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How DuPont Chemical Is Destroying Lives In The Ohio River Valley


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Via The U.S.A.'s Legal representative: C8 is an item that the DuPont company made use of to produce Teflon. While making Teflon, DuPont pumped countless extra pounds of C8 straight right into the Ohio River, which cancer-causing poisonous wound up in the alcohol consumption water of greater than 70,000 locals along the Ohio River, the whole time the valley. Attorneys Mike Papantonio and also Peter Mougey discuss this. Find out more below:

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  1. Posted by Santucci Pontarelli, at Reply


  2. Posted by JEFF9K, at Reply

    Democracy meets capitalism – and loses!

    • Posted by Veruc, at Reply

      Yeah the USSR never polluted anything.

  3. Posted by ccdimage, at Reply

    TYT combines forces with the Russian government propaganda merchants.

    • Posted by Michael Cook, at Reply

      ccdimage You’ve successfully been distracted. Pay attention to the video. Trump wants to remove regulations, so this can happen all over the country.

  4. Posted by Rob Lal, at Reply

    Why does this channel still exist

  5. Posted by Michigan Thinktopian, at Reply

    I wasn’t alive when the Cuyahoga River in Ohio caught fire, but it was awful! I fear the majority of our governmental officials and the media will make that and worse disasters happen by not protecting the safety rights of our citizens.

  6. Posted by Purr Cat, at Reply


    • Posted by Zachary Chiupka, at Reply

      Purr Cat the nothing burger?

    • Posted by Michael Cook, at Reply

      You’ve successfully been distracted. Pay attention to the video. Trump wants to remove regulations, so this can happen all over the country.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Purr Cat Why should they be scared of a right wing conspiracy theory?

  7. Posted by Dan Ryan, at Reply

    Remember, when you visit America don’t drink the water, can’t trust it in these third world countries.

    • Posted by Tamer M, at Reply

      Dan Ryan lol sad but true

  8. Posted by tiagovirago, at Reply

    These aren’t the young Turks?

    • Posted by Eliza M., at Reply

      tiagovirago Ring if Fire. Part of TYT

  9. Posted by fister fish, at Reply

    bot trolls incoming

  10. Posted by Zamasu Pepe, at Reply

    TYT- the young farts.. releasing fake news as usual.

  11. Posted by PHIL BRITTIN, at Reply

    Geologists predict in a million years, the only trace, Record of Human Activity, presence, will be a one or two centimeter Stratigraphic Layer in the Sedimentary Rock of Nothing but PLASTIC.

  12. Posted by No One, at Reply

    From the comments: I guess CHEM TRAIL AINT REALLY HAPPENINNG

  13. Posted by Beatle Stories, at Reply

    More Francesca Fioritini please!

  14. Posted by Matthew Gibboney, at Reply

    i had no idea about this. and there is a water treatment plant at the end of my street

  15. Posted by Mark P, at Reply

    I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened if the workers owned and operated DuPont. The workers might have voted to pollute their own community (and have themselves and their loved ones come down with horrible illnesses) but I doubt it.

  16. Posted by GST1974, at Reply

    BP was polluting the gulf of mexico for about 4 months non-stop until they managed to drill a relief hole to cap the well. Not a single executive or drill manager went to jail over it when Obama was president. No fines were place on the company either.

    In japan the fukishima power plant has been melting down for about 5 years with hardly any mention about it lately. Nobody in the Japanese government, American government, UN officials, etc really gives a damn.

    Tell me how big government actually solves major crisis? I don’t think they care to.

    • Posted by danceswithcritters, at Reply

      GST1974. re-check your facts. BP payed over 20 Billion in fines to the US government for the Deepwater Horizon spill.

    • Posted by Big Jay, at Reply

      GST1974 – Come on, tell the truth! This can be fact checked in secs! Everyone knows BP paid billions in fines after that oil spill! I still remember the national commercials where they were promising to pay anyone who had been affected by it!

    • Posted by Mr. NastyinCT., at Reply

      Obama wasn’t only a FAKE President he was a corrupt one. Obama ain’t black, he’s just a dirty white boy..

    • Posted by GST1974, at Reply

      Ok. Maybe I am wrong about them not getting fined. But did anyone go to jail over that horrendous and deadly mistake? How could the government allow BP to spend 4 months to solve the problem and not have contingency plans of their own to stop that disaster? I remember the DOD was talking about dropping a small nuke down the hole to seal it by fusion. Not saying it was a great idea, but at least they could have tried something rather than do nothing.

  17. Posted by James Bond, at Reply

    I ❤ WHITE women!

  18. Posted by Ekkie101, at Reply

    Wow. The trolls are out in force today. Probably Russian.

    • Posted by MrBabelfish5, at Reply

      Ekkie101 yeah Russian trolls or just lonely people who enjoy being d bags.

  19. Posted by Alika Ostermiller, at Reply

    Not just fake news, old news.

    • Posted by Tony H, at Reply

      Alika Ostermiller so fake news is also old news? You’re contradicting yourself. Were you the one drinking the water contaminated with C8? Now get back to work and serve your corporate overlords!

    • Posted by Alika Ostermiller, at Reply

      You would be mad at Fox news for spouting some Reaganomics or southern strategy bullshit. It’s fake news boi.

    • Posted by Tony H, at Reply

      Alika Ostermiller haha so whatever news outlet pisses you off is automatically fake news? all msm is fake! theyre in service of their donors to push their agenda. Idgaf about fox news. Theyre just as bad as MSNBC.

    • Posted by Alika Ostermiller, at Reply

      Fake news doesn’t have a definition. It’s just a way for people to call bullshit on a media system that has been lying for decades.

  20. Posted by Your Daddy, at Reply

    Profit over lives it’s the WHITE AMERICAN way. Normal ppl can’t be this evil this is some demonic stuff.

    • Posted by Breath and a Scream, at Reply

      Your Daddy What’s skin colour got to do it. Get a life.

    • Posted by Petitio Principii, at Reply

      You seem to be some fake non-white racist just trying to trigger white racists or even non-racists into pointing savagery and inhumanity going on non-white countries.