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Hilarious Summer vs. Winter Fails (June 2017) || FailArmy


Enjoyed the video ladies check these swimsuits out

Get out your flip flop and also snowboards all set, since summer vs. winter falls short is right here. Delight in some of the funniest falls short including slip-n-slides, boat falls short, snowboard stops working and various other summer season vs. winter months fun. Let us recognize your ideas in the comments, and also as constantly submit your video clip to FailArmy.com.


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Slip-N-Slide Sneak Faceplant
Man Faceplants on Beach after Front Flip
Girl Falls short at Backflip
Person Leaps from Trash bin to Kiddie Pool
Guy Falls Off Rope Swing
Lady Aims to Pull Prank yet Fails
Water Slide Turn Causes Numerous
2 Women, One Bathtub
Snowboarding Swimsuit Woman Slides and Falls
This Swimsuit Lady Has A Bad Time With Ice Pail Difficulty
Skier Fifty percent Pipe Fail
Guy Front Turns onto Butt
Individual Has Fun on Snow Patches
Guy on Snow Tube Wipes Out
Man Eliminates While Attempting to Pond-Skim
Skier Wearing a Speedo Wipes Out
Snowboarder Encounters Wall of Snow
Woman Slams into Sand While Attempting to do a Cannonball
Snowboarder Flies Off and also Wipes Out
Woman Falls Off Paddleboard
Skier Aims to Make it Down Hill
Wakeboarder Wipes Out Trying Trick
Guy Falls Through Roofing
Wakeboarder Instantly Falls into the Water at Launch
Kitesurfer Into the Water
Risk-taker Has Excruciating Touchdown After High cliff Dive
Wakeboarder Wipes Out Trying Method
Individual on Sled Faces Tree
Guy Purposely Bellyflops right into Water
Guy Breaks Rope Swing
Man Falls short at Backflip off Boat
Backflip Off Diving Board Faceplant
Snowmobile in Bikini
Wakeboarding Pipeline Face
Trampoline Snow Bellyflop
Guy in Underclothing Studies Snow
Child in Inner Tube Sliding Down Hill
Kayaker Slip
Girl Falls Off Trampoline with Exercise Ball
Infant Falls In reverse right into Jacuzzi

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  1. Posted by Leonardo Ly, at Reply

    Like to die instantly

    • Posted by Maddie Sophia, at Reply

      +Oscar oh

    • Posted by Maddie Sophia, at Reply

      +Oscar I get it

    • Posted by ヘザー, at Reply

      Leonardo Ly didn’t die, i want a refund

    • Posted by Jenese Pados, at Reply

      You liar ¬¬

  2. Posted by Dami, at Reply

    i wanna be top.

    • Posted by Dami, at Reply

      +Greens.are.my.beans 🙁

    • Posted by Bogdan Tegla, at Reply

      you are 😀

    • Posted by Racecarsrock, at Reply

      Dami ok i like

    • Posted by DeathHydra, at Reply

      you fucking meant top comment… I assumed you meant something else..

    • Posted by Dami, at Reply

      hehe =)

  3. Posted by spielMassiv, at Reply

    3:10 Larry

    • Posted by Abdullah Mallah, at Reply

      spielMassiv looooooool

    • Posted by TaqzYT, at Reply

      spielMassiv Deutsch

  4. Posted by elliesmith2002, at Reply

    It’s so boring to be early bcs I can’t read any funny comments 😂😂

    • Posted by SavageLight, at Reply

      Maria Flores Well I don’t care.

    • Posted by Maria Flores, at Reply

      SavageLight I was not talking to you. you know that right

  5. Posted by Sabeen Niraula, at Reply

    5:45 awesome..?👌👍👍👌👍👌👍👌👍

  6. Posted by PewdsIsKing !, at Reply

    4:37 rip headphone users

    • Posted by Sonic Shadow 870, at Reply

      PewdsIsKing !

      This time, I was lucky

  7. Posted by teen wolf lover, at Reply

    first thing all good friends say when their friends get hurt is either “I GOT THAT ON CAMERA!” or “I wish I was recording that”

    • Posted by Skakter 15, at Reply

      777 Vaquera y should he

    • Posted by diego martinex, at Reply

      teen wolf lover u must have true friends

    • Posted by teen wolf lover, at Reply

      diego martinex no, I used to though. So I remember xD

  8. Posted by DrBolt, at Reply



    • Posted by DrBolt, at Reply


    • Posted by Dont say nothing409, at Reply

      DrBolt i want to see how this goes so im leaving this right here.

    • Posted by James Austin, at Reply


    • Posted by Terrax, at Reply

      White people

    • Posted by Usi, at Reply

      DrBolt Me2

  9. Posted by VereaxModZ, at Reply

    Can you answer me FailArmy plzz
    I´m felling good when you answer me :33<3

    • Posted by four4444Function, at Reply

      legends say that he’s still waiting for the answer

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      What up?

    • Posted by VereaxModZ, at Reply

      *OMFG* xddd

  10. Posted by DrBolt, at Reply

    2:55 is that a broken rib (when he stands up)

    • Posted by Jake Gregory, at Reply

      Om I think it is😬🤕

    • Posted by jpsinger16, at Reply

      Gah! You might be right. I wish I didn’t see that. He might have been so high on adrenaline that he didn’t even notice at first.

    • Posted by Joshua Benton, at Reply

      That is immediately the first thing i saw. Hopefully he just has an obtrusive rib cage?

  11. Posted by Skye Blue, at Reply

    That legendary moment when you hear your language in one of FailArmy’s videos

    • Posted by TheJaironman99, at Reply

      Skye Blue you italian m8?

  12. Posted by iCareLars, at Reply

    like = summer🌞
    comment = winter⛄

    • Posted by Mari Rainbow, at Reply

      iCareLars winter

    • Posted by Coco Coci, at Reply

      *winter* is coming

    • Posted by Dont say nothing409, at Reply

      winter is better, just put on an extra layer. you can only take off so many in the summer time.

    • Posted by Maria Jesus, at Reply


    • Posted by Jasper Quartz, at Reply


  13. Posted by Mdi223, at Reply

    Why is it that fail army posts people really hurting themselves and sometimes super grafic accidents but they censor swearing?

    • Posted by Fruit500, at Reply

      Gotta get that ad revenue

    • Posted by Leo Hughes, at Reply

      Fruit500 lmao

    • Posted by danzoil, at Reply

      Mdi223 Americans hate swearing but they LOVE violence.

    • Posted by G15Movies, at Reply

      But when they hate it why do evreyone swear?

  14. Posted by Andy Mucha, at Reply

    At 3:11, if it was darker outside the board would’ve said “LOSER” instead of “LOBSTER” because of the white text XD

    • Posted by Tetra3Ne56scur, at Reply

      Andy Mucha haha I saw that too

  15. Posted by R. B., at Reply

    3:11 haha “LOSER” xD

    • Posted by Ahmad K., at Reply

      R. B. It says “LOBSTER”

    • Posted by R. B., at Reply

      +Ahmad K. Don’t you see that there’s no paint on the “B” and the “T”?..
      +Jake Gregory​ yeah me too ^°^

    • Posted by Ahmad K., at Reply

      +R. B. You just addmitted that there is a B and there is a T so you trolled yourself

    • Posted by R. B., at Reply

      Ofc there is a B and a T.. I’m not blind xD
      But it’s funny when you pay attention to the paint ^^
      (I didn’t trolled myself, i’ve just found this thing funny)

  16. Posted by Calenor Eluchíl, at Reply

    3:27 That was not a fail! That was majestic.

    • Posted by Autumn Marisa Beauty, at Reply

      Calenor Eluchíl so true😂😂😂

  17. Posted by wonderdreamland, at Reply

    3:36 German fails – always good ; D Any other German here?

    • Posted by Autumn Marisa Beauty, at Reply

      wonderdreamland sort of, I’m English but I speak a little bit of German

    • Posted by Christian Theissen, at Reply

      wonderdreamland Ja Kamerad!

    • Posted by giorgos gamer, at Reply

      Autumn Marisa Beauty Here in Greece we learn German, but that doesn’t make us Germans

    • Posted by TheMisioreq, at Reply

      wonderdreamland but it wasnt even funny :<

  18. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    Soldiers, what are you getting into this summer?

    • Posted by DarryVideoEdit, at Reply

      I’m planning to date the Winter Soldier

    • Posted by Digital Dreamer, at Reply


    • Posted by Aircraft Mania, at Reply

      FailArmy I’m actually gonna be a winter SAILOR

    • Posted by Felipe Rodrigues, at Reply


    • Posted by JamSoyMilkWhales, at Reply

      FailArmy its winter for me