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Hilarious Redneck Fails (November 2017) | FailArmy


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If you as well as your good friends have done these things, you're possibly a hillbilly. Below are some humorous redneck falls short including ATV fails, a pig on a diet regimen and some excellent down on the ranch fun. Let us recognize your ideas down below, and also send your video clip at failarmy.com


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Video clips:
Woman Pasta Catfish
Fish Leaps From Water and also Slaps Woman's Face
Cowboy Dance on Table Fail
Dueling Banjos for Marathon Runners
Person Towing Truck Falls in Mud
Hillbilly Hair Dryer
Hog Follows Carrot
People Don't Know How to Cut Branch off Tree
Man Collisions into Tree While Trying Wheelie
Tractor Flanks Throughout Competitors
Guy Falls Off Boat Trying to Break Tree Branch
Men Fly Out of Vehicle Bed Swimming Pool
Individual Tries to Trip Dirt Bike into Trailer
Rooster Goes After Girl
Mobility Scooter Spins Three Men on Merry Go Round
Cam Falls Off RZR Into Mud
ATV Vehicle Driver Falls in Mud
Drunk Guy Trips Over Man Doing Tricks on Mobility scooter
Dirt Biker Freaks out He Spots Crawler on Safety Helmet
Little Girl Falls From Tractor
Daddy Presses Child Too Hard on Swing
Man Attempts to Own truck exit ramp
Individual Uses Lawnmower to Trim Hedges
Guy Aims to Do a Handstand on an Equine
Individuals Build a Swing Making Use Of a Vehicle
Person with Nitrous Flies Off Vehicle
ATV Loses Control and Collisions right into Group
Lady Falls off Motorcycle
Fallen Leave Blower Presses Woman on Carousel at the Park
Fish Fly from Water and Struck Watercraft Chauffeur's Face
Guy's Nuts Get Stuck on Broken Tree
Lady Hits Planters Instead of Pinata
Individual Attempts to Shotgun Beer with Axe
Cowboy Falls Aiming To Jump Over Hurdle
Zip Line Setup Fails

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  1. Posted by Sideshow The Game Freak, at Reply

    The Lawnmower Bush Trimmer was DEFINITELY not a fail ☺

  2. Posted by Levent SALT, at Reply

    They are all wasting earth’s resources. They should be terminated on the spot.

  3. Posted by Angelica Guerrero, at Reply

    0:33 When you’re all bark and no bite and when it comes time to fight you run like the wind.

  4. Posted by Silent Shadow, at Reply

    4:02 what are you yanking on?

  5. Posted by isaac munaff, at Reply

    what’s that song playing in the background 4:54 – 5:00

  6. Posted by Sea Bear, at Reply

    Anyone else think the dad at the end might have done that just for the fail???

  7. Posted by Mauricio Valenzuela, at Reply

    Omg I would have punched that mother fucker right in the face, don’t care if he’s her dad… fucking stupid man, gosh!!

  8. Posted by DJ Kinney, at Reply

    Yeah! Those “rednecks” in Queens are wild.

  9. Posted by carlos lasagna, at Reply

    I bet everyone in that video is related

  10. Posted by Funny Fails, at Reply

    And the sad it would be funny😆
    But my clips are really funny too👍

  11. Posted by sharpshooter33, at Reply

    No that’s still a leaf blower

  12. Posted by Holy Mackerel, at Reply

    This is what happens when you choose bib overalls rather than books.

  13. Posted by Alan Wright, at Reply

    1:26 that is actually a good idea

  14. Posted by Lexi D, at Reply

    1:18 is what I imagine an air compressor sounds like

  15. Posted by jesper krook, at Reply

    The video of the car suspended by chains going up and down is made by a couple of dutch guys, only in the netherlands

  16. Posted by Hendrik Hendrikson, at Reply

    Suspiciously few black people in this one.
    Have they all been burned on the cross or something?

  17. Posted by The Jingle Jangler, at Reply

    Just think if the title was named getto fails.

  18. Posted by Fadekemi Lawal, at Reply

    Seems like rednecks like to have fun

  19. Posted by Phil, at Reply

    they seem like happy people tho 🙂

  20. Posted by Trevor Mac, at Reply

    The tractor… fell… in half! Wtf