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Hillary Is “Back”… Why?


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Hillary Clinton is "part of the resistance." The big corporate loan component. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us just what you assume in the remark section below.

" Clinton, undoubtedly, seems out of the timbers, as well as what happens following is already a cause for issue within the concentric circles of Clintonworld advisers, well-wishers, hangers-on, and true followers. As one individual near the Clintons informed me last month, "She's aiming to navigate just what's appropriate. Does it look like sour grapes? Does it look like she's placing for something?" He or she continued: "She can not look like a politician or a person that's trying to place herself. Those days more than. I assume they're very mindful of not looking like she's searching for a comeback. She's trying to reanimate her picture, in addition to resurrect her name."" *.

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  1. Posted by mac isakel, at Reply


    • Posted by asombrosas invenciones, at Reply

      mac isakel money

  2. Posted by puddinbustra, at Reply

    Nice graphic there

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      puddinbustra It’s fitting for Hillary the hag.

    • Posted by ToBe Fair, at Reply

      tyt sinking to breitbart pizzacrap level.. nice pic on ivanka ugly pic on hillary.. sad

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Of course — Trumpanzees and Regresshits get hard on TYT’s unedited Ivanka Melania pics and extreme demon-nized and aged Hillary pics! Not surprising, given how John and Hasan’s youthful vitality must give Cenk and Jimmy HUGE inferiority complex! Gotta project their own aging issues at favorite scapegoat Hillary! Who cares if this makes Bernie look SPITEFUL and BIGOTED by association to mainstream centrist voters? Right TYT? 🙂

  3. Posted by Rem Jarrell, at Reply

    Hillary has done more harm to America simply by thinking she’s relevant and politically viable than she actually has with her worst policies.

    • Posted by Angel Symmetrika, at Reply

      Dolapo Ogunsanlu Easy. She demoralized the progressives and energized conservatives.

    • Posted by Dolapo Ogunsanlu, at Reply

      Angel, she didn’t do that. The conservatives were energized by lies and hatred towards her and Obama respectively.
      Well, I am happy Trump won cos if Hilarry did, d Republicans will continue to use Obamacare, Benghazi, emails to win elections. You can see now that it’s time for them to deliver, they have nothing. I see Hilarry as the sacrificial lamb for the progressives to regain the country from d jaws of the right wing nutjobs

    • Posted by Cynthric's Gaming Channel, at Reply

      +Dolapo Ogunsanlu Tell that to Detroit. You know the city that’s falling apart and is riddled with crime? That happened because NAFTA shipped off all of its factory jobs. Before NAFTA, Detroit was prosperous.

    • Posted by Dolapo Ogunsanlu, at Reply

      Cynthric..what’s happened in Detroit is sad. I have been there on a job and my heart broke when I saw the once vibrant City. Truth is Globalization is real and we as a,people need to adapt to our changing world.

    • Posted by Cynthric's Gaming Channel, at Reply

      +Dolapo Ogunsanlu The only way to adjust to globalization would be for the government to provide a basic income to anyone who is unemployed. Which isn’t going to happen as long as corporatist warmongers from either party is running the country.

  4. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    Corrupt war criminal.

    • Posted by Jesse Robinson, at Reply

      There’s a reason they don’t win anymore. They don’t do anything for their voters and continually act entitled to my vote because I’m black and for some reason then I’m oppressed I guess. If the laws they passed reflected my views and didn’t screw me over every time I look away..

    • Posted by BloodMoneyLLC, at Reply

      +Jesse Robinson​ I’d say that corporate Democrats are cynical, arrogant, and complacent. They are so isolated in their own elitist bubble that they cannot see any of the signs around them that the voters are less and less likely to vote for, or believe in, the corporate Democrats. Of course their policies are not necessarily meant to benefit any average voter. Their policies are mainly meant to benefit their corporate donors. If average people benefit, that’s just a happy accident.

    • Posted by Andrew Jackson, at Reply

      +BloodMoneyLLC I don’t want Trump. If you Lefties can get it together and actually win w/out killing all the capitalist liberals to do it, I will back you.

  5. Posted by Jarrett Williams, at Reply

    Frankenstein’s politician

    • Posted by D Bo, at Reply

      Jarrett Williams it’s alive!!!

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      Jarrett Williams Why did you vote for her?

    • Posted by Robert Jenkins, at Reply

      Wouldn’t it suck if she tried to run for President again?

  6. Posted by Chen Soustra, at Reply

    Just go away Hillary! Scram!

    • Posted by Haseeb Gatsby, at Reply

      Too many paid hillbots voting tens of times… I just voted twice just to check.

    • Posted by Bryan Blake, at Reply

      Sorry. We must endure the shenanigans of Hillary and Bill Clinton until Goldman Sachs quits bribing them … err excuse me … I meant to say … hell no, bribing is what it is!

    • Posted by Packfan69, at Reply

      + Bryan Blake You are obviously one of the trailer trash ignorant and repulsive Trump supporters. Enjoy it while you can because the end is near for him and his inbred family. I will rejoice his demise.

  7. Posted by janoos24, at Reply

    Oh no. Can we move past the clintons. They have literally $100 million plus what more do they want

    • Posted by gustacular, at Reply


    • Posted by mr7wi, at Reply

      Hillary still didn’t have her turn yet.

    • Posted by Derrick Minor, at Reply

      janoos24 The popular vote in 2020

    • Posted by Sir Isaac Mormont, at Reply

      Power is like a drink to a man/woman.. give them some and they’ll want more..

  8. Posted by roven 08, at Reply

    HRC women aren’t that bright. They are as tribal and dumb as Fox sheep.

    • Posted by roven 08, at Reply

      Andrew Jackson — I’m aware of Tulsi’s past, her racist Republican father, Tulsi’s ties to Krishna cult, support of Indian Trump Modi (the guy was literally on US terror list but removed later on with the help of Tulsi & Indian Lobby), and her conservative lobbyists. She is an opportunist like Trump who is parroting anti-imperialist narrative to fool people. The same way, Trump was anti Iraq and anti Bush. Anyone who is aware of her past (google search) would be cautious before rooting for her. There are candidates with consistent record of standing along with the people and against bigotry, Tulsi isn’t one of those. Which takes me back to the original point that Dems have their own share of idiots.

      There is much written about her but for starters:
      SearchHuffPost: Tulsi and Krishna cult ties
      NYT (on her hero Modi): The Incendiary Appeal of Demagoguery in Our Time
      Daily Kos; Tulsi Gabbard: The Curiously Conservative and Nepotistic Network of a Democratic Candidate

    • Posted by roven 08, at Reply

      Fwiw, I have nothing against women. I would vote for Elizabeth Warren over Wall Street Hillary and fraudster bigots like Tulsi. One should look at consistency and past record.

  9. Posted by 50k RGMRB 2026, at Reply

    We want Sanders

    • Posted by Julie Purpleskater, at Reply

      Since when is anybody in this country ever going to believe a Republican again? They’re irrelevant now.

    • Posted by Seudon Amous, at Reply

      Communism happens when the rich take to much political power/ Once the working class loses its ability to be heard, eventually it leads to forced acquisition of that which we all built….

      I will take Communism over democratic capitalism at this point….The Rich Assholes need to go to prison.

    • Posted by Twostones00, at Reply

      The Deep North At the RT Anniversary dinner Jill Stein was seated there by RT. It wasn’t her wish to have Putin at her table. Sitting at the same table at an anniversary dinner doesn’t mean a damn thing. Trumps connections to Russian banks and government officials does.

    • Posted by Man the Dude, at Reply

      Seudon Amous – You’re crazy. The last time a leftist revolution happened it was subverted and taken over by homicidal dictatorships. You’re not going to win like this, partly because you’re too dumb to recognise the cancer in your movement and partly because the elite has more to lose than you have to gain. They’ll always be more motivated to destroy you. The only way you can bring about economic democracy is by being the change you want to see, instead of trying to force it. Learn about cooperatives.

  10. Posted by Dee Wilson, at Reply

    Funny how Romney hid after losing to Obama.I voted for you but Do the same Hillary.

    • Posted by MrReyviz, at Reply


    • Posted by Dee Wilson, at Reply

      Omair Sheikh Bernie in primaries.Hillary in general.

    • Posted by Derrick Minor, at Reply

      Dee Wilson “I voted for you” look her in the face. Look your creation in the face.

  11. Posted by DrRocketLauncher, at Reply

    “Hillary is an essential part of the resistance” – Hillary

    • Posted by Jose Medina, at Reply

      Yes she is! can’t have Trump take all the money. Hillary wants her cut too!

    • Posted by Michael Jage, at Reply

      The only thing she’s resisting is jail time.

    • Posted by karom fattimo, at Reply

      DrRocketLauncher hilarious 😂

  12. Posted by Elias Mata, at Reply

    Goddamit if she runs again…

    • Posted by Darth Mawrak, at Reply

      That would be hillarous.

    • Posted by Drew Taylor, at Reply

      ugh…bad pun, worse candidate. *smh*

  13. Posted by Daniel Thomas, at Reply

    Bernie is apart of the resistance! not Hillary Clinton.

    • Posted by Derrick Minor, at Reply

      Daniel Thomas Bernie endorsed Hillary therefore she and her wallstreet Allies are part of the resistance. 😂

    • Posted by Grumpy Grilled Cheese, at Reply

      Too bad he couldn’t resist Clintons cash and sell out

  14. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    Hillary i like and i voted for you but stop being part of the bureaucracy for about a decade or hell even just 5 years and then me and the rest of america, the ones who voted for you and didnt might, MIGHT just talk. how about actively working with bernie sanders, you know the most popular politician in america (who should have been your VP choice to help please the people who really wanted him) that might get you some points

    • Posted by George Standifur, at Reply

      by that logic demonizing Tump is just lame. i mean she rigged a primary and he rigged a general so its a wash, right? hillary dont want the same things bernie wants and i got doubts about warren wantin them as well. warren to me lost alot of respect by not endorsing bernie in the primary. and the small number of ppl still defending hillary have already lost and its sad to watch as they try to keep remaining relevant.

    • Posted by Derrick Minor, at Reply

      rouge1ful lol you voted for her look your creation in the face.

  15. Posted by Ro Ban, at Reply

    The Clintons are a parasite on the Democratic Party and the country.

    • Posted by Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness, at Reply

      Ro Ban parasites usually require a healthy host to maintain their own existence. The Democrats are pratically decomposing now so these two parasites will be searching for a fresh new host….watch out progressives!

    • Posted by Shepard Commander, at Reply

      The whole Democractic party is a product of a system run by power hoarders. It’s not the Clintons alone. They just happen to be the best at the game. And that game is screwing America.

    • Posted by amonte10, at Reply

      Trump paid her 250 million to run again and secure his second term

  16. Posted by charley15z, at Reply


    • Posted by Derrick Minor, at Reply

      charley15z Why? She won the popular vote.

    • Posted by Bob Brawley, at Reply

      charley15z She is a Hollywood Squares celiberity

    • Posted by Arya Stark, at Reply

      @Derrick Minor she wasn’t even the legitimate nominee because it was set up for her to win. She couldn’t win a fair election. Why? She is a war criminal who takes millions from brutal dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and gives them weapons to use on poor Yemeni children and you ask why she should go back to the woods? :/

  17. Posted by 1Muzition1, at Reply

    Christ that opening clip of her is so cringe. Activist? Holy moly. The worst part is people actually believe her when she says that.

    • Posted by Cettywise, at Reply

      I call those people republican

  18. Posted by Marvin Baxter, at Reply

    *GO BACK BEAST!!!*


    • Posted by nature giver, at Reply

      Marvin Baxter No. #ImWithHer

    • Posted by Marvin Baxter, at Reply

      then u can go with her

  19. Posted by Dascorpio36, at Reply

    Jesus Christ, why doesn’t this woman GO AWAY????

    • Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

      Because she’s smart. She won the popular vote by almost 3 million. And you people just dismiss that? What are you, republicans?

    • Posted by Jetz pro, at Reply

      etherraichu you didnt learn anything did you? hillary runs trump wins again you idiot

    • Posted by Jesus Christ, at Reply

      Satan doesn’t want her

    • Posted by Cynthric's Gaming Channel, at Reply

      +etherraichu She “won” the popular vote of about 63 million with about 60 million voting against her and over 90 million refusing to vote at all despite who she was running against in a country of over 300 million people. Popular she is not.