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How The Democrats Lost Control Of New York


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Many thanks to the IDC, also the progressive state of New York cannot seem to get modern policies passed. With their backs against the wall, Americans are swamping right into town halls around the nation. Nomiki Konst and also Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us just what you think in the remark section below.

" Several teams that are opposing a team of breakaway Democrats intend to meet State Senator Marisol Alcantara, that represents component of the Upper West Side, on Friday as well as attempt to encourage her to leave the breakaway team. They'll consult with her on Friday and protest outside her office from 11 a.m. to noon at 5030 Broadway in between 213th and also 214th Road.

Alcantara becomes part of the Independent Democratic Seminar, a team of Senators that identify as Democrats however who have actually thrown their support to the Republicans who control the state Us senate, despite having less total chosen participants. The Republican management has suppressed expenses that would certainly increase abortion securities, and also guarantee rights for transgender people, to name a few costs that the Democratic-controlled setting up passed. As New Yorkers have obtained freshly stimulated in combating Head of state Trump's plans, they have actually zeroed in on the IDC as an impediment to an extra progressive New York.

The IDC's opponents say that Alcantara and also her 7 peers are complicit because they back the Republicans. The 13 teams opposing the IDC, consisting of "Indivisible We Stand– UWS", described their position in an e-mail to us …" *.

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Hosts: Nomiki Konst, Jimmy Dore.

Cast: Nomiki Konst, Jimmy Dore.


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  1. Posted by Bloo Balls, at Reply


    • Posted by dcon9995, at Reply

      Bloo Balls lol you mean if you like to “work hard” and stay with the mentality for years getting you no where and voting against your interests while the big wigs fk you over then yes join the Republican party.

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      Bloo Balls Fucj u bithch

    • Posted by Slippy, at Reply

      Bloo Balls lol oh Man thats hilarious

    • Posted by Theman, at Reply

      GOP is only about the rich, Jesus freaks, and racist.

  2. Posted by Richard Cuevas, at Reply

    It’s Staten Island. It’s mad racist here. Save me.

    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      I hear france is nice

    • Posted by Trey Knott, at Reply

      Matt Jane, why would you say that? Shouldn’t in modern society we try to be better then a bunch of racists, or are we all just mildest bigots ignorant to the rest of the world. If that’s the case, I feel sorry for you. Racism is not ok.

  3. Posted by Dana C., at Reply

    Nomiki~ so eloquent!

    • Posted by jose9th, at Reply

      Anytime I have seen her on big media, she murders. She is very intelligent.

  4. Posted by type40tt, at Reply

    So to explain this like we’re four years old: The IDC (I Don’t Care) “Democrats” are not actually Democrats, but Republicans, infiltrating the political arena registered as Democrats, and acting on behalf of the GOP to sabotage Dem/Progressive initiatives, and they don’t fear being primaried or booted from office, because another IDC dickhead will replace them, and in the mean time, they’ll secure a “bonus bribe” from some corporation and either a job with that corporation OR the GOP. Some people would call such misrepresentation “FRAUD”.

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      Post-revolution we are going to have to pass a law making that activity punishable with long prison terms. 😉

  5. Posted by zero, at Reply

    democrats are all talk and no action.

    • Posted by SKT, at Reply

      zero not all of them

  6. Posted by james beihl, at Reply

    I live in NY and I can tell you that NY is the MOST corrupt state in the country. The Democratic Party here is a rotting husk that needs to be fumigated and thrown out. I mean is it surprising?? NY is home to more billionaires per square mile then any other place on the planet, that right there should tell you what you need to know.

    • Posted by marbledillon, at Reply

      james beihl I live in New York. First Republican control the Senate here and have almost forever. Democrats control overwhelming the Assembly and have basically forever.

      But right Democrats are so corrupt here as well as the Republicans.

    • Posted by james beihl, at Reply

      The Democrats are super corrupt. Suffolk and even more so Nassau are some of the most corrupt counties in the country. Ive lived here my entire life. You have dinosaurs like Charlie Rangel in office that don’t do anything but take up space.

  7. Posted by TheFluttershyFan, at Reply

    I should subscribe to this channel again, if only to just watch Jimmy Dore’s videos as I’m subscribed to his channel.

    • Posted by Acoustic Silk, at Reply

      I love jimmy and nomi

    • Posted by TheFluttershyFan, at Reply

      Acoustic Silk Me too. I left this channel because I just couldn’t stand Cenk and that other chick anymore…

    • Posted by Acoustic Silk, at Reply

      you dont like ana?

    • Posted by blackearl7891, at Reply

      Acoustic Silk he probably means Hannah. can’t stand her.

  8. Posted by Island Ninja, at Reply

    Wow, US politics are corrupt at every level. Its like peeling an onion. The more layers you go down, the stinkier it gets.

    • Posted by Dan Extrinsic01, at Reply

      Island Ninja at one point, the two parties realized since they where the peoples only option, why be enemies? they then united, became friends, and became the enemy of the people instead, while pretending to represent them since, after all, they still need their votes……to be able to take their money….

    • Posted by Liveinthemudlane, at Reply

      trouble is you can’t get them out easy…

    • Posted by Abram Carroll, at Reply

      I worked for a Republican who was a spokesman for the republican party here in upstate NY. You have no idea.
      Murders get covered up for drug dealers in exchange for campain contributions. It’s crazy how the shake downs work as my boss was also a cop that could make life difficult for those businesses that didn’t pay.

    • Posted by Island Ninja, at Reply

      Dan Extrinsic01 well, I think the US has reached a tipping point. Either the people are gonna rise up, or everyone is just gonna have to accept that the US is the new Iran of the West and they are living under tyranny.

  9. Posted by bigollameo, at Reply

    Dang, Nomiki is firing shots!

    • Posted by bigollameo, at Reply

      +redwhitedude And?

      Okay, so she supported Clinton in the post-Primary. I did too. Not like I wanted to. But there wasn’t any other choice. Certainly was better than supporting Trump.

      Most of us, if not all of us, have had to make forced and difficult choices in our pasts. Personally, that doesn’t affect my current respect for her calling out the Dems for exactly what they’re guilty of and selling us out in favor of the donor class.

      Sane Progressive (Debbie) is a great example of soneone I am losing respect for even though she didn’t support Clinton on principle, now that she’s splitting progressive voters down the middle on some childish notion that Sanders is a warmongering poodle who is a tool of the Democratic Party.

    • Posted by bigollameo, at Reply

      I’m sorry. Who are you implying within the TYT or related community that was rushing out to “blindly oppose Trump”? There were several reasons to oppose him, and the environmental protection dismantling that we’re now in the throws of, which Trump telegraphed he would implement, is a perfectly-sound reason to have voted against him.

    • Posted by redwhitedude, at Reply

      The problem with progressives is that they are stuck between rock and a hard place. You got corporate democrats who will not concede the control of the party and Trump. In opposing Trump these progressives keep aligning with corporate democrats and it makes them look like sell outs. Can’t you oppose Trump without coming across as you are selling out. You’ve got to navigate this.

    • Posted by redwhitedude, at Reply

      Pro corporatists gal in an outlet that claims to be progressive. How about that?
      Now TYT is going to go apologist for corporate democrats?

  10. Posted by Johnny Blazem, at Reply

    They lost control because all the DNC knows is selling out there own people. AKA bernie

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      yep and msm “journalists” like nomiki konstipated will defend them.

    • Posted by blackearl7891, at Reply

      +poofendorf she’s attacking them. Have you not seen the video?

    • Posted by Johnny Blazem, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump you should not even be speaking. After we tracked your IP we found that 2 apartments are using the same internet. So we called the person who owns the IP.. And LOL they are your neighbor. You cannot even afford your own internet. You have to use your neighbors. Also we found out the shitty apartment complex you live in. What a loser you are. No wonder you want the government to give you free stuff because you have a shitty job / apartment / life. And don’t get me going on your car. If you keep it up Ill tell more about you so you better be quite.

  11. Posted by Dollar DNA, at Reply

    If the Democrats run a Corporatist against Trump in 2020, I’m moving to another country.

    • Posted by Jordan Ortiz, at Reply

      Dollar DNA Seriously I’m tired of picking between a corporatist cuck and a corporatist cuck with a mask on.

    • Posted by Dollar DNA, at Reply

      Jordan Ortiz You are so right!

    • Posted by Ecléctico Iconoclasta, at Reply

      Trudeau´s Canada will welcome you with legalized recreational pot and single payer healthcare. New York State could be like another canadian state if it wasn´t for these “independent democrats” assholes

  12. Posted by redwhitedude, at Reply

    NY is democratic because of NYC. Upstate NY went red overwhelmingly.

    • Posted by dog guy, at Reply

      redwhitedude pretty much the same with California, the Bay Area and Los Angeles are liberal (San Diego is red) while the rest of the state is red, about 40% of the state voted for Romney in 2012, that is why the people in Jefferson want to be the 51st state

    • Posted by left leaning libertarian, at Reply

      redwhitedude you mean the part of the state where no one live, when red. hmm, who would have thought.

    • Posted by redwhitedude, at Reply

      Most of the state went red it is only the smaller city area. Also a lot of power brokers in NYC are not really from there as in born and bred in NY.

    • Posted by redwhitedude, at Reply

      Yup, generally rural goes red and the cities, bay area, LA, and San Diego go blue. Most counties have tended to go red.

  13. Posted by njintau, at Reply

    This is why we need a third party man. Enough of the same old bullshit, we need a third party now!

    • Posted by beatthisroot, at Reply

      You need about five more parties.

    • Posted by CORE, at Reply

      It would make no difference. It’s just a different label, and would split the left vote handing elections to Republicans.

    • Posted by Bebo18, at Reply

      njintau that’s why Cenk created Justice Democrats.

  14. Posted by Bebo18, at Reply

    I like her. She’s informative and speaks professionally. None of the exaggerated mocking that wastes 2-3 minutes of video lol.

    • Posted by GreenGretel, at Reply

      I agree, she’s one of the strongest hosts.

    • Posted by Vanilla Dazzle, at Reply

      They lie to indoctrinate viewers. They’re pro left. It’s not informative if it’s biased.

    • Posted by blackearl7891, at Reply

      Vanilla Dazzle what would you suggest “Steven Crowder” lol.

  15. Posted by Collin Parks, at Reply

    I wish this pair was on more often. Jimmy/Nomiki are a savage one-two punch.

    • Posted by nemesis7884, at Reply

      Jimmy can only maintain rage mode for 15 minutes before he needs a break and a couple of heart pills

    • Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

      nemesis7884 Then hell be back at it again.

  16. Posted by Mike D, at Reply

    Things seem close to turning violent. And I’m fine with that. The government needs to fear the people, not the other way around.

    • Posted by Sami Mas, at Reply

      Mike D
      but violence can result in som much destruction. People should organize. I don’t understand parties. If you are a party member you will work for tge party. People in each constitute should be polled on main issues and independents should run based on how much they believe in such issues and how much able they are to get them done the way voters want. No parties, just the will of the people.

    • Posted by Vanilla Dazzle, at Reply

      The violence is from invaders

  17. Posted by Matthew Abuelo, at Reply

    I’m well aware of the inner workings of the IDC since I work with a housing organization. The IDC was created by REBNY The Real Estate Board of NY, an organization made up of landlords and development firms. Interview me and I’ll give you all you need to know about the issue.

    • Posted by Dale ANC, at Reply

      Email them, they may not see you in youtube comments

    • Posted by beatrice Muravha, at Reply

      Matthew Abuelo nomiki usually replies to people on Twitter

    • Posted by Matthew Abuelo, at Reply

      thanks I’ll try that.

  18. Posted by Berserk Joe, at Reply

    Jimmy and Nomiki need to be together for more stories they are great together

    • Posted by Ruben Cora, at Reply

      I usually don’t like Jimmy because he can be incoherent and naive, but he seems more centred and reasonable with Nomi. And I love Nomi.

  19. Posted by Paul xx, at Reply

    I like Nomiki, has great

    • Posted by Sam Sullivan, at Reply

      and drop dead gorgeous

  20. Posted by Scott Elias, at Reply

    I love these two together. More of this please TYT

    • Posted by Rebecca M, at Reply

      I completely agree, I think Jimmy and Nomiki are the strongest news team on TYT right now. I think Nomiki is the best hire that TYT made this year, she is such a strong and well educated speaker. You can see that her and Jimmy respect each other because they take turns speaking and they defer to each other without interrupting.

    • Posted by Scott Elias, at Reply

      So true! That’s one of my pet hates, the battle to have the loudest voice