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Hillary Campaign Ignored Bernie Supporters’ Offers To Help?


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After the primary was over, Bernie Sanders supporters tried to help the Hillary Clinton campaign. The Hillary camp was not interested. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Ever since election night—when Hillary Clinton tanked and Donald Trump became the next leader of the free world—the most prominent allies and alumni of Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign have maintained a succinct message for Team Hillary: We. Told. You. So.

In the final months of the brutal and chaotic 2016 campaign, there were plenty of Democratic activists freaking out about Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania (the three states that ultimately cost the Democrats the White House) and Clinton’s fatal shortcomings there. Many of them were envoys of the Sanders camp who wanted to help fix those problems, including Clinton’s difficulties with the block of the mythical “white-working-class,” economically anxious voters who Sanders had championed during the primaries.

“They fucking ignored us on all these [three] battleground states [while] we were sounding the alarm for months,” Nomiki Konst, a progressive activist and former Sanders surrogate who served on the 2016 Democratic National Committee platform committee, told The Daily Beast. “We kept saying to each other like, ‘What the fuck, why are they just blowing us off? They need these voters more than anybody.’”

According to Konst and multiple other people involved with these discussions, the Clinton campaign agreed to a meeting with a cadre of Sanders surrogates during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in July. The purpose of the meeting, which included Clinton’s national political director Amanda Rentería and Team Hillary’s progressive outreach coordinator (and former Sanders senior aide) Nick Carter, was to address the concerns many Sanders camp alums were voicing about Clinton’s strategy going into the general election against Trump. Carter declined to comment on this story.”*

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  1. Posted by Okkako1, at Reply

    The Corps’s dog get what she deserved.

    • Posted by Eric Katsikaris, at Reply

      Okkako1 Both candidates are corporate dogs..

  2. Posted by bbrock RailFan, at Reply

    If the democrats can somehow find a man like Bernie next time walla ole
    bbrock Railfan is back on your band wagon.

  3. Posted by Jimmy Cotreau, at Reply


  4. Posted by Jim Fortune, at Reply

    How fucked up do you have to be to lose to Donald Trump? We have at least a
    partial answer here.

    • Posted by Anh Triệu, at Reply

      The Clinton’s strategy has been FUBAR since 2008.

  5. Posted by BlackPrivileged, at Reply

    but>>>But>>>But>>> Trump ignored his supporters too

  6. Posted by Major Flash-Backs, at Reply

    Nobody likes Trump but yet he won. smh. The ignorance is real.

    • Posted by Dead End, at Reply

      It’s almost as if the person saying “nobody wants trump” was speaking about
      democrats/progressives, but you’d need an IQ higher than that of a doormat
      to figure that one out so I don’t blame you.

  7. Posted by Jimmy Baggs, at Reply

    They would rather lose than change the status quo. It’s that simple.

  8. Posted by Patrick Small, at Reply

    The Clinton name from this point on. Should be toxic to the Democratic

  9. Posted by Mitch Allibone, at Reply

    Time for a third viable party. For Christ sake…someone start the ball

  10. Posted by No taurus excretus, at Reply

    There’s no helping SHILLARY

  11. Posted by ThE DuCk, at Reply

    Oh Please I think Bernie and his Bernie brats ( and I’m looking at you too
    Cenk ) already helped enough .. Bernie is part of the reason that TRUMP IS
    NOW GOING TO BE PRESIDENT– boy you wankers don’t know when to give it a

    • Posted by Outlaw7502, at Reply

      ThE DuCk 2 factors are what lead to Hillary’s large popular vote. 1.
      There’s a little something called POPULATION GROWTH.

      And 2. The other option was an insane idiot, and Clinton (though
      horrifically evil), was the lesser of two evils. I voted for her myself
      because she wasn’t as bad as Trump, but there’s no way she is popular.

    • Posted by dragonicmonkey7, at Reply

      Blal bla fucking bla isn’t actually a counter argument. Neither is all that
      blahing you did about how Bernie supporters made American voters
      disillusioned. Obama beat Hillary by promising change. We didn’t really get
      all that much change. That’s pretty disillusioning. American’s are still
      hungry for change, so it’s really no surprise Trump won. Bernie might have
      actually beaten Trump, but the Democratic party chose to ignore the voters
      and push a candidate that no one liked. That’s their loss and no one else’s.

    • Posted by ThE DuCk, at Reply

      Spak Fleming
      Bernie and his followers sounded like Republican plants for most of the
      primary. They were mean spirited, nasty, and Bernie really never got behind
      Hillary after Bernie lost the primary .His supporters followed suit .
      Bernie helped bring her down.

      Bernie Sanders and his supporters have a special share in the blame for the
      outcome. They need to own up to it.

      We are all done — with a Trump presidency .. Now nobody gets anything .
      Enjoy your bleak futures

    • Posted by Spak Fleming, at Reply

      Dont feed the troll guys. I was wondering if Hillary’s paid internet trolls
      would get laid off after the election. Guess not. Enough DNC partisan funds
      left that havent yet switched to Emperor Trump, to keep the
      neo-liberal-DNC-supremacy message alive till they can transition into a
      better product to sell, like Biden 2020, or Oprah 2020 etc. What would be
      truly sad, is if this was an Actual person who’s not getting paid.

  12. Posted by Kyle Gateson, at Reply

    but I thought since hillary won the “real vote” that would mean that most
    Americans actually didn’t want change.

  13. Posted by snipervictim, at Reply

    Hillary Clinton has made it so no woman can run for president for 50 years.

  14. Posted by Dennis Wicker, at Reply

    Abraham Lincoln, wisely stated. “The government, with its institutions,
    belongs to the people who inhabit it.” Whenever they shall grow weary of
    the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of
    amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it. I
    suggest a 3rd party or the last choice.

  15. Posted by BrainStorm4207, at Reply

    did cenk just call someone a clown. how ironic

  16. Posted by clipobserver, at Reply

    The Clinton campaign ignored Michigan (even though one of her top allies
    was the Governor of that State) and Wisconsin. They assume they were vote
    their way.

  17. Posted by Brad Smith, at Reply

    Someone’s got to put Bernie Sander’s in front of a orchestra, hand him a
    stick and see what they play! Beethoven 5th, didn’t even know he was
    playing it.