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How Amazon is in Bed With The Deep State


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CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos possesses the Washington Article and also has a handle the CIA. Jimmy Dore and also Wes Clark Jr. discuss how Amazon is in bed with the deep state. View the complete episode right here:

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  1. Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

    the most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed

    • Posted by Ass Möde, at Reply

      These countries were hell hole, mud hut villages long before the white man got there

    • Posted by Ass Möde, at Reply

      *WE WUZ*

  2. Posted by JDauntless The Protagonist Gamer, at Reply

    Never pre-order a video game from Amazon. 😂

    • Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

      +JDauntless NEVAAAAR pre-order a video game from ANYONE! We wait for them to be out for a few months. When that stuff first hits the market, it’s so freakin’ buggy, it’s unplayable and you have to wait anyway. The only exception was Witcher 3.

  3. Posted by TheTriggeredSocialist, at Reply

    I like turtles 🐢🐢🐢🐢

    • Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

      TheTriggeredSocialist The turtles are working with the Russians!!!

  4. Posted by Brew Swillis, at Reply

    So, um, what about Amazon? Did I miss something?

  5. Posted by J Gatsby, at Reply

    Jimmy is becoming the liberal Alex Jones.

    • Posted by Ryan Manning, at Reply

      Jeebus 420 absolutely wrong

    • Posted by cokerockstop2, at Reply

      +Jeebus 420 wrongggg

    • Posted by The Progressive Capitalist, at Reply

      Jeebus 420
      He did not promote it.
      He reported on it.
      He said that “I reserve judgement on everything until we see evidence. It would be nice to see evidence.”

  6. Posted by Christian Escobar, at Reply

    What does this have to do with Amazon?

  7. Posted by nitrologly, at Reply

    Paid trolls are in force for this video. Coincidence?

    • Posted by Ass Möde, at Reply

      They’re here every video

    • Posted by Neojhun, at Reply

      For once Jimmy states obvious facts. Amazon AWS $600 Mil Cloud Computing Deal for CIA and correction Jeff Bezos paid $250 Mil for Washington Post in 2013. Yet the comment section full of trolls pretends they never heard of it. This is widely known information from a few years ago.

  8. Posted by Chicano American Nationalit, at Reply

    It’s hilarious, Jimmy dore is the only reporter off TYT who has any inkling of reality and all the tyt fans hate him. Only further proving that you people are dumbed down trash, you people have no stake in the game. Useless and useful idiot the lot of you

    • Posted by Lying Williams, at Reply

      Chicano American Nationalit


    • Posted by blaquehart b, at Reply

      Useful , naive idiots who have not done there research will condemn those who have. Jimmy is figuring out , but the people in this comment section who are calling him a nutjob deserves every bad hand that is dealt to them in life. Remember what Morpheus said about some of those living in the Matrix. Those who would actually try to kill you to preserve the false world they live in. I wish I could give you more thumbs up

    • Posted by Dan w, at Reply

      I can’t make a sensible argument against Jimmy’s point so I’ll just call him a coke sniffing Alex Jones..

    • Posted by Jay Steele, at Reply

      +Dan w For real lmao

  9. Posted by Jeffery Fenton, at Reply

    Jimmy is on point

    • Posted by eric wilson, at Reply


  10. Posted by the stoner socialist, at Reply

    is my boy jimmy wearing stoner glasses!! Bringing back the 60sssss, fight the man!!! FLOWER POWER

    • Posted by Lying Williams, at Reply


  11. Posted by Hyden Royce, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore needs to write a book. I’d be ten copies just for myself.

    • Posted by Matthew Zeller, at Reply

      Google “your country just isn’t that into you”

    • Posted by Hyden Royce, at Reply

      Thanks, Matthew

  12. Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

    How long until Jimmy Dore is doing Pizzagate videos?

    • Posted by TheAsmodeus2012, at Reply

      Said the sad little tool.

  13. Posted by 0xyzabcx0, at Reply

    Really? TYT is reposting one of Jimmy’s worst InfoDores moments? So the CIA contracted with Amazon to use Amazon Web Services, like every other website and company in the world, that hardly means they own Jeff Bezos

    • Posted by Ty Sequeira, at Reply

      And these are the guys who laugh at FOX and Breitbart’s conspiracy theories…
      (Jimmy has a few decent videos, but too many of them are pure B.S.)

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      0xyzabcx0 it got you to click didnt it?

    • Posted by MARCELO ARIAS SOUTO, at Reply

      Sure, it’s normal that Jeff Bezos made a deal with the professional liars and war criminals of the CIA, that the owner of the Washington Post is in bed with the Deep State, and that they don’t put an editor’s note pointing it out. Not a problem with unethical journalism, conflict of interest, propaganda, and MSM being a guard dog of the establishment.

  14. Posted by houchi69, at Reply

    Why is Jimmy wearing sun glasses?

    • Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

      houchi69 he is too cool for Old School School….

  15. Posted by Dan w, at Reply

    I can’t make a sensible argument against Jimmy’s point so I’ll just call him a coke sniffing Alex Jones…

    • Posted by Dan w, at Reply

      Your ignorance of fact does not constitute a lack of evidence Shark Wave.

    • Posted by Shark Wave, at Reply


      Have you read the title of this video? Or can you not read English? And you are wrong, he does imply that they are working together. Therefore, you are a liar.

      Also, if there is evidence, please present it.

    • Posted by Stewiehleba, at Reply

      I don’t think Jimmy had anything to do with naming and uploading the video. What he said was 100% correct though. And that is what is important.

  16. Posted by eric131313, at Reply

    Don’t know why ppl try to compare him Alex Jones. All that he said is true and not conspiracy. Starting to believe that there r a lot of paid trolls lurking in tyt comment section

    • Posted by Dan w, at Reply

      It’s CTR, no joke.

  17. Posted by MegaMeg!, at Reply

    wow!!! some truth delivered on TYT!! Im shocked 😍

    • Posted by Bruce Lee Roy, at Reply

      MegaMeg! Jimmy is the man. Young Turks are more honest than any of the major news outlets but Jimmy stands on his own and the most thoughtful and honest of the reporters.

    • Posted by MrVercettti89, at Reply

      Bruce Lee Roy Jimmy Hatew America so much but u know what EVERYTHING he says is true , its a hiporacy

  18. Posted by Joe Gallop, at Reply

    OMG GROW A PAIR we all know you smoked a lil weed before the show take your glasses off and show some pride. you looks like an old jazzy frog

    • Posted by MadnessInIsolation, at Reply

      Shut up…

    • Posted by Joe Gallop, at Reply

      you dont think he should be high and proud? i really think he looks like an old jazzy frog tho