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How Tech Giants Are Fighting To Protect The Internet


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Significant net business are rallying against Trump's FCC. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you just how they're resisting. Tell us what you think in the comment section listed below. VISIT THIS SITE to become a Wolf SPECIAL-INTEREST GROUP member

" Modern technology titans like, Spotify, Reddit, Facebook, Google, Twitter, as well as many others are rallying today in a so-called "day of action" on behalf of net neutrality, 5 days in advance of the first due date for talk about the United States Federal Communications Payment's intended rollback of the guidelines.

In an action that's equivalent components exasperating and also exasperating, Ajit Pai, the FCC's new chairman assigned by Head of state Trump, wishes to junk the open net securities mounted in 2015 under the Obama management. Those consumer defenses indicate companies such as AT&T, Charter, Comcast, and also Verizon are protected against from obstructing or reducing accessibility to the internet."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, at Reply


    • Posted by filonin2, at Reply

      OF COURSE!!!!!

    • Posted by jarpg360, at Reply

      say it with me

    • Posted by noah schaefferkoetter, at Reply

      Look into the house bill HR 3057. *THIS NEEDS TO GET ATTENTION.* Money out of politics is great, but as long as you can focus on only two candidates it is easy to pay them off (even if money isn’t used). We need to change the voting system. Introduce Ranked Voting. Show that it is possible. PLEASE BRING THIS INTO THE PEOPLE’S ATTENTION!

  2. Posted by Chet Spalsky, at Reply

    At least on this issue some corporations are on the same side as the people, so you know you have a fighting chance.

    • Posted by Brandon Garcia, at Reply

      well i hope we win i don’t want my pornhub premium account to get fucked

  3. Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

    i can’t wait for right wing sites to be shut down

    • Posted by Cham Toreno, at Reply

      Well Drive The Trumptards voted for this…

  4. Posted by Rontay Gibbs, at Reply

    All da usual lib and jew outlets doing da propaganda. Nothang to see here homies!

    • Posted by Mike Lewis, at Reply

      Trent Blanch exactly

    • Posted by J Rios, at Reply

      Rontay Gibbs troll

  5. Posted by Lara Croft, at Reply

    Lmao “Trump was for the people! He’s going to drain the swamp” And now *ALL* of us are getting deep throated by these mega corporations. I seriously hope you Trump tards enjoy paying even more money for shitty internet.

    • Posted by Rashaun Campbell, at Reply

      Lara Croft But but Hillary is a female and should of won the presidency!

    • Posted by GoAway LeaveMeAlone, at Reply

      @Lara Croft

      “And now ALL of us are getting deep throated by these mega corporations. I seriously hope you Trump tards enjoy paying even more money for shitty internet.”

      We’d be being fucked even harder by corporations, if Hillary had got in allowed TPP to pass. Most people support net neutrality and if the Tech giants get their act together this should be an easy fight.

  6. Posted by cristopher garduno, at Reply

    What the hell is a google blog post?

    • Posted by Screen Bones, at Reply

      A post on Google’s blog! You know, the one nobody’s even heard of!

  7. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    None of these companies will exist in 10 years. All going to the way of the dodo with CNN and the rest of the traditional medias! Just thought I’ll let you knows libs. You’re welcome. ūüôā

    • Posted by Amanda Haldeman, at Reply

      depends value doesnt mean that much if the expenditures are almost as high or higher

    • Posted by Dwight Schrute, at Reply

      Let me guess, you’re not including Fox, right? What a surprise

  8. Posted by Henry Albrecht, at Reply

    *_Alt Right are cucking for the billionaires._* Confirmed billionaire shills who promote D&C tactics to divide the people against 1%.

    • Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

      We’re against the deep state influencing our politics alongside the majority Left corporate media. Hillary was the literal embodiment of both these things.

  9. Posted by ztoxtube, at Reply

    Mark Cuban says he’s against net neutrality¬†because it would make cable TV go away.¬† Look in my eyes, Mark and promise this will happen.

    • Posted by justmemadison, at Reply

      You mean ending net neutrality would make cable TV go away? We have net
      neutrality right now and the cable companies are still in business. They
      would love for net neutrality to end so they can go after cord cutters
      and start making them pay. That’s just a small part of the disastrous
      affects it would have.

    • Posted by ztoxtube, at Reply

      +justmemadison No, just like I said.  Cuban wants cable TV to basically replace the internet as we know it through outlets like Comcast.

    • Posted by maddenterror, at Reply

      They want to do away with competition. These guys don’t believe in a ‘free market’ they want a FIXED market.

  10. Posted by nemesis7884, at Reply

    Ajit Pai is such an idiot – does he know that if he will go into history as the guy who destroyed the internet that he won’t have one peacful day for the rest of his life? EVERY troll and hacker on this planet is going to target him – and there is a lot of them on the internet…and nothing unites the internet more than shitting on a comon enemy

    • Posted by Prranshu Yadav, at Reply

      I am sure Anonymous does.

    • Posted by PrometheuzReturns, at Reply

      Like I said these politicians are in somebodys pocket no matter where they’re from or who appoints them….

    • Posted by Sun Storm, at Reply

      @MacGovernor — Still butthurt the a black man won the presidency eh? Ajit Pai was promoted to his position (chairman) by Trump. Conversely, he’s dismantling regulations obama enacted to protect net neutrality.

    • Posted by MacGovernor, at Reply

      Why you playing the race card here? Ajit Pai was still an Obama recruit, and Obama – the DINO he is – took advice from Mitch McConnell. Did Ajit Pai just mysteriously turn evil the minute Trump handed him a promotion? I don’t think so.

      And yeah, besides Obama is 50-50 black and white. Primarily raised by his white single mother and his asian step dad.

    • Posted by noah schaefferkoetter, at Reply

      I assume all of you care about having a voice to the world. Please look at HR 3057 (a proposed bill that alters the voting method for the better). Chances are this won’t pass unless people support it.

      TYT please cover this.

  11. Posted by Derrick Benford, at Reply

    was it taxpayers that funded research that led to the invention of the internet?

    • Posted by Cynthric's Gaming Channel, at Reply

      What does that have to do with the topic of the video?

    • Posted by Fredrik Herre, at Reply

      Derrick Benford
      Yup basically.

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      pretty much. DARPA is publicly funded.

  12. Posted by ThebubbleySquirtle, at Reply

    Hey guys PornHub did that too (saw a screenshot)

    • Posted by ThebubbleySquirtle, at Reply

      Another thing emotes are HUGE on twitch I’m an active twitch user

  13. Posted by Asrahn, at Reply

    Trump followers eagerly suckling on them Goldman Sacks.

  14. Posted by CommanderM117, at Reply

    net neutrality effect every one protect it

  15. Posted by Lilly white, at Reply

    if someone wants to murder Ajit Pai I will personally advocate for you in court as a hero.

  16. Posted by millionfish animation, at Reply

    I’m glad that I live in Canada.

  17. Posted by Libertarian Ish, at Reply

    Racist liberals don’t like ajit because he is indian..