Posted by Radwulf Eboraci, at Reply

    These people are odious worms. Soulless does not go far enough, there is something seriously wrong with the core of a system that seems to pump these types out in disturbingly large numbers.

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      Radwulf Eboraci welfare leaches?

  17. Posted by admrob, at Reply

    I’m a liberal who spends >14 hours of the day either traveling to, or at, work. Thus, I don’t really have a problem with some type of work requirement for able bodied people to receive benefits – especially if they have been doing so long-term.

    • Posted by James Oxford, at Reply

      This will likely kick my brother’s girlfriend off Medicaid. She went on Medicaid 18 months ago when her (now ex) husband shot her in the face and couldn’t work. She has 3 kids, including a 1 year old.

  18. Posted by Vicinican Valmont, at Reply

    Trump Supporters – “STILL WINNING!” LMFAO!

  19. Posted by Vicky Mc, at Reply

    Wow sounds like he’s copying the torrys from the UK.

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      Vicky Mc work requirements exist for TANF how many have died from it?

  20. Posted by ttrev007, at Reply

    It is disgusting to think someone might die because they are unable to get work. What ever happened to “what would Jesus do?” apparently ask if you are employed first.

    • Posted by Adam Johnson, at Reply

      ttrev007 I’ve been doing various forms of community service since I was a kid how tf can’t an able bodied adult do the same