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‘Horse with no shame’: A Triple Crown of snark giggles



Heh. Fans watched the Kentucky Derby yesterday (and some watched the hats.)

And the winner is @orb! Another great #KyDerby

— Kentucky Derby (@KentuckyDerby) May 4, 2013

Your @kentuckyderby winner this morning! #Orb #LoveHim 😛 #KYDerby139 twitter.com/WHAS11Maggie/s…

— Maggie Ruper (@WHAS11Maggie) May 5, 2013

Congrats, Derby winner!

But some on Twitter took the opportunity to add to the enjoyment with some hilarious snark. Enter #LiberalKentuckyDerbyNames.

#LiberalKentuckyDerbyNames trainwreck

— DalTex (@Collinsdw) May 4, 2013

#LiberalKentuckyDerbyNames Horse with no shame

— JoeBilly (@joebilly47) May 4, 2013

#LiberalKentuckyDerbyNames Constitution Shredder

— Inger Eberhart (@Hunter7Taylor) May 5, 2013

Free Biscuit#LiberalKentuckyDerbyNames #IWinTwitter

— Talon’s Point (@TalonsPoint) May 5, 2013

#LiberalKentuckyDerbyNamesBlame Bush

— Neal Lawson (@JNealLawson) May 5, 2013

#LiberalKentuckyDerbyNames Teleprompter Trot

— Wesley Sargent (@TaxesYouPay) May 5, 2013

#LiberalKentuckyDerbyNamesBlame Thrower

— The Living End(@TheLivingEnd) May 5, 2013

Rather Be Golfing #LiberalKentuckyDerbyNames

— Sean Riddle (@RiddleSean) May 5, 2013

Sea Quester#LiberalKentuckyDerbyNames

— The Demorats (@TheDemorat) May 5, 2013

No Labels #LiberalKentuckyDerbyNames

— Josh Painter (@Josh_Painter) May 5, 2013


Never change, Twitter.

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