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Hillary Clinton Makes History With Popular Vote


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Hillary Clinton’s popular vote total makes history. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“(CNN) More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than any other losing presidential candidate in US history.

The Democrat outpaced President-elect Donald Trump by almost 2.9 million votes, with 65,844,954 (48.2%) to his 62,979,879 (46.1%), according to revised and certified final election results from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Clinton's 2.1% margin ranks third among defeated candidates, according to statistics from US Elections Atlas. Andrew Jackson won by more than 10% in 1824 but was denied the presidency, which went to John Quincy Adams. In 1876, Samuel Tilden received 3% more votes than Rutherford B. Hayes, who eventually triumphed by one electoral vote.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Dfree1014, at Reply


    • Posted by Payhole Everdouche, at Reply

      CosmicOwl No need to rub it in. Let’s see how he governs.

    • Posted by portal2passion, at Reply

      Your opinion doesn’t matter cuz you’re a monkey.

    • Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

      Regressives still can’t accept that Trump is the rightful President of the
      United States

    • Posted by A Deplorable, at Reply

      Dfree1014 Not really. We won and your queen lost. You can play your game of
      mental gymnastics all you want.

    • Posted by Ike U, at Reply

      +Dark Prince Seriously, I learned more about immigration laws in the
      comment section than I ever learned in schools or even in the actual videos.

  2. Posted by randomflashbacks, at Reply

    As much as I despise Trump I get a great deal of satisfaction from the fact
    that Hillary and the DNC’s corruption lost them the election. Serves those
    fucks right.

    • Posted by randomflashbacks, at Reply

      +manhunt48 Lol I know. I said in my comment I despise Trump but they all
      seem to be missing that part and acting like I like him.

    • Posted by Heru Malinke, at Reply

      Jews run America don’t get it twisted

    • Posted by delv213, at Reply

      I would feel the same but the corporate Democrats will never admit Hillary
      and the DNC’s corruption lost them this election. They’ll blame everyone
      forever to keep that cash coming in.

    • Posted by Cody R, at Reply

      randomflashbacks Yes I agree… Definitely a conflicted schandenfreude that
      I’m feeling though… Hillary deserved her political reckoning but now our
      whole country has to pay for it.

    • Posted by randomflashbacks, at Reply

      +Cody R Yep.

  3. Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

    Lol! The American system is hilarious! It’s ruled by how many acres, not by
    how many people vote. It looks like farmers rule America! Many more urban
    people voted for Hillary, and they won the popular vote by 3 million
    people! Haha! What a joke!

    • Posted by dumbassmoron, at Reply

      Raul, are you arguing that states with lower population should rule over
      the states with larger populations? Whats the logic behind that? You are
      just another shill against democracy.

    • Posted by Catch-22, at Reply

      ‘Funny like what?….Like I amuse you? Tell me how it’s funny….’

    • Posted by The Prodigal Son, at Reply

      Electoral College needs to go.

  4. Posted by ILoveNewYork93, at Reply

    It STILL doesnt change the fact that they STOLE the election away from

    • Posted by CosmicOwl, at Reply

      ILoveNewYork93 nomination, the elderly commie Jew never stood a chance

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      Poderingtaco Jews don’t become president.

  5. Posted by A Deplorable, at Reply

    can’t change the rules after you lost the game. Sorry cucks! GG EZ!

    • Posted by rania3830, at Reply

      A Deplorable

      No one one is asking to change the rules now. But people want change for

    • Posted by failedteacher1, at Reply

      The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the
      Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of
      Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for
      by two-thirds of the State legislatures.

    • Posted by A Deplorable, at Reply

      +Ponderingtaco Hillary isn’t going to be the next president, get over it.
      And you can say I am against democracy all you want, but we are a republic
      first, and states always have had equal representation. Name me one first
      world country that goes off of a pure popular vote. Seriously, you liberals
      are such babies and are only crying because you LOST! To prove that, look
      how much bitching there was about the electoral college before November
      7th… Exactly

  6. Posted by Bazuuka Joe, at Reply

    How are those recounts coming, guys? Lmao

    • Posted by Travis Dewolf, at Reply

      Bazuuka Joe cenk always said the recounts would almost certainly show the
      same thing….

    • Posted by Jenkem Yogurt, at Reply

      TYT crickets. LOL!

    • Posted by Kathy Vrakas, at Reply

      Bazuuka Joe – Well they were coming along fine till rethug judges put a
      stop to them.

    • Posted by John Apple, at Reply

      Lol first it was Trump can’t win, then it was recounts, then it was block
      Trump with the electoral college, now it’s impeach Trump day 1. They’re
      grasping at straws.

  7. Posted by Pure Kaarnage (Rabbit Hole), at Reply

    Trumpsters are so Triggered they appear in all TYT vids comment sections.

    • Posted by PRL 412, at Reply

      Lexi B well there would no reason to brag if people on the left would stop
      bringing up the election every 5 min

    • Posted by The Juggernaut, at Reply

      Pure Kaarnage no, we just like to here your views. It enjoys us to see such
      idiocy with the majority or your arguments.

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      Pure Kaarnage No we come here to mock your stupid comments.

    • Posted by The Juggernaut, at Reply

      +etherraichu I don’t hate, I laugh because it’s hilarious how many people
      need to go to school. They need to learn what they’re talking about before
      they talk about it. I correct them 🙂

  8. Posted by Earl A. Birkett, at Reply

    2.9 million. Outrageous miscarriage of democracy.

    • Posted by Earl A. Birkett, at Reply

      +Eris you misunderstand the U.S. electoral process. The electoral college
      performs NO governing function, nor do they represent the vote of the
      majority of the NATION, they merely rubber stamp the popular vote in each
      individual state. Somehow you have gotten yourself mixed up.

    • Posted by Eris, at Reply

      +Earl A. Birkett I know that? I’m saying they represent your VOTE, or at
      least, they are supposed to. And I agree that it actually does
      this…poorly. It is a poor show on democracy and that it doesn’t even
      reward proportionate electoral votes to a state’s population, like in
      Alaska where your average voter has a vote worth 7 times more than a
      Californian’s vote! (They have 730k people but 3 electoral votes while
      California has 38.8 million people and only 55…simple math equation).

    • Posted by Earl A. Birkett, at Reply

      +Eris the bottom line is it is way past time to get rid of this antiquated
      undemocratic 18th century procedure originally designed to preserve the
      power of white male landowners. America is a far different country today
      and the nation will not last another election where one candidate wins the
      electoral vote while another overwhelmingly wins the popular vote. The fact
      that I have gotten 322 likes for pointing this out and another 3,430 likes
      for a similar comment I made on another YouTube video indicates that
      popular sentiment is clearly on my side. It’s time for the EC to go.

    • Posted by Thunder Falcon, at Reply

      We may be a Republic, but it’s critical that the Electoral Collage more
      accurately represents the popular vote. For a candidate to win by nearly
      three million votes, and still not be President, indicates that the EC is
      fundamentally damaged at its core, and either needs to be fixed or
      abandoned entirely. To continue to cheat the voters out of their Rightful
      Leader, sets a dangerous precedent. Governments have collapsed for less.
      And more to the point, other governments will collapse for less, because we
      can no longer walk our talk about the virtues of Democracy, when the
      citizens of our own country are being cheated out of their rightfully
      winning President.

    • Posted by Earl A. Birkett, at Reply

      +Thunder Falcon well-put.

  9. Posted by Davy Crockett, at Reply

    So the electoral college is a problem now simply because Trump won?

    • Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

      Its a problem because this isn’t the first time Democrats won the popular
      vote but lost the election.

    • Posted by cinyaca, at Reply

      People have been complaining about the electoral college long before Trump
      came along. Google it.

    • Posted by Davy Crockett, at Reply


  10. Posted by Fan Wang, at Reply

    The election is over #loserCenk Hillary and her criminal gangs lost!

    • Posted by andysepul1, at Reply

      You do know Trump supporters are getting played right? He played all of you

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      andysepul1 No you were played by Hillary and lost.

    • Posted by Kathy Vrakas, at Reply

      Fan Wang – Yes but Hillary won the popular vote hugely. The Don Corleone
      crime family is the most corrupt family in America .The crime family has
      already tried to PAY FOR PLAY the day after Moscow Don is sworn into
      office. The corruption of this family is beyond pale,Moscow Don will be

  11. Posted by Narwhocalypse, at Reply

    How hard is it for TYT to realize we are a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC?

    • Posted by MercyGrim96, at Reply

      No its literally just republic. That’s what the four fathers called it.

    • Posted by Rush Limbaugh, at Reply

      +graviton9191 No, it doesn’t work like that. It helps the less popular
      person(s) get a chance of getting elected. Don’t forget that the majority
      vote counts a lot but the electoral collage is designed to elect a person
      by regional votes, not population but yet the state has it’s own number of
      electoral votes depending on the population. This is to prevent majority
      population states vote for laws ect that might affect less populated
      states.Trump won because he won more states.

    • Posted by dlancer2k, at Reply

      +Rush Limbaugh
      Nope. Trump won not because the EC is regional. Trump won because the EC is
      winner-takes-all. Without the EC, Trump actually gets millions of votes
      from California. With the EC, Hillary got all E votes from California. This
      election came down to whoever won more E votes from 50/50 states. In this
      case, those E votes came from the rust belt states… Michigan, Wisconsin
      and Pennsylvania… which were all darn near 50/50. Even if California (55
      e votes) was worth 90 e votes, Hillary still would’ve lost. The electoral
      college literally does nothing to award the presidency to the candidate
      that wins more states. The electoral college is there for one reason… to
      choose to not elect a president they feel is not fit to serve. Period.

    • Posted by P1ranh4, at Reply

      You know why the founding fathers called it “just a Republic”? Because of
      the independence from the British Monarchy. A republic is almost by
      definition the opposite of a monarchy. That’s why they highlighted it.

      Communist China was also a republic. The difference is the process with
      which decisions are being made. If the people vote in order to make
      decisions, that’s called a democracy.

      TYT decries the process as it does not respect each vote the same, which
      undermines the democratic process.

      That’s why no one talks about a republic, except for idiots: It doesn’t
      matter in this context. We all know that the rulers are representatives and
      not part of a ruling family like in a monarchy.

  12. Posted by Jw Anderson, at Reply

    The enjoyment I get out of the fact that all of these Alt-right trolls come
    here to post… but they are funding TYT via YouTube views 🙂 ironic ain’t

    • Posted by ND P, at Reply

      Thank you for reinforcing that alt-right white supremacists do not believe
      in facts.

      Stupid stupid people.

    • Posted by Ham Sandwich, at Reply

      Now imagine the enjoyment they get after all of the media, liberals,
      democrats, a lot of republicans, talk show hosts, their professors, etc.
      all for over a year laughed at the idea of a Trump presidency. Even up
      until the literal start of election night, were still giving Trump a 1%
      chance of winning the election. Undermine his victory all you want, it will
      still be one of the biggest historic victory in politics, and for Hillary,
      the biggest loss in political history.

    • Posted by Siddgeir Stuhn, at Reply

      personally, I find tyt trolls adorable.

    • Posted by HomySwagYolo, at Reply

      Siddgeir Stuhn is that how u express ur passove aggresive frustration about
      them in attempts to make it seem like they dont bother you? lmao!

    • Posted by SuperShinyScolipede, at Reply

      I totally agree with ike, I’d consider myself alt-right But i’m absolutely
      willing to listen to both sides. I’m here to see multiple opinions. not all
      of us are trolls. It doesn’t bother me that I’m giving TYT my view, And it
      doesn’t bother me that people think it might.

  13. Posted by Murican Ginger, at Reply

    without the electoral college we might as well only hold election in NY and

    • Posted by MercyGrim96, at Reply

      Sundered Star

      No, the Electoral College was a safeguard against ALL unfairness in voting,
      it was to keep the BAD PEOPLE out of office. Go read up on your history. It
      was to keep the people who had personal interests in foreign countries and
      money and whatnot out of office so that they couldn’t manipulate the
      presidency of their own personal gain. Read up on your history before you
      make posts on it.

    • Posted by Vincent Wisse, at Reply

      +HitchensImmortal How is Germany relevant to a multiple party system in
      modern western democracies?
      Also yes the biggest party got 26% of the votes. You failed to mention
      however that 21 parties were in the elections, or which 11 made it into the
      senate. Are you really suggesting getting a quarter of all the votes with
      20 competitors is a low score?
      And once again, with a multiple party system cooperation is required. This
      means that all votes hold value as not one party can dictate to the entire
      population how things should be done. The US idea of a democracy is
      basically the same as the Russian democracy. One party rules. Has nothing
      to do with democracy.

    • Posted by graviton9191, at Reply

      This is not a game my friend. It’s not about counties or states fighting
      each other, it’s about what PEOPLE think and believe. what should matter is
      what PEOPLE voted for, not what a state or county( i.e hypothetical human
      constructs that aren’t real entities) think

  14. Posted by bobby frank, at Reply

    Can I ask one question? If Hillary Clinton had won the electoral college
    but Donald Trump won the popular vote, would you be saying the same things
    that you are saying now?

    • Posted by liedata011, at Reply

      If that actually happened, Trump fanatics would have started shooting
      people left and right.
      TBH, I actually kinda wanted that to happen. Proud Anarchist.

  15. Posted by Regressive Leftist Libtard Commie Cuck, at Reply

    *Black guy wins the popular vote by 10,000,000 votes*

    Conservatives call him illegitimate and spend 8 years blocking everything
    he tries to do

    *White guy “wins” by -2.9,000,000 votes*

    Conservatives call it a mandate


    • Posted by The Juggernaut, at Reply

      Regressive Leftist Libtard Commie Cuck I don’t remember Obama winning that
      much more then McCain or Romney.

    • Posted by rania3830, at Reply

      Regressive Leftist Libtard Commie Cuck

      Conservatives would probably claim all those votes are illegals. Lol!

    • Posted by Ryan Nicholls, at Reply

      Obama won 69 million votes and McCain won 60 million votes in 2008. Without
      rounding that’s about 9 and half million difference. In 2012 it was a bit
      closer but it was still 5 million votes.

    • Posted by khidr Afrikash, at Reply

      Blade Strikes

      Glad you said why the white supremacist hated the the Obama presidency. A
      black president was a challenge to the “supremacy complex” with which the
      self worth of many whites are so greatly invested in, that is why its not a
      surprise that obamas demonestrated political prowess became existential
      threat to the very self-image of the large racist section of racist in this
      country. number of racist.

  16. Posted by Ser Gro (Freethinker), at Reply

    Why would we let LA and NYC choose the next president for us?

  17. Posted by TheYoungTurksExposed, at Reply

    You won the popular vote based on ONE state. –> California.

    • Posted by ND P, at Reply

      Judging his actions since the election, he is by far worst than Clinton in
      her decades of political history.

    • Posted by dalbert737, at Reply

      TheYoungTurksExposed doesn’t matter she still got 2.8 million more votes

    • Posted by D Mc, at Reply

      He lied about everything and is currently involved in all kinds of
      corruption. He makes anything Hillary was doing look like childplay. But I
      don’t expect you Trumpers to see that because you’re completely dazzled by
      the shiny object.

  18. Posted by Eugene Sidebottom III, at Reply

    Does Hillary want a participation trophy or what? Lol she lost the
    election, the recount and lost more electors from the electoral college. 3
    time loser

    • Posted by John Apple, at Reply

      The only bigger loser is Bernie.

    • Posted by ChakatBlackstar, at Reply

      She still has to lose a few dozen more times to catch up with Trump’s

    • Posted by The Juggernaut, at Reply

      Eugene Sidebottom III 6* time loser

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      Trump has hundreds of successful businesses. Hillary screwed over the
      American people to become rich.

  19. Posted by SIoyvenheaven1, at Reply

    And a two-time presidential loser.

    • Posted by SIoyvenheaven1, at Reply

      +Tyrone Harris 🙂

    • Posted by The Juggernaut, at Reply

      SIoyvenheaven1 3* time

    • Posted by Mandy Schmidt, at Reply

      No she lost to someone who was simply a better candidate, which was Obama.
      This election was voting for dumb and dumber. More racists were willing to
      vote for a republican with their racist views than a democrat obviously. If
      Obama could run again, the sane majority would vote him into office

    • Posted by SIoyvenheaven1, at Reply

      +Mandy Schmidt That just goes to show you how bad Clinton is. She lost to
      the King Dindu Nuffin Obama. Anybody with above room temperature IQ knew
      that Obama is a fraud of epic proportions, and she lost to him. Beyond
      pathetic. Keep on thinking that this election was over “dats so raysis” and
      your side will keep getting wiped out in elections. Libtards are slow

  20. Posted by Freeyourmind, at Reply

    If we had a real democracy, we would have Bernie Sanders as president.

    • Posted by Rush Limbaugh, at Reply

      “Republic for which it stands” the the soul purpose of the electoral
      collage is to prevent a democracy(majority rule)

    • Posted by The Juggernaut, at Reply

      Freeyourmind we have a Republic.

    • Posted by AnonaMousetookmaname, at Reply

      If we had a real democracy, the country would be bankrupt because the
      people would vote for every free benefit they could think of. The republic
      we have is a much better system that has a built in restraint mechanism.

    • Posted by Dee Dee, at Reply

      +AnonaMousetookmaname Right. Having 44 million people in poverty is really
      so much better. Shut up.