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Hilarious Truck Fails (May 2017)


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Keep truckin! Below is an amusing collection of vehicle stops working. Allow's simply claim, we really hope these individuals have good cars and truck insurance policy. Leave a remark, and do not forget to submit your own fails at FailArmy.com


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Video clips:
Monster Vehicle Turns After Jump
Monster Truck Rolls over in Arena
Truck Jumps Dust Ramp and also Flips
People Trip Plaything Cars Enters into Each Other
ATV Turns over after Loading Ramp Breaks
Timber Into Pickup Home window
ATV Flips Over after Loading Ramp Breaks
Tow Truck Loading Fail
Vehicle Sideswipes Vehicle
Towing Fail Rips Off Truck Panel
Employees Drop Instances of Beer from Vehicle
Semi Truck Cargo right into Overpass Bridge
Snow Plough Encounters Police wagon
Big Rig Vehicle Slides into Snowy Ditch
Individual Attempts to Free SUV from Tow Vehicle
Vehicle Repels Tow Vehicle
Take control of Cars and truck
Cars and truck Falls Off Back of Tow Vehicle
Vehicle Becomes One more
Child right into Truck Bumper
Government Vehicle Falls right into the River
Truck Stuck in Ice
Yellow Delivery van Does not Clear Bridge
Semi Swerves and Detaches from Freight
Truck Falls on its Side doing Donuts
Semi Truck's Engine Quits
Tree Landed on Truck
Father Loads Quad into Bed of Truck

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  2. Posted by villegas24, at Reply

    Nothing better than seeing rednecks failing at life.

    • Posted by SkiLLzThAtKiLL88, at Reply

      villegas24 I mean I do my research so I do know what it means you obviously don’t.

    • Posted by Derp Gaming, at Reply

      villegas24 nah, it’s you

    • Posted by villegas24, at Reply

      +SkiLLzThAtKiLL88 do you do that “research” with someone from your family?

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      +SkiLLzThAtKiLL88 if you read back the conversation tou can see that the only one using insults waa you. Thanks for proving my point.

  3. Posted by SUPER JARED CAMPBELL, at Reply

    Like this for good luck forever🤑

    • Posted by KronicleX, at Reply

      like this instead of that

  4. Posted by Prrox, at Reply

    Wie viele Deutsche gucken dieses Video?

    • Posted by MobbyDick, at Reply

      Typischer deutscher Kommentar…

    • Posted by ShroomyHoles, at Reply

      Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch

    • Posted by Gregory May, at Reply

      Fiken machen

    • Posted by Heinrich Daumler, at Reply

      Prrox nazi jokes mofo?

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  6. Posted by Redman Bros 1023, at Reply

    Put that away sir. Absolutely not. Truck you.

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    • Posted by fernando alfredo fabian garcia, at Reply

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  7. Posted by Leon Bendik, at Reply

    4:45 When your car is about to drown but you have to do awesome drone shots first.

    • Posted by ZivoxGaming, at Reply


    • Posted by Kai Knopek, at Reply

      this car wasn’t about to drown… some one left it there and it froze

    • Posted by Vlad Matejka, at Reply

      yep frozen in. and notice the log/pole sticking under it. i wonder if it was put there to hopefully keep the truck from totally submerging.

    • Posted by Kai Knopek, at Reply

      or these logs are part of a failed attempt to get it out of the water/ice

    • Posted by Kiffer MLG Gaming., at Reply

      u know hes not getting that out.

  8. Posted by Luisa, at Reply

    1:10 Carglass repariert Carglass tauscht aus😂

    • Posted by MAZIUS, at Reply

      And the spanish one: Carglass cambia Carglass repara

    • Posted by GrafNiks, at Reply

      Nen neuen Scheibenwischer gibts auch noch dazu 😉

    • Posted by Thomas Pluijm, at Reply

      Now dutch: Carglass repareert, Carglass vervangt

    • Posted by Kali Day, at Reply

      Safelite repair, safelite replace!

    • Posted by Khadro Aden, at Reply

      Thomas Pluijm

  9. Posted by Melentik, at Reply

    Haha 😂

    • Posted by Maik Halsch, at Reply

      Melentik Ihr seid von Luca 😁

    • Posted by Freche Krokette, at Reply

      Melentik Ihr hier? ☺

    • Posted by Johanna SoPHie, at Reply

      Melentik Hab euch eben erst abonniert 😇

    • Posted by Khadro Aden, at Reply


  10. Posted by A10, at Reply

    Oh my god finally FailArmy came out with something new and not reused, at least I think.

    • Posted by jhN322, at Reply

      This video has bunch of reused clips as well. Impossible to avoid unless you skip all videos all together

    • Posted by SEENgod, at Reply

      lol not even close, i’ve seen all these clips multiple times

    • Posted by Joshua King, at Reply

      Nortic111 I do.

    • Posted by Mr.Müller- San, at Reply

      No one cares

  11. Posted by Be amazed and Search CommentBurns on YouTube, at Reply

    I feel 30x more American after watching this

    • Posted by Katalabix, at Reply


    • Posted by Martin Laplante, at Reply

      After all of these replies, we can see who’s European and who’s Rednecks from America! This is a good poll 😉

    • Posted by Zando-Zando, at Reply

      Europeans, so you mean pussies that can’t fight? Sorry you were stereotyping so I felt obligated to join in 🙂 (Also shouldn’t you have surrendered yet?)

  12. Posted by AvA18, at Reply

    3:37 I’d just forget the car, like nope.

    • Posted by dragon_2cu, at Reply

      AvA18 same for me

    • Posted by Derp Doggo, at Reply

      AvA18 Well I hope the bees enjoy their new ride

  13. Posted by Haoto Akiyama, at Reply

    3:38 This is beecoming a problem…

    • Posted by TheSuperCoolGuy 50000, at Reply

      Haoto Akiyama OH CRAP, ITS THE BEES

    • Posted by watch creed, at Reply

      not the bees

  14. Posted by Kush Shah, at Reply

    -‘Absolutely not.’
    I have no idea why I laughed at that scene so much.

    • Posted by Justo, at Reply

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    • Posted by OzzieBloke, at Reply

      Polite defiance is hilarious.

    • Posted by Matteo Montgomery, at Reply

      Kush Shah i

  15. Posted by GameDog, at Reply

    I would really love to know what the 2:19 guys were thinking, apparently they thought if they get it started it would just levitate out the truck.

    • Posted by Etaukan, at Reply

      They needed to get that pallet jack out so that the forklift could get in there; they were expecting just the pallet jack to come free and drop to the ground–still not a great solution, but it probably would have survived with no damage. When you want to ‘drop’ a pallet on one of those, the hydraulic mechanism on the pallet jack changes the height of the forks, and you can pull the jack free while the pallet stays where it is… USUALLY. In this case, for all that weight to move, the forks must not have disengaged, so the whole thing rolled back, and well, there you go.

    • Posted by deville487, at Reply

      @Mobius One: That’s not how you pull a pallet. You use a rope (forklifts usually have one on board) and attach it to a hook specifically for that on your fork and then pull to the edge.

    • Posted by Sam Giles, at Reply

      GameDog they were doing it wrong

    • Posted by MrYfrank14, at Reply

      i think the the pallet was too far back for the forklift to reach, and stacked too close to the roof for the forklift to tip the pallet up and drag it to the edge.
      i think the plan was to use the pallet jack to move the pallet to the edge, then use the fork lift.
      the guy on the right bounced the truck when he put his foot on the bumper. plus, moving the pallet probably added to the bounce.
      the bounce caused the load to shift. nothing , like shrink wrap, was securing the cases to the pallet. the top half of cases fell forward.
      truck was probably over loaded.
      at the end of the video, it looks like the pallet jack and pallet are still in the truck, so i dont think the pallet jack fell off the edge, causing the beer to fall.

    • Posted by Mitchell levesque, at Reply

      GameDog e

  16. Posted by west90, at Reply

    χαχαχα 1.35 μονο στην Ελλαδα αυτα 😂

    • Posted by silvestros p, at Reply


    • Posted by Ilias McAuliffe, at Reply

      west90 axaxaxaxaxaxaxaxxa nai re

    • Posted by west90, at Reply


    • Posted by XFiremaniac, at Reply

      xaxaxaxaxa ton kaimeno

    • Posted by Mr Bill, at Reply

      Ακριβως 😂

  17. Posted by John Smith, at Reply

    2:19 What exactly was their plan?

    • Posted by N. B., at Reply

      John Smith Use the Force

  18. Posted by Michael Nowicki, at Reply

    4:56 OMG, its 11’8! look it up, it’s funny!

    • Posted by MrRoyalChicken, at Reply

      That bridge is a legend

    • Posted by Jesse Cruz, at Reply

      Michael Nowicki penské is their biggest victim

  19. Posted by Alexander Richmond, at Reply

    When you forget to turn off tilt controls in Mario Kart 8

    • Posted by Mickey Mole, at Reply