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Hitler-Loving Republican Running Unopposed


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Arthur Jones is the only GOP prospect running for an Illinois legislative seat. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us just what you assume in the comment section listed below.

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" He's a Holocaust denier, he's a white supremacist as well as he's readied to obtain the Republican election for a significant legislative seat in Illinois.

Arthur Jones, a Prairie State anti-Semite who has been unsuccessfully competing workplace for decades, is poised to obtain closer compared to ever before to office this year after emerging as the only GOP prospect for a legislative place standing for parts of Chicago and also its residential areas.

Jones has made no secret of his sight that the Holocaust is a "noise," and he has even made that a feature of his latest bid for public office. His project site includes a page called "Holocaust?" that includes an entered note calling the murder of 6 million Jews by Nazis "the most significant, blackest, depend on history" as well as falsely asserting there is no evidence of the Holocaust past "a couple of expert prisoner-of-war camp survivors." The internet site likewise features a web page calling the Confederate flag "a sign of White pride as well as White resistance" as well as the LGBT rainbow flag "an assault on standard Christian morality as well as spiritual liberty."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    That guy looks and sounds like he stepped right out of a time machine.

    • Posted by Incognito, at Reply

      Maybe he’s from some sort of Wolfenstein alternative timeline?

    • Posted by xXRockXLobsterXx, at Reply

      He looks and sounds like another autistic conspiracy nut.

    • Posted by Cows_n_Muffins, at Reply

      He was born January 1, 1948. He is a time machine into the past.

  2. Posted by 40INTENSITY, at Reply

    Trump: I wanted Luther Strange, but I’ll take this guy too!

  3. Posted by Fabricio Larios, at Reply

    He fits right in with Republicans, what is the story?

  4. Posted by Jack Glastra, at Reply

    This guy is basically the haters in this comment section.

    • Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

      The only difference being that he actually makes it out of his basement to fill out election forms.

  5. Posted by Can you hear me Major Tom?, at Reply

    Trump will fully endorse him

  6. Posted by Doug Coombes, at Reply

    Remember the Reagan “Evil Empire” comment about the USSR… now his party is the evil empire…

  7. Posted by Fitri Mahadi, at Reply

    GOP really makes ISIS proud these days

  8. Posted by Revy, at Reply

    The Republicans are just embracing their true selves

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      One GOP Nazi member, meanwhile thousands upon thousands on the Democratic side.

  9. Posted by BobsGuns, at Reply

    If republicans aren’t Nazis, then how come no one else is running and how come the RNC hasn’t filed a libel suit against him. Oh yeah that’s right, cause they approve of this person

  10. Posted by Ęÿūį Æßñ, at Reply

    I wonder when Trump’s gonna endorse him?

    • Posted by Ali Sarsour صرصور, at Reply

      Ęÿūį Æßñ of course the dotard will endorse the creep

    • Posted by The Pale Sicilian, at Reply

      This guy and trump are controlled opposition for your  jew master .

  11. Posted by Rocca Flocca, at Reply

    Keep telling me how the GOP isn’t the party for Nazis. I’ll wait.

    • Posted by Sam Osborne, at Reply

      Eisenhower was a Republican I believe.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Because of Arthur Jones? Ok. Not sure I believe you, but Ok.

    • Posted by Rocca Flocca, at Reply

      lol If you’ve been living in a cave for the last year, I’m not going to be the one to explain it to you.

    • Posted by Rocca Flocca, at Reply

      And the Democrats started the KKK, and the KKK and Democrats now both hate each other. Things change. Nixon destroyed the GOP. It never recovered.

  12. Posted by The End Begins, at Reply

    He will win the election, same Amerikkka.

    • Posted by Laura Rola, at Reply

      Not likely, he’s in an extremely blue district. But the disturbing fact is that he’s unopposed by right-wingers, which speaks poorly for the party and the country, to put it mildly.

    • Posted by Mr. Clean, at Reply

      if they don’t show up he might.

    • Posted by Fanboys Suck, at Reply

      Ok, I’m sorry but why do people say Amerikkka, the modern day membership for the KKK doesn’t even break 10,000. In a country of 300 million. That is a percent of a percent.

    • Posted by moochy the cat, at Reply

      TYT has become a shill for Zionism and war mongering Israel ever since they were bought by the Jew Jeff Katzenberg.

  13. Posted by Mario Quade, at Reply

    In Germany he wouldn’t be running for public office, he’d be in jail for holocaust denial, which is classified as a hate crime over here.

    • Posted by N'N A, at Reply

      I stand corrected. 4 million. Still a grave over representation.

    • Posted by N'N A, at Reply

      A much-quoted instance of disputing the toll is the “Breitbard Document” (actually a paper by Aaron Breitbart),[74] which describes a commemorative plaque at Auschwitz to the victims that died there, which read, Four million people suffered and died here at the hands of the Nazi murderers between the years 1940 and 1945. In 1990, a new plaque replaced the old one. It now says, May this place where the Nazis assassinated 1,500,000 men, women and children, a majority of them Jews from diverse European countries, be forever for mankind a cry of despair and of warning.

    • Posted by Jarnauga, at Reply

      N’N A. That 4 Million lie on that plaque came from the soviets, who overestimated the number for propaganda. But it was already debunked in the 50s by Historians. It just took way too long until that plaque was corrected, but the scientists never really believed that number and debunked it early on. The same scientists that also made the estimation of 6 million over-all. And yeah, some people will who visited Ausschwitz afterwards obviously wrongly took that number of 4 million because it was on that plaque. But this number has nothing to do with the overall claim of 6 Million over-all, which was done by scientists, not that soviet propaganda-machine, like the 4 million of Ausschwitz was.

  14. Posted by Mathead, at Reply

    This guy should come to Germany so we can put him in jail with all his little comrades.

    • Posted by toyotaprius79, at Reply

      He should go to the south ‘Black lands’. String him up a tree with the mangoes, see how he finds it.

    • Posted by silver lining, at Reply

      I find his denial of 2018 Germans’ perspective highly disturbing.

    • Posted by Mr. Clean, at Reply


  15. Posted by FloppyHares, at Reply

    People like that should be beaten to death with a willow branch.

    • Posted by Philosopher of Nonsense, at Reply

      A pickaxe might be more satisfying.

    • Posted by FloppyHares, at Reply

      No, that’s too quick. I want him to squirm in pain for a couple of hours before he perishes.

  16. Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

    Sounds like a typical Trump supporter, I know they’re really gonna like this guy.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      A typical Trump supporter? You’re being intellectually dishonest. Called ya on it.

  17. Posted by Isylumn, at Reply

    Roy Moore? Arthur Jones? Republicans have scrapped the bottom of the barrel so hard, they’ve broke through and now digging up candidates straight out of hell.

  18. Posted by Brucifer Mephistopheles, at Reply

    Wow, This country really is a cesspool……!!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Dead-Owl 911, at Reply

      Brucifer Mephistopheles A very stable genius might even call it a “shithole”

  19. Posted by Combat Medic Mercy, at Reply

    Not surprised, since our president defended the pieces of shits who caused Charlottesville. He gave them approval, confidence and, worst of all, power.

    • Posted by Ali Sarsour صرصور, at Reply

      Combat Medic Mercy because not All on both sides were guilty. Just because a small group of people do something doesn’t mean all. This candidate is just a horrible as Sanders wanting to make USA into a socialist regime

    • Posted by TheInflicted, at Reply

      Ali Sarsour صرصور Trump thinks Nazis are “very fine people” as long as they support him.

    • Posted by Combat Medic Mercy, at Reply

      Ali Sarsour صرصور You don’t get to make that argument when a nazi literally murdered someone, with full intent.

  20. Posted by Sefcak James, at Reply

    Trump seems to attract hoards of Nazis who love him.

    • Posted by Cactus Jack, at Reply

      not anymore after jerusalem and Israel