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Hip Hop Community Responds To Meek Mill Prison Sentence


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Celebs are speaking up about Meek Mill's jail sentence. Grace Baldridge, Nando Vila and Simone Boyce hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area listed below. Join TYT:

Stars as well as music musicians consisting of Kevin Hart as well as Jay-Z have come forward in support of Meek Mill after a court sentenced the Philly rapper Monday to 2 to four years behind bars.

Meek Mill's billionaire defender: 'I have actually despaired in the justice system' 'The time does not fit the criminal offense': Meek Mill fans angered by sentence Meek Mill sentenced to 2 to 4 years in state prison Typical Pleas Court Genece Brinkley handed down the sentence, which stems from a probation infraction in a medication as well as gun instance dating to 2008. Violations consisted of failed medication examinations as well as Mill's not complying with a court order limiting his travel.

Claiming that Mill "thumbed [his] nose at this court," Brinkley included that the rap artist's sentence would certainly be offered in state prison, which he would certainly be qualified for parole after 2 years.

Fellow Philadelphian Hart uploaded a message of support for Mill on Instagram, creating that "God often puts the hardest battles on his greatest soldiers" and that "this storm will pass." Hart just recently made headings with a disloyalty and extortion rumor.

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Hosts: Elegance Baldridge, Nando Vila, Simone Boyce

Cast: Elegance Baldridge, Nando Vila, Simone Boyce


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  1. Posted by AnchoredGal, at Reply

    Yes! He should go to prison …Jay-Z needs to stfu …the man violated his probation numerous times!! Ridiculousness 🙄🙄

    • Posted by Fiercely Me, at Reply

      He needs to pick up trash at the side of the road for up to a year, 6 days a wk might teach him a better lesson. He needs to take a bite of a humble sandwich

  2. Posted by Slower-Minds-Keep-Right, at Reply

    This fool got special treatment because of his status. Dude had violated several times already.

    A regular person would have been locked up on the first violation…

  3. Posted by STONDIE, at Reply

    Plenty of rich white celebs have went to jail quit race bating -_- the judge was black smh that’s tyt for ya

    • Posted by makattack25, at Reply

      “musical career” saves the life of a two time felon…..yeah amurica, lets worship these false idols, that seems logical….bet he was made a star by another big time hollywood boss like Weinstein

  4. Posted by St0rm Ranger, at Reply

    All this story does is give the alt right ammo. This guy had drug, and gun charges, and violated probation multiple times. You are defending a criminal and calling it a race issue. No one gives the court a middle finger, and expects not to have the book thrown at them. Just stop you’re hurting the cause.

    • Posted by Benjamin Franklin, at Reply

      St0rm Ranger if someone places the race cars in a situation as an excuse when it Dosent actually play a role, that’s just them being stupid. If in response to that, you become part of the alt-right(right wing sjw’s), I feel bad for you LOL

    • Posted by jibbo123, at Reply

      St0rm Ranger This is their cause though. Calling anything and everything a race issue

    • Posted by ReIentIess Storm, at Reply

      Secular Satanist Disagreeing with your oppinions doesn’t make someone a troll. its not like he got the sentence for weed or shrooms , he was on perkocets a highly addictive substance in the same class as heroin. Its also very unlikely that this judge has a racial bias towards her own ethnicity .

    • Posted by ReIentIess Storm, at Reply

      Benjamin Franklin The kkk does hurt the reputation of white people, alot of people will shout racisism in a case where the only evidence of it is that one group is white. like all thoose police shootings the cops never said im going to shoot a nigro today but the media screams that they are bigots.

  5. Posted by sarah, at Reply

    This is a bad analysis. He is a criminal that broke his parol. If you want to make a point of racism in the justice system, this is not the story to do so.

    • Posted by Osman Cardona, at Reply

      sarah You nailed it. The girl on the left also got it right. The dude on the right was completely lost. Dont get me wrong am a fan of TYT but man do they miss the mark at times.

    • Posted by jawanza young, at Reply

      why are ppl still on parole after serving their time. it’s like you keep paying for the same offence after you’ve already served time for.

    • Posted by Tyson Runnels, at Reply

      +jawanza young Actually your parole is part of the time. Like if you got sentenced to 6 years you could get out in 4 with 2 years of parole.

  6. Posted by RandomU5erName, at Reply

    Meek Mill takes another L

  7. Posted by Osiris Malkovich, at Reply

    So the name “Meek” is ironic?

    • Posted by makattack25, at Reply

      “musical career” saves the life of a two time felon…..yeah amurica, lets worship these false idols, that seems logical….bet he was made a star by another big time hollywood boss like Weinstein

  8. Posted by Osiris Malkovich, at Reply

    Unless there’s evidence the decision was racially motivated, throw the book at him. Throw it at all the celebrities who get away with things the rest of us can’t. Maybe if enough rich people go to jail the laws will change.

    • Posted by makattack25, at Reply

      “musical career” saves the life of a two time felon…..yeah amurica, lets worship these false idols, that seems logical….bet he was made a star by another big time hollywood boss like Weinstein

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      Wow! A reasonable top comment on a TYT video.
      Hell hath frozen over.

    • Posted by ReIentIess Storm, at Reply

      Osiris Malkovich He shouldn’t be responsible for other peoples actions, some rich people get off but that doesn’t mean his sentence should be increased to send a message. i agree with what he got on this.

  9. Posted by Darwin's Fox, at Reply

    Sounds like he dindu nuffin. Whew…for a second there I thought he diddu sumfin.

  10. Posted by Boobalopbop, at Reply

    I don’t understand what the problem is. He was found guilty of gun charges. They didn’t put him in jail (a poor person would have been). He agrees to adhere to the conditions of the parole, and then he doesn’t meet those conditions, tests positive for drugs, and other violations… So he goes to jail. What’s the problem?

    • Posted by Aree Oree, at Reply

      Boobalopbop See I agree until you take into account that he didn’t have a gun. He has a drug problem… so send him to rehab not jail. They have court ordered rehab but she sends him to prison and etiquette classes and gives him management advice? 😒 I’m not a fan of meek mill and I’m not against people going to prison but this is excessive and it’s not going to help him or society.

    • Posted by makattack25, at Reply

      “musical career” saves the life of a two time felon…..yeah amurica, lets worship these false idols, that seems logical….bet he was made a star by another big time hollywood boss like Weinstein

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      The problem is that everyone believes there’s bias against black people and they will defend any black criminal because they see them as victims of an unfair system that targets them. This will also be used for political gain. The left benefits from awful race relations.

    • Posted by Starfish Cameo, at Reply

      Aree Oree didnt he get a gun charge in 2007? He also was jumped ppl while on probation.

    • Posted by firstname last, at Reply

      he’s on probation or parole and two entirely different things and he did serve jail time which is why he got probation after being released

  11. Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

    If a group of yahoos can point guns at federal officials to defend their illegal trespassing cattle then take over a federal building threatening to kill law officials while fomenting armed rebellion against the government and basically get off then this guy should get pass.

  12. Posted by Comments by Shaun, at Reply

    “It was racially bias because he is black.”…
    “But the judge is black”….
    “No um… it is the systemic racism of the system”

    But how does systemic racism work if it was a black judge, who going against the recommendation of the prosecutor, gives him a harsher sentence?
    Did he low-key refer to this judge as a Jim Crow “coon”

    • Posted by ReIentIess Storm, at Reply

      Comments by Shaun underated comment

  13. Posted by Comments by Shaun, at Reply

    What is your suggestion? You state that he repeatedly violates his probation yet you shy away from punishment? This mentality is why he ignored the rules in the first place. Because people like you want to give him chance after chance so he expects to not get into any real trouble for his actions.

    • Posted by Khutso Matau, at Reply

      Comments by Shaun she said at the end that those claims that he violated his probation were dropped.

    • Posted by Comments by Shaun, at Reply

      Khutso Matau then what was he in court for? The parol violation charges may have been dropped but you can still use that to factor into sentencing for whatever charge he was in court for.

  14. Posted by Comments by Shaun, at Reply

    Anything other than jail time would not have helped. Maybe four years is too much but community service or a fine? He has had those and thry did not work.

    • Posted by Tabitha Leslie, at Reply

      That’s the story I heard. Granted, it was from Wendy Williams, but she indicated that he did not take community service seriously. It’s like it was a big joke to him.

  15. Posted by The Coffee Nut, at Reply

    “Unless black you don’t go to jail if you’re rich.”
    OJ you moron

    • Posted by Slower-Minds-Keep-Right, at Reply

      The Coffee Nut to be fair – he didn’t go to prison until he was already poor

  16. Posted by Hanson Winx, at Reply

    Harsh? He was arrested and refused to cooperate to the regulation proposed on numerous occasions. If they don’t put him in prison, then America justice system is a joke.

    • Posted by Tim Smith, at Reply

      Hanson Winx right. What is the point of imposing restrictions on a person if they can just decide on their own whether to follow them or not.

  17. Posted by Hanson Winx, at Reply

    Is this because a white judge was doing the sentencing? If a black judge acquitted this guy then I rather be racist.

    • Posted by Good Guy, at Reply

      Hanson Winx blk woman judge and it’s still harsh heavy handed and slightly racist in a systemic way what’s sad is she doesn’t even see or care that she is being used but the system to hurt her own ppl smfh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. Posted by RT, at Reply

    The judge has given him plenty of breaks. His celebrity privilege has run out. If he was like the rest of us he would have already been in jail.

    • Posted by a., at Reply

      YES thank you

  19. Posted by RT, at Reply

    If the judge is white, the judge is racist. If the judge is black, the system is racist. lol The Young Trolls are to much.

    • Posted by BushidoBrownSama, at Reply

      the affluenza kid killed 4-6 people and got probation the system is racist I’m not sure i disagree with judge though

    • Posted by Mnd0vrMnky, at Reply

      RT too*

    • Posted by RT, at Reply

      Meek got caught with guns and drugs and only got 8 months in jail, broke his parole 4, 5, 6 times? No jail time. His luck ran out. The affluenza kids sentence, which was in a different state, has nothing to do with the system as a whole.