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How Hollywood Treats Asian Actors


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Daniel Dae Kim and also Grace Park want equal pay. Cenk Uygur and Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark area below.

" Hawaii Five-O lost actors Daniel Dae Kim as well as Poise Park after they were apparently unable to find to a contract with CBS over a raise that would certainly bring them approximately the very same degree as their white colleagues Alex O'Loughlin and also Scott Caan. The network is currently protecting the arrangements by asserting they provided them fairly a lot of loan, in fact.

The Hollywood Reporter shared a statement from CBS that declares there was an offer on the table for "substantial salary increases"– which seems good, however not as a good as "equivalent pay."

" Daniel and also Grace have been essential and valued members of Hawaii Five-0 for seven periods," CBS claimed Wednesday in a statement. "We did not intend to shed them as well as attempted extremely tough to keep them with deals for huge as well as substantial raise. While we can not get to a contract, we part ways with remarkable regard for their skills on screen, in addition to their functions as ambassadors for the display display, and also with intend to work with them once again in the near future."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by iK KreazZ, at Reply

    love you guys expose them all

    • Posted by Chris Rembert, at Reply

      iK KreazZ How dare they pay secondary actors less.

    • Posted by benblexbenblex, at Reply

      Jack Pilkington spoken like a true poet. last time I checked this was less relevant since whites not Asians run the world

    • Posted by Beachdudeca, at Reply

      lol Dudes they were making $200K per Episode and were only about 5 % lower in pay then the Stars of the show ,
      they had huge salaries given 25 Episodes per season and thats not counting what they make with reruns , that $5 Million Per Year just for starters !

    • Posted by bellabana, at Reply

      Beachdudeca exactly, people are missing the point of the real facts & instead are too busy being self righteous & pointing fingers!!!

  2. Posted by kalbs89, at Reply

    CBS treats Asians just like United Airlines treats Asians.

    • Posted by Nicolette Pannier, at Reply

      But no, Cenk said that was the major bone of contention- they weren’t getting paid for when the show goes into syndication.

    • Posted by Garden-Variety Google User, at Reply

      kalbs89 the other two white actors could have demanded that their Asian colleagues be paid the same as well. I mean.. they’ve been working together all this time and they didn’t feel this was not just? they’re just as bad as cbs.

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      Garden-Variety Google User
      White actors only do that for white actresses not for Asians…. yep, they racist.

  3. Posted by Nick Bean #WifiWifey #FuckKeem, at Reply

    Race baiting huh? Don’t forget, Asians make a larger income than whites.

    • Posted by A86, at Reply

      Conveniently leaving out the fact that there are fewer rich Asian-Americans per capita than rich white Americans and there are more poor Asian-Americans than there are poor white Americans. Only 8-9% of white Americans are below the Poverty Line as opposed to 14.5% of Asian-Americans.

    • Posted by Bebe Enderson, at Reply

      because theyre smarter. duh

    • Posted by rosebuds, at Reply

      And they worked their butts off for it

  4. Posted by John Smash, at Reply

    Equal pay is when Asians will earn as much as Whites, that is less than they do right now in this country!

    • Posted by asdg199, at Reply

      Anon No. Caucasian is reference to caucasoid races which includes arabs, indians and semites (jee). The official name of whites (at least from wkipedia) is aryan….

    • Posted by Giby86, at Reply

      He didn’t call whites stupid. He called the dude he was replying to stupid. Can you see the difference? Please tell me you can see the difference.

    • Posted by dure dura, at Reply

      who is white and who not depends from the definition
      in scandinavia i wouldn’t be considered white ,in america i would be beaten because i’m white and probably charged with hate crime if i defend myself
      in my country even dark skinned christian arabs are considered “white”but not if they are muslims

  5. Posted by 1128ca Mbq, at Reply

    Hollywood treats Asian actors extremely well! Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, & Tilda Swinton’s careers are doing just fine!

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      Well, Hollywood is completely filled with far left extremists, so leftists being assholes is nothing new.

  6. Posted by Wayne Morgan, at Reply

    Asian privilege. They’re the highest paid demographic.

    • Posted by peter peter nickle eater, at Reply

      Jack Pilkington , that’s the whitest name I’ve ever heard.

    • Posted by Eric B, at Reply

      Simran Simran apply same logic from white to black or from men to women. suddenly bigotry

    • Posted by Jordan Morris, at Reply

      Cross: the indivisual Asian ethncities make more money. In fact the highest earning demographic in America is (in order):
      Indian American : $100,547
      Jewish American : $97,500
      Taiwanese American : $85,566
      Filipino American : $82,389
      Australian American : $81,452

      Source: American Community Survey. United States Census Bureau (2015)

    • Posted by Liz Brooks, at Reply

      Yes, Asian privilege is true. They have to out performing white and their score need to be deducted so that White can be on the same level.

  7. Posted by Brad, at Reply

    Its not because they are Asian its because they are secondary characters that get less screen time then the other two main characters how is this hard to understand.

    • Posted by bellabana, at Reply

      Micheal Graves no, they’re ‘secondary characters’ in an ensemble, meaning the story revolves around Steve & Danny, especially Steve, with Chin Ho & Kona having smaller stories within the episodes. People seem to forget that Hawaii 5-0 is a remake based on the original with Steve & Danny as the stars, fact!

    • Posted by thescopedogable, at Reply

      Brad and they are secondary characters because they are Asian ☺

    • Posted by vick3d, at Reply

      FireBomberBassist, no one bitches about Whites not being the main characters in Bollywood or Nollywood.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Don’t make excuses for hollywood racists.

  8. Posted by panda god, at Reply

    support cast wants the same as the main character

    • Posted by asdg199, at Reply

      Number Five Technically almost half of all asians (indians, arabs) are actually considered caucasoid/white. The question should be why dont all caucasoids create a unified country because of their race.

    • Posted by Doktor Wer, at Reply

      Marxism in a nutshell

    • Posted by Steven Su, at Reply

      A86 In the end, the studio is trying to make money and to do that, they need to do what the audience wants. If the people running the show think having white main characters will make the show more popular, they will do that. I just don’t think there’s really a solution. Asians are a small percentage of the US population so there’s not much money in trying to appeal to them.

    • Posted by bellabana, at Reply

      Steven Su you’re missing the facts in regards to this show. Hawaii Five-o is a remake of an original where the stars of the show were Steve McGarrett & Danny Williams & it’s the same with this version. Chino Ho & Kono are secondary characters within an ensemble with smaller stories within each episode. Besides Daniel & Grace are making only 5% less than the main actors.

    • Posted by Holly, at Reply

      still there is a differnet in main cast xD teh two white guys are the main actors with like way more showtime uits just the main actors has nothn to do with main or asian

  9. Posted by Mike Pence, at Reply

    Asians are already rich

    • Posted by roscoegino, at Reply

      When the show is in need of a puppet I’ll contact the producers on your behalf. Trump’s hand would have to come out of you though.

    • Posted by Bluespirit12345, at Reply

      Mike Pence
      These comments annoy me. Asians arent more “rich”. They choose more lucrative careers that pay more like doctors or lawyers because their parents force their careers. But the answer to that shouldnt be everyone has to be a doctor or lawyer to make a decent wage

  10. Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

    Asians are a minority just like blacks… but there is a salient difference – one of them has double the other’s IQ

    • Posted by Impending Doom, at Reply

      “90%of Africans?” Don’t you love how inbred racist white people just blurt out whatever they think, with no facts, and think it’s just valid because they’re white?

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      White on White Crime – blacks not only have the shortest life expectancies, but the highest disease rates and highest poverty rates….what exactly are you superior in? throwing a ball in a hoop?

  11. Posted by takethegate, at Reply

    Daniel Dae Kim is an amazing actor. This is so sad.

    • Posted by AC Padilla, at Reply

      bongo155 it still sucks to be disrespected by your bosses in ways your other co-workers don’t just because of the way you look.

    • Posted by bellabana, at Reply

      takethegate he was making $200,000 an episode just 5% less than the main characters so hardly anything to be sad about!

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      Someone’s jealous.

  12. Posted by Scrotum Grease, at Reply

    You’ve gotta be defecating in my mouth.

    They aren’t the focus of the show. It’s the main characters that people tune in to watch.

    Does Cenk pay everyone the same as himself?

    • Posted by Bacoo180, at Reply

      リード I’ve watched every episode of Hawaii Five O and I agree with you. I have to say though their characters stories are just as important as the other two. The show won’t be the same without them and I think it’s gonna lose a lot of viewers.

    • Posted by mysteriousfox88, at Reply

      you want chilli and beans from the night before?

    • Posted by Kuma El Negro, at Reply

      Scrotum Grease but they are main cast members.

    • Posted by Donald J Trump, at Reply

      リード They are supporting characters you moron

    • Posted by リード, at Reply

      bruh i watch the show and like Bacoo180 said they’re just as important. maybe you consider them supporting characters bc of their race 🙂

  13. Posted by chris toledo, at Reply

    I don’t understand why Asians don’t get as much representation in the entertainment industry as other races in America specially in movies, like apart from Jackie chan and Lucy Liu I’ve never seen other Asian actors having important or leading roles in big movies

    • Posted by Jeremy O'Dwyer, at Reply

      Doktor Wer The huge Asian film industry(east and west) begs to differ. 🙂

    • Posted by Supreme Imperialist, at Reply

      Asians are too busy working for the Jews that run Silicon Valley to be working for the Jews that run Hollywood.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Hollywood jews don’t like asians because they are kinda smart. Hollywood don’t like people they can’t manipulate.

    • Posted by Cedric M, at Reply

      Because they are a minority group in this country, so you will naturally see less of them in the entertainment industry.

  14. Posted by Ricky Spanish, at Reply

    I came, I saw, I disliked.

    • Posted by timduncankobebryant, at Reply

      go back to the_donald u racist you

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      TYTards are triggered again.

  15. Posted by Edmond Song, at Reply

    to everyone saying that asians are so financially successful and cant face racism, look at the jews and theyre history in the world and say the same thing. Im sure they’ve never faced discrimination and any form of hate……

    • Posted by Edmond Song, at Reply

      The End Begins naw, we’ll keep on speaking out

    • Posted by Rspsand07, at Reply

      (((they))) dindu nuffin kicked out of over 100 countries that have nothing in common at different points in history, even by countries that were between themselves arch nemesis but (((they’re))) completely innocent. Everywhere, and every single time a large number of (((them))) gathers in a country, war ensues, but it’s never (((their)) fault, just a strange coincide.

    • Posted by mgeek1, at Reply

      I can’t speak to the racism that Asian-Americans have faced, but the notion that they’re all so financially successful is a stereotype. The Asians I know, although well-educated, work normal jobs and have student loan debt up to their asses just like any other demographic.

  16. Posted by jake smith, at Reply

    If you’ve seen the show you would know that Steve and Danny are reason the show is still on. They have way more screen time and are more entertaining

    • Posted by bellabana, at Reply

      jake smith exactly, without Steve & Danny the show would be bland & boring with just the others!

  17. Posted by Olivia Grant, at Reply

    TyT trying to put races against each other, typical.

    • Posted by Number Five, at Reply

      It’s not TYT, the actors left because they felt they were being treated unfairly because of race.

  18. Posted by Afro Kazama, at Reply

    The Type Of Comments You See On A TYT Video Sadly
    1: The Gender wage gap is a myth
    2: global warming is a myth
    3: Racism is gone
    4: White genocide
    5: that murder Or rapist was a Bernie/hillary supporter

    • Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

      There is absolutely some bias in our system against blacks. But it’s not nearly as pronounced as TYT – or their fans – make it out to be.

      _”Why is it whites are 5 times more likely to have drugs on them but blacks are 4x more likely to be pulled over.”_

      This is utterly ridiculous. Whites are not 5 times more likely to have drugs on them, and blacks are not 4 times more likely to get pulled over. This kind of ridiculous exaggeration is what makes people galvanize against the left, and end up supporting an orange haired buffoon, because they hate liberals.

      Whites and blacks have drugs at about the same rate. And yes, blacks are pulled over more often, but not 4x as often. Blacks are about 23% more likely to be pulled over than whites. In a given year, whites have about a 10% chance of being pulled over, while blacks have about a 13% chance.

      You exaggerated the statistic by 377%!!!

      And then you exaggerated the drug statistic by 500%!!!

      However – it is also inarguably true that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of violent crimes. Police will tend to find excuses to pull over people and vehicles who fit the description of someone they’re looking for, so they can take the time to look into them and verify their identity.

      Since they’re more often looking for black offenders, that easily explains the fairly small discrepancy in the likelihood of being pulled over for black people.

      However – it is also inarguably true that blacks get longer prison sentences than whites for the same crimes. On average, black men receive 5-10% longer prison sentences for similar crimes. Black men will spend an extra 178 days in prison on average.

      And that’s bad – but far from a horrific disparity.

      SJW’s will cherry pick those statistics. They’ll find a single county with a racist judge that gives blacks 60% longer sentences, and run an article saying that blacks get 60% longer sentences, making it sound like that’s nationwide. It’s just a misleading tactic. If you go district by district, I’m sure there are places where whites get longer sentences in an individual district as well.

      But – what they never go into is that men get 63% longer sentences than women, nationwide. That is a horrific disparity.

      And – Black women do not get longer sentences than white women.

      But for some reason, TYT never seems to want to talk about that, despite it being a much larger disparity than that between blacks and whites.

    • Posted by Dannymac, at Reply

      Afro Kazama the gender wage gap is a myth you idiot. It’s the most unscientific statistic ever quoted. It only accounts for 2 variables and completely ignored all other variables. That’s not how science works

    • Posted by Brett Strong, at Reply

      Zombi Pineapple Is it so hard to believe that people just don’t like your ideology

    • Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

      @Dannymac – What 2 variables? I only know of 1 variable. The 77-78% wage gap myth comes by comparing average annual salaries of men vs women. Is there another variable I don’t know about?

  19. Posted by Mikhail Tagallie, at Reply

    Lol white ppl complaining asians as a whole make more money than whites… because they go to school and earn degrees and grind like everyone else? They have money because they work hard and its a problem for some white ppl. Talk about whites wanting handouts like republicans on welfare.

    • Posted by Übermensch, at Reply

      Mikhail Tagallie then why can’t blacks do it?

    • Posted by Spencer Chudyk, at Reply

      Afifa M You dont know the history of chinese people in the United States hahahahah, just more excuses

    • Posted by Afifa M, at Reply

      Spencer Chudyk because all Asians are Chinese. African immigrants in America are one of the most successful people in the US if not the most successful. what does that tell u if u were being objective?