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Hilarious Cat Fails (April 2017)


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Take pleasure in these humorous feline stops working, several of them are just indicate though!! Which feline is your fave? Tell us in the comment section and do not forget to send your amusing fail video clips to FailArmy.com!!


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Clips in compilation:
Guy in Feline Mask Scares Felines
Cat Can't Leap
Cats Defend Cardboard Box
Cat Remains on Automatic Vacuum cleaner and Falls
Feline Climbing up Commode Poops On Floor
Cat on Leash Aims to Jump on Table
Cat Diminish Pet cat House
Feline Puts Cuddling Feline Buddy
Pet cat Loss Out of Easter Basket
Pet cat Diminish Ladder
Canine and Pet cat Fight over Bed
Grind On Me Fail – Feline Goes Traveling
Cat Jumps on Owners Shoulders
Printer Scares Feline when Paper Appears
Cat Diminish Shelf Backpack
Feline Falls Asleep While Attacking Toe
Feline Turns In reverse
Feline Jumps Off Door Into Mirror
Feline Disturbs Yoga exercise Video clip
Feline Loss In Bathroom
Feline Falls Off Door Lands on Feet
Cat Jumps Off Bed and Hits Mirror
Fat Pet cat Stuck In Soda Box Falls
Feline Latches onto Loaf of Bread
Feline Falls Getting on Drape
Cat Virtually Falls off Chair
Cat Aims to Delve into Cupboard with Cushion
Fat Feline Struggles to Flip Over
Cat Shields Computer Mouse
Feline Slides on Carpet Aiming to Jump on Table
Pet cat Tips Over
Cat Tosses Other Pet cat off Roofing
Cat Jumps for Toy and Runs into Mirror
Cat Falls off Home window Sill Trying to Swat at Neighbor Feline
Pet cat Rolls off Fridge
Cat Faces Stove n/a
Clumsy Pet cat Attempts to Jump into Bathtub but Gets Terrified
Feline Pulls Gauze from Jars
Feline Frightens Various other Cat
Feline Jump to Refrigerator Fail
Pet cat Tries and also Fails to Open up Window
Cat Enters Air and also Lands on Girl's Head
Pet cat Appears of No place and also Puts Individual

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Humorous Feline Stops working (April 2017)|| FailArmy

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  1. Posted by DSP, at Reply

    Yay, cat fails 😉

    • Posted by Alex N. •228B22n00b, at Reply

      This Is just so cool, proves cats aren’t stupid as some say.

    • Posted by ROSEpetal52, at Reply

      DSP Why the wink?

    • Posted by Project7Pictures, at Reply

      dersuperpro lebt :O

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  2. Posted by Robin, at Reply

    Don’t put clothes on your cats!

    • Posted by Lucas Oetzel, at Reply

      DONT >:(

    • Posted by Last Young Renegade, at Reply

      Robin I am putting cats on my clothes

    • Posted by Robert Schmilz, at Reply

      Robin oo

    • Posted by mrhdboy gt, at Reply

      Last Young Renegade lol

  3. Posted by fabo female, at Reply

    Hey, you know who’s handsome?

    Read the first word 😉

    • Posted by Zero, at Reply

      when you try to be troll but you troll yourself

    • Posted by sethrii, at Reply

      fabo female perfect a fail in the comments on a fail video

    • Posted by Ben Fritz, at Reply


      Sorry, had to do that 😀

    • Posted by Sans Handlebars, at Reply

      kbg12ila *who’s as in “who is”

      whose is possesive as in “whose hat is this?” or ” Tim, whose talent is drawing, is a great illustrator.”

    • Posted by BellumXyz, at Reply

      Who is “Hey” ?

  4. Posted by Larry Croft, at Reply

    нехуй у бори булку забирать

    • Posted by saman barwary, at Reply

      Larry Croft cyka blyad idi nachoi rush b you noob ruski

    • Posted by Larry Croft, at Reply

      sasai sasai moy big tit’cka

    • Posted by KYCOCHEK, at Reply

      Ну хоть когда то русские коменты в топ на американском канале попали

    • Posted by Александр Винокуров, at Reply

      здарово зема!!!)))

    • Posted by Yolofon, at Reply

      Larry Croft ich verstehe das zwar nicht aber hab es geliked

  5. Posted by Nick Villi, at Reply

    Ору с Бори

    • Posted by Darkness Katniss, at Reply

      Nick Villi cyka blyad

  6. Posted by Виталий Кузьменко, at Reply

    Отдай булку! Это булка, дурак!

    • Posted by Daniel Tyson, at Reply

      Виталий Кузьменко speak American

    • Posted by molucca, at Reply

      Daniel Tyson American isn’t a language

    • Posted by Sillyjake, at Reply

      rush b cyka blyat

    • Posted by Sillyjake, at Reply

      cyka we speak english you blyat

    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply

      English do you speak it?

  7. Posted by InnerCityPigeon, at Reply

    Cats are Pussies!

    • Posted by duplivert, at Reply

      All cats are pussies but not all pussies are cats.

    • Posted by Arman Cabbala, at Reply

      then dogs are bitches!

    • Posted by Arman Cabbala, at Reply

      duplivert all dogs are bitches, but not all bitches are dogs. lol

  8. Posted by FreeCopyrightMusic, at Reply

    FailArmy !!!
    best 🙂

    • Posted by dominik becker, at Reply

      FreeCopyrightMusic 👍

    • Posted by FreeCopyrightMusic, at Reply


    • Posted by Peter T, at Reply

      FreeCopyrightMusic cool Music

    • Posted by a1ex, at Reply

      FreeCopyrightMusic luv it 2

    • Posted by Erebdraug, at Reply

      Your “subtle” advertising on this channel isn’t as subtle as you think

  9. Posted by Jack Simonson, at Reply

    Why don’t people help their cats instead of getting the camera ready for them to fall and possibly hurt themselves?

    • Posted by VideoDeadGaming, at Reply

      Cos cats are cunts

    • Posted by Zero, at Reply

      You never have a cat?i have 3 and they do stupid things all the time like jumping over things and fall,cats know how to fall without getting hurt you don’t need to worry when a cat fall or something the way you talk is like they are bad owners if you have a cat you know they do stupid things all the time…

    • Posted by Valv0l1ne The Third, at Reply

      dont worry, cats have extremely elastic bodies, they might feel a little pain but it’s all good, no damage done, this is why we say that “cats have 9 lives”.

    • Posted by NO LONGER ACTIVE, at Reply

      We have a PETA supporter over here, people, step back.

    • Posted by NO LONGER ACTIVE, at Reply

      Cynical Sassparilla Gaming PREACH IT

  10. Posted by Tom Zeus, at Reply

    The lady shaking the cat with the bread was kinda sad

    • Posted by snip snap doggo but not the woof bork ones, at Reply

      I didn’t know there so many cat experts around here

    • Posted by Kettarien79, at Reply

      Pindos, go home!

    • Posted by ROSEpetal52, at Reply

      Chelsea Baker It’s probably the cat wanted the bag only cause they like to chew on plastic.

    • Posted by ROSEpetal52, at Reply

      MrYfrank14 I think the cat just wanted to chew the plastic bag.Cats like chewing plastic bags

    • Posted by ROSEpetal52, at Reply

      potatos_ 4life It cause the cat probably just wanted to chew the bag
      .Cats like chewing plastic

  11. Posted by Martti Majuri, at Reply

    I can’t understand why people keep dressing their cats it’s so sad😔

    • Posted by Ballin, at Reply

      What’s so sad about it?

    • Posted by Allmy Pieces, at Reply

      SpiritOwl Owl u don’t have to sit

    • Posted by Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, at Reply

      +Ballin Because they dont fucking like it, Animals arent made for god damn vests or stupid hats

    • Posted by Dylan Jones, at Reply

      SpiritOwl Owl, You don’t own the animal. You took on the responsibility of caring for it when you adopted or saved it. We domesticated animals and whether you like it or not as a species we are responsible for these creatures now. Dressing them up might be harmless to you and to many others but it is extremely disrespectful. If they weren’t domesticated and you didn’t have a weapon, these creatures that you disrespect would tear you a new one. Keep that in mind the next time you decide to put a sweater on your little domesticated friend. The look it is giving you is a domesticated look of resignation.

  12. Posted by AquilaLP, at Reply

    3:40 WTF??

    • Posted by froelz1337, at Reply

      Nabiya Ri Nabiya Ri It wasn’t raised at all actually, it was a stray cat that woman took home, was on Russian TV at some point.

    • Posted by The Banana Melon, at Reply

      😂😂I’m bread😂😂

    • Posted by ФЛЭТЧ, at Reply


    • Posted by Anime 210, at Reply

      AquilaLP agree 😐

    • Posted by HardMayer, at Reply

      Это хлеб и кот

  13. Posted by Music is Win, at Reply

    I feel like this could be the best video I watch today, purrsonally.

    • Posted by Megan Rainford, at Reply

      Music is Win iii

    • Posted by Cameron Hagon, at Reply

      Music is Win XD

    • Posted by Rasmus Bottolfsen, at Reply


    • Posted by Anime 210, at Reply

      Music is Win same

    • Posted by Seid Papic, at Reply

      Music is Win .

  14. Posted by OberonLee, at Reply

    You’re starting to re use a lot of clips. It’s only a matter of time until your channel dies.

    • Posted by JEREMIAH vlogs H, at Reply

      Frank N. Stein same

    • Posted by Funniest Animal Videos, at Reply

      i never reuse clips 🙂

    • Posted by Lks, at Reply

      OberonLee i love watching reuploaded clips

    • Posted by Bigby Wolf, at Reply

      Haha. That haircut though. That’s like a rat died on your head back in 2005 and only whats left now is it’s hair.

  15. Posted by Tyler Gang, at Reply

    quick, let’s talk bad about the USA while they’re still waking up.

    • Posted by Julio Perez, at Reply

      Tyler Gang just woke up, what’s up?

    • Posted by The Banana Melon, at Reply

      *is in Europe on vacation*

      Aw hell nah

    • Posted by Bacondonut1, at Reply

      Tyler Gang he it afternoon over here what’s over the midnight l

  16. Posted by Poatatasium Poatatogen PO2, at Reply

    I hate ppl who put clothes on thier cats, it literally impairs thier movment and also making them fat, WHY ITS aminul abyoos

    • Posted by Noel Pytlik, at Reply

      aminul abyoos? Did you mean animal abuse?

    • Posted by G4MERtv, at Reply

      Noel Pytlik i think the poor spelling should be an indication this dude aint serious

  17. Posted by 七海秋山, at Reply

    6:09 I’m gonna die

    • Posted by Metal c4mp, at Reply

      I was like…fucking pet that cat you heartless human 😀

  18. Posted by Alexei Zhdamarov, at Reply


    • Posted by HardMayer, at Reply

      Вот гадина!

    • Posted by BLACK STALKER, at Reply


    • Posted by Никита Moz, at Reply

      Это она гадина,Сломала бы ему клыки,дура

    • Posted by Юлиания Затрутина, at Reply

      ну как об полиэтиленовый пакет можно 7ломать зубы?