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How Ann Coulter Beat Berkeley


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Ann Coulter canceled her speech at Berkeley yet wins anyway. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you how she beat Berkeley. Inform us what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" Ann Coulter said Wednesday that she is canceling her organized speech at the College of The golden state, Berkeley, due to the fact that she had shed the support of traditional groups that had actually at first sponsored her appearance.

Ms. Coulter, in a message to The New york city Times, stated, "It's an unfortunate day absolutely free speech."

Despite urging that she would most likely to Berkeley regardless– even after the university said it might not suit her on the date and time it had actually at first scheduled her as a result of risks of violence– Ms. Coulter claimed she did not see how she could move forward. The school claimed she could talk just at a later day and an earlier time of day, when there were likely to be less trainees on campus and also much less of a likelihood for terrible break outs.

Late on Tuesday, the conventional group that was helping Ms. Coulter in her lawful initiatives to force Berkeley to host her, Youthful America's Structure, said it can no more take part. "Youthful America's Foundation will certainly not threaten the safety of its personnel or pupils," the group said.

Without any assistance, Ms. Coulter claimed, she was left with little selection. "Every person who ought to believe in cost-free speech fought versus it or escaped," she said."

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  1. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    finally talking about berkeley ban on free speech, good on you TYT!

    not holding my breath for fresno though…

    • Posted by types10000, at Reply

      *”Fascist leftists don’t exist, for fascism is of the right.”*
      – ‘Left-wing fascism and left fascism are sociological and philosophical terms used to categorise real or perceived tendencies in extreme left-wing politics otherwise commonly attributed to the ideology of fascism.’
      – ‘The most prominent early user of the term left-fascism was Jürgen Habermas, a sociologist and philosopher influenced by the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School. He used the term in the 1960s to distance the Frankfurt School from the violence and authoritarianism of left-wing terrorists.’ [1][2]

      1) Wallace, R.A. and A. Wolf, Contemporary Sociological Theory: Continuing the Classical Tradition, 3rd ed. (1991) p. 116.

      *”Also, show me the court case that illustrates that Berkeley is required to allow these people to use their stages to speak.”*
      – That’s a strawman, I never asserted that Berkely was legally required to allow people to use their stages.
      – I simply pointedout the fact that she had been INVITED BY THE UNIVERSITY as a GUEST SPEAKER for the explicit purpose of SPEAKING TO STUDENTS and that the university had a duty to both her and the students.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      You edited the wiki article, and ignored the first sentence on purpose.

      “Left-wing fascism and left fascism are sociological and philosophical terms used to categorise real or perceived tendencies in extreme left-wing politics otherwise commonly attributed to the ideology of fascism. *Fascism has historically been considered a far right ideology* , but crossovers may be expected according to the theory of extremes meet (French: Les extrêmes se touchent), where the touching point between the far left and the far right may be the use of power and/or political terrorism. Syntagmas such as left-wing fascism provide shorthand labels, but they lack any universally understood or agreed meaning and in common parlance may be used as a pejorative for any left-wing political position, or where unusual (or contradictory) hybrid political positions are perceived.”

      ^Fascism is of the right-wing. Dishonest people simply mislabel it as left-wing, as a propaganda tool. It’s stupid to label a Marxist as fascist, for communists and fascists have been enemies for decades. Anyone, with even a basic understanding of history, knows this. You can’t be a fascist and a leftist. You’re either one, or the other. Also, no. It is not their duty to give this ghoul their platform. Their platform is theirs, and they can do with it what they want.

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      “Opposed to liberalism, Marxism, and anarchism, fascism is usually placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum.[4][5] *But, observations on the existence of Left-wing Fascism* have been made by philosophers and historians and formalized in the Horseshoe theory.”

      You literally took this part out lmao what an idiot. Even the site you quote proves you wrong.

    • Posted by Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band, at Reply

      Can *someone* just post a link already?

  2. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    ann coulter is unpopular according to TYT *HAHAHA!*

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Hillary isn’t a liberal.

    • Posted by D3ATHSC1TH3, at Reply

      Hal Jordan she’s a congressional Democrat

    • Posted by D3ATHSC1TH3, at Reply

      04mzwach im pretty DAMM SURE they know about Milo and his STUPIDITY comments as restarted as overexagerated BOLD UNREALISTIC CLAIMS

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply


  3. Posted by Cornelius Cody, at Reply

    UC Berkeley is a joke. The should get their funding revoked.

    • Posted by Cornelius Cody, at Reply

      Let them dig their own graves. Only what is brought into the light can be seen and dealt with.

    • Posted by Cornelius Cody, at Reply


    • Posted by Cornelius Cody, at Reply

      You can be an idiot and not a joke. You can be a joke and not an idiot. It’s a shame that you fall into both categories.

    • Posted by Cornelius Cody, at Reply

      They didn’t have to show up to her speech or listen to it. This flies in the face of liberalism.

    • Posted by Cornelius Cody, at Reply

      I would love a pal grant.

  4. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    TYT: “yeah humm… now that you’re actually assaulting people we’re going to have to condemn you publicly antifa… but we’re still friends don’t worry, go break some conservatard jaws! :)))”

    • Posted by TheYoungTurksExposed, at Reply

      HATE SPEECH = Anything truthful that liberals don’t want to hear

    • Posted by Crystal_ignition, at Reply

      even though in the video they constantly say “let counter speak”
      dude dont paint an entire group by the actions of a few thats just stupid
      yeah i know what i said

      when did they say that? multiple times in fact everytime ive seen them talk about violence they say DONT. at what point do they ever condone violence against a specific group of people or even violence as a political opinion at all?

    • Posted by Woody Grill, at Reply

      +Kasigi03 What do you mean by emboldening? Embolden them to what?

  5. Posted by BloodMoneyLLC, at Reply

    I’m all for free speech, but I also think it’s your right not to invite people to your domicile whom you find repulsive. Sure let this woman speak at Berkeley. Just know that she’s a provocateur who doesn’t stand for anything, never takes on a consistent principled position on anything, and gets off on pissing people off (including other conservatives). *Ann Counter is a troll!*

    • Posted by Moving Froward, at Reply

      +Nick B You really are stuck on fat aren’t you? Like I said projection. You are just a wannabe too scared to do anything face to face .

    • Posted by Nick B, at Reply

      You still stuck on being incapable of performing simple google searches without someone holding your hand? What ever happened to conservatives being go-getters and self-motivators.

      Are you all too stupid to do simple research using the fucking internet?

    • Posted by Moving Froward, at Reply

      +Nick B I’m not in the habit of trying to prove others arguments. You made the claim the burden of evidence is on you.

    • Posted by Moving Froward, at Reply

      +Nick B no such videos exist. You are a liar.

  6. Posted by djdarklyceum, at Reply

    UC Berkeley: HQ for the snowflakes

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Blue: Contards hate educators, education, and educational institutions. For the most part they are uneducated buffoons and they fear “college boys” who know more than them. The better and more respected the institution, the more they hate it.

    • Posted by Stoward Hearn, at Reply

      djdarklyceum bro you have dj in front of your name lolz. Go spin some electronic music. Leave politics to the non ignorant

    • Posted by MrKenichi22, at Reply

      Danny 😀 Well, I was correcting someone who thought that. Nah, If you want Snowflakes just look at the Fox News Viewers.

    • Posted by MrKenichi22, at Reply

      Danny 😀 Right, The Trump Supporters are snowflakes!

  7. Posted by Szriko, at Reply

    *TYT doesn’t speak up about how LIBERALS caused RIOTS and MURDERED PEOPLE IN THE STREETS over people speaking at Berkeley! TYT instead DEFENDS the muderous, bloodthirsty, vile left wing!*

    • Posted by Fawkzzz, at Reply

      Oh, you mean the same way not a single right wing commentator ever reports on anything that makes the right look bad? At least TYT criticize their own, the right just lacks any self-criticism and self-awareness. That’s why you right wing monkeys are such easily triggered snowflakes. You’ve never had to face opposing ideas.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      What games do you like? Name them. Now.

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      ??? you didn’t watch the video did you. they spoke out against people who wouldn’t let anne coulter speak. also i don’t remember anyone who has actually been murdered yet.

  8. Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

    Just call it what it is – far left wing violence suppressing free speech

    • Posted by guildgsx, at Reply

      +The King
      That’s all nice, but still doesn’t negate my comment that he has nothing to do with the KKK as some idiot implied. In fact, the KKK believe that gay people such as Milo should be killed, which makes associating Milo with the KKK as absurd as it gets – regardless if he’s a racist or not. He can be the epitome of racism as much as he wants, but the KKK would still advocate his death.

    • Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

      Is it wrong to say that the KKK are protesting more peacefully *nowadays* than BLM?

    • Posted by Coach JG, at Reply

      lolfeg the KKK kill people. Lol your a moron.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      lolfeg: _”Just call it what it is”_
      OK. It’s fascism.

    • Posted by Ethan Davidson, at Reply

      I have. Not in quite so many words, but I have. And I’ve done it at the meetings they actually go to. Confronting the black block face to face is dangerous, but I’ve done it. And received threats of violence for my trouble. But that is why I am proud to be called a “Social Justice Warrior.” Because, while working for Social Justice, I have actually put themselves in harm’s way.
      I mean, you have to believe in your cause to confront a mob of masked protesters with flaming tourches. It’s not just about being a keyboard warrior.

  9. Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply

    She canceled because she didn’t want to be booed again….

    • Posted by wildturkey3776, at Reply

      LOL even bill marh knows she is fearless.

    • Posted by Hobbes Tiger, at Reply

      No. Coulter gets paid by the boo.

    • Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply

      ….she *has* to be rich….

  10. Posted by Yiṣḥāq David, at Reply

    I do not believe Ana when she talks about free speech. I just dont. Sorry you bash free speech so often its hard for me to believe you actually believe in it

    • Posted by thesparitan, at Reply


      That’s right snowflake, run away.

    • Posted by thesparitan, at Reply

      Oh so you don’t actually listen to what Ana actually says. How long have you been mentally ill? Or is it ideological induced delusion? Hey, try this one weird trick for guessing someones political views, listen to what they say they believe in and the positions they support.

      Oh right, I forgot you are a troll so you aren’t here for rational dialog. My bad dude, carry on.

    • Posted by Yiṣḥāq David, at Reply

      lol @ thesparitan. Go cry some more

  11. Posted by Tom McCann, at Reply

    Antifa fuckwits they are the facists the hypocritical little shits. When you have groups like them blm and bamb which are inhenretly violent and intolerant of other views and opinions, that’s when things get dangerous.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Xtard Destroyer
      Most of antifa is communist and anarchist. They aren’t fascist. The people they often punch are fascist.

    • Posted by Xtard Destroyer, at Reply

      Hal, Using brute violence to crash gatherings like Berkeley where they seek to hurt and ” break skulls” soley because opinions dont match is an act of fascism

      “the ones they punch are fascists”
      Nope, as shown at burkley, ordinairy people that are all “nazi people to collect scalps from” – “anti fascists”.

      “The fascist of tomorow will call itself anti-fascist” – churchill.

  12. Posted by charley15z, at Reply

    I don’t understand these campuses. Just let her speak. You’re just enforcing the narrative that libs are against free speech. And your giving her more attention. Just stop.

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      i think they should let her speak but antifa would probably have a different opinion. they are against free speech and are for and have violently attacked people for listening to speakers that they don’t like. it was about security and not wanting antifa to start another brawl and tear up their campus again.

    • Posted by reedcampbell9, at Reply

      charley15z exactly they only make the speakers stronger just look at milo

  13. Posted by Klash, at Reply

    #FuckTrump and his small army of autistic parasites killing America

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Be still earthworm. Be still.

  14. Posted by PKNHET, at Reply

    TYT hate free speech they only want to hear from their echo chamber. that’s why they don’t condemn antifa

    • Posted by Nickolis Speetzen, at Reply

      PKNHET I’d generally agree but this is relatively logical discussion about the situation. I was surprised

    • Posted by blazeofglory2712, at Reply

      Pulchritudo humana antifa is just a name that represents many different smaller groups. But your comment is wrong. Beyond any means necessary is a group that flies the antifa flag when they partake in these events. They literally are self identified liberal activist. Liberal and progressive, it’s all over their site and mission statement. Check it out. All of the groups under the antifa banner however are left wingers. TYT loves to blanket right wingers all together. Conservative/racist/neo-Nazi groups they are all right wingers when tyt talks about them. So it’s only fair to call these left wingers right? We don’t have to make the distinction for it anymore right because tyt doesn’t when it comes to the right wing.

      Also cenk says the right wingers love to stir up trouble. This is victim blaming. They have just as much a right to invite speakers yet tyt says that’s stirring up trouble. That’s not very progressive, you gonna defend that?

    • Posted by jamieee321, at Reply

      Dnt Wry antifa are such special snowflakes that calling them liberals gets them triggered? lol That’s proof they’re liberals in itself.

    • Posted by Crystal_ignition, at Reply

      at this point im just gona copy and paste because im tired of dealing with idiots

      *then you dont know the dictionary meaning it seems*
      *”A liberal is someone on the left wing of politics — the opposite of a conservative. Also, a liberal attitude toward* *anything means more tolerance for change. There are many meanings for liberal, but they mostly have to do with* *freedom and openness to change.”*
      *note “tolerance for change”*
      *note “freedom and openness”*

      *how does that coincide with*
      *”intolerance for speech”*
      *”close mindedness towards others views”*

    • Posted by jamieee321, at Reply

      Crystal_ignition every antifa fucker who has been exposed has always identified themselves as liberal. clearly the definition of liberal is out of date.

  15. Posted by Emilio Aguirre, at Reply

    Ann Coulter is kind of hot if you were into skeletons

    • Posted by Grey Mouser, at Reply

      …it’d make her less toxic 🙂

    • Posted by Joshua Brant, at Reply

      Emilio Aguirre 2spooky

  16. Posted by The Moral Crusader, at Reply

    Communist left wingers once again shutting down free speech with threats of violence. Sad.

    • Posted by Mike Davison, at Reply

      If only humans tended toward intellect and egalitarian humanitarianism as opposed to stupidity, fear and greed…

      Then we wouldn’t have to worry about the sociopathic, self-serving demagoguic, authoritarian, nepotistic, oligarchic nutjobs who keep getting voted into power by the dim-witted, self-righteous, fearful, duplicitous electorate who all to often turn out to be the plurality…

      Does anyone else find it disheartening that a democracy can be “won” with less than a majority?
      I thought that the whole point of a democracy was to govern based upon the will of the majority of the constituents…

    • Posted by Mike Davison, at Reply

      No that’s complete bullshit.
      usa has been trying to export democracy around the globe for decades. They have a democratically elected president.
      To say that usa isn’t a democracy is to go against everything they’ve been pretending to fight for for since 1800. They hold democratic elections. Your argument is entirely invalid.

      I live in the Republic of South Africa which is a democracy. There is nothing in any literature which says a Republic cannot be a democracy.

      The corrupt and greedy minority have taken the earth. The meek majority didn’t have the balls to fight for it.

  17. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    Cenk lost the debate with Coulter … 🙂

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Dave Z
      Ann doesn’t like colored people. She fears the browning of America.

    • Posted by blubastud, at Reply

      A person of color? Which demographic? You ain’t in mine…and if you claim you are, I call race catfish.

    • Posted by Bobby Kalaydjiev, at Reply

      Well that’s not a big achievement, Cenk could lose a debate to an empty chair. Maybe he should try debate a dead buffalo, he might have a 50:50 chance of winning. Fair enough.

    • Posted by Joseph Inhiding, at Reply

      +Hal .. got to admit she made a bunch of uninformed statement on darwinism and on evolution.
      And now I think the other two deserve to remain in the realm of opinion.
       Personally, I don’t like the idea of weed either but see it’s become a social norm like alcohol or cigarettes; might not even be as bad as those two. Crazy to fill jail for simple possession.
      Don’t like the use of the word marriage gays either. Would prefer that marriage and union be distinguished. Breeders should be distinguished from non breeders.

  18. Posted by A1Cvenom, at Reply

    When I went to see Milo at UC Davis there were several thousand people there to see him…

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Alex, Milo, and Ann are all evil charlatans.

    • Posted by XIIIthHARBINGER, at Reply

      That’s your own personal assessment of them,

      Whether you are willing to acknowledge it or not, there are great many people who don’t share your opinion, even regarding Jones.

      & Cenk, for all his vanity, is closer to being the left’s version of Jones than he likes to admit.

    • Posted by Daniel Badger, at Reply

      Yeah, he didn’t do that.
      But he said doing it was fine.
      You’re defending someone who agrees with sex with children.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Alex’s own lawyer admits he’s a fraud, Milo admits he’s a troll, Milo has old writings of him pushing leftist ideals, and Ann is an obvious troll that even other conservatives don’t like.

  19. Posted by Tal Moore, at Reply

    You can only kill bad ideas with good ideas, not with censorship. The moment you try to kill bad ideas with censorship, you’ve already lost.

    • Posted by D1E5ECT, at Reply

      A Steer you mad ho?

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Coulter gets to play the victim, something she accuses other people of.

    • Posted by Tal Moore, at Reply

      Well, you’re a poopy head.

    • Posted by Ketil Flatnose, at Reply

      Yep, then Coulter plays the victim, gets in the news, and then the right criticizes the left for being anti-free speech.