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How California’s Prop 98 Is Blocking Single-Payer


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David Dayen clarifies The golden state's Prop 98. Watch the complete Hostile Progressives episode here:

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Jimmy Dore, Stef Zamorano, & Dave Dayen on this week's Hostile Progressives. The triad speak about single-payer healthcare, Dave's post in The Intercept, as well as Prop 98. Ron Placone joins and Michael Lighty, Supervisor of Public law from the CNA, skypes into speak about the healthcare expense.

Learn more below:

" IN THE DAYS GIVEN THAT California Setting up Audio speaker Anthony Rendon shelved for the year SB562, which intends to establish a state single-payer health care system, he's been subject to mass protests or even fatality risks. The bill's principal backers, consisting of the California Nurses Association as well as the Bernie Sanders-affiliated Our Transformation, angrily point to Rendon as the main obstruction to really universal health care.

They're entirely wrong. Exactly what's more, they understand they're wrong. They're perfectly mindful that SB562 is a shell costs that could not end up being law without a ballot procedure accepted by citizens. Rather than committing to increasing the numerous dollars that would certainly be had to get rid of unique rate of interests and pass that effort, they would certainly, obviously, rather trick their fans, concealing the truths of California's woeful political framework in favor of a principles play created to progress careers as well as aggrandize power.

That may appear extreme. It's gentle." *.

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  1. Posted by anthony lockwood, at Reply

    Shouldn’t the title say Democrats are blocking Single payer healthcare? I mean there’s no way to blame Republicans on this!

    • Posted by Eric Franks, at Reply

      anthony lockwood There was evidently. He started off by blaming suburban conservatives for not paying property taxes.

    • Posted by PresBarack, at Reply

      anthony lockwood that single payer bill calls for a 15% payroll tax, it would increase what I pay from $47 with tricare to over $400 a month, that’s crazy! It would make me leave California

  2. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    Can’t wait for the Big One to hit California.

    • Posted by IizUname, at Reply

      California alone is the 6th biggest economy in the world.

    • Posted by arithsem, at Reply

      Kim kardashian was considered the first big one to hit california and california hasnt been the same ever since

    • Posted by Unorthodox, at Reply

      hahaha if cali ever disappears the south is going to implode from lack of funds

  3. Posted by Yoosuf el-Sahli, at Reply

    In my country poor people know their place and feeble rebellions like this are nipped in the bud! Praise Allah the Merciful. Peace be upon you Marxist scums!

    • Posted by C C, at Reply

      IizUname That’s because they are welfare queen’s with no job and nothing better to do than troll the adults.

    • Posted by Shittum Wood, at Reply

      Yousef, we have open borders and free health care, isn’t Allah pleased? !

    • Posted by Levity, at Reply

      That goofy unibrow you have as a profile pic made me chuckle.

  4. Posted by Alt Right Gossip Vlogger, at Reply

    nonsense…what stopped Cali single payer was the bought-and-paid-for Dem politicians who never had any intention of delivering single payer and only played up the bill so that the healthcare insurance companies would have to pay donations…check the bank account of the politician who wrote the bill…

    • Posted by alvatrous, at Reply

      Its both

  5. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    Pay for your own healthcare, you commie losers. How many times do we have to tell you?

    • Posted by stephen mroz, at Reply

      alreid09 which means everyone who wants single payer doesn’t have a job!

    • Posted by alreid09, at Reply

      stephen mroz Actually it means the OP did not know that or is ignoring that fact. Which could mean they are not getting that benefit from his or her job. Most countries in the EU have single payer, it is not mandatory for every job in the US to give you health insurance.

    • Posted by Seth N, at Reply

      alreid09 yea and most countrys in the EU you have to wait months that you don’t have for cancer treatment.

    • Posted by Jessman9000, at Reply

      Pay for your own wars, and stop sacrificing our young men and women for the sake of maintaining them., you cuckservative losers. How many times do we have to tell you?

  6. Posted by arithsem, at Reply

    Why are liberals so afraid of dying 🙁

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      ” i sexually identify myself as a anime character and if you don’t like it then you’re just a bigot”

      You say that like it’s a joke, but we all know you sit around watching anime all day down in your mom’s basement, and probably do wish you were an anime character.

    • Posted by arithsem, at Reply

      Thats how I became an anime character I watched tv and the tv sucked me into the anime world. I am currently deaf andseeking a relationship with a cute highschool boy name ishida. He almost died because of me and it made me feel so guilty inside :(.

  7. Posted by Nightingale, at Reply

    Batshit crazy right wing nut jobs in the comments.

    • Posted by The 4th Reich, at Reply

      Nightingale NOT A NUT JOB DEAD SERIOUS

    • Posted by Nightingale, at Reply

      Stupid american spotted.

  8. Posted by Olivia Grant, at Reply

    Batshit crazy left wing nut jobs in the comments.

    • Posted by arithsem, at Reply

      Olivia Grant are u one of them 🙁

  9. Posted by u tubbe, at Reply

    TYT = Very Fake news

  10. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    Being a black man ma self i’ll have to tell ya’ll that I know a thing or two about single payments and TYT is not spilling them beans honestly in this video.

    • Posted by Iron Bowtie, at Reply

      Jacob Hansen, one trick phony.

  11. Posted by Dawa J, at Reply

    You write up a single-payer bill that implements single-payer in the State and also kills Prop 98. Two birds with one stone.

    • Posted by Jeremy Ellwood, at Reply

      Simply write up an exclusionary bill for Single payer.

    • Posted by Paul Dormody, at Reply

      Or write up a new prop that excludes Healthcare from prop 98.

  12. Posted by cne08, at Reply

    Even though every study proves that countries like my country of Canada that have single payer healthcare have a better healthcare than America, right wing nut jobs believe right wing “news” outlets that say how “bad’ single payer healthcare. Right wing nut jobs also don’t understand that free healthcare doesn’t literally mean free healthcare. Frere healthcare means people pay little or nothing for doctor and hospital visits, operations, and prescription drugs.

  13. Posted by Xanadu172, at Reply

    Single Payer is a failure! Healthcare only works in a free market! Leftards need to learn basic economics.

    • Posted by MoppyPuppy, at Reply

      He got the idea that the V.A. is single payer from Prager U.

    • Posted by spendle, at Reply

      Allow me to fix the free market statements in this comment thread: “Health care doesn’t work in a corporatist system.” I can agree that the American health care system sucks a fat one, but that’s because it’s not free market.

    • Posted by spendle, at Reply

      And yes, HMOs are government created. Look up the HMO Act of 1973.

    • Posted by Amber L., at Reply

      spendle The American healthcare system sucks because not everybody is guaranteed coverage, thus being responsible for more deaths than single-payer ever will.

  14. Posted by T. Nguyen, at Reply

    I’m all for single payer, but as an educator, slashing school funding is not the answer. Districts are already cutting jobs and budgets for the public school system. Taking from the have-nots is not going to be a viable solution

    • Posted by T. Nguyen, at Reply

      Haha. Yeah, I mean surely I’m missing something here because Jimmy is usually a strong proponent of education, so I was a bit confused with the dialogue. I already teach 38 kids per class at a high school in the OC, have to travel between three classrooms, and get paid rather poorly relative to other jobs of my education level (I have a BA and Master’s). And let’s not forget all the layoffs that happened only a few years ago in California, where many teachers were afraid to get pink slipped for no reason other than a lack of funding.

    • Posted by Leon Powe, at Reply

      Do you think you could modify your original message?

    • Posted by OxyPvpi Flex, at Reply

      T. Nguyen hey mr Nguyen I didn’t know you watched TVT, see you in class tomorrow

    • Posted by T. Nguyen, at Reply

      Leon Powe Haha. That’s “Miss Nguyen,” and unfortunately, I’m not your teacher 🙂

  15. Posted by Infinite Fantasy, at Reply

    we will never be a single payer country. get over it and stop trying to shove this shitty socialized propaganda down our throat

    • Posted by uriel30, at Reply

      +SFH SFH Also look at at the states that are in the red most are lead by Republican Governors. Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine. Most Federally Dependent States are in the south with the stupid people. In other words, they need the Federal Government to help them from not being bankrupt.

    • Posted by uriel30, at Reply
    • Posted by ScarabaeusSacer9, at Reply

      Infinite Fantasy if you don’t want to be forced to pay for my health, then why should I be forced to pay for your security? Warmonger.

    • Posted by ScarabaeusSacer9, at Reply

      Infinite Fantasy also it’s not a stale argument. Paying for universal healthcare is exactly like paying for the military. If your life only matters to you and if you think that everyone is responsible or themselves then why do you want a taxpayer funded military? But I guess you’ll never understand because it’s hard to reason with people who believe in American exceptionalism

  16. Posted by Burako Shimazaki, at Reply

    Considering California has the largest economy in the US, and a lot of wealthy landowners live in and corporations do business in California, you could just raise the property and business taxes again slightly.

    • Posted by Brass 'n Barrels Firearms Channel, at Reply

      that literally never happens

    • Posted by meh757, at Reply

      you mean your corporate/rep masters say that never happens the numbers from everywhere else that have done single payer say otherwise

    • Posted by Mike, at Reply

      And when taxes are raised, watch all of those people move out of state for the majority of the year to dodge the taxes. And watch those businesses move to other states with lower tax rates.

    • Posted by R Vanzo, at Reply

      Why not put a 100% tax over incomes that exceedes 10% of the average income?

    • Posted by Mike, at Reply

      @R Vanzo – I don’t expect a 100% to pass at a federal or state level. Maybe if it were around 60% or so. It would pass in some states. But then you have like I said previously – they will get permanent residency in a state without those taxes. Then they will only live in high-tax states part of the year to avoid permanent residency.

  17. Posted by Amos Soma, at Reply

    It’s time for the people of California to come to grips with the fact that if they want single payer, the people of California are going to have to pay for it and that’s a big obstacle. They want somebody else to pay for it. Maybe they think there is a health insurance tooth fairy someplace who will come up with the dough.

    • Posted by mus5599, at Reply

      At least he gets his knee taken care of. Tens of thousands of Canadians don’t die every year because they didn’t get healthcare.

    • Posted by mus5599, at Reply

      Like Jimmy said, who pays for coverage in other countries. Even Mexico has universal HC. Go there. Notice that even the poorest people have braces in their mouths.

    • Posted by Of Woodbridge and Hedgely, at Reply

      _He’d come to this country to have it done in a heartbeat if he could afford it but he’s trapped with a very sore knee because he can’t afford to come here to have it taken care of_ Most Canadians like their system and are horrified at the US system. You’re making the argument for universal healthcare: he can’t afford to get it fixed in the US, but at least Canada will fix it. There are lots of US citizens that also can’t afford to get things fixed in the US but they just have to suffer. 45,000 end up dying because they can’t afford to go to the doctor for skin cancer or similar conditions so they just let it go. Under Trumpcare that number will go up to 70,000

  18. Posted by Angry Jock, at Reply

    That David Dayen got some nose on him…

    • Posted by Rodin, at Reply

      Just a coincidence Goyim 🙂

    • Posted by Fucker Carlson, at Reply

      A Jew complaining about taxes, gee, haven’t heard that one before.

    • Posted by Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, at Reply