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How Many Americans Benefitted From Tax Cuts May Surprise You


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What portion of Americans state they've seen a benefit from Trump's tax cuts? Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, has the answer. Tell us what you assume in the comment area below.

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" When it rainfalls, it drips.

Regardless of extensive coverage of corporations gifting their workers with cash, just 2% of Americans claim they have actually seen any kind of kind of benefit thanks to the Republican tax regulation signed by Head of state Trump in December.

The results of a new Reuters/Ipsos online poll of 5,254 grownups reveal that little respondents have actually gotten a raising or bonus.

In addition, about 58% of individuals claimed they think that firms or the wealthy will certainly profit the most from the regulation.

Airline companies consisting of JetBlue, Southwest and also American previously introduced they would be giving a $1,000 bonus to staff members, with the last two companies specifically pointing out the tax legislation as their motivation.

A declaration from Southwest claimed the business's choice was meant to "celebrate the recent flow of the tax obligation reform regulations," while American claimed it was "due to this new tax obligation framework as well as in recognition of our superior team members."

Similarly, over 200,000 AT&T employees as well as regarding 145,000 Financial institution of The U.S.A. employees who make up to $150,000 a year were guaranteed a bonus offer of $1,000.".

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  1. Posted by ANGRY BUFFALO, at Reply


  2. Posted by Cookie Nibz, at Reply

    Yeah but the PA teacher got an extra $1.50 in her check, according to Paul Ryan. So there’s that. Trump is set to pocket an extra $15 million a year, not too shabby.

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      1% of 100 = 1
      1% of 100000 = 1000
      This is how math works. Want more? Work harder scum 🙂

  3. Posted by Kong Fuzi, at Reply

    I got $6.06 a week! Thanks Daddy Trump. GFYS!

    • Posted by America First, at Reply

      6.06 more than you got from Obama

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      1% of 100 = 1
      1% of 100000 = 1000
      This is how math works. Want more? Work harder scum 🙂

  4. Posted by Jesse Torres, at Reply

    Here’s (in my opinion) the best argument against the Republican claim of the benefits of Trickle-Down economics/taking away cuts from the poor for the already wealthy. Say there are 2 guys-a CEO and an average worker. The average worker has been saving for 3 years to buy a new car, while his CEO boss can afford to buy say 3 new cars a year (but obviously he doesn’t because he doesn’t need to). If the government enacts a tax break for wealthy CEOs/increases taxes on the middle-class, the worker will have to save more/longer before he can buy the new car he needs to drive to his job. However, just because the CEO has more money, is he going to spend it on say another new car? No. Republicans argue that if the already wealthy receive more money they will distribute it down to the workers later, but in this instance the CEO doesn’t need to buy a new car so he could invest in the manufacturing stocks of the car company. And even if the employee got a slight pay raise, if his taxes went up the raise will needed to cover those, and if the stocks went up on the car company then their car prices could potentially go up as well. Now, if the government just barely cut the average worker’s taxes/provided more to welfare programs he relies on and did little increases on the CEOs taxes, the worker could finally have enough for the new car, the CEO could contribute more to the local economy, and the manufacturing company would still see overall increases.

    There’s plenty of examples like this, but ultimately my argument is that from the 1930s to the late 1970s, the U.S. was basically a Trickle-Up economy where we benefited the bottom 25%-50% through various welfare programs like Social Security, Medicare/Medicare, and Food Stamps, and the economy grew making us the wealthiest country in the world because when the poor get more money they will spend it. However, when we are a Trickle-Down economy that benefits the top 1%-10% the most, the poor spend less and save very little, while the already wealthy rarely contribute to the economy beyond their own business interests (there are examples that prove me wrong but very few), and the economy grows much less or even goes into recession. It has been this way under Republican Presidents/Congresses since 1980 yet they keep doing it and their voters keep believing it. And now we are in a position where 1/3-1/2 of the country would rather have corporate/corrupt Republicans than any Democrat despite how the overwhelming majority of Republicans don’t seem to care about average voters while Democrats (with the excepts of the corporate 1s) do care about their voters/average workers more than CEOs and know they could spend/contribute more to the economy than CEOs do in the long run.

    • Posted by Egg Head, at Reply

      Man you’re fast typer. Not wait, you’re just a paid TYT shill.

  5. Posted by kharn the betrayer O, at Reply

    rich people have more assest any tax cut will benefit them more just because they hold more assest than poor people.

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      1% of 100 = 1
      1% of 100000 = 1000
      This is how math works. Want more? Work harder scum 🙂

  6. Posted by Flash, at Reply

    The interesting thing is, I have a friend who is a Trump supporter who thinks everything’s sunshine and rainbows with these tax cuts and everyone’s benefiting. Just because two of our friends are getting a pay raise. The friends in the group chat were quick to point out to him that they knew they were getting a raise a year ago before the tax bill was even introduced and they know what’s going to happen before the media knows since you know, it’s their workplace. As for the bonuses he brings up, they are all taxed including his own so you’re not going to see a full $1,000 bonus and I had to constantly point that out to him that the only people that are really “benefiting” from this tax cut are the top 1% which none of us are. Didn’t say anything after that and the conversation ended.

    • Posted by bigvirgotube, at Reply

      Hopefully, the friendship didn’t.

  7. Posted by lam bda, at Reply

    I finished my Federal taxes a few days ago, and my taxes went UP. So much for the big tax cut. We got lied to yet again.

    • Posted by Rebecca Nalley, at Reply

      The new tax code does not go into effect until 2019. If your taxes went up, it had nothing to do with the new code. Your employer has until February 15th to decrease your federal taxes.

  8. Posted by Robert Stuart, at Reply

    The tax cuts for individuals are temporary. The bonuses (for those who did get one) are most certainly a one time thing. Some people’s taxes may even go up. Meanwhile, the tax cuts for the corporations is permanent. Also, some very useful and popular deductions got removed. So, re-visit this in 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, etc and see how happy you are with it.

    • Posted by Nick Roshelli, at Reply

      The tax cuts are temporary because the Dems put a mandatory renewal on the bill. If taxes get raised, it will be because Dems keep it from being renewed in 10 years (not 3, 4, or 5 years you just made those numbers up)

    • Posted by bigvirgotube, at Reply

      The renewal is a Congressional rule that dates back years before that no tax bill can add over a trillion dollars–if it does, it has to be renewed, or replaced or expired. And that’s only for individuals; the corporate tax cuts are permanent. Nothing to do with Democrats, who put nothing into the bill and didn’t vote for it. Geez–at least KNOW what you’re talking about BEFORE you post stuff.

  9. Posted by kenny edwards, at Reply

    Trickle-down economics. Even George Bush Snr called it voodoo economics. It just doesn’t work. The rich hoard the cash or buy luxury foreign goods or put it in a tax haven. You want to boost the economy, you boost domestic demand by giving 90% of the tax cut to those who will spend it – the middle and working class. Trump did the opposite.

  10. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    The way I look at it if, according to this administration, $1,000 buys you a new car, then that extra $1.50/wk should be enough for a decent diamond necklace or pendant

  11. Posted by PowerUnknown, at Reply

    I’ve gotten nothing 😣. However I know some people who got some crumbs aka small amount of money. My boss got the whole pie and decided to share none of it. Who knew that most the rich wouldn’t share.

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      1% of 100 = 1
      1% of 100000 = 1000
      This is how math works. Want more? Work harder scum 🙂

    • Posted by Butt Nutz, at Reply

      PowerUnknown boo hoo. My boss should give me money because I say so and deserve it. Lmao

  12. Posted by jorgiebutt, at Reply

    I make over 100k/yr, and I got a $63 a week tax break. From my perspective, this is absurd because 1) this was already my money. I will still have the same gross income by the end of the year 2)what am I going to do with $63 more that I didn’t do before? 3) why isn’t this kind of stress relief calculated properly so that those that need it most get it? 4) what will I be losing in return and who will make up the difference?

    When someone who makes a comfortable living, more money only means more money not used. Instead it’s saved and it doesn’t help the economy as a whole. It only circulates within the hands of those that need it less.

    • Posted by Shane Babka, at Reply

      jorgiebutt same here I’m bi weekly at 17 and I only got $20 cut. It’s so pointless I can’t really do nothing with $20

  13. Posted by dangerouslytalented, at Reply

    Mergers and acquisitions are going up… and they always result in sackings and gargantuan executive bonuses.

  14. Posted by Steven Bee, at Reply

    What’s wrong, Cenk? Don’t you want people to keep more of their money? Why do you want to redistribute the wealth of people who are successful to all the bums?
    — typical brain-damaged libertarian-republican

    • Posted by Ex0dus111, at Reply

      American people == bums. Got it.

    • Posted by Scott Williams, at Reply

      Steven Bee the higher taxes on the rich and corporations would be redressing the balance. In the 1960s the shares paid by corporations and the rich into the tax pool was much higher than it is today but it has decreased over time as every decade they’ve received tax cut after tax cut and experienced multiple loopholes. The population aren’t benefiting, the few who pay the politicians on the other hand benefit massively.

  15. Posted by William Olsen, at Reply

    I have already heard grumblings about the Dow, because of a 2.7% wage increase for working class employees. Which can probably credited mostly to some places raising the minimum wage. I guess that means they will have to wage war on the American worker again.

    • Posted by warriorfoe, at Reply

      William Olsen ya the minimum wage could be a cause, though I’ve seen conflicting studies on the effectiveness of the minimum wage. Another thing that is happening though is lower unemployment. This means that there’s less labor supply which means that wages start to go up generally. Also I believe some investors on the Dow are worried that because wages are rising, inflation will also increase causing the federal reserve to hike interest rates more.

  16. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    Sometimes all you need to do is look to the past for answers to the future.
    Everyone is on pins and needles waiting to see how the tax cuts will affect them, when it’s really no mystery to anyone who has paid attention to all of the other tax cuts throughout the past half a century.
    Trickle down economics is a SCAM, always HAS been, always WILL be.
    Just ask KANSAS.

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      Thank you.

    • Posted by the one winged angel, at Reply

      DISCO-INFERNO-70 it could work but it needs a series of regulations to protect the workers too, something the tax bill lacked. It might have worked with them but we will never know until that gets tested.

  17. Posted by Steelbreeze420, at Reply

    Wait wait…lets be real. First off, half of the public pays zero, so there is no tax break for them because they dont pay any. Under this plan If you area family of four making 50k or so, your tax burden under this plan is near zero. You dont get a bigger return, your paycheck will get less reduced. And yea, you left out the part where the top 10% pay 90% of the damn taxes. We are not talking corps here, this is INCOME TAX. WORKING people. A family with say two software engineers making 200k and paying in 45-50 of federal tax will see much more then someone who pays 2-3k in actual taxes. This is such class warfare bullshit

    • Posted by jetter820, at Reply

      Steelbreeze420 oh PLEASE show me where you got your info! The top 10% pay 90% of the taxes??? What planet are you living on? I’m guessing planet Trump. You sound like an idiot.

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      “First off, half of the public pays zero”

      Wrong. You started off with “lets be real” then enter fantasyland… HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRROKAY

  18. Posted by Visit FlagrantViolationsDotCom, at Reply

    The summary is nowhere near as much as compared to if the us just paid a few mil of its bills when they were supposed to. Btw some of you are dying because of that also.

  19. Posted by Bogdan Vera, at Reply

    Lol why would any corporation not just pocket the extra money. How dumb are people.

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      1% of 100 = 1
      1% of 100000 = 1000
      This is how math works. Want more? Work harder scum 🙂