How Outrageous Was Donald Trump’s Wrestling Tweet? | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

How Outrageous Was Donald Trump’s Wrestling Tweet?


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  1. Posted by Mike, at Reply

    There are bigger and more important things to report on. Let it go.

    • Posted by Kristy Riehs, at Reply


      Not really…

      “People will say and write bad things about me, and I will absolutely defend their right to do so”- Obama. (paraphrasing here, I don’t remember his exact words)

      Now _that_ is a Presidential thing to say. Defending the 1st amendment even to his own detriment and criticism.

      “Fake/fraud news is out to get me- Wah Wah Wah” – Trump (again, paraphrasing ) … not as Presidential? More like the beginnings of some “Wanna be dictator”. Someone not so happy with the 1st? Or happy to use it to his own benefit, but if you don’t like what he has to say you’re”fake news” or even if you report the truth and he doesn’t like it? He calls it fake. It’s not fake if it’s true- that’s just you “not liking something said about you”.

      .. Sorry, but it really, _really_looks that way from the “outside”, bubbiesdad.

      Take care and 🌞Have a great day!

    • Posted by Eunice, at Reply

      I disagree. No one should normalize this or let it go. He needs to have it be made crystal clear to him that he can’t continue to behave like this or there will be major consequences. And it’s bigger than this tweet. His tweets have been getting more and more alarming and we need to address the elephant in the room. This is not normal for any president or for any decent human being. I think part of the reason why he’s the way he is, is because he’s been getting away with this type of disgusting behavior for so long.

    • Posted by bubbiesdad, at Reply

      Paul says, Trump shared a video from a neo-Nazi in order to inspire violence against the media, and you don’t think that’s a big deal?

      Do you have proof?

    • Posted by Sam Spade JR, at Reply

      “I’m sick and tired of you guys” – Trump body slams CNN

  2. Posted by Explore Games, at Reply

    I thought it was funny that people are assuming Cenk is mad about this – WATCH THE FLAMING VIDEO!

    • Posted by L B, at Reply

      Those people, partisan hacks, don’t have time to sift through the facts.

  3. Posted by kharn the betrayer O, at Reply

    donald trump tweeted was outrageous hilarious

    • Posted by Jamaa L, at Reply

      kharn the betrayer O “outrageous hilarious”……..

    • Posted by Peter Pan, at Reply

      speak english

    • Posted by AMECP, at Reply

      Peter Pan You can’t understand English.

  4. Posted by James Orlando, at Reply

    Trump is the ‘Murican President.
    CNN are done, their producers have admitted on camera the Russia kookspiracy is just that, fake news.

    • Posted by Inactive Account, at Reply

      Jame Orlando A guy from CNN Health says the thing with Russia is fake and Van Jones just repeats what he said on twitter a week prior to being recorded. The question being asked was also pretty vague. Wouldn’t be so quick to call CNN fake news. They’re scum, but nothing that says they’re fake news

    • Posted by IHEartLReoy, at Reply

      Inactive Account CNN health? Nope, that’s been debunked and you’re fake news. He’s a senior producer and has done stories all over the world in major conflict zones. He’s also worked for 15+ years. He’s hardly a nobody

    • Posted by Inactive Account, at Reply

      IHEartLReoy John Bonifield is a senior producer? Not according to what I’ve seen, but I guess you probably consider every source that goes against your agenda “fake news”

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Regardless of his position in the company, this guy is just airing out his personal annoyance with the Russia story. People are acting like it proves everything about the Russia story is completely made up, but there are actual investigations going on. CNN didn’t start those, they just over-report on them for ratings. And I loathe CNN, but Project Veritas, come on now. You know they deceive and distort the truth. They’ve been caught time and time again.

  5. Posted by thescopedogable, at Reply

    he really is the president of the rednecks

    • Posted by sha floyd, at Reply

      Tom Witner more then 1 lol

    • Posted by CountJimbo, at Reply

      Dave thats just something that uneducated insecure people say “salt of the earth”

  6. Posted by rugby3230, at Reply

    Nope. Sorry Cenk. Completely disagree with you on this.

    • Posted by Inactive Account, at Reply

      rugby3230 I’m not sure what to make of this. A meme draws more outrage than when he’s trying to cut $1 trillion from healthcare? Learn which battles are worth fighting and which aren’t.

    • Posted by J D, at Reply

      Because of this video I’m boycotting TYT and changing my loyalty to CNN who are the real victims

    • Posted by Greg V., at Reply

      Inactive Account And where has being the “bigger person” gotten us? The man child president. How come we’re supposed to constantly play nice, while they can act a fool, and win on it?

  7. Posted by Dan White, at Reply

    Donald is a real tough guy for someone who dodged military service.

    • Posted by Kristy Riehs, at Reply

      Joseph Bachtiar Wasn’t it ten billion dollars? (Well HE did say ten… was found to be a lie, of cooooourse, but I digress)
      Creating “legacy” alright… lol 😂 😂

    • Posted by tommy605, at Reply

      Fredo, “liberals say Muhammad Ali a hero 4 the same thing haha” the difference is, actually, many differences, but the main one is, Ali did not want to go a kill someone who did him no harm, that did the american people no harm prior to the war. Trump didn’t go because he’s a chickenshit who had a rich daddy that could afford to get him out of service.

  8. Posted by some body, at Reply

    Just here to drop a quick like.

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

      and a quick dislike

    • Posted by TheBlazersfan22, at Reply

      obviously because he making fun of your alex jones hero. i can’t believe you think Nasa has child sex slavery on Mars.

    • Posted by marc metcalf, at Reply

      Me to

    • Posted by FUNZO1975, at Reply

      Nasa does! Look into it……..

      Wake up man.

  9. Posted by ChrisJ Fox, at Reply

    The best Trump supporters have to say about this is “Well maybe if CNN wasnt so fake then Trump wouldnt have done this.” Umm the media could be 100 times faker than it is, that tweet is still remarkably childish, unpresidential, and a waste of time. I don’t take it as a serious threat by any means but talk about Idiocracy come to life

    • Posted by AstralAdventurer, at Reply

      waste of time? it takes like 30 seconds to tweet, the president isn’t allowed to make humor? it’s genius, accidental maybe, but it takes focus out of the criminal stuff that he really does.

    • Posted by Abradolf Lincler, at Reply

      ChrisJ Fox It takes mere seconds to send a tweet. The real waste of time is the non stop coverage of them.

  10. Posted by jrwhite21, at Reply

    Trump tweets with no fucks given, and it’s funny as hell

  11. Posted by Lorenzo Wyche, at Reply

    Cnn = is literally getting clothes lined.. they can’t figure out how to stop trump

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Lorenzo with the fake account and name: They are not trying to “stop” Trump, they are reporting the news. You right wingies need to step back and recognize reality.

    • Posted by Mark Stinson, at Reply

      Then why no mention of Kate’s Law or the terminally ill infant in Britain Trump offered to bring to the US for treatment? I’m no Trump fan but all you hear from the media is how he eats ice cream or how tight his wristwatch is. When the media covers real news then he will probably stop having a reason to tweet.

    • Posted by Lorenzo Wyche, at Reply

      Jim is the man lol… you guys are in fits

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Is a distraction, which many bought right into. Trump is admitting he can’t talk about real issues, besides being a big baby. His followers eat it up. Look how he avoids certain topics, and certain people, especially certain popular Progressive people, who are far more popular than him.

  12. Posted by Axe Battler, at Reply

    It’s called a joke. The same meme was used with ted cruz’ head in place of the CNN logo and the MSM didn’t say a word. Trump wins again.

    • Posted by mrglen47, at Reply

      Poor stupid A$$ Battler! OK, since you’re so stupid, here’s what the wall has to do with it: It hasn’t been built, or even started, like ALL of Trump’s lying promises. NOW do you get it, or should we raise Mr. Rogers up from the dead to explain it to you?

    • Posted by Hermes75, at Reply

      If a teenager posts this kind of video it can be considered a “joke”. If the head of state does it, you should really asked whether this person is mentally suitable for the office. It is one thing to act like a petulant child if you are a private citizen, but it is another thing if you are supposed to represent a whole country.
      This guy is going to meet the leaders of the most powerful countries on earth and they will know about his behaviour and they will ask themselfes whether they should still take this guy serious or simply move one and let him entertain his dimwitted fans back at home.
      Trump is transforming the office of the US president from the leader of the free world to a laughing stock.
      It may be funny for the moment but that won´t last.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      And once again, most of working class America are the losers, since we are talking about man baby Trump, instead of real issues. The only winners so far in 2017 are Trump (personal gain, conflict of interest) and the wealthy.

  13. Posted by Nala The Lioness, at Reply

    This guy Cenk is such a sad poor pathetic excuse for a man. Look at him sweat over a stupid tweet. How pathetic is that!?

    • Posted by TillThenPlease, at Reply

      You obviously didn’t watch the video you mindless ranter. He said people should care about the tweet. Blind followers of a particular side like you are pathetic.

    • Posted by Inactive Account, at Reply

      You couldn’t watch one minute of the video?

    • Posted by Greg B, at Reply

      clearly didnt watch…SAD. BABY

  14. Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

    liberal and MSM logic, Trump’s tweet promotes violence and hate……….assassination of trump play in NY……….that’s just art………………………..

    • Posted by Xavier Cosme, at Reply

      did u watch the viudeo? we really don’t care about the tweet but okay lol

    • Posted by JackgarPrime, at Reply

      You didn’t watch the video, and I’m sure you didn’t know that the play in question changes to whoever is the president at the time, and the role of the president (as Caesar) is portrayed as sympathetic in said play.

  15. Posted by Jenny Barron, at Reply

    Sorry but I disagree. When this tweet popped up I was shocked and disgusted and you know damn well that his base ill take this as a blessing for beating up people they don’t agree with- even if it’s a “meme”. Cenk , you are dead wrong this time.

    • Posted by Jenny Barron, at Reply

      Xpuppetman07X is the perfect example of a trumpanzee.

    • Posted by kramcas2, at Reply

      Video games and comics books cause violence too.

  16. Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

    President Trump posts a funny meme and the internet explodes. If this isn’t solid proof that the left has gone insane I don’t know what is

    • Posted by tribal que, at Reply

      Considering so many right wingers in this comments section have posted without watching the video, I would say they have gone insane.

    • Posted by ArcaneEiro, at Reply

      IdarkphoenixI obviously not. to imply that anyone is stating presidents havent and shouldnt crack jokes, is to reach waaaaaay farther than any rational person would assume. He is the president. He’s effectively made enemies in his own country off relatively reliable news sources. Cant you see how that works against the american populace as a whole? If you cant its probably because you looked directly into the orange man. Never do that.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Cenk agree with you, yet you’re still bitching.

    • Posted by Louis, at Reply

      The tweet is embarrassing and cringy. Its the same situation when Hillary tried to imitate Beyonce. If his tweet is your definition of funny, then you must live a pretty pretentious and facetious life.

    • Posted by Anonymous Killer Destroyer, at Reply

      IdarkphoenixI you’re blind,
      A) legit 1% are crying about this
      B) others are saying that the president should stop focusing on fake news now he’s in the office. Obama had fake news, bush did, JFK, einsenhower did …. everyone has had it – the media have been like this for ages. Don’t be angry at just CN! Be angry at the msm as a whole

  17. Posted by moonrice555, at Reply

    This is why I like Cenk—he doesn’t come off as biased. A biased person would JUMP on the chance to attack anything Trump has done, but Cenk let this slide. I have seen Cenk rip into Obama and I’ve seen him rip into Trump. How many people out there can say they have been as fair?

    • Posted by FUNZO1975, at Reply

      When did Cenk “rip into” Obama?

    • Posted by Peter Pan, at Reply

      oh shut up.

    • Posted by FUNZO1975, at Reply

      +Peter Pan
      Who are you talking to?

    • Posted by Sudden Kancho, at Reply

      ..can’t tell if sarcastic or..

    • Posted by Anonymous Killer Destroyer, at Reply

      moonrice555 I

  18. Posted by Pat Logic, at Reply

    Cenk is spot on. Trump played the MSM like a fiddle here.

    • Posted by JackgarPrime, at Reply

      He didn’t play anybody. They just got mad over nothing to begin with.

    • Posted by DeLaRuuu, at Reply

      The media played themselves.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Talking heads talking about this bullshit instead of the reinstated travel ban. I’d say definite win for Trump.

  19. Posted by Maxime Laneville, at Reply

    It’s not presidential, it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL.

    • Posted by ANony Mouse, at Reply

      Nah its a spotty teen doing these tweets.. Surely It cant be the POTUS.. Can it?
      And the rest of the world laughs at this joker in power..