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Hobby Lobby Caught Smuggling


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Pastime Lobby simply obtained captured contraband. Cenk Uygur and also Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you just what they were smuggling. Inform us just what you believe in the comment section listed below.

"( CNN) Leisure activity Entrance hall agreed to forfeit countless artefacts from modern-day Iraq and pay a $3 million fine to resolve a civil action the Justice Division brought versus the company, according to court files.

The DOJ said the company received the falsely classified artefacts from a United Arab Emirates-based vendor.

The artefacts, ancient cuneiform tablets and also clay bullae, were smuggled into the USA via the United Arab Emirates and Israel, Justice authorities claimed. Cuneiform is an ancient system of creating on clay tablets that was utilized in Mesopotamia, and clay bullae are spheres of clay on which seals have actually been imprinted."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by John D'oh, at Reply

    Bible thumpers are the biggest hypocrites and liars.

    • Posted by Wayne Lankenau, at Reply

      So now they are interested in more than destruction but if ISIS is selling museum pieces on the black market the CHRISTIANS bite and pay while covering their tracks?

    • Posted by Katherine Voegtlin, at Reply

      they probably funded isis when they bought the artifacts, which is kind of ironic.

    • Posted by Mama Mimi, at Reply

      +Thomas Lawrence it’s more like they are funding ISIS operations….not saving artifacts. They in turn are selling these items to the US public….You are funding ISIS if you buy from Hobby Lobby.

  2. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    Brett is a closeted homosexual. That is all.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply


    • Posted by Sandra Snow-Balvert, at Reply

      you are just dreaming of Brett taking you in the butt right? 😀 Which as a liberal I’m ok with you wanting that 😀

  3. Posted by Stephen Cody, at Reply

    Now I understand why they didn’t want to pay for contraception,those artifacts can be expensive.

    • Posted by Katherine Voegtlin, at Reply

      lmao that’s great 😂

  4. Posted by Mahmoud Tokura, at Reply

    ISIS loots Iraqi artifacts,
    ISIS sell these artifacts to Turkish and Israeli middle men,
    Middle men sell these artifacts to Americans and Europeans.
    So basically they are funding ISIS operations.

    • Posted by dafttool, at Reply

      Mahmoud Tokura Exactly. Well done

    • Posted by wajdef, at Reply

      Nailed it.

    • Posted by A Deep Thinker, at Reply


    • Posted by A Deep Thinker, at Reply


    • Posted by Странно Хрипы, at Reply

      Sounds like speculation

  5. Posted by Thomas R, at Reply

    If you need to use an old story book to convince people you have moral integrity, you are probably a giant sack of crap.

    • Posted by canikickit, at Reply

      Not probably

    • Posted by Axe Battler, at Reply

      Thomas R is that exclusive to Christianity?

  6. Posted by Huda Ahmed, at Reply

    Come on now TYT, its a historical tradition of the West and religous corporate zealot for looting cultural treasures from around the world, just ask Latin America, South Asia, Africa, most of the museums and royal families in Europe would be poor without them. Hobby Lobby is neither unique nor the last time it will happen, at least today there is some accountability and public awareness.

    • Posted by Thomas Lawrence, at Reply

      dense coming from a muhammadan whose history isn’t much different.

    • Posted by karen salomonsen, at Reply

      Thomas Lawrence What are you saying exactly? I want you to spell it out for me. I tend to get things wrong if it isn’t made perfectly clear.

  7. Posted by Will Wright, at Reply

    It’s a crime, right? And Corporation are people Right? So why haven’t they thrown Hobby Lobby in jail?

    • Posted by Thomas R, at Reply

      Because our justice system thinks a fine that is equal to %0.1 of a corporation’s bottom line is a suitable punishment.

    • Posted by Dwayne Dwayne, at Reply

      Many of America’s larger museums including the Metropolitan have neen charged for this too. The largest was America’s Getty museum. I don’t consider it a crime. Most Egyptian artificts for example only exist today because museums and private collectors bought them 50 years ago. Look at the number of cultural heritage sites destroyed by Muslims in just the last 2 years. – via @haystacktv

  8. Posted by American Marxist, at Reply

    Capitalist scum, they think they can buy our history. Their still technically above the law too, if I had stolen or smuggled these artifacts I would be in jail for years. But hobby lobby just has to pay a portion of their profit and their O.K , disgusting elites

    • Posted by Citizen of Kekistan, at Reply

      Individuals over a huge brand? Of course! Of course! And don’t forget, Bernie is an elite too. 😉

    • Posted by American Marxist, at Reply

      Citizen of Kekistan agreed, Sanders isn’t even a socialist. He doesn’t advocate for the collective ownership of the means of production or for the overthrow of capitalism.

  9. Posted by JosephJamesScott, at Reply

    So one of the big sellers of artifacts in the Middle East at the moment is ISIS, I think it’s very likely that Hobby Lobby was aiding terrorism.

  10. Posted by Rawbeard, at Reply

    it’s their deeply held religious believe to smuggle ancient artifacts

    • Posted by plasticbutler, at Reply

      ikr? When will their persecution end?!?

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      Rawbeard so?

  11. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    hobby lobby caught being anti american

    • Posted by Heather Long, at Reply

      Thomas MacKelly … the new American way

    • Posted by RDR, at Reply

      Thomas MacKelly when will they be brought up on charges of financial support of terrorist organizations?

    • Posted by jerry slater, at Reply

      it’s not anti American to be a thief

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      You must be a mad lib according to Bret

  12. Posted by RDR, at Reply

    Is this not material support to a terrorist organization? Where are the criminal charges for terrorism?

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      RDR you are not on the Alex jones channel lmao

    • Posted by RDR, at Reply

      Tyrion L so you don’t think buying sacked artifacts from ISIS isn’t material support for a terrorist organization?
      If it were a brown person who did the same thing, they’d be in Guantanamo and we’d not have even heard about it other than maybe a blurb in a news ticker.

  13. Posted by Jazzie Red, at Reply

    Two places I choose to never spend my money at: Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A.

    • Posted by Alissa Johnson, at Reply

      Jazzie Red You and I both.

  14. Posted by Brad Kirsch, at Reply

    Never been in a Hobby Lobby or a Chick-fil-A. Never will be.

    • Posted by Comrade Trump, at Reply

      A lot of republicans never had the opportunity to fil-A-chick with

    • Posted by Rebecca Conn, at Reply

      I used to shop at Hobby Lobby, no more

    • Posted by shutdafup, at Reply

      Chick-fil-A is super over-rated — for one thing all their chicken is boneless chicken patties — you can’t even get regular fried chicken there

  15. Posted by jennifer yonan, at Reply

    hobby lobby is okay with buying artifacts from terrorists but not okay with offering women birth control

  16. Posted by Adrian Colley, at Reply

    Nobody’s asking whether these artefacts were looted by ISIS as part of their fundraising.

  17. Posted by Jessica Lynn Colter, at Reply

    Why do people of corporations just get fined while the average Joe would do something like that, They would get arrested and thrown in jail?

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      Exactly this. Two tier justice systems are the biggest flag that the rich and powerful establishments don’t give two fucks about what is “right”. Excessive capitalism is a cancer that will destroy every nation that falls prey to it.

    • Posted by Sean Russell, at Reply

      InfectedByEli – This isn’t even capitalism, it’s an oligarchy with excessive cronie-ism. All with a very thin coating of capitalism.

  18. Posted by Luis GO V, at Reply

    Those artifacts were over 6000 years old… i dont think as creationists that wouldn’t go well with them.

    • Posted by Ryan Gibson, at Reply

      Luis GO V they probably don’t get the reference though. As they seem to only be Christian when it suits them.

  19. Posted by Gord M, at Reply

    So basically Hobby Lobby has been funding ISIS through the purchase of illegal artifacts.

    • Posted by G. Warren, at Reply

      Gord M ISIS isn’t real

  20. Posted by chris kastelic, at Reply

    The real crime is that they pay a fine instead of someone going to jail. The super rich continue to buy their way out of jail time and poor people can go to jail for petty offenses.

    • Posted by Tetra 9, at Reply

      chris kastelic ~ like traffic tickets ? I couldn’t agree more. Sadly you can’t fix a system that’s above reproach. County and State Governments are getting rich from State Statutes designed to generate revenue. County Courts and Magistrates are actually making money, 100’s of times over budget. It’s the surest way to get re-elected….forget staying under budget, they’re making bank now ! Sorry for the rant.