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Hilarious Weird Voices | Funny People Compilation


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People have the weirdest skills, don't they? Damaging Spaghetti hairs with a nose or playing the bike with a violin bow, we've seen it all below at AFV. Our favorite talent quickly is when people can make FOOLISH VOICES! Whether it's grown guys that SOUND LIKE KIDS or youngsters who sound like GRUPHY OLD PEOPLE, couple of points are as amusing as a person who could alter his or her voice and also most notably, MAKE ALL OF US LAUGH! That's why we bring our newest AMUSING INDIVIDUALS COMPILATION today called HUMOROUS ODD VOICES! Provide it a healthy viewing as well as be sure to SHARE THIS WITH ALL YOUR PEOPLE!

What's your preferred odd voice in today's video clip? Is it the youngster IN HIS PAPA'S JACKET LOOKING LIKE AN GROWNUP at 6:47? Or possibly the person CROSSING HIS EYES at 8:42? Inform us IN THE REMARKS BELOW as well as remember to LIKE As Well As SUBSCRIBE TO AFV ON YOUTUBE!

Hilarious Weird Voices|Funny People Compilation


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  1. Posted by Maximum Overdrive, at Reply


    • Posted by Armando Raxón, at Reply

      Maximum Overdrive en ser violado

  2. Posted by SugarSkull ChiChi, at Reply

    That first one tho……….

  3. Posted by Zoey Laney, at Reply

    early bird gets the worm

  4. Posted by Angel, at Reply

    Aww babies are so precious ;-; ❤

  5. Posted by KB Flash, at Reply

    That moment when your first and you don’t want to be first

  6. Posted by jami mangali, at Reply


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  8. Posted by The Three C's, at Reply

    Lol! You guys are the best! On my TV every Sunday night

  9. Posted by Parwez Khan, at Reply

    Wow so cute baby😍😍👌👍

  10. Posted by Zina Hurani, at Reply

    0:18 this is why I love Britain

  11. Posted by Brett Jacquard, at Reply

    If America’s Funniest People was revamped; some of these would be on the show!
    Great impressions!

  12. Posted by Red Sheep Aaron, at Reply

    It’s my birthday so the first one was awesome